Ep. 16 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Scrooged?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Scrooged (1988, Rated PG-13).


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Next time, Virginia will be joined by special guest Andrea to discuss Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 16 below:

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It is a shame.

And this is Bridging A… And this is weight. You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen today. We’re discussing what you’ve never seen the Scrooge true, true.

But I’m happy to talk about it now.

Yeah, so any trigger warning.

It’s a pretty typical Christmas Carol story. There was Mary had his skin falling off at one point, the male character, I should say, I don’t remember what his actual name was, but that’s just for a few seconds and have somebody there who can tell you when to look again.

One is a team.

I mean this little arm was coming off. Is that what you’re referring? yeadin?

I hit that part.

That was pretty gross. The way that happened at the end with the Ghost of Christmas Future, there’s a creation scene, which is kind of disturbing and you have a fear of being burned alive, or or trapped in a coffin, a live-in a coffin and being burned alive, that’s kind of horrible.

And then I know that and I understand that this was less common than… And so there’s a different attitude toward it at that time, but the dude bringing a gun into the workplace was just a yes.

So if that is something that is upsetting to you maybe don’t watch the last part of this movie. I don’t remember how much, but I was just like Wow, wow. I don’t think this movie would be made as a light-hearted thing, anymore.

Do, that’s what I had.

So what three things were you expecting from this movie?

Well, I was obviously expecting a Christmas carol type story.

Because it’s an adaptation. I thought Screw in part of the modern update screw will be like a womanizer, correct?

And I thought he would talk back to the spirits, way more than your classical Patrick Stuart representation right, right, so I usually like adaptations from A Christmas Carol, so I was gonna give it four stars before, we watch it. Okay, yeah, so I… Teenager, laughing. So what is your one sentence TV Guide the summary of this movie?

Okay, I feel like you have to explain something before I give you the summary. Okay, so in a lot of Christmas Carol adaptations I’ve seen, they’ve done a play-on screws, name. So in a Divas Christmas Carol, the main character Vanessa Williams, her name was Ebony Scrooge so the whole name, the last name was Avenue on, so first name, he ended in stead of evades or Danes got got… So what I put in my in summary, so I was… Ben Scrooge is a greedy miser, who only thinks of himself until three unexpected spirits show him the air of his ways.

I mean that’s… Except for the bed Scrooge part, it was pretty… So the official IMDB not that I am dbas official there official 1 seen summary is a selfish cynical television executive is haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas.

So, I mean, yeah, there is only so far out of that box. You can go, I guess, right?

I ran the… So of this meet or not meet your expectations.

Well, it was very much a Christmas carol story. Like you said, the cynical with power.

I-M-B-A-M-B-said a cynical powerful man who has to learn his lesson. So I checked all of those boxes as he wasn’t as much of a womanizer, as I expected a Bill, Mary, character in The ’80s to be he was kind of misogynistic, but not so yeah, I really see womanizing yeah, yeah, and he did back talk the spirits a lot but they were totally messing with him too, so I felt like that kind of evened out at the very one in A… So a are all came Ghost of Christmas present, yeah, oh my god, the way she would get him to the different places we like, to punch him in the face or whatever, I like Okay, I could see why he would back talk her but it’s also pretty awesome. That Carol Kane his dress is a very invention bill. marry in the face.

I was gonna say this later but it seems appropriate to interject this, right now.

So, when Carl can Caroline actually… Actually, did physical harm to marry at one point. Oh my goodness, and I looked this up, I remember hearing this a long time ago. Again, this is one of those movies where I saw it when it first came out were not long after, and then I have really seen it since. So the story I always heard was the scene where she hit him she goes… What’s this a toaster? And then it’s the end the… Get them in the chin or whatever. I, I always thought that that was the scene, the seen to the hospital. But it’s not, I don’t know if you wanna, I can give you as much or as little detail as you want, with this.

Just like a basic run down. It’d be okay if you remember when she grabbed his lip.

Oh, I, she grabs his bottom lip, and he just like wasn’t messer. That’s not what we’re gonna do when a… And there was blood and stuff. Probably on the lip I guess, is that you want me to tell you what I see?

I say a good okay, this connective tissue that he is okay, got it.

Don’t need to say anything helpful as they had to shut down the…

I mean, that to…

I’m laughing, but it, bums me out when there’s actual physical harm.

I assume I’m watching the fantasy violence, right?

So, I testing… So car Tonia, she’s flying around, right? Yeah, I enjoy seeing Bill married his face punch as well as he’s not seriously injured, right, so I do feel bad about that.

So, he didn’t mean to break your stride, that’s okay. I decided to keep at our four stars. He did, because I, I, I did enjoy it, I was, I liked the… Well, first of all, there were a lot of faces that I recognized like Karen Allen Marion for and manages. Carol, can like Robert Mitchum I’m like, Oh the… Now, one of these people are… That’s great. So that was kind of cool to see trends with Bill Murray, by the way, was not really… And that’s why Robert mention was actually in the movie, he’s sort of convinced Mary convinced them to be in it.

