Ep. 31 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Game of Thrones?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Game of Thrones (2011-2019, Rated TV-MA).


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Rough Transcript of Episode 31 below:

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So I three red fourth again, back you throughout red false attenti.

He, she, it, throw ribs for… I got a more of a bribery growl.

But again, do louder. You’re shouting from the back of a horse.

Well, I got a… So I, this is same.

And this is a Virginia and this is what you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

So today we’re discussing our first TV show, in a…

I wait, you’ve never seen “Game Of Thrones” gas.

It doesn’t make sense, it is dense.

So up front, trigger mornings I gotta be real with you. All all the biggest right in murder beheadings, dismembered bodies. Violence against women, violence gets children, violence against animals very realistic blood and guts.

It’s kind of a mine field so I would just… It’s the whole thing, I… We’re like you’ve gotta be prepared for that here.

So that’s the reason, that’s the reason it took me so long.

So as this is a so many maritime I would say have a friends fast forward, it’s everywhere, there’s no way you can fast forward through some of this.

There were, there were parts where I literally where I literally asked you to just let me know and that was over a… Yeah, they kill a doggy. So before we start talking about the things you expected and what… Now, why don’t we go ahead and talk about what… What your general understanding of Game of Thrones was before we watched it? For me, I’ve read all of the books and I watched up until about halfway through Season 5, when there was a wedding night, episode that I just I could not get past it, I stopped watching, so yeah, so I… So I never watched I hadn’t watched it a second of the actual TV show and I hadn’t read the books. I have not read the books.

There are things we watch HBO shows, and there’s always… So I know there are certain things that are already ruined for me, I know that there’s gonna be dragons later and the Caley may or may not be writing them.

I’m pretty sure that’s the thing that’ll happen, but my understanding if I may, yes, is based pretty much entirely when it’s mentioned in the TV show, The Office. I love The Office.

I’m also a big Howard Stern fan on and he’s a big fan of Game of Thrones. So there are certain things that are kind of… They’re vaguely familiar “Beauly familiar and kind of ruined that. I know John Snow is a thing in the wall I know different places so I different places and events. He’s always talking about the policy and what not, at.

Yes, so anyway, I’m kind of familiar with it through pop culture.

So what did you expect from Game of Thrones?

Well, I expected to never understand who’s who.

It does have a very large cast yes, I also expected a sort of epic Tolkien battle that will… In the first, we watched the first two episodes.

Oh, so, I expected the beginnings of that and something that will rage for at least the first season if not beyond.

Okay, and I guess I expected I expected to be blown away in some way, I expected blow my head off, right away, in some way, right?

I didn’t expect it to literally involve heads being so not to be heading.

Yeah, we can get to that later.

So did you, or do you if you decided you wanna keep watching, do you expect to like it?

Yeah, honestly I expected to love it. I gave it four stars, I expected for a star at a five.

I, I can’t figure out. Well, we have already, I guess, is… But I already knew that there were some very brutal depictions of violence and whatnot, in this, and anyway, but so it makes sense to, to man begin again.

Okay, so yeah, I expect it love it because I’ve always loved fantasy, and Dragon stuff and growing up, I remember really enjoying a Highlander in the movie. Highlander is that there can be only one. Yeah, he is the first one. I’m not gonna, I don’t bother no other… What that I… There’s a certain tone in the first one, X caliber was the one even… And this is a little embarrassing, but even as I like fantasy, is concerned. The movie “Legend I have a, a, I don’t know, if I’ve heard of that one, so I…

Tom Cruise, a very young way. Fish Tom Cruise is in legend pre or post-risky business as a… Or contain pre…

I definitely pre-cocktail. It was before they figured out, just keep making the same movie over and over again with Tom Cruise in it but just put in an airplane or make him a bar tender or a car driven yay.

Oh yeah, I got you.

I’m veering off, I’m veering off, but yeah, even to be honest with you, the first time I watched the first time I watched money, Python and the Holy Grail, I was more excited about the fact that it was all like Mitel. Like they’re running around like nights and they make an effort to actually make it look like in a… At Manitoba, it looked like nights and whatnot so I… Even though it’s a… So it’s all sort of a joke.

