Ep. 24 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Lost in Translation?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Lost in Translation  (2003, Rated R).


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Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

Lost in Translation IMDb page“Road to Rupert” episode of Family Guy (5.09); Bechdel test pass or fail?; Cosmic Potato Podcast Network.

Next time, we’ll be talking about McLintock!, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 24 below:

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I do… Oh, this is shame.

A Miss Virginia. And this is weight. You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today we’re discussing what you’ve never seen Lost in translation as so I see so to a front we have some chair warnings one of the characters, the actress character Kelly, she mentioned anorexia, other eating disorders and what not at some point in the movie when they’re all out to dinner together. So as mentioned in a flip-in sort of way, it’s a little anyway, and there’s some, I don’t know, “caricaturist racism examples like Asian-type caricatures.

Oh yes, I… And there was some very surprising unity that they were just randomly… Nisei don’t have a problem away. Strip clubs. I just was completely not expecting it in any capacity at all, so it was A… So it was just surprising right? It was like men and women agreeing to me at a club but no, but they didn’t mention that the club was a strip club, right?

Which is kind of weird.

So that’s all that I had.

So what three things did you expect from this movie?

I expected both literal and metaphorical mis-communications, a clever letter girl.

I also expected white people as bumbling tourists in a foreign country, sort of it, sure.

And then finally, I expected that Bill Mary falls, in love with the country and decides to stay instead of going back to America, which is like the complete opposite of what he wanted to do, he decides to stay instead of going back, he just wanted to go back to America, he didn’t want to stay and took you any longer than he absolutely had to, is not how every romantic comedy, start. I do we not gonna do with the thing that’s putting me here right now that I’m not saying This is a romance, a comedy, but as about to say… Yeah, so did you expect to like it?

I did not, I only, I was going to give it to start once. You usually… The optimist.

Yeah, I just didn’t get a good vibe off the poster like something where I would be… This seems really interesting and exciting. It was just sort of bite sitting in a hotel room, like… So Mary’s that eyes didn’t make you all excited.

Oh my God, with this movie.

Oh man, so can you give me your one sentence, TV guy description, what you… You know what you believe this move to be?

I mean, I completely wrong expectation or a… That that’s part of the front of this. Of course Bill Mary makes his way around a foreign country with the help of a beautiful translator who he falls in love with along the way like most of these I wanna see that. Or if you can get a hold of them I hear it’s hard to get a hold of the the…

I make that movie with them when you get a chance.

So, I am DBS one sentence description of this movie.

It goes like this.

A faded movie star and neglected young women form an unlikely bond after crossing paths in Tokyo in…

Yeah, I, they usually turn down the turn down the plot all the way to what I… It could fit pretty much any in a exactly a goose.

So there were some literal and metaphorical mis-communications.

Yes, I, I mean there were white people as bumbling tourist but they weren’t as bumble as I thought they would be.

And like I said a little bit ago, build in.

I mean, he’s sort of falls in love with the country because remember, his wife is like, “Well if you love it so much, why did you stay there? But it was because of Scarlet Johanson right? The reason was in the country, right? So yeah, I wasn’t really… No, I was kind of close.

However, my opinion hasn’t really changed, and I don’t know if this is just my lack of art sophistication, or whatnot, but I wrote down, it was kind of an end art movie that seemed awkward, and disjointed at times. What was the overall point of the movie? Was it even supposed to have a point?

That’s an uncomfortable question When when it comes to, frankly, when it comes to any Sophia cope a movie, I like to the… Yeah, I so yeah, I’m not sure if you’re supposed to… That I have an answer to that question, I just feel like I didn’t gain anything, from the experience of watching the movie. I like, like even with something like Iron Man or Terminator like you know what you’re getting into, so you just sit back and this is what happens: you go, you let the special effects, just wash over you.

Alright, I, I remember, so I, I, I, I just forgot what I was. So like this movie, you were saying that you didn’t know exactly what the point was, supposed to be on this right, right, so it’s not like, Okay, I’m going into movies to see lost in translation and I’m expecting are Warner and Tom crews and the rock. And that’s not, there’s no that… To see that both it.

So I do… Or in a… Since there’s no expectation that it doesn’t really feel like I got anything out of the movie that doesn’t make sense, that’s not a ton.

So, yeah, I guess, I…

I tried to find some sort of purpose to the movie when I was watching, I maybe that was my bad. Maybe there is no purpose, but… Well some, sometimes in art form isn’t about… And I’m not saying I’m an expert and I understand what the point of the movie is R, but sometimes ballet is not about what the story is like a balance then ballet is about form, it’s about forming lines and so it’s not really about like… Or what story are they trying to tell us? It’s not that at all, which is why sometimes it can be boring. Not unlike this movie.

