Ep. 13 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Miracle on 34th Street?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Miracle on 34th Street (1947, Not Rated).


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Here are the links to some of the things we discussed: Miracle on 34th Street IMDb pageOur Die Hard episode; Maureen O’Hara has been in a bunch of movies; Kris Kringle’s employment card from Macy’s; The history of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; Do Susie Walker and Wednesday Addams look alike? (see picture below); Cosmic Potato Podcast Network.

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Next time, we’ll be talking about National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 13 below:

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Oh, this is Shane the Nissan E-E.And this is what you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen, and today we’re discussing weights. You’ve never seen, I really can’t believe you’ve never seen miracle. And 304 Street. How have you lived?

It’s a… For decades without having seen American 30-1. it’s kind of been on in a room where I may have been playing with Legos as a child.

Okay, but really not paying attention at all.

So in our main trigger warning in case, unless you have anything else, is that this entire movie pretty much revolves around proving or disproving Chris Pringle sanity. The trial that they have towards the end is, well, it’s a hearing to see if they’re gonna put them in an institution. So having said that, I bet that wasn’t one of the things you expected from the more, what did you expect?

Well, I knew that. Okay, so I was trying to think of… To me, like a lot of Christmas movies, kind of me and the one sort of especially ones where like Santa Claus at the center.

So I knew there was one where there was some sort of trial and I couldn’t remember if it was this one or not, I didn’t wanna look it up and… You know, so the three things I expected from this movie was this.

So this should be thrown out. I should be made to come up with the first one is Christmas. Feel good array the… Yeah, I hate yeah, I can. And so I think it falls Ettore.

So I, for coaches children that’s… That’s a a one-car… Yeah, yeah, but we’ll get to that. But not like typical right? No typical… Suzie Walker we’ll get this. Is Walker.

Not typical. Like my mom, he said, “I can be a movie star, right?

Like not typical. She was anyway, and the other thing, and I was just… I’m straight up. I was disappointed weirdly that this didn’t happen. The hand of God interceding on 34th Street.

Again, I’m a simple I’m a simple literal man, and if you name your movie Miracle I’m 34th Street, I expect two things.

The 4th Street to check it is a miracle.

So, but I… Well, I have some things to mention about that later. Okay, am I getting in on myself? So, I gave this three stars, ’cause… Oh, don’t wanna don’t wanna jump the gun. Are you making my writing system?

Oh, I thought we were in a conversation.It, I’m just saying you choose to be in fear, to movies, and I choose to be fair, to them. So you start copying my method that’s all I’m saying ’cause I’m trying not to be in A… So I am… That was happening.

So what was your one sentence TV Guide summary?

Santa Claus is on trial for hire.

So they give out… I did, that’s nobody was…

No, no, I, I… But they almost grade up, say that in the other, the end of the movie, when the trial is happening, I think one of the children is like people are in trial when they commit murder or whatever there is that little boy right, the little boy. The prosecutors is the estate son. Yeah, whoever Junior, yeah, my dad, he told me so.

So do you want to hear what IMDB had to say about America? I absolutely, I absolutely do.

It’s the one from 1947. well, we’re not gonna talk about the 1994 one right now, which had a slightly different ending hour, 36 minutes. It’s a comedy drama family movie, and it says what a nice old man who claims to be Santa Claus is institutionalized as insane, a young lawyer decides to defend him by arguing in court, that he is the real thing. So how did it meet your expectations?

And as was not on trial for murder, I will have you, not a child for murder as a form of art. It ascended. just Let’s all feel good about, “Let’s all feel good about Christmas, and togetherness. And I think it made a deeper point about belief and about in a broader way, I think it was about atheism, which I was just kind of interesting. He was about not belief in God, necessarily. It was weird. I honestly expected there to be God stuff somewhere in here, so I… Because I’m literal and not very smart, and I expected… What do you call it miracle but it was, there was a deeper message there that I was… The one on an out, is expecting ’cause it did kinda tackle atheism in a way. I did like it better than I thought I would.

Okay, I give it a four now, okay, a full start, for those. I’m not good with math, that’s nice, so I… So I need to say that I do think it would, honestly, it would have even been higher if… And this is like obviously we don’t do this. If I can skip to the end in the movie.

I was honestly expecting more. Who was the hearing right during the hearing I was expecting, you have this, you have this, Santa Claus is basically a super-hero of sorts and he has super powers that he could have demonstrated, in court.