Oh yes, I… So you said four stars yes, so to tell me Your one sentence, TV Guide summary of Game of Thrones, the series.

You’re gonna wanna laugh right away. I see what my own… Okay, you might wanna prepare yourself, Okay, so I can get through this.

Okay, the one boob, queen of the realm, one, a baby dragon and she wants it now it too.

I knew that one boob on, Boo out. One thing I don’t see, since I only watch through Season Five, I’m not sure exactly how much of this, but anyway, one of the fashion choices for generis at least in the books is one boob always exposed, and the other one is, is that’s the platinum blonde Calicut.

See, I know her as the Cole, even though when we first meet her, she is not colitis that The… So call KHL called “drogo that’s like King “drogo the the…

How do race?

He’s a death. All a a less would be like Queen.

I see, I see, I the nice… So how did this meet your expectations and do you think you want to continue watching based on the first two episodes?

Well, I never expect to understand who anyone is, but… So that’s usually the case that there… I love The Sopranos, the TV show.

So you home Box Office, the program, a program I let… Oh, and by the way, speaking of The Sopranos, I was really delighted to see that. I’m gonna forget his name, is it Tim Van Patten was the director of the first two episodes of Game of Thrones and he’s also, he directed a million episodes of The Sopranos.

So, I, I… So that’s awesome, we’re in good hands. If a and I believe he passed away. But anyway, so yeah, even though I do some things are probably ruined because it’s just been around for so long.

Oh, I’m very excited to watch the rest of it. I give it a 45.

Wow, again this is based on just two episodes.

But yeah, I was able to power through all of the terrible-ness. I’m way interested in watching more of this.

I have forgotten how graphic it was. No, we can talk. I have some notes later about the graphic-ness of it. There was some blood and guts, but honestly there was still… There’s still like a fantasy edge to…

I have a question before we get to that, yes, is Do you think after we finish watching say, the first season? Yeah, that you would want to come back. And record another episode about your reactions for the first season to see if they have changed any from just the first two episodes.

You want me to keep shouting?

I’m really rested to see because this is really interesting to me because I watch a lot of old stuff and it usually doesn’t surprise me that you haven’t seen it except for like Mr. Smith goes to Washington, right?

So this is a current thing that I have seen that you have not… So to me I know what’s coming and I’m really excited to see a, a the…

I see, so I wanna… Yeah, no, that’s funny, I mean, yeah, yeah, if you wanna do that, that’s yes.

Okay, so are we ready to get into…

I think not in volts and what not.

So if you’ve been a long time water of Game of Thrones and don’t remember the first two episodes that we are talking about the first one is called winter is coming just like that.

And this was before the meme.

Yeah, this is a… Yeah, John in the hand of the king is dead, King Robert Bray, and plans to ask his oldest friend, at ARD start to take John’s place across the sea, a saris Targaryen plans to wed his sister to a nomadic war lord in exchange for an army. And then the second one is called “The King’s road… While brand recovers from his fall Ned takes only his daughters to King’s landing John Snow goes with his uncle Ben on to the wall. And “tyrian joined them.

So when I see right there now that I-M-B-is open, that Tim Van Patten was in fact the director correct that each episode yeah, do we wanna talk about the opening credits, first? Because I break and love the opening credits.

Yeah, I mean absolutely go, let’s do it and while you talk, I’m gonna do the theme song go in, the first then that I’m not gonna really do that good.

We have me… See, I do a… Oh, here we go.

So, something that I really love about this is I know a this to… Okay, so he is this.

When I was watching Game of Thrones when I was watching it with everyone else, I see me, the this man came out. That was the Game of Thrones opening some by a cat.

This is what I wanna put at the end of the show, but I want you to listen to it now. Are you ready?

I’m ready, let’s do it.

I know it gets better.

The lilies that’s tenses of the cut that… So, okay, so I have two thoughts about that, okay?

First of all, someone put that together with love in an affection also, I believe that’s just the exact same.

I just mowing ones probably I don’t care or maybe some that on, so I, I’m just saying like when artistically you have a very limited palate and you make something a wonderful… That’s magical, I agree, I… So the thing that I like most about the opening credit.