Yeah I, so I left it at two stars.

It is, ’cause I know you really like this movie, but I… It is a tie.

I really wanted to like it, but I just… It did not strike my fancy at all.

I understand that our Venn diagram, I will not always or even ever go inside, and that’s totally fine.

I’m a vegan, and I mix. Take for you, and chicken all the time.

We both get to this, but with different dips. A Yeah, that’s true, um, speaking of what is the point why do we have the opening shot on Scarlet O Hanson? But well, first of all, it’s great to… So I really hope that she had multiple identical pairs of those panties we can… We see it a lot that way. I’m like, It seems like she wears them for at least two or three days straight, which I hope is not the case, because there’s a whole lot of reasons why that shouldn’t happen, but… So the arts… If I may, if I may insert here, the arts reason the art school person in me sees that and goes, Okay.

Sophia cools telling us right away. What kind of movie were kind of dealing with here?

Because from the outset, we have, we have some… What we’re seeing. Scarlet Johansson, S character who is Charlotte yes, which is very confusing.

The Charlotte “scarlets Charlotte’s come.

I’m just glad she’s not a harlot in this movie, ’cause I would just… That would just be silly in the…

Oh my good… So anyway, it’s almost like he’s definitely… I believe we should power through, “Okay we have a very smelly dog. He’s doing very smelly things. Okay, so regarding that shot of Scarlet. And there’s something sexy about it clearly, but there’s also something sort of mundane and she’s also depressed and there’s this almost a duality like…

Yeah, but you can’t tell she’s depressed, just by looking at her, but right but I think so he is telling us, giving us more information. It’s kind of if instead of producing a movie if you were to produce a photo just a photograph that would encapsulate everything it would be that picture. Well, you can see the city of Tokyo, beyond the scarlet “ranaut in those big giant windows, A… So I’m really hoping at this point that that is the shot that it’s through one of those. We can see the city beyond or it’s at least out the window and not facing the wall.

I mean, I can look at it, but… So it’s almost like the movie Sofia has said that the movie is a love letter to Tokyo, I hate, and that is about isolation and there’s some despair, and I think that that one shot kind of summarizes it sort of sums up the movie in one in one still image, but that’s my opinion, I see which could be and is often wrong. Umm, something I… Something I did like about this movie was the use of subtitles. As I said before, we watch everything with the subtitles because my hearing is not that great, anymore.

Oh, but they didn’t… I think to add to the audience’s experience of they feel what Bill Murray’s character is going through.

You don’t know what the Japanese people are saying whether or not you watch with his titles on or off. So right, so is disorienting or right, so I like that they kind of threw everyone in the same sort of what’s going on here. And we know, even though there should be a translation here there’s no trans… Why are we? It’s very confusing, which is the point, right

A right to… But I do have a question. My knowledge of Asian languages is very, very limited. So I don’t know if this question is ignorant or not, but is Japanese really… That her boss would it come? The director who is Japanese would give what’s binary character Bob was about.

I would give Bob a solid 30 seconds of direction, do this, do that. He wasn’t saying it in English but he was pointing to things and doing very hand-destroy like he wanted him to do something and then the translator would say like Turn to the right, like that’s all he said The one.

So what happened to the other 27 seconds of Dial or monologue is Japanese really, that we both is the only word I can think of so I… So that it would be that much of a difference because of Godzilla movies and karate movies. I happen to be an expert.

The official attention of the east, so no one of Japan there it is, set at no for… I’m not certain, but I know that when they take a curl cars is Kara. I almost said that correctly Kurosawa.

So his name is Akira Kurosawa.

So, I see a… When they, if they dub a movie like that.

Well, it’s more, it’s more comical in a god I-E, movie when they dub in English over Japanese. As opposed to giving you subtitles there’s often just so much, empty space in the English translation that you have the character do it like having to do little filler noises and things like there’s Godzilla.

I that sort, the way he was not he or there’s got to people laugh at, but you can tell that they’re articulating actual word, not just sort of giggling or grunting to themselves because it was just a big disparity, I think, between the two languages as far as length of the amount of syllables, needed to convey information.

I think something that really turned me off of this movie is that it seems like it was supposed to be some sort of romantic relationship between Bob and Charlotte, but the age difference was just so I couldn’t get past the age difference.

It’s pretty big, and I looked it up time at the time of the filming of this movie Bill Murray was 53 and Scarlet Johanson was 19, he could be grand Paul.