And I’m not talking about… Yeah, you put a finger next your nose or whatever, and you can fly up the chimney. There’s silly things like that, but he could have said I bring any child from around the world in here, and I’ll tell you, their name and where they live, their address, and I’ll tell you what, they’ll tell you what they want for Christmas in their language, right, and what you don’t do any of that. And they could have… So on that note, do you wanna hear one of the differences between this movie and the remake? Because that is… That part of it is a little bit different, does that mean I don’t have to see the remake I’m fine with never watching the Reno go to a tattoo. So this is a summary of a it, not the dude from Mad Men is it? No, that’s the tone from the practice.

They’re not the same guy…

No, so all of the same to me these white dudes.

So the movie gets into the court. This is me reading from the site House of… Geri dot com. The movie gets into the court seen without much but they bring in a reindeer and cringe explains he can only make them fly on Christmas Eve eventually what it looks like they’re going to lose. Brian, who’s a Fred in the lawyer, right?

Bryan sends the judge a dollar bill with “In God We Trust” circled inside a Christmas card delivered by Susan from this, the judge determines that if we can believe in God that logically we must also believe in Santa, and Chris cringe must legally be Santa.

Oh, so they do actually bring in like a guy I the post of none of the post office stuff happens in the remake. Oh that’s funny, ’cause visually, that’s a dramatic… Yeah, a dramatic moment. I prefer the original just for that ’cause to me the “In God We Trust” thing is like… No, I prefer seeing the judge buried under piles of letters to prove that a government agency not even a secret government agency, which you love, which I was there and her to your heart.

A real government agency, which it was at that time on things this due to Santa Claus, so I… What else do you think about this movie? Do you wanna talk about the class signal?

Well, which one would you like me to answer both?

Oh, I got that in.

Got nothing for the casting sorry. So when the movie first started and Chris ring was walking down the street and telling the store guy, not me, to use the different store guy at the rain erases a series, The shop keeper that the rain gear were all wrong.

Yeah, I and the shop keeper basically pushes them out the door and then Chris cringe here’s Jingle Bells, and is suddenly summoned to the area where the drunk in Santa Clauses. So I’m saying like, the bat signal we need a class signal which can be accompanied by jingle bolt.

Well, yeah, ’cause Jingle Bells, can just randomly happen. There can be a shop that has jingle bells on the door, someone comes in and you don’t want a Santa showing up every time someone else through your door, exactly, or maybe you do.

I don’t know, I, I can tell you had to live, but I… Yeah, maybe just a beard, right?

But then, I don’t know, maybe you have a bunch of guys show up at Beard a candy cane.

I, I, I think we’re veering then we’re in a… Maybe make me a little bit, I have a couple of other things, but I have a bunch of other things, I just I don’t have a clear idea of what the class signal should be.

I see, so she’s in here for not a very long time at all, but it seems that Doris Walker the… She’s the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade director organizer, and the mother of Susie Walker who has this sort of change of heart, she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. And then eventually, you know, right, so Doris Walker, it seems like she has a black maid.

Yes, so we only see her for a little bit.

I was really surprised, as soon as I saw a black made. I’m like, “Okay this is gonna maybe be very… She wasn’t a caricature, right, she was that she seemed to be just a realistic person along with everyone else in the movie not… It seems to be a typical for the 1940s.

So a black made not a caricature.

I see what you’re saying, right? There’s a black person on essentially the only black person, and it isn’t made but it… Which says a lot about 1947, right?

But at least it’s like it’s handled in a respectful way. I think the way that the character was rendered if that makes sense.

Well and interestingly, that’s the first time that the move passes. The beta test is when the mom Doris and Clio that’s on a T of the house keeper. Thank you, they talk about Suzy like, “Oh Susie’s over watching the parade out the window or whatever, because even though doors and Suzie talk a lot during the movie a lot of the times they’re talking about Santa Claus and whether they believe he’s real or not, right?

Which if it was just the idea of Santa Claus what was that other movie we watched where it was like, the idea of something, it was a literary character coding, and I can’t remember, anyway, so if it was just the idea of Santa Claus and not the actual person Chris ring, trying to prove he sounds ’cause then I would be more like Ebenezer crop. That was the other person we were because in Die-Hard, they were…

Oh, I’m sure I think we did it just Scuderia. So yet, we will also kind of a Christmas movie Die Hard in it ’cause it’s at Christmas. And what’s her name, Mrs. McClain? I can’t remember, Gene.

