Ep. 15 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen A Christmas Carol?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about A Christmas Carol (1999, Rated PG).


You can listen to the show by clicking here.

Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

A Christmas Carol IMDb page; Clip from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Devil’s Due” (Ep. 4.13)Star Trek: Discovery IMDb page; Based on the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens; Our Miracle on 34th Street episode; Scrooged IMDb pageA Diva’s Christmas Carol IMDb; IMDb page for A Christmas Carol (2009) starring Jim Carrey; Ibrahima Bah, theoretical physicist at Johns Hopkins University; Our The Terminator episodeTiny Tim disability portrayalCosmic Potato Podcast Network.

Next time, we’ll be talking about Scrooged, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 15 below:

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So, I “Aotearoa very well done. Data.

Your performance skills really. I am promet.

Hi, this is shame.

And this is Virginia and this is way you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today, where you’re discussing… Wait, you’ve never seen A Christmas Carol, the one with Patrick towards… So, I’m surprised you haven’t forced me to watch this or I’ve accidentally seen it because you love two things that I can think of. One is a Christmas that’s the other is Star Trek yes. That is also true. Maybe next generation. Is that the best iteration?

That’s the best one with discovery coming close on Halsey discovery could do one, then they’d be over time.

Discovery is really good.

So trigger warnings, up front. It is, it’s based on a book from 1840 something, so it’s not to groom, but there are some ghosts, and stuff and joking about death and it might not be for everybody, but if you’re familiar with the Christmas Carol story, you’ll probably know whether or not this is for you. I would think if you’re a bleeding-heart of the proletariat you may not enjoy this file.

I promise I won’t keep doing that. Are there no prisons are there? No workhouses.

So, tell me three things you expected from this movie. Well, were you familiar with the Christmas Carol story before this?

Raised by Wolves there has been… I looked this up in a… So, “merionethsh in a 5-0. okay, that’s… But here’s the thing, If a miracle and a fore Street, a miracle, I’m 50.Wait, what is it miracle? I can see it had a very big impact on you. And I wanna say 50 anyway, sorry I… But a miracle. And that certain streets I had been remade 20 times in the last 50 years that I could see eventually I would have accidentally seen it so, yeah, I’ve seen the versions of a Christmas girl. I looked this up. There’s been at least 20 versions if you include the clever remakes of it, including the one we’re gonna spoil ours.

We were gonna see a…

So I orient episode is a Scrooge.

Yes, there’s another one called Carol with Christmas or something. Yeah, yeah, so there was a time a de-as Christmas Carol.

Yeah, the sun like that.

If you include all of those, it’s way more than 1920. but anyway, so honestly I expected a lot, as I said, a lot from this little movie that could I expected to see in adherence only to the outline of the original Dickens story I wanted. Secondly, it on… It’s something that made this version special was also expecting an amazing performance from Patrick Stewart.

Okay, I gave it to again. See, usually, you are you were a good judge, you are a non… Like I usually business… Well, I expect like even this from you, those of you who know Virginia will go. Yeah, you know what she’ll give you a chance, she’ll be fair. Not too much, not too little, but I expected a lot from this. I’m not saying this is all on you.

I acted a lot from this movie, I gave it four I thought it was gonna be four star, okay.

I mean, you own it, yeah, you don’t know many movies in a lot of Christmas movies, that’s true. I have a Christmas movie, collection but you don’t own Miracle on whatever that street is.

That’s not one of my favorites though.

I just knew you hadn’t seen that. All the IEEE… See, I have managed to make you watch most of the Christmas movies, if you’ve only been in the kitchen, while I’ve been watching them, that one that does happen, I’ll do it.

So what is your one sentence TV Guide summary in this episode John Luke gets to in this episode John Luke gets trapped in a Christmas, the holiday program Alexander refuses to play tiny Tom… Oh my God, if I didn’t know that was not an actual Star Trek episode a I would think that was an actual Star Trek episode.

I think I, so I, so I, I’m so sorry I to… So do you wanna hear what I am DB had to say and please?