Did you ever… Well of course, you’ve seen to one the guy that does the voice-over at the beginning and the end to a fermenting really. Yeah, wow, yeah, that’s awesome.

So yeah, I like seeing all of those characters. I liked that there was more of an ending with… In the traditional Christmas Carol urges girlfriend leaves him and he lives out his lonely life by himself. So I like in Scrooge. That it was like, oh, he recognized the air of his ways and now they get to be together. So I thought that was a nice twist on a classic so to feel good, I feel good ending, yeah, and I love all free water.

And that helped a lot too, so I don’t know, I just… It’s not one that I would be like, “Let’s buy it and put it in the collection, but it would be like, “Hey it was on stars and Hey, we don’t have anything to do on a Saturday, let’s watch it or whatever.

Excellence, yeah, there are a couple of weird things that Murray would say, where I’m just like, Oh, I feel like this is gonna make you hate this more.

I’m trying to be more open-minded because really, if you’re… I’m a very hyper-analytical person, but I know that I can analyze something into… I just won’t enjoy it anymore.

And I realized that everything is problematic to some degree and I just have to decide, I’m okay with this, to watch it as long as I’m cognizant of the problem or whatever, and I’m just taking that in with my experience, that’s how I rationalized it to myself.

I see, so I thought, Bill… Bill Mary’s performance in this, I was really good. So Bill Maris… From Chicago and “so is Roger Ebert.

Major Ebert never gave would never give a bill more chance to any of his movies.

It is a column in the one of the Chicago papers. Ebert gave this movie, a one star out of four, I think, Okay, we eventually complement is acting when you start to do more serious roles like lost in translation.

And in fact, he was at both Murray and Ebert, were at Film Festival and broken flowers and another bill Mary like drama, he was a Bill Murray was being honored as at this film festival for broken flowers and Erwin to him, and he said, So Bill Murry went on the Howard certain show, and he said That, EBIT went up to him and complimented his acting right, and then he said… And I’m quoting, and I cooked bill. Mary was saying, I said That’s really nice, ’cause I was told when I was young, I should never be allowed to do anything, but I shouldn’t be allowed to do anything but comedy.

And then EBR bit and said Who said that you did, Roger, you did out stepped in at that time.

Yeah, so okay, so a couple of things. What was up with that? Scrooge commercial… Not the one with the kindly agents when the one with the mushroom cloud where we’re all gonna die. What was that about at… But it’s just so, so over the top and ridiculous, like… And he’s there mounting the lines like They’re so awesome everybody’s gonna love this commercial.

Yeah, I hate to tell it, Okay it’s a party of the feeling of television at that time, in the late 80s. I like you have to make everyone think that their lives are in danger if they don’t watch this, you know, that’s like one of the TV thing is you can’t afford to miss this. Don’t do too right? Yeah, Oh, I remember those days, now, kids, there used to be a time with no debt or a Netflix or a it is a CRS morning. Well, they were gonna common by the late 80s, they were a car was a gift that Francis S-Bill Maris… Character gave to only a tenth people is very important to him, not as a brother, not his brother. I still call the DVD player, the VCR sometimes because I’m old, it makes me, it makes my step on our last I Tristram Ming for pet.

I have a lot of questions for Robert Mitchum first and foremost. What the hell are you talking about? Secondly, how are the pets going to convey to their owners by this city? toy for me or whatever, targeting towards kids, while unethical.

It has a Goethe-child can tell you I can communicate. Yes, you watched the cat just like lose their little cat brain trying to catch the thing on a tree and then you have to go by the Dormouse. Yeah, poor Dormouse.

I don’t know, I’m guessing, I don’t have a whole lot for general discussion because it’s a Christmas carol movie. We just talked about a traditional Christmas Carol movie. Last I generally discussing, I’m always confused when we’re in general discussion. Or not because we’ve been generally discussing True. Maybe I shouldn’t say it, I should just do it, I guess.

Okay, but the making copies of your butt thing that’s kind of a very Christmas party related office or is at the one it is part astronaut, right? But as imagined from the 60s, 70s, right?

Like, by the way, every one of those people and that Christmas party should have been fired on Monday, right like the Eeyore supposed to act totally normal.

I’ve seen people be ostracized just by being mildly inappropriate, at a Christmas not even Christmas, but even in any sort of work-related outing, You’re supposed to act a certain way, right?

’cause these are your colleagues and what not.

Yeah, I think the office Christmas party as told in pop culture over the last 50, 60, 75 years now, it was completely different from the realities of the office, Christmas party that we all experience every year, which is as awkward and a bar. And then give you one drink ticket maybe, and that’s it, period, the end.