Now, that’s not right.

It’s that a kid I don’t know.

So as a basso. Anyway, Mrs. McClain says to her secretary that she’s making her feel like evades. Are Scrooge go out and have a good time at the party? I-E-A-Talking about the literary reference. To me, that’s fine, but since in this instance, they’re talking about an actual man, an actual character in the movie, The Sea as per train. Chris is… I feel like the conversations about Santa Claus and Chris can go in, that doesn’t pass because he’s an actual character in the story in that reality, right? He exists but when Clio and Doris talk about Susie that definitely passes and that’s at the very beginning of the movie when Doris first gets home from the parade, right? Yeah, I think it’s usually is the first thing she says is, she… Yeah, it’s like calling for her daughter.

So Mr. Doris Walker is played by Marine “ohara or right now here, Marino Hera kept saying, words giving yourself away as a Dublin. Dr.Yeah, she was piloted this up later. She was born in Dublin, Ireland. She would say… She would say whole so I… So we, it is there yelling at me now, sorry. And also she didn’t say Thanksgiving, she said Thanks giving, thanks. Giving a tender would I think about tax a ten, what I think all these papers I thought So I… What I heard of the whole way to hold.

She’s done a few movies in her full-blown Irish ex, I hope so. We might have to find one.

No money to… That’d be great ’cause yeah, I learning. I’m sorry, she does a fine. Just middle-of-the-road American accent, but that Irish as a car or it’s just coming through, it’s like when I try to say 10 and 10, she just said the U-S, She said, T-N-T, and twice in a row, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, 9-10. I’m going to pick up a 10 can how many… How many ten, 10 can’t does it go to go on and say, cry on the it’s one sole can. No, that’s… That core.

No, I got you sound like you’re saying cranberry anyway, you’re talking about marine or he will agree to disagree, but I get that, I’m right, Well, we disagree on that The… So I would like to talk about Chris Pringles employment card would you… Let’s do that, let’s talk all about that.

So his name, Chris Green goal, that’s what it says. His address is bricks Memorial home for the age that throws up some red flags, right? I don’t want… And won great in Great Neck. Long Island, yes.

Okay, so if you name anything with old people in IT, Memorial that is just like I’m gonna assume that’s not a place where people live that’s all I’m saying. I would think you’d want a little less… More big name for a home for the aged anyway, as just kind of an age.

His date of birth is as all does his tone and a little bit older than his teeth.

I guess just a little bit ’cause you do… You’re not born with the right right?

That’s not a date, but that’s not… Yeah, that should throw back. Your W-of, You have to you for…

Do you wanna guess where his or is a Berlin?

He’d probably be like a 10-90 though.

Probably independent content as I tell, but also really need a form. A union. Okay, we’re getting way side track to a… Yeah, we’re getting in the week. Do you wanna guess Santa Clauses place of birth? I think crane goals to place of birth, I think I ray, know that it’s got to say North Pole right in to now, next of kin. I have a big problem with this because he’s not related to the rain, the rain deer the next of kin or a or dancer, pans or fixing common cubit Donner blind tender blitz on is what it says.

Not MSS clause. Did they… What happened, she kick him out as that way. He’s in New York.

I have questions about why a bunch of reindeer I don’t care if they are magical Rainer they can’t come into a courtroom and testify on behalf of Santa Claus. That’s, I’m sorry, no, it’s okay. And refit, was a song originally, I believe, and it wasn’t written until 1960 or the late 50s. Well, the thing about root of is that he was actually a month on reward creation.

We, the tea like that, they sold in their catalog or something. Are you familiar with Montgomery Ward or is this a Southern thing? I don’t know, I know it’s talking about… So they sold those little books that were so thin and for little kids and stuff. Yeah, about route off the red nose. Rainer. Now I was a sex before it was a song, it was it, but… So I suspect that because it was Montgomery Ward, and this movie was about Macs that that’s probably why it doesn’t include roof because they might have been like competitors or something.

A Etienne mentioned gamble something, but that would explain why he doesn’t have root off on his next of kin.

Well, when was Romani was just gonna look it up, let the 1939…

Oh, I thought it was earlier than that. So this was in 1947. so, yeah, I hadn’t really been a row long enough.