Yes, is that it takes you to the places that will be important in that episode. We right so you… So we, we, we, we, I’m sorry ’cause they only saw two episodes. It’s specific to the episode, not specific to the whole grand scheme of everything I… So I want to change, I would I say it, I know it changes season-to-season, because we’ll lay it may not change every episode I’ll need to look that up to be sure, but I know it changes every season because we go to different places, right? I so I like that it tells me which places because for me I get confused with the maps and stuff, so I like that. There’s a map at the beginning to establish where everything is right, and I like the way it’s done where it sort of pops up out of the ground. It’s sort of steam punk.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I at… So that’s me was very talking in the front of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit even the habit. There’s these many maps of like, “Okay here’s this, here’s that. It’s not like they don’t actually maybe some of them do, they’ll say, like… Yeah, well here’s the Shire. And here’s my doom in her. There is a, I forget where they all are, from, but yeah, in the front of all of Tolkien’s books are these maps and they explain where everything is gonna happen and so later you go…

Oh yeah, let me reference that real quick. And I was like, “Oh okay, yeah, you wanna go to Mount Doom. Alright, well the shy is pretty far away right at… So you had thoughts about the animals on the Game of Thrones like at the end where it shows Game of Thrones.

The logo, yeah. Well, I have questions. I saw the four animal heads. I can assume that this has to do with different realms, different families, yes. So the dire Wolf is for the Starks. ’cause they’re of the north, where the Dios are, and John Snow is a bastard. Stark or whatever.

Yes, I, yes the dragon of course, is the tar gains the platinum blond rather a sister. That’s how you remember who people are as I describe something about them.

So that’s how you remember that.

Well, yeah, but you don’t remember their names.

So when I say the platinum blond then you remember who that is, is all I’m saying, any… So the dragons are house Targaryen the stag is the house parapan. And then what was the other one we have? We met trains.

Yeah, that’s the king right now, Robert “baratheon his wife Siri is a Lannister she’s the one who’s being in her brother, but that’s so weird.

Oh yeah, there’s a… The Surya anyway, I… So we had the drag on the Die Welt, the stag and there’s a bear but it doesn’t say what house that is.

Well, maybe that’s safe for the eight, maybe a sorry “Game of Thrones” fans and Oh, oh, it might not be a bear might be a lion for house Lannister the house Lannister okay, all that went well, so we can just cut off that. That I go like.

So do you have other things to add about the opening credits?

A new no family at… No, you can’t come in.

Sorry, no, I, I like this isn’t really anything. But they did, a cold open, that was called both literally and figuratively ’cause it was north of the wall and it was the white walkers, killing those people.

Okay, yeah, so I just thought that cold open that’s… So right off the bat, like I said, I expect it to… You got a blow. My head off, I don’t wear have but blow my head off, and I’m like… I didn’t expect there’s zombies there’s basically zombies.

Yeah, I’m not, I mean that’s what I, it’s been a while since I’ve watched a show and read the books but… And I guess I don’t wanna have that ruin for me in as much as that might be, Ruble right now, but yeah, they call “them white walkers. I understand, but I’m like, “Oh my gosh, these are zombies, they do all that, those disembodied people, even all of a sudden, they’re gone.

That was weird, it was very confusing and disorienting but it was… So, yeah, it was a… It’s an interesting way to lead off so I agree.

So I can’t wait for the Cole’s brother to die.

Have this saris.

He seems like such a dick he has a big dick.

Can I say right here that I enjoy seeing Nu to Dee and I enjoy seeing violence in my… The you the payment I… Yeah, I don’t mind that, but every time someone gets naked, it’s it’s incest or it’s violent in some way, that’s really uncomfortable. I’m like What, yeah… Yeah, there’s many times in this where I’m just like, “What is this?

Yeah, I agree, why can’t we just separate our violence and our nudity?

It is something I thought…

Oh, well, this is kind of jumping ahead, but I love Lena. I’m not sure if it’s her head, the actress who plays queen. Sure, oh okay, the one who’s being in her brother, you go to, I hate waste.