Yeah, I mean she might, I think she said something about just getting out of school, I thought she was talking about college I… But I mean, she is a… The paying older, it seemed like she’s playing older because I don’t think a 19-year-old graduate high school, doesn’t usually marry a professional photographer, but I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, true maybe I’m wrong, I… So, yeah, that was just… It doesn’t matter what age she was kind of matters, what she was playing it. The actual person that I…

I was 19, so it was it just I don’t know the age difference, like that whole thing with beetle juice with a…

Oh yeah, I I’m totally blanking on what’s his name, and win on a writer. What was his name who played beetle juice?

It was a guy that played better. What the hell is his name?

I like a ketone to go to a it too.

We don’t a ride, or a… Played The Girl.

What did I say?

We know a rider played The Girl Who was the character is supposed to be 14 and beetle juice was however old Harold M tree.

Like 35 or something that’s almost more problematic just because she’s for… So she’s a minor. Yeah, at some that I would say that may just be a me thing, but I think that’s a lot of people’s thing is just like the age difference is weird.

Yeah, I, I… So that’s kind of all I had to say about this movie before we move on to the back to test, and what not, I just I wanted to like it. And there were parts of it that I liked, but more of it was off-putting, I understand, so I just wanna say two more things and that’s okay.

How can anyone look at an image, if they don’t know Japanese? Look at the subway map, and make any sense of it? A, I think you where at all, I mean, no, I guess it’d be easier. This was this movie came out, and it was in 2003, I think. Yeah, 2003.

I mean, now with your smartphone, you can probably… You could figure out like, “Oh okay, here are the character. Here’s where I’m looking to get to and to be easier. But gosh, there’s a scene where he’s just kind of staring.

I almost like in awe not like she’s trying to figure out where to go.

And Tokyo is one of the most, I don’t really know much about such systems but it has a pretty complicated the tasteless very complicated indeed, indeed does.

And that actually leads me to my other thought about this movie, which is a frankly, it’s something that I kinda… What draws me to this movie, and what I like about it is that there’s constantly in this movie, this idea of them. Mostly Charlotte, but also Bob Harris Bill Maris… Character. To a certain degree, they’re wandering into purpose and… And meaning like they’re done, they don’t really have a purpose. Exactly.

And then just in Bingen, she just sort of randomly finds herself in that class where students are proving Boni trees and the woman, neither of them know each other’s languages but the teacher is gently telling her. I’ll go ahead and have a seat. And here’s your bonds. i-Tree and here’s your… And she’s like, “And I can and the character is like, “Oh I don’t and then she’s just like… And then she’s just there if he’s just there participating.

So what did you think about the end of the movie?

So there we are. There are lots of people who, the frankly, I love the mystery I love the fact that we don’t know we don’t know what you’re referring to. The fact that he leaves you get an ACE, and then he gets out of the taxi or stops a taxi, I can’t remember which I think he stops the taxi by a street fair or busy because he kind of sees he sees a, a Charlotte or following the taxi, and then he comes over and they embrace and he whispers. I said something and there are people who have tried to look at his lips and try to read, he just lives and figure out what he’s saying. I don’t really care about that I love, I just like the fact that I just kind of like the fact that it seems like he said the right thing, the one it… And there’s an episode in there’s an episode of The… A family guy, as a the Family Guy, there’s an EPO Family Guy here were quagmire and Peter and Joe and Cleveland are leaving, I think is all for… They’re leaving the theater and The Marquis as loss in translation. And Peter goes.

I wonder what he said to her at the end and me the least likely to say something like, “I the it, “this made me feel like really self-conscious, ’cause I’m like A Benton thought I had the… It is quite mire the digit “giganteu right? The he always like… She’s a…

I’ll be on some weird, compromising, sexual thing at all with the… So, yeah, I… He’s the least likely to have a sensitive thing to say.

I like an introspective thought, right? Camargo is… I don’t know what he said, but I bet it was just perfect.

Yes, that’s very engaging or… And I’ve tried and I’ve looked for it for this podcast, I can’t find, I can’t find that exact list.

So like what’s the what? I know you kind of liked the mystery but what do people think that he said? What’s the debate?

So one of them is whatever the husband is that I go to the photographer guy, that well, when we both get back to the States you should leave him just one of the ideas, St. John, John is the name of the husband.

One of it is like, Yeah, he’s asking, he’s asking her to leave John.

So, I get together. I don’t think we said this yet but they don’t. I find that interesting that they never actually have sex together. It doesn’t seem like they ever actually have sex together, right? Which a to which I was happy to do it, on but it’s not, it’s unlikely it was kind of a surprise, not like six sense is dead people sort of way, but right, it was something I wasn’t expecting it wasn’t something I expected.

Well, and then he went and banged the lounge singer, right?

It is a… And then share that. Got all mad, and jealous even though what are you jealous for? They’re both married like Everybody’s married in this I etcetera.

Maybe the lounge singer had the complication of human emotions. And this is another thing that I just find, I find kind of intriguing in the way that Safeco just in one image, I’ve always thought of this movie is almost like it could be a photographic exhibit.

I chemists of every shot and hangs there, this may take its time, she will hang on a shot.

So, when Charlotte finds that Bob is having sex or had sex with the loan singer… A, it’s when she was meeting her a meeting Bob at his door trying to get ’cause they were supposed to go have lunch right or dinner… Some it seems like lunch, maybe. And that they’re sitting across the table from each other. And he’s just kind of looking like he doesn’t know what to say, and she’s very upset, he can tell she’s pissed and her arms are folded and she’s just staring at staring him down. And between them is the way… Is it STEAM, the STEAM as the steam coming out of the middle of the table because of one of those restaurants where you actually have to cook your own food, right there at the table. So there’s this steam it’s like all you need to know about what the characters are saying It’s right there. You almost don’t need them to say anything you know.

I don’t think that at all.

And I didn’t pick up on it is a hot as of a really, really… Well, yeah, it’s a well in evil in this in a… And I think there’s very, very little it’s very minimalist. Everything else in… There’s not a lot of dialogue, it’s not a lot of music, there’s sound effects and noises but yeah, it’s a very minimalist moving.

Would you like to hear about the Back to test?

I would, I have a feeling I failed.

Well, it depends on… On screen. When we see two women on screen, okay, there’s Charlotte “there’s Kelly, the actress lady he and a Ferris.

You had a fair is a actress, there’s the long senior, I don’t know if she’s named or not though, I just singer jazz singer a, that’s not a name, no I… What is her first name was jobs and her last name was singer though.That’s it, a bit of course, I don’t think they talk, they don’t talk through each other.

No, I mean Kelly, and affairs his character, when they all have dinner together, she talks but she really talks at everyone she’s not really having a conversation with Charlotte. However, Charlotte early in the movie has a phone conversation with her friend, right? Yeah, Linda. I think maybe they do talk about her husband and why she’s like, “Oh I don’t even know who I’m married and blah, blah, blah, right, but they also talk about where she’s staying, and that she’s lonely and stuff like that, so I don’t know.

I mean, we kind of talked about this before, but I Does A count as passing the back to test if one of the people is not actually on screen and we never see them on screen, is a phone call between and named but unseen character still enough to pass the Becket St. you see what I’m saying?

So, yeah, I, I think, yeah, that we’re just talking about the bare bones, the least you can possibly do a right as far as female characters in a movie, so I… Yeah, I say it, I say it’s a fail. What do you say?

I say, “I think it would fail. I can see the only reason I’m hesitating is because you were saying that is the bare minimum so the… Which to me the bare minimum of the bare minimum would be having a one tier.

You don’t even wanna be put them on, they’re gonna do the absolutely least. Necessary to pass because technically, there are two women, two names, female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. But the test itself doesn’t say to named on-screen female characters.

I see that, I’m saying Virginia. You are a teacher, you have agreed, you a teacher got a… Now, giving you a scenario of, “Well you’re a teacher a, you’re doing the beta test, for the class right and you’re grading on a curve as it is, so you’re already giving the beta test is the cure for movies and TV shows and other media, right, right, so you’re already grading on a curve, and then someone goes… Oh, moving. Maybe you could accept this, it’s even lower than what you already asked that, it’s a fail.

It is a a that’s my… So I, I couldn’t see to you, her.

Oh, I analysis.

I feel like I believe you, the tooth that… So I wanted to talk a little bit about disability portrayal, but kind of in a different way.

Okay, as in a…

I feel like this maybe purposely maybe not purposely. I feel that this movie sort of illustrated particular points about accessibility because Bill Murray as you like to say as a tall drink of water no, my goodness, he’s like six-two or something.

I thought he was 63. I was gonna look it up.

So he’s very tall.

Yes, and he goes to Japan where there are not a whole lot of tall people to…

I mean he’s literally head and shoulders above everyone in that elevator to a 6-1 six months.