So this is A Christmas Carol from 1999 rated PG. It was actually a TV movie made for TNT which might have a… But your estimation down a little bit. I can I say for the record, I did not know that has made for me.

Now you know the depth of my love for from Patrick Stewart, I do, it’s an hour and 35 minute drama fantasy and it says An old, bitter miser, who makes excuses for his uncaring nature learns real compassion when three ghost visit him on Christmas Eve.

So how did things obviously not meet your expectations?

He was a fine.

I didn’t like what I… Glowing recommendation I probably shouldn’t have put so much into it. And again, one of our rules for these podcasts is we don’t… We’re not supposed to Google, we’re not supposed to learn about the thing we don’t know. You’re supposed to go into it cold, I just with whatever knowledge you happen to have, right?

And if we have questions about actors and blah, blah, blah, the other person has to look it up for us while we’re watching the movie.

Yeah, right, so I probably had my expectations a little little. I give it a three now.

Like to be a reasonable… There are many versions you… There’s one with Jim Carrey and is a carry old man who plays.

Oh, I didn’t know that, which came out in 2009 years after the movie. It sounds like I’m lying, after the movie. I think we’re allowed to Google, and Google later, right? Yeah, and that one of Vinson rules.

Well, yeah, because after we watched it, I go and see what it says on Bates dot com and all of that stuff to prepare. So yeah, so there’s… I guess my point is there’s many, many different versions of this.

I haven’t seen the old man carry one but if my sister said, “Oh what movie would you version of it a which you recommend? I’m like, “Well this is a fine one. I don’t know how well or not.

I tried to look this up, I’m not sure how well or not it adheres to the original story.

I think it does, it here pretty closely. It’s been a while since I… And I say, “I read it, I listen to a lot of audio books, at work, so I listened to it a couple of Christmases ago at work and I remember being like, “Oh that is actually a line ’cause Patrick Stewart says it in the movie and I, you know… So you’re not always ensure if something sticking to the book or not, like Little Women does not always stick with the book.

Well, it’s like 9000 pages or not.

Yeah, Christmas Carol is pretty short.

So, so… What we got here, let’s say, are we up to the back to test?

No, I wanted to say, “Oh sure that Patrick Stewart should be required by law to walk around in period piece costume with a top hat and carrying a walking stick at all to it, that is what he has meant to where he did the really comfortable.

He wears that in a bunch of holodeck episodes in next generation, to… Because through just very smartly like when he goes and meets worry already more Yardi. I just watched that episode, the other day.

So speaking of next generation since Patrick Stewart hello there is an episode in the next generation in the fourth season called ‘devils do where that woman pretends to be the devil for the planet. Yes, that’s a great one, yes.

At the beginning of that episode, data is playing Scrooge in a holodeck scene. The one where Marley comes to visit and Picard is watching the performance, and giving him pointers or something. I think I haven’t watched that one in a while but that was… What year was that in?

So this was in the season for… So that was 1991 and then this movie came out, in 1999 and then I think Patrick TOR also did a version of Christmas Carol live on stage at the gut Theater in Minneapolis.

Some of the special effects were actually pretty good and convincing especially since they were on TNT, not even like A B C or right 20 years ago, right, except that tornado like that ternana. It was pretty bad, but the Marley the Marley got Marley, was a good hour Jacob Marley pretty good, pretty convincing. There are some exceptions. I later went back and said There are a few exceptions, and I was thinking of that tornado.

So this is kind of about a Christmas story in general, it’s like one of those ghost reenactment shows that you like, with the person torments, with ghost that’s true, that’s true. I do love it, I do love “Go show.

So you could see Patrick Stewart as crowd going these Ghost Hunt made all three of them. And one night I gave away all my money, and now I’m death. The dude that’s “A Christmas Carol” to… Yeah, where are they now?

Have an ear scratch.