The brother in here anyway, I love her as sure because she makes sure an amazing actress like sure can by her bloomers off, okay, she is a great liar. I don’t even know if she actually had miscarried a baby or had a baby die because…

Oh yes, I was just trying very hard sell.

She might have been trying to play on a in “monastir on it, stars, sympathies and try to…

I manipulated her in some way.

You talking about brand, brand in a coma or in some sort of core gets pushed out the window, right? He’s in some sort of medical limbo. We’re not really sure what’s going on with him at this point, in the street, how he’s eating, but go a E-Right, right, ’cause she said, “Oh I stayed by his bed side for a month or something. I’m like how the… It’s very clean for how do you feed someone in that state and when you have no technology but to a… Yeah, and what appears to be the middle ages, right?

So yeah, I just think she’s great as Percy and does a really good job at playing a manipulative person right? Yeah, regulate, person, yeah, I… So not only are there a million characters in a show like this, which is the Chi love, I I’m not faulting it, but it’s also very confusing to keep track of everybody’s lives like right wing.

It’s so difficult because you have to remember everything.

Yes, I… Yeah, it’s very confusing.

I feel like watching it now, and explaining some of the things that I explained to you when they originally made the show, I feel like they were counting on people to have read the books prior to watching, like some of the details and what-not. weren’t as clear unless you had…

I mean, eventually it all comes to light, and whatever, but I… And did you have a question for you?

Yeah, but I don’t know if you can, if you feel like you wanna answer this or not.

Okay, but I didn’t… Okay, so for example, I liked the comic book, “The Walking Dead”

I got to a certain point and then I’m like, “This is bombing me out in a out-I don’t, it’s a pretty depressing end of the world scenarios. At my age, I just if I’m 12, I’m so in to it and now I’m like, “I’m bummed out, but I know… So when the TV show when the TV show happened I’m like, “Oh I’m excited, and I watch one episode and I’m like, No, I am out right away, because this is like, it’s just too heart-breaking.

But anyway, that’s not my point. My point is that there was there is a big fan base for the comic book and when they made the TV show, they’re like… Well look, we’re gonna veer off. They told everybody right off the… That we’re gonna be off. So you can be a fan of each individually and don’t expect it to follow you, the same characters and what not, but don’t expect the same plots. So, book versus TV show of Game of Thrones, what do we stick or do we… A year, a lot of it is similar, okay so they do for her and there. What did it for me was, there was a story line involving… It involves major characters. So I don’t wanna say too much, but in the book, there was a woman who pretended who was a woman who was impersonating someone else.

Okay, married this guy.

Ramsay, Bolton okay, and Ramsey Bolton house are torturers. Like there’s “sigil or single or whatever is like a flayed man.

So, in the book, it was some impersonator that married Ramsay Bolton and as a family who tortures you can imagine what that wedding night, was like.

I sat in the TV show, it was a character we were more familiar with. It wasn’t just someone randomly impersonating that person and since that beard so far it was the same situation but the way they went with that one character was… So I was taken aback, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Like, I’m like, No, this isn’t supposed to happen this way, it’s supposed to be this and I just, I had to quit a in a so hold there is A… And that was you, you be a punched out, yeah, that that there is a core.

I think I wrote it down. It was season five, episode six, I think about half way through that season.

So, up until that point… Up until that point, I think it stuck fairly close. The thing about the books though is… And this made me so mad. You’ll read a book, like you say, the first book, and it’s been a while since I’ve read the books and my ex-husband got those in the door so I…

I don’t remember exactly who was in the first book, but let’s say in the first book, it was Ned Stark ARA “ternana TER and sure, okay, so there would be a sure chapter and then there would be old telling that part of the story and then there would be a Ned Stark chapter and then so it alternated who it was about in the book. Yeah, well, in, in the next book, the second book none of those people were in the second book it was, “Oh well, I think a few of them were, but it was like a no-tip.

Okay, so… And then I…

I was like… Because I remember there being a cliffhanger at the end of the first book and I’m like, “Okay I got July. We have… And I’m like, “Where is this character in this book? And the character was not there.

That’s the worst version of having the knees and not being able to see… So the way the books were written if I’m remembering correctly, they would have had to take both the first two books and compress them into one, but it would still cover the same time.