The song came out in 1949, you know what I got a… Oh, I got it, he, I got it. I still… This still fits in with the mythology of Maria on 304th street, Mrs. Claus and roof. They’re on the same side.

Probably, probably that and that, that’s why I rode off to the outcast and all of… Of course, of course, he’s gonna side with Mrs. Claus and then all of the elves are like Well and he never takes them any way. Santa has been treating him them horribly for her.

I too course.

Okay, so I think that was everything on his employment card. Yes, so I’m done with that part. Or, This is maybe die hard like copied this and more way because… Do you remember how I had had the… Not threatening, but like the baobab a… A white not quite the… That’s the…

Oh, what’s the Rock and Roll version of Christmas meal, transcend or a… I don’t don’t touch a God don’t talk it on, but it was a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a ton.

I’m trying to perform here it like how I’m trying to move along.

Go ahead, others. This one had a sad Christmas songs like whenever you know… Yeah, somebody doesn’t believe Chris that he’s really Santa, so he was, he is like there is no such thing as Santa in A… And then one last thing that I had was that Doris I mean as a Grindr is a Heme said boundaries for her kid and Fred just violate those boundaries of… I don’t want Suzie going to see Santa Claus, he’s not a real thing. And then what I read on, take a disease, yes in the feel-good heart, of everyone should believe in Christmas and Santa Claus to 100% get behind it. But if my neighbor ever took my child somewhere without my permission, there would be like hell to pay.

Sure, but I understand it’s a movie and that’s all I wanted to say.

So, I believe we’ve already talked about the Back to test.

Yes, disability portrayal. So we’re still dealing… If I…

I’ll open this up and you can go and follow up if you don’t mind. All right, so I still sort of feel like the person playing Chris cringe could have a mental disability.

Well, I think in this movie A… And maybe taking it back to arsenic and old lace again, we’re not medical professionals, but it seems like Chris ring in the way that mortals brother believes that he’s Teddy Roosevelt, right? I can, he’s not hurting himself, he’s not hurting a an else his sisters take care of him. Yes, like you know Chris ring is just living his life, he’s on a song. yourself and others, right?

Was the problem. So yeah, it could be true that he’s mentally ill, but I don’t know, it reminded me of that situation which is why I wanted to say that they’re undercutting their own message of this movies about belief and the strength of belief and the power and reason that we should all be believing in something if this is really a person with a disconnect from reality, right?

So it’s just interesting that they kind of leave it, they leave it so I’m not… I wasn’t completely sure that he wasn’t really a SAN.

Well, as I think I… I also don’t wanna be super Grenier. But it also kind of the U-S.Is this gonna keep coming up in a subsequent… Maybe Chris was I guess, I think it speaks to this collective lie that we all agree to tell our children like the prosecutor could have ended the case right there, if you had just said There’s no Santa Claus, but how do you look into the eyes of your four or five-year-old? Having told them that there’s a Santa Claus, and then be like… No, there’s no Sancho. Do you do that?

I mean, some parents do, and they talk about how it’s just this symbol figure who embodies the Christmas spirit and the stove Christmas. Yeah, that’s the thing that you believe in. Yeah, so I mean I totally get the spirit of Christmas and it’s great that every year people are more helpful and more giving a saint. Should we say at this point that you’re a big view? love Christmas.

I have a Christmas movie collection. Last year, early December, I had to have surgery, and when I came home, “Shand ARD put up all the Christmas decorations because I wouldn’t be able to do it and it was the sweetest thing, ever because I love Christmas so thank you.

You will come to… So, yeah, I say this with all the love of Christmas in my heart a Christmas loving atheists that’s me.

So, yeah, it’s just like we have to acknowledge this huge lie that we’re telling. And I did it with Angelica to… Yes, there’s a Santa Claus. But yeah, that could have been… They could have taken care of that. And made this movie a whole lot shorter although was only 90 minutes, so it wasn’t a lot, but… So a couple of things. First of all, MACS has a company psychiatrist that’s where I… So, I attend… Yeah, he’s just like a mental behaviorist or something or he’s just to get the IT test people who ask questions.

So he is both a terrible psyche put himself forth as a psychiatrist.

That was cool when Chris Pringle was like you’re pretending to be a psychiatrist in Santa Claus. Even said, Look, I respect psychiatry. And your Argento, be the singly or not. That was actually a cool moment.

Yeah, and he’s also a terrible person, is he got his feelings hurt that his ring, I lectured him and then went and had him committed, which then lied about his in very as well, then I clean help himself by purposely failing the test, because he thought doors didn’t believe in him anymore, that’s why he failed the test, on purpose.

Well I, the end justifies the means, I guess, tortoises a believer.

And he was a believer at the… So I don’t really know how I feel about how they portray his rings, not insanity, because he really believes that too, he is, and yeah, I, I, I mean, I, I don’t know, I don’t know what you can do with that. If anyone has any thoughts, please let us know I’m gonna stand by as long as he’s not hurting himself or others, and that’s fine.

Okay, so are there… So, we already talk. Are there any cultural references you now understand? I’m glad you asked.

So obviously, this happened a long time ago and there’s been a million Christmas movies since but a couple of moment stood out to me. The kid unsealed, he asked the kid asked for a fire engine I believe he might be kind of dressed like Ray from A Christmas Story. Oh, I didn’t notice that.

When they design-rayed, the ear flaps and a brown, I don’t know what color code it was, we were watching the colorized version, but a similar coat and what not, and I just thought, “Oh that’s…

I wonder when they were doing Christmas story if they looked at America on 304 Street, and like… We need one of these kids look like this right ’cause it was from the 50s.

Yeah, yeah, Christmas. Or was a throwback to the ’50s also, I was wondering No hear me out and I… A visual proof and you could go on our website.

Wait, you’ve never seen that come.

So, to see this image of… I was wondering if Wednesday from the Adams family might not be based on the character “suzaku for 34, a guy that would be amazing, she’s very logical. They were both very logical smile very much. They’re very serious they speak, they speak to adults like their peers. And I have a side by “somdet post this on our website. It is a man on…

I put the… Is comparison of the two, this is the version of Wednesday is the original actress from the original Atos family.

That’s awesome, yeah, we’ll definitely put that on the web. So I think that might be more than a coincidence.

So I any other pop culture references, don’t you think that’s plenty, yes, how is this movie be different with today’s technology? Well, you wouldn’t have the post office, everybody would be sending emails to Satan. I’m going back to my original idea if it’s really sandals he can Skype with children around the world, that’s True just randomly, like the judge can sit there or the bale or whoever can sit there and just randomly… You randomly connect any child to Sansa and a Santa can go in their own language, all by the way, you can even have Google. translate there.

Yeah, to prove that they’re not just… And then it’s not just a trumped up thing.

Yeah, yeah, that’s a good idea. Technology still has an advanced fast enough to explain “santal driving capabilities at the end of the show. We’re gonna talk about this.

The delivery is seed. Like, right? I could learn something from Santa is… Well, I’m saying Jeff Bezos. Good learn. Oh, hey. So the state… Why can’t we have a… Why shouldn’t Jeff Bezos decides You know what? We’re gonna go with Santa level delivery every single day because he wants drones. Instead of Santas, we could trust, we could put a little Santos on the drones.

Yeah, but that’s how you get… That’s how you get the rise of the machines, bringing it back to Terminator. How do you like that one-on-one, I don’t, don’t, don’t, do cool. And I believe in is it February will be going over will be doing between SQL in case or as the February. I might have thrown in the Philadelphia story around Valentine’s Day.

Okay, so I thought about her as it for our first holiday movie.

Well, I need to come up with a Mrs. Claus. LA. Would it be like Ho-ho, ho, a lighter? I don’t know, I’ll work on… So the gene the… Yeah, it’s the general good head. She probably laughed louder than Santa. She has a full bosom with that. I can stick the… So that means you have more… Yeah, okay, this is an off-air, discussion, this sort.

I definitely not Christmas, Christmas after dark, or to… So you can find us on iTunes and Stitcher and also on cosmic potato Podcast Network at sea potato dot com episode transcripts and links to what we talked about like that picture are available on our website at weight. You’ve never seen dot com and we’re on Facebook and Twitter under weight. Why in a… You can also email us at weight. You’ve never seen a Gmail out come leave us in feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies we should watch. That’s a show for today. Next time will be washing watching. I’m so excited, I came and say correctly, we’ll be watching National Lampoon Christmas vacation.

It was a struggle to find a Christmas movie that I had not seen ’cause I have seen a lot of Christmas movies, but I haven’t seen this, is you have…

I am so excited. Yeah, thanks for less than an the… A and.

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