There were a… Oh, go ahead. There were a lot of good. I know a lot of the quotes that come from A Christmas Carol, but I love the way that Patrick Stewart delivers them, like when his nephew comes over and is trying to convince them to be cheerful and like Christmas is he’s like Good afternoon, nephew, and he’s like, Oh come on, I was like good afternoon, good after the… He knows he’s wrong, and he just wanted me to win it to trying to do a little acting a second. I’ll be the nephew and you be Patrick Stewart as Scrooge. Do you wanna do this or No, you don’t have to, I don’t know, can I edit it out if I don’t like to curse? We can be short about it. Okay, ’cause your only line is obviously good afternoon, but it’s like more and more each time, right, right, we’re gonna do this three, maybe four times. It is good, okay okay, oh cool.

Are you gonna come to dinner?

Good afternoon, nephew, what I mean everyone’s gonna be the afternoon, we’re gonna have a Back to do.

I’m good at it at… Okay, I can’t do that.

I mean, I did good, you before you did for that was a good… Oh my goodness, okay. So yeah, stuff like that. And then I… Like when he gets his own words thrown back in his face. Are there no prisons are there no workhouses? If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. Like Yeah, you changed your toe now. Scrooge yes. So as far as I did like there were some moments or Patrick Stewart found a place for himself as an actor because he started as a Shakespearian actor who I don’t think he ever thought that this would be his career, being the captain and being Professor X and all in sify and… Yeah, yeah, I like how much books are a… Well, they let it like especially with Star Trek, they let them do. She experience stuff all the day time, right? Yeah, but I think he found some moments, like to… And even in 1999 to say a humbug!

And for me to believe… Yeah, I believe that line and I even for that to go like, “Oh there’s a knowing wink to the camera, that’s hard. Yeah, that’s how I got to get out to say that.

So let’s see, real quickly. If I can’t A… We have time, yeah. I don’t know if you do.

So essentially this is a time travel movie.

The Dickens story pretty much gives the structure to all later time travel stories that happen afterwards. That’s a really good point, I you think about it, yeah, like back to the eye. One, two or three. I mean, I mean, says it right there in the name of the ghost ghost of the Christmas Past Ghost, of Christmas. Future present right now, you’re gonna think that I made this up, but I did not make this up.

That there is a… And you made this up.

There is an assistant professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University. Did you notice? I said John’s Hopkins, the universe, they’re more than one job.

No, but for some reason it has a weird name. Sometimes people say John Hopkins, Johns Hopkins University, his name is Abraham, B his last name is B-A-H, that’s a real thing.

And there’s an article about maybe willing to it on the website about the talking about the physics and the problems of time travel and some things work and some things wouldn’t work if the ghost tried to use physics, and not just a magic in a hot back in time through space, that would be pretty cool, to give real-time travel experiences to Ebenezer me if I made just real quickly. So the Ghost of Christmas Future. It would be scientifically possible with the laws of physics as we know them now, by going super fast. out into space and then coming and then coming right back, okay, ’cause then everyone would have aged a certain amount of time depending on how far they went because of the low because of a lot of relativity.

I see, so we would have seen everyone older evades or would have already died.

I see, I got, I got you.

When they actually show the body, that becomes problematic, but showing the grave and everything like that, little Tiny Tim in “ingatestone to… Yeah, would be a very good in any way.

It was interesting, obviously, going back into time. And it’s always a problem with the real physics.

Well, and like we talked about in the Terminator episode with any kind of time travel, there’s usually some sort of paradox right?

They can be a cambio. Essentially. Evans only has information about the future, and well the past is not so important, but his information about the future and now he’s changing things. So yeah, so time lives, but what if time lives? And he becomes this maniac and I… Those criminal horrible or things anyway, that’s not really a Christmas that’s probably not. It might be why there’s not a part too, maybe maybe.

So back to test. So I was actually surprised that this does pass the back-fill test. I was expecting it not to especially with evident adherence to the original story, right? But I believe it’s the ghost of Christmas present, take screw to the ratchet house, and Mr. crochet and Tim are at church they’re about to come home and Martha, the oldest daughter, comes in and the mom says, “Oh Martha, you’re late or says something like that, and Mark is like, “Oh we had to finish up such and such at work. But I’m glad I’m here now and I… So they talk about her, why she’s running late, and what’s going on in her work, then they start talking about El Dad’s coming home and he’s gonna be bringing him with him and they plan a surprise and whatever. But yes, it does. It does pass at that point.