Okay, but it would just be more characters” so they didn’t go like, “Okay Season 1 is gonna be about these seven characters and only then they didn’t do it specifically season one is the first book, season to as the second buck season. They didn’t do it like that because then you’re gonna limit your characters, right?

I’m sorry, does that make sense, or am I over-explaining it? No, no I get it, I…

I mean it’s, it’s a complicated situation. You’re, Yes, I… That you’re trying to describe…

I wanna hear more of your thoughts about it so I, if you’re reading my notes you always read my notes… Well, you have anyway, so in fantasy TV and movies, as the ones that depict a medieval just for lack of a better word, a medieval low level of technology kind of situation, they always have the most impeccable tailors.

And today, I… Well, this is like upper class that we’re seeing the king, the queen.

No, but I’m talking about everybody’s costume. I go white walkers in hanale.

So I say Taylors like as a Toyota can’t if you have a… Okay, so I’m a man and I’ve been measured for a suit, before and it’s not like if you have, if you’re measured for a suit, it’s kind of impossible to go. Oh, okay, you know what, they give you your measurements, they carefully measure all of the parts of your body and what not.

It’s not like you can tell that guy. Yeah, go ahead and make me a whole wardrobe.

That’s impossible. They can’t do that now.

It’s pretty impressive to I think they’ve won awards for their costumes. But yeah, it always bothers me. Like please have something hanging off their shoulders, okay?

Oh, I don’t know why that irritates me. It’s like, No, no one has a… There are no sewing machines. Please reflect that and the go as a TOA, at that.

And I was noticing a lot of where this seems would be that it had those not cross-stitching as an embroidery but the cross-stitches very artfully got right, that like with… He had very fickle strips of leather but are very family-cut.

He and artist made that.

And yeah, I understand, I want an artist to be involved but also I want an historian to… Well, actually, the artist we’ll see here if we might get in a whole tangent here, but this is the thing that we talked about. And grad school was… Okay, so you want to do something like Colonial Williamsburg, people? I want authenticity, and I wanna be able to go do this and go and I wanna see people who walked was you had trash in the streets?

How realistic do you like, if we’re gonna get down to Brass Tax here, do you want horse manure in the streets do you want open sewage it? And you like?

People think they want realism until they figure out what realism is he no one will be filthy and smelly A that we were looking for yes. So I understand that you want a history in there. Well, actually, the… But no, I don’t have to smell anybody.

The Otto I do it as a…

IT just…

No, I mean, yeah, obviously it’s fantasy, so guess what? Go ahead and make everything look perfect.

Right, right, I know I’m contradicting myself but I’m a complicated man. Do you have other things?

Well, I just, I don’t wanna say a lot because I don’t wanna give anything away or only two episodes. And I understand there is one more thing I wanted to say and then we can move on so we can move on to other things. So, I’ve already… So the one, boom, Tracy way.

So the female death races that Tracy is the ageing that wrong.

So, a your as-death race, not the other the people you’re correct, that the nomadic people are called to Tracy however, she’s not using at this point, she’s not using the one-boot fashion because she goes somewhere where that is the fashion so she’s been double booted out. That doesn’t make any sense to…

I’m talking about fashion though.

A well okay, but this is when I’m in talking about the one boob thrace. So this is what I meant the way getting at the wedding ceremony of the the reception, if you will.

There are women, and they have one boot out and they’re dancing and stuff, and then somebody gets to A… And there’s a couple of the Tracy women, I assume they’re just race women and they have one move out.

Oh, see I didn’t notice that he wasn’t a… Well, I kind of like to see boots, and so, there’s one-Oop. Anyway, that’s what I saw.

So I’m wondering, I know that, that I don’t think the Cole or what’s the actual character’s name, the nares star Arian, I just know Colton don’t believe she is… Naked several times in the two episodes we saw, but I don’t think she actually embraces the trace the track. I look, I don’t think it’s actually dressed with racy yet, but anyway, I… A point is… I’m wondering, so I’m wondering since the Iraqi are they’re warriors and their… There are these mighty warriors. I’m wondering that if the one boom out sort of situation comes from the Amazon, the Amazon women.