But yeah, he looks, he looks like he might be a six or… So the thing about disability and the social model of disability is it’s about the environment itself, that hasn’t been adapted. A person in a wheelchair isn’t disabled until they come up against a set of stairs or a curb or something, right? So I, for people who may not be able to fully understand that without seeing it, in a way that they would relate to Bill Mary gets in the shower, that’s made for the average Japanese person, right, that he can’t even squat down to wash his hair, it’s just tiny for him, not for everyone else in that country, likely, but for him it’s not accessible.

A link. His robe and his slippers, and all of that, that robes that look like a three-quarter, right? I, the… Also, I just… I thought it was a good illustration that maybe doesn’t… No, I see what you’re saying, “It’s not me, it’s you, it’s not a problem that someone can hear until they face a world that’s built by people who can hear right or see or whatever. Yeah, yeah, I see what you’re saying, that makes sense.

Are there any pop culture references that you now understand? Man, really, I feel like this was sort of an independent… Also vacuole a cupola copula. That’s an architectural element is a cool at…

Yeah, I tattoo in.

I don’t really feel like it got into the main-stream A for there really to me, except for maybe that Family Guy, reference, which I didn’t even remember upset, I’m sure it happened the day after the… So the movie hit, theaters that they’ll pay obscure. Yeah, that’s family guy will put up obscure references in their show.

So how would this movie be different with today’s technology?

Oh, well I… First of all, facts has played a surprisingly large role in this movie. Were we faxing in 2003? I did not, I don’t even remember.

Have you ever owned a personal fax machine? I have never… My dad had a home office. That was the only reason we had a fax machine a.

I never even bought even. I’ve never even bought those all in one like, “Oh it’s a printer. And in fact, much I care about that.

I never cared about that now I, but it was like, “Oh I’ll fax you the map to the club or I’ll fax you. The designs of the chairs, we’re gonna put in the living room or in the… The Bob Harris’s wife would constantly talk to him. We had facts and sometimes it would like a rock, it’s A… To life in the middle of the facts, machine in his room.

Well, even Charlotte, she was the one that said, “Oh I’ll fax you over the directions to the map to the club or whatever, right?

And it’s just like now it would just be like his wife and really texting him.

Yeah, in the middle of the night, which might still wake him up because even if you said it on Do Not Disturb if it’s like you can put people on your emergency list, so that if they call you twice in a row, that it’ll ring through that… Do not disturb.

So what’s the point? I did not know that. And what’s the point of the Do not to serve?

Because if my sister is calling me twice in a row at 2-30 in the morning. I should probably maybe pick up… Well, it seems like there could be abuse as the system.

I agree, nervous at also the photographer was using camera with film.

He’s into vinyl, I’m sure he’s one of these guys.

No, no, no, I mean, ’cause I don’t think we ever see John.

Well, we see his equipment and what not… Yeah, we don’t actually see him doing, but I’m talking about the… So a lot of Shoot guys, he’s like, right.

We’ll just take pictures until we run out the role. And I’m like, “I don’t… Of the role now, there’s a phrase I haven’t heard in a long time. So, do people still use film cameras, like photographers and stuff or do they rely more on digital?

Now, do you think it would be likely for that photographer, to be in an updated version of this movie?

There are two groups of people who would be photographers and still using the photo chemical, process for their work on… You got people who are just older and that’s what they grew up with and that’s what they know. And that’s what they trust and that’s what they wanna see. He does a certain quality to an image when it’s using the photo chemical, process, and then you have the hipsters who wanna buy all of their favorite bands albums on vinyl while they’re wearing for Doris.

Yeah, I, in smoking their bases at… And they’re wearing jumpers. Are they still wearing the jumpers or was that… Do you say smoking tapes are vaping tapes?

I don’t know, I see I’m not, I’m not hip with the lingo.

Can’t get to say dating, like you can maybe smoking I probably, but you say smoking cigarettes, but not say vaping. Your nape.

That’s a good question, it is A… Okay, there are any vapors out there.

Please let us know what terminology you prefer.

I, the Tata what are interrupted yes again it seems like I’m left with more questions and answers so yes, at the end of our podcast, that’s true, that’s true.

Is there anything else you would like to discuss?

Oh, I’ve said plenty.

So you can find us on iTunes on Stitcher and also on the cosy potato Podcast Network at cosmonaut to… I don’t wanna read the rest of it. So I’m just gonna say Go to our website.

You’ve never seen that come. You can find all our social media blah, blah, blah, and all that.

A live as… So the feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies we should watch.

That’s our show for today. Next time we’ll be watching McClintock a hall runs.

So thanks for listening, y’all.

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