Excellent, as for disability portray all… Yeah, there’s some problems. So there’s a lot of stuff to be said about Tiny Tim and I am in no way qualified to even begin breaking that down, I found an article that sort of explains two sides of the issue that it’s a little bit long, but I’ll go ahead and read it so okay, so this is from 19th century disability. Do work… One of the most recognizable characters in Victorian fiction tiny to catch it reappears, each Christmas in radio plays, television stage and film, through these cultural reproductions Tim has come to represent you titrate and the reductive idea that the plight of the disabled can always be alleviated by philanthropy, however, as the short selection of the story below shows which is that scene that we just talked about the text of A Christmas Carol. itself gives a more complicated depiction of disability than this. On one hand, the melodramatic tones alas, for Tiny Tim, he bore a little crutch and had his limb supported by an iron frame implies that Tim’s physical state inspires pity alone. Moreover, Tim’s identity is reduced to his non-normative body his diminutive size and his crutch and for stand-in for his name, the Tiananmen, in fact Tim sees himself as a reminder of Christ healings that is ever rates of disability that his father Bob reports this rather than Tim further obscures Tim’s autonomy. On the other hand, the passage also shows him as an active member of his community and family taking full part in their religious in festive traditions. The narrator here, not only depicts Tim’s body is bearing physical limitations, but also as using adapted an energetic mobility as seen in his quote. Active little crutch.

So there’s just like… So there’s so much happening in the depiction of Tiny Tim light.

I, I, I would highly suggest people do their own search and find out what other people think about it because there’s a lot out there, okay, I’m gonna play Dick heads advocate for a second. Not that tickets on need. An advocate, they never need an advocate but if it’s 18-40-something, 18-43, a 18-43, that Christmas co was written. It’s certainly problematic but even to include to Dickens to include that at all. I can only assume I’m only assuming obviously, I’m assuming that at the time you’d rather not think about it and read about any kind of disability. No one with the disability. I would see it would seem, would be if they were in, if they were in literature, I would assume that it would be like as you here come the bad guys ’cause they have a limp or whatever.

So, I Etisalat it’s, it’s there.

And that’s part of the thing where it’s like where I say there’s a lot to be said about Tiny… Tim is like, Yes, he is a representation and some people are like, “That’s great. It’s a representation in 19th century England, right?

And some people are like… Yeah, it’s a representation, but that’s not the representation that we want. Well, it was 200 years ago. There’s a different… So the questions you’re asking, or the debate that has had around this character, right?

Yes, so yeah, a tiny him.

So are there any pop culture references you now understand?

I mean, again, it’s not like the robots come from the future, they seem to stick pretty closely so not really, no, and I don’t know, do we wanna do… How it evolved? Be different with today’s technology.

I don’t know, I mean there are so many remakes and like this was written seriously, like 170 years ago so, but if you think, Okay, just real briefly. If I get visited by ghost, I’m gonna wake up and sort of Google like Okay, I’m having some sort of illumination.

He, I don’t know if that would help you get your ghost rate or on your… You’re getting an A in for Marley. No, now, now it’s a dollar sign now sin. So we have anything else to discuss.

I think that’s quite enough. Young lady.

The line must be drawn here a don’t follow as my Patrick Stewart getting any better, a little… Okay, so that about wraps it up. Number one, the number one the… You can find us in all our terrible jokes on items and stick here and also on the Cosmo to… I have such trouble saying cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com episode transcripts at links to what we talked about are available on our website at weight. You’ve never seen dot com we’re on Facebook and Twitter under weight, yes, and you can also email us at… Wait, you’ve never seen at gmail, dot com.

You listen to be back and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies we should watch.

It’s a show for today. Next time will be watching a Christmas Carol to a Christmas saying is that I… Is that in the… Are funny to keep saying this, and it’s funny to us, we’re probably the only ones listening to us, what are we watching Scrooge to? Thanks for this and… And

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