Ep. 20 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Singin’ in the Rain?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Singin’ in the Rain  (1952, Rated G).


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Next time, we’ll be talking about Groundhog Day, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 20 below:

This program is part of the cosmic potato Podcast Network for more shows like this visit our website at cosmic potato dot com. And I, otitis is shame.

And this is a Virginia and this is way you’ve never seen a podcast Etihad discussing well, on movies and TV shows that one of us ’cause I never seen it.

And today we’re discussing a… So seeing it in the rain just seeing it in the race.

So what I… Low or… Yeah, it the late… So I agree. So up front, first of all, we wanna talk about some trigger warnings about the 25-minute mark. They go into a sound stage where a bunch of people are performing and there’s that one sort of rain forest type set and they have some people in like brown base, which was a little disturbing. And then also there’s a song in the movie called Beautiful Girl, and the lyrics are kind of creepy. Actually, they’re very great.

I was No I’m sorry to say I was not listening to to listen to… So the offending the offending Lyric Yes, I… There may be blond, and Burnett, that are hard to resist you surpass them like a queen, you got those lips that were meant to be kissed, and you’re over Sweet 16.Oh, oh yeah, oh no, no, over now. You’re older than 16.That’s true, that’s true, that’s a… But it was still creepy.

I’m so that was… So tell me how much you expected to love this movie, what were three things you expected?

I expected too many songs.

Okay, I expected in climate weather.

So I said romantic comedy question mark.

Now as far as me, I did not expect to like this move I gave it to. Lois does, that’s fair. I know you don’t like musicals, except for the one. Do you do… Well, we’ll get to that in a… Okay, it is Halloween, Halloween how the week… That’s a real song.

One of my top five movies, of all it is a musical. I am a complicated delicate flowers.

So what is your one sentence TV Guide summary?

Besides seeing the sinner in sequence, and many different parties and a mass, I had no idea who to expect so far it was fine.

The only good thing I can tell you right now that I hated it, I just… The spoilers, I absolute moly with over, right? Anger hated this moving.

But what was… What was interesting is, “Oh how is this gonna play out? I have no idea what to expect from the plot I… And as it unfolded I’m like, “Oh well, this seems interesting. And then they ruined that. We’ll get to that in a moment.

So here’s my one sentence obviously based on nothing.

Here’s my TV guide summary. No rain nor sleet nor snow will stop this singing, dancing, postman.

Oh, that’s good, I…

I thought always singing, maybe he was gonna deliver mail.

That makes sense, I don’t not.

Oh yeah, I could see that he… So do you wanna hear what I… M-B-had to say?

So of course I do.

So seeing it in the rain, rated G, It’s an hour in 43 minutes.

It’s not for us alone. I felt like.

So go ahead, if a comedy musical romance from 1952 and it says a silent film production company, and cast make a difficult transition to sound. The talkies I heard about that, I, I saw the jazz in… So how did things meet your expectations.

No, I just want to to explain something. First of all, one star okay to drop the full star.

I totally disagree, but that’s your opinion, okay and I feel… And I’m using Amazon rules where you can’t give something isn’t Amazon rules you just… You have to give it… Oh yeah, you can’t give it zero stars, ’cause that’s like a… No, you haven’t rated it at all.

This is coming out after our Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. episode with Andrea, she wanted to give that movie negative five stars, and I told her she could only go to one star. So yes, I understand the urge. I’m sure, Andrea, I sympathize with you.

Yes, but the one copy at perhaps that’s different from Andreas hate. I think our rates are a little bit different. Possibly because the opposite of love is in hate he, the opposite of love is apathy. So while I hated this movie, there were things in it that I really tried to love. In fact the time it set in the 1920s in 1927.

I love you. The gassing or it just come out right in the… In the movie, obviously, so right at…

I love that time period, and I’m like, “Oh this is great, I caught on, I get it. They’re doing it cheeky, a thing in the 50s, we’re so technologically advanced, now with color films right, we’re gonna… That’s interesting, it was a period movie, that still looks old, right? I, but it’s not the 1950s. Obviously we’re seeing this is great. So, I really did

I really do try to like this, but for a myriad of reasons I did not.

So what would you like to talk about your general opinions about the movie? And then I can give you some fun facts or do you wanna know the Fun facts first? And then you talk about your stuff.

Let’s talk about my stuff. Okay, and then, so I’m in to look her up. She was known as the it girl, that girl in silent movies in claro right?

I pull that right out of the air with no Google. I back in 1920. so you just had to no stuff.

She had a horrible I think it was, Brooklyn accent. And just like, “I don’t know if this character is based on clear so lean in Le Mont right? Well, so I don’t know if she was or not, but she had that kind of… Yeah kind easily.

The ethane you can’t stand them.

Yeah, that’s very, very Brook Lane, to A… So another interesting thing about silent… When they went from silent films to the talking pictures they tried to do really weird things to make it work.

There was one guy who couldn’t get a hold of… It’s obviously really expensive, you have to put all this money into new technology as you get all the sound equipment and figure out how that works to all the different theatres it to… Like it’s not even just a one shot deal, it’s kind of a risk in the, in the late ’20s to doesn’t even put out a use a picture with sound.

So there was one director I can’t remember his name, but he couldn’t get a hold of, he couldn’t rent the equipment because it was starting to really pick up the business, the business of sound so he was going, he was going to record all of the son for his movie, using the phone.

Wow, so there was sound equipment they could record in New Jersey, and he was in New York and they were gonna run on the move all the equipment back and forth.

They didn’t end up doing that though, because that’s a or a horrible idea.

So things seem to things for me sort of the heliport. That is my interest when I think the story kind of fell apart, frankly, like the Lockwood A-

I-orientated unlike wood, the big movie The Big The…

I tell yeah you Gene Kelly’s character, his new talking picture is a disaster and their last minute, they’re gonna turn it into a musical.

Yeah, how do you do a musical? And six weeks?

Well, is that when they decide that they’re gonna do this, that’s when they do that. Good morning song, “Good morning, good morning, we’ve talked the whole night through good morning, good morning to you.

And they’re all big smile. His career might be over.

I used to go, “I bet that’s red, because he’s figured out how to save the movie and therefore his reputation.

There’s no guarantee that that’s gonna work well, they no guarantee they’re gonna overcome the technical challenges that… What’s your name declare boat like Elena Lamont Lena Leon? We don’t know if she’s gonna be able to even… I sink in a convincing way. We don’t know what they don’t know any of that.

And retro-fitting a movie almost never works, but see here’s where I come in. Is that, even though yes, you’re correct, that was a big risk to take. They knew that their chances were over. Elena had to talk, or seeing because her voice was that bad that was a sure fire torpedo in the careers to let her be in a talking picture to do this high-risk thing. Yeah, I could blow up in their faces but go in the safe, road’s gonna blow up in their faces too.

I later, I hit the table right besides the fact that that song is very rare, so it’s very…

I hear your army you’re aware that I… And now at work when every when anyone says Good morning to me, I start that God songs.

I’m just gonna start saying in high one in the morning, would you like to… Would you like to hear a few little fun facts. I as a…

I’m not done, yeah.

Okay, so I do stuff with that, that Yeah, okay, I have one more. Okay, the titular you got a Sadat out now, I know you the titular song and dance number being and in the rain just seeing it in the right.

I’m doing the hand motions.

Yes, absolutely. It’s not only just ridiculous on its own as a scene as a thing, it’s absolutely unnecessary.

It’s I expected, okay when they were like, “Okay we can turn this into musical I’m like, “Oh are they’re gonna somehow crowbar Singing in the rain into the musical version of this movie, I that they’re going to retro-fit and all of that, when they decide in the middle of the night, how to save the film, to make it a musical, right? I thought that, I thought that I… It so irritating, but you think it makes sense? I’m not here to… I still love the movie. This is only the third or fourth time I’ve seen it, but I like musicals, and I like it. There’s no… Oh sorry, one more thought okay.

I kept waiting as the movie was going, I’d like to say at this point too, that I fell asleep once and almost not yet.

I see a titan in May to licensing pieces.

No, I have a hard time staying asleep. So maybe I should flip this on real quick.

Oh, well, film-track abandons so you can’t… Thank goodness, no this, no I missed in love film, struck.

They have gotten movies on there.

I didn’t get to finish.

I mean, God’s “Ellerslie is Meudon. So as this movie was trading on and I was bravely trying to stay awake, I was waiting for Cosmo, so I, I’m like, Oh, okay, Cosmo was gonna get his big break, and he’s gonna get into the picture, and kept waiting for that to happen.

The carry fishers mom “debalts Don Lockwood right, he and cosmonaut the movie begins with the three of them literally singing and dancing in the rain. I thought, somehow they were gonna work these the three of them.

So, yeah, I… The of the pictures, Costa was pretty much out of a job once the talkies start because he’s the music mood person that sets the scene for the silent pictures… Yeah, so… Yeah, so he’s so great and he just happens to be charismatic and great at dance.

It’s not just the song guy, the loser or whatever.

A right to…

Okay, okay I’m done. Being angry.

You want some fun things for now, so okay, so had… I would love, I was so fun thing.

Okay, so Debbie Reynolds played Kathy Seldon. She had no dance experience before she made this movie.

You’re kidding me, Jane Kelly taught her everything.

Wow, for this movie.

So wait, so the Unsinkable Molly Brown happened, after a ten, so she sang a lot in the… It’s a lot of my ground.

You did a lot of… If you imagine your elbows at 90 degree angles and you’re… Yeah, in it, and you and you roll them back and forth, like, like a Scot, dance.

Sure, if you know it, or doing like a drinking.

I eat the right to… So she was 19 when she made the movie, she had been a gymnast so she didn’t… She was a little familiar with things she would need to do.

I believe it’s pronounced Jim nest. Go ahead anyways. She later said the two hardest things I ever did in my life or childbirth and singing in the right.

Oh my goodness, I’m sure Carrie Fisher was glad about that.

So Gene Kelly and his… The rents layer, I know, so I can go ahead to also general lay at organ. Thank you very much, a general process anyway, so the completely use listing. And in the rain number that you hated it wasn’t all shot in one take, that’s a legend, but Gene Kelly was sick with a fever of anywhere from 11-23 degrees that didn’t we, the anastac.

Well, he was doing the dance a right, I, I can’t pole.

You even commented, at one point. How do you keep shuffling your feet and to water is a… Yeah, yeah because you want to kick your feet and have water splashing around and what not, right?

That’s wild, now when we were watching The Good Morning number, which obviously learning I obviously even… But did it I or did I to secretly love it? Go had…

I made us, rewind it, so you could watch the very end of that part. I remember, yes, I… It reentered Sommer, salted over one of the couches then they two couches, they’re facing each other in this big room, right, the summer salted over the first one and then they stepped and stepped on the back of the next one so that it fell backwards and then they stepped off of it right to that was the end of the… There was I, I-a number… Yeah, that took 40 takes for take yes, I see as much as I disliked in this movie, I still appreciate, honestly I appreciate the skill that goes into it and the… Not just in going through the steps, but that looked effort less.

Yeah, when you said… Oh, I-E-something that I’m gonna say about this. When they did a couch tip, I’m like, “Oh does it involve like your sisters and your ROI? The couch that your mother love?

’cause I think on the go a was expecting me or something like that, we would have been in so much trouble. Oh, my God.

So, it took 40 takes how… And they did that whole number in basically like a 14-hour shooting scene after which die Rasa her feet were bleeding, that’s how intense it was so he… So I think some of my respect for the movie comes from… Like, I can’t do that and anybody who can is flipping amazing. Yeah, so let’s see.

I ate with a method, and I actually stay at the data on line before maybe a…

So, Cosmo yes, he… Well, this article from Mental Floss, dot com says “Donald O Conner. The actor really should have died filming make them laugh, a man came life.

I mean, number I have, they had… He ran up the walls and flipped over.

Oh right, okay, so… So they have the wall slightly tilted. So that would be a little bit easier, but I… It wasn’t a camera trick. They didn’t move the whole camera and the set… No, he really did do the clips, that’s is amazing.

This says the physical exertion required for the scene would have been demanding for anyone and Conor by his own admission, was smoking four packs of cigarettes a day, holy cow, and after the entire sequence had been shot he had to do it all over again, because a technical error made the footage unusable. Now, between those two takes… He was in the hospital.

You’re hiding, I I’m not getting a… So a, yeah, so just… And the stress on his legs from having to do those flips on to concrete and heart soul shoes, that’s why I’m saying like I did the act to be a real concrete, I guess. It’s 19, 50 whatever. And they don’t know that we can make a fake soft surface.

I think that’s all of it. Looks like a… That looks like all of the fun facts I have from this particular article, but the fact that I read had no dance, I would never have guessed she didn’t have any dancing experience watching this movie.

So yeah, I mean the… The rookie mistakes, you don’t see a lot of looking at your feet, especially at the beginning, like Okay, am I leading with the right foot because I’m told I’m supposed to lead with my left or whatever.

She sprinted up those stairs, two or three at a time in heels at the same pace as Gene Kelly and data Leconte that’s impressive.

So, something that actually surprised me was that this does pass the BAC doll test.

I was thinking, was it during one of my maps a possible… So, in order to prepare for the talk I just like calling him the talkies so I he’s still calling takes because they not just movies anymore and not just moving. And also, we should call them talk to you, we should bring it back Okay I… So when they’re prepping Lena to be in the talks she goes to addiction coach is Miss BB dens. Mort says it right there on her door, take a… We see Lena doing… And I can’t stand him and she goes round toes “misamis round tones, I can’t stone him and she goes, “I can’t stay on him so well, but to him, I can’t stand it. I intuit so… And we don’t know who she’s talking about and it’s just practicing lines to prepare for, to prepare for being in a talking picture.

So I find the idea of the backrest very fascinating.

So I like, I see it in defined, it’s fine and it’s a rehearsal, it’s not really, they’re not really having a conversation about, anyone around homes is what she’s trying to convey.

I ran their talking so through a hit, but it’s sort of meta. They’re talking about talking, correct?

So talking is the subject.

The yes not him, the hem of the…

Oh, that’s interesting, something else, I noticed, which really doesn’t have anything to do with the beta test, but we’re in 1927 Hollywood, right?

Guess and there’s a scene where lines on set somewhere, this is when they’re flashing back to Dan and Lena making this movie when he’s talking about… Oh, we’re so happy together and whatever she’s wearing pants. I sat in 1927 and I sat “iwas really cool.

Not even… Not even flapper with… To be running around and paying.

Well, that’s sort of like a…

I wonder if that’s like a social norm of the day, like for example, in the TV show MASH? Or they’re supposed to be in the 1950s in country and the dudes in the military have long shaggy hair. ’cause it was really filmed in the 70s, right? Like the site there’s no way we’re shaving our heads and the crew cuts.

It could be… So I could see.

It’s almost like one of those… Yeah, for disability. Petra this is also something that Andrea and I talked about too, is in a movie as physically demanding, as some musicals are like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and sing it in the rain, just you’re not gonna see a whole lot of disability representation because of the actual physical demands of doing the movie, right, the subject matter that they choose in a musical.

He now could I…

We could lend itself to the portrayal of a disability or correct, yeah, it is representative of 1927 Hollywood. Really, the only disabled people you’re gonna see in motion pictures is probably gonna be like freaks or something like that. You know that movie that’s not me calling disabled people, freaks. That’s an actual movie that I have seen that you have seen also. Yeah, right, oh, yeah, I… There’s a quadruple amputee, yeah, and who has a… A knife and his teeth?

I don’t know why I started talking about freaks, I started talking about it because I would say So I by explaining it to because it is representative of… It would be strange like I know you haven’t listened to the Seven Brides, for Seven Brothers episode yet, but I… So Andrea explained it wouldn’t be accurate to have really disabled people in Oregon territory, in 1850, because having to literally walk across the country and through the mountains and it’s not something that would have been accessible to disabled people. And so the 1927 Hollywood will not to that degree. It has a similar limitation, I think, right, and in the… I guess the other thing I’m thinking of is the evil guy might be in a wheel chair or something, so I don’t know, that’s true. Yeah, I am Mr… What’s name Mr. Potter?

Yeah, well that’s the 40s. But yeah, what if Mr. Potter and Harry Potter related? That’s a total tangent.

Okay, have so are there any pop culture references you know, understand, because like you were saying, it’s parodied and allowed a lot. Yeah, what I found interest what I found sort of interesting is that, well, you see two seconds of it. Whenever they do that, the 10 must watch movies of all time, list or it’s Gene Kelly ran the… Yes, whenever they talk about Gene Kelly. And I love documentaries, and I love the history of film. So they’ll show it, but I’ll only see… So, I’ve only, only really saw a couple of seconds of of that scene of the singer, a number.

So this is actually the first time that I actually saw the whole thing, and now there’s a scene we won’t…

I believe you know about it, even though we haven’t seen this movie yet, but now the scene in Clockwork Orange, where they use this song, it actually makes more sense to me though.

Yes, I think I specifically said that I wanted to watch this movie before we watch that movie is because I didn’t wanna have the trauma that I know become associated with that song when that happens.

And I think I mentioned this to you before, but when Stanley Kubrick had the idea of using Singing in the Rain, in a black garage for that particular scene, it’s a rape scene when he had that idea, he bought the rights to… This is really a… Actually, he bought the rights to that song without telling the holder of the… I’m not sure who had the rights to it without telling them what he planned to do with it.

Yeah, that’s not cool.

No, not at all.

So any other pop culture references in a non… How would the movie, be different with today’s technology? You know what man, I think that’s… Let me ask you a specific question as I was just thinking, do you think a movie could be made today, similar but not exactly the same for the transition from regular, regular talking movies and 3 or 40 or those kinds of movies do you think that would be like a comparable movie?

I don’t think so, because I don’t know, it still seems like Well, I don’t particularly like 3D because of my eyes, I guess I can’t.

There hasn’t been a 3D movie. I’ve seen that my eyes don’t go Shane. Look, there’s two images and they want us to put these images together, but they look there’s this one and there’s this one, this one’s out of focus, they’re out of focus anyway my brain keeps keeps trying to make 3D work for me and it’s not working for the most part and there’s no, I don’t think there’s… 40 is a little… 40 is kind of interesting, but it’s a little gimmicky right now, like in a coin Disney World, there was Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, movie or where they had all of these rats, and then the rats get loose in the movie and then you sort of feel something… Moving that your ankles right rubbing against your ankles or whatever, and then some creatures sneezes and you get a splash of water, and ice. There isn’t anything I don’t know if there’s been yet a real paradigm shift in movies and movie technology. The way to receive movies. There’s definitely been actually… Now that I’ve said so many words about all of this, maybe there is that paradigm shift in the fact that I can watch pretty much anything I want on my phone like almost anywhere, right, like I could be on a hike and if I can get some sort of reception, I can watch the office right and I love the words which is, which is… So, yeah, I… So I would maybe that I wonder if there would ever be a movie about the decline of the movie theater and the rise of personal streaming and stuff like that.

It would be way different than singing in the rain, but it’s similar what you’re talking about because I’ve heard at least about like How do we get people to come to the movies? We’re losing money. Left rain sideways like right, right but other than that, I can’t really think of the point of the movie was, how do we transition into this new this, new media?

So having more advanced technology kind of takes away from the movie.

Yeah, I think it’s when you’re talking about a movie that’s like a period movie, it’s hard to… It’s almost the point is moot.

Right, right, because like… Oh, a movie about lute 16. well, here’s how if he had a phone, but that’s not here. I am on the staff of Instagram. No Louis. That’s not gonna go the way you think it is.

Do they call it a scaffold when it’s the get? I don’t know… That’s neither here nor there.

French listeners, let us though.

So we went… So do you have anything else to discuss about this? The greatest of movies that you love.

I see how I’m being sarcastic.

I do wanna say that I don’t want to hate a music office, so I hope this doesn’t make you go, Okay, you know what, I’m not gonna…

Oh, we’re watching “fantom of the others. I’m gonna make that happen, okay? Like I said, I… Well, we do have grease to coming up in Erie.

So what I… Yeah, no, that will not be happening though. Alright, I’m watching three sales to your one that month, so you will sit through agrees to… And you like it. No, I’m just kidding, he’s pouring a…

Oh, okay, so I think that wraps it up. You can find us on iTunes and Stitcher and also on cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com episode transcripts. At least what we talked about are available on our website. That weight you’ve never seen dot com we’re on Facebook and Twitter. Underweight, wines.

You can also email us at weight you’ve never seen at gmail, dot com.

Leaves and feedback, and let us know if you have any suggestions for some terrible musical that you think we should watch. That’s our show for today. Next time we’ll be watching Groundhog Day I’m excited about that one, thanks for listening at a… A good mine, and a good mom and we’ve talked the whole night I go on, go more a good or a good man and it’s great to say, “I lay good mom and go on.

The man began to play scoring ride, and now the bill bans on his way is to let the selection.

So, I end I rebooted one the mine, you know, one, you know, on the… Oh, and the Ananda on a good rated at the vision. Yeah, that, in the most… So, I right and so I play good mannion.

I made… If we wasn’t “mississi in a… No-I.

I came on to my load. No, I do the Alfie.

So I, the knowledge of it, but not in at Jonestown.

In a total one, the to

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