Okay, so I did this movie pass the back to his… Well after when we originally decided to watch our Christmas movies, adaptation of A Christmas Carol and I had expected a Christmas carol not to pass. I also expected scree not to pass however, it does a couple of times, because when I wanna call him Scrooge Bill Murray’s character red roof and a cross… Cross Frank exit across Francis I-E, essays, a so different it’s praise. That’s what it said on his coffin. Fini. I feel like that’s a reference or something, I the the, I figure I try to figure it out, but I don’t know I didn’t… What about, “Well no, that wouldn’t have been then I’m thinking like “Oh he tricks. Stewart played professor, professor. But that was the state we would need. The ghost we need to make is time travel so we can take all of that work is established that these are time travel movies anyway, I… So when a cross goes to the homeless shelter to see are clear is talking to one of the women who volunteers their Hazel.

Yes, and they’re talking about the supplies, and what they need to get and who’s gonna be working and stuff and eventually Frank jumps in and says something and start being a All… Yeah, these ladies can handle it and blah, blah, blah.

But before that, it’s just a conversation between I think… Well, Hazel and Clara and then there’s another woman there, but I don’t know if we ever find out her name right, but then also later, we only need to name a exactly email actor or since… So Grace who’s a free water when she goes home, she talks to… There are a lot of women in her family, she has an older daughter, and I think her mom or maybe her aunt is there and I know, they name them. I didn’t write I didn’t write down their names but I know she said like, “Oh whatever, your David is hot. How you do it.

Yeah, they do that scene and where they go. Oh, these characters aren’t super important but you should.

We want to name them all, right?

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did pass it a good job.

Crude excellent for disability portrayal. I would just say go back and listen to our last episode about that disability portrayal, because this movie also does have a Tiny Tim like character, Grace’s son, I can’t remember his name, I’m too name, but he can’t speak until the end when the Christmas spirit magically heals him or whatever.

Yeah, so yeah I don’t wanna rehash it just go in, listen to the last real quick load this version of A Christmas Carol. In scourge they sort of imply like “Oh well, you must be crazy if you’re seeing goes… There’s some mental health true, you like. Oh, I’m just hallucinating because of alcohol poisoning or something, just something medical, that’s happening right because it’s not 1843 anymore. And if you see those, that’s not something that normal people do, in this day and age, even in the 80s despite what Nancy Reagan might say. Wow, wait is she the one that held the sales or was that a different… First Lady? I don’t know if she helped senses, but I know that she had an astrologer on the payroll we decisions were made. I’m not sure which, but decisions were made after consulting.

Astrology goodness.

Oh, people. Can we talk about that that self-

He is pleased to attention.

Of course, you ominous cell phone, they had one of those backpack style.

Is it the same as soon? No, it’s even, even bigger than that, just as the right, it was a big grey brick that was the… That morphine that act more. You’re talking about the sleep black thing. But with the long or the Etihad to a set to the…

I’ll be home to carry around. I heard a cell phone ring and I’m like, “Wait a minute, this movie is in ’19, 8, and I’m like, “You gonna be the most gigantic self.

And it was, it did not disappoint.

Thank you for that technology.

Good for you ’cause I… ’cause it took me a few. A few beats to realize, “Oh yeah, he’s not one of those giant phones.

And what’s his name, the dude who swooped in and took the show away from him while he was out on a teenage… So, I see he had a pager.

Oh, with the California that he had a pager. I didn’t notice that, that’s good.

Oh, man.

So like we said with the last one, technology wouldn’t really change this movie, I don’t think unless it would have been easier for Frank to have a cell phone to say, “Hey there’s a Bobcat gold twice with a shotgun and trying to kill me in my office.

That would have been easier right or they might have a First Alert is a silent alarm thing.

Yeah, you think I got a guy with… I think people who write these movies about men with extreme power like this, I don’t think there are people with lots and lots of power because there’s not the paranoia that would come with all that power because if you’re very, very powerful, the one thing that you’re most afraid of is losing your power, right? So you would have all of these different security things you would spare no expense when it comes to that, even if you’re a Scrooge screw Junior.

Yeah I do, that’s all that I have. Do you have anything else?

No, that’s a plenty.

So you can find us on iTunes and Stitcher and also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at CSM potato dot com episode transcripts and list of what we talked about are available on our website at weight. You’ve ever seen dot com or on Facebook and Twitter under weight, wins and you can also email us at weight you’ve never seen at gmail dot com.

Leave us some feedback, and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies we should watch.

And that’s our show for today.

Next time I… Who the heck knows what it is? We were watching it, and we don’t know… We might be celebrating pipetting, that which is January and so in six in a year 42 and dog years, that’s the meaning of life.

She will know the meeting of a wow grounds, make no sounds or else we would have her say a bye to you a could be a thanks for this end..

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