So the Amazons were, I don’t know if they were a real it was a real thing or if it was a was just part of a ontology or a little bit of both, but the women of the Amazon, it’s not like they had… When you think of or Amazon women you think of women who have very large breasts but in the mythology version of Amazon women they were bow hunters. And in order to…

I’m sort of using both my hands to pull back a bow to pull back a bow. You need to pull one of your arms all the way across your chest and so you need to secure if you have a lot of rooms there, you need to sort of to them out of your way, get one boom out of the way so you could pull “your bow back so you can… So you can fire a bow. I wonder, I’m wondering if that has something to do with why it is like… Yeah, one boop, can flap out, but we need to secure the other ones, so we can pull a Babak.

So yeah, I don’t know, I… Yeah, the reason I thought of that was because of the fashion in one of the town she goes to where all of the women wear dresses but they’re only they’re cut to cover one boot not both. So, I may pull the bow bow.

Oh well, I’m all out of ‘boob talk’ if you’d like to move out in.

Okay, so back to test. Or you read a…

Yeah, I’m curious about this.

So I actually, in pay as close of attention as I should. I think the first episode does pass, ’cause the sisters talk to each other area and Sansa. But I looked up, so I was looking it up and on the normal beta test website we go to… That’s only for movies, so it doesn’t really work for TV shows, right?

Because if I may… So the Becca test for a TV show, don’t they go episode by episode as opposed to… ’cause I mean very few whole TV series could pass the back till test because of I hang so I just Googled… Because a lot of times there will be something where it’ll say Here’s the Becca, test episode by episode or how many episodes passed or whatever right, so so I didn’t find where it said, Which episodes passed but it says in season one, well okay, there’s seven seasons for a total 67 episodes, total, 18 of those 67 pass the rectal test out of all seven seasons.

That doesn’t seem like a lot for how many named female characters, they are in season one, there’s four episodes that passed, I believe the first one does. I can’t remember the second one does and I didn’t write it down.

The second one, I think it would just because of brands mom and then the… So in a curse, and the other the…

I retain a and a serine, at the… Sure, so sure, sure. And mom and brand her mom a stark a Catalina the Cattlemen cat starts.

Although most of the top… Anyway, this is speculation.

So yeah, sorry, I didn’t pay attention in the second episode. I would guess probably they both passed, but I guess we’ll see the remaining eight episodes, I believe it’s 10 episodes in the first season.

I need a number of episodes and Season 1 is 10.Okay, so do we wanna talk disability portrayal?

So yes, I… So at this point, at the end of episode to brand has open his eyes, that was the, very end of the episode, so I… We’re still in limbo with him, so we’re not gonna talk about him this time.

Got it, because it’s not clear where his fate is A..

I do wanna talk about Peter Dinklage as Tyrion he is referred to as the door or the MP in the show, I believe he as the actor prefers little person, I’m not sure about that, I can hate, but I think he’s really great as “tyrian I especially how he gets the point across to John Snow when John’s now ask him why he read so much and he’s like… Well, if I was a peasant I would have been left out to die, because if we… We went because of his disability he… So, since he’s a Lannister that means he has expectations or whatever, he said.

Right, right, so, so I like that they pointed out to the circumstance would be different if he was a different person or in a different class, or whatever.

I also like how she just doesn’t give a fun, man, he just… This is who I am, people rag on me for it, so I’m just gonna let it wash over me and I’m just gonna do whatever I want and whoever I want city wake up in A and low dog this at one point, was it dogs or pigs, in… No, it was dogs because they made a joke about the hound though, the die walls, I can’t know it wasn’t the die. “Will you know what, let me just say right here, when it’s out of context, I, I… Any time “Dinklage is on the screen. I’m riveted. He’s, he’s really great, good, he’s really good.

Like when he stares at somebody in something, nothing could happen, he can just give somebody a look and I’m like, “Oh oh, things are gonna go well.

So I’m sure it was an issue of budgeting, too, but I think in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, yeah, they made The Hobbit shorter by, CGI because what’s his name wasn’t actually that short.

Sean Astin, and Elijah Wood.

Oh, very good, they were actually, they did CGI or did they just do Croton the feet? I don’t remember, they did a few things, some of the CS some of it was just “camaril like the wizard Istana.

I, in accounting, yeah. He’s not that much taller than everybody else, but they’re just a position. The camera in such a way.

But I think when he jumps into his arms, I believe they do

So anyway, yeah, yeah, so I like that they hired an actual little person to do this role instead of… I’m sure it was budgetary. You can’t do that every time. I mean I’m sure some of it was vegetarian. You can’t do those effects in every episode, but I also like that they hired an actual little person to play a little person role.

Yeah, absolutely, so to to your references, you now understand let’s see, do we have all day?

Well, I, so, I decided…

I believe that our listeners have already heard the office.

Dwight description of Game of Thrones. “So I want about the office. So like I said, “Howard turn is a big fan.

I know you’re not a big fan of Howard Stern. But I happen to be a…

And so I real quick… So Howard Stern’s producer is Gary.

Wait, who’s Robin then Robin is the… Is one in his on-air host.

Oh, okay, so… So I was a producer, so if I’m Howard you’re Robin.

Okay, well, not that I’m the…

I’m Howard a year-round while I just… So as a…

No, you do no I mean not. So yeah, you might run the show. So I Gary Gary.

He gets a little frazzled sometimes, and he makes mistakes when he makes mistakes. His nickname is Baba, boy, I… You may have heard of the phrase, Baba boy, they’re at a tattoo is there’s a movie I think maybe go “Speers the new… Well, not the new one now came out of you to go where at the end they’re doing like a new something and the guy walks back in the back. Yeah, yes, yes, I’m sorry. I’m laughing because one of the times you Alba, a Boise when you see a live news crew in New York since… So, how are broadcast out of New York City?

You go behind the broadcast unit… Or other believe.

No, though but we… It’s just a thing to shout.

Sorry, this is already way too much explanation. So people… So Gary has been called Baba Bois since 1990, since about two minutes after he got this nickname, which I’m not gonna go into how he got, it’s just gonna be too long. But anyway, since he got the nickname Baba “beri people have been sending in songs by a boy songs, okay, like Star Wars has its own Baba buy.

I talked the imperial Ottoman. Yeah, by Bob, Bob, the Baba…

Baba back anyway, that’s how it goes right, right, so certain there are… Sometimes they’ll play a Baba Boise on and I’m like, “I don’t really get that. And there’s a Game of Thrones a bottle bison.

So I think I started laughing, the first time we…

I was wondering why you were laughing but I’m like “What is so funny, it’s a great opening. See, I know it is a… I enjoyed the visuals as we mentioned, but I’m like, “Oh that’s what they’re doing.

And the guy doing the Baba boys anyway it was very earnest.

So it’s very earnest, as earnest as the CAP meaning… Yeah, a little bit more, I think, because really… Yeah, because the guy… So the other… I’m just gonna mention one more poultry reference.

You can talk about as many as you want.

I think one more is good.

Well, one more hour turn. One is… So Howard Stern’s long time limo driver, his name is Ronnie the limo driver is that his official government? Last name, yeah, the limo driver and Ray Rani the limo driver Mund.

Oh, I, he celebrated his 69th birthday.

I, with a, with a roast they had a comedy so I’m not a PAT Rose, I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding

So they had comedians come in and they roasted Rani, and during a roast, like like a friars club going back a million years and the friars Club roast the Chair is very important. The chair in which you sit a…

So, Ronnie is very sex up and everything, everything is very sexual, even… He’s an older du obviously is at least 69 years old.

I, as I mentioned, so the chair he sat on was made of dildo in the shape of the game of the road you said the road like the game of their own.

Oh my god, I… So I saw it and I’m like, Yeah, I get it, and then I’m like, “Oh okay, I get it. It’s like with the swords in a Roca I tell you when to… Interesting thing, please.

Okay, so this as we talked about is based on a series of books by George R-R, Martin.

Yes, which is it a coincidence George R-R-Martin J. are our token other… The amount of are all me that I want my kid to be a fantasy for that I throw in some houses.

The book series is not called “Game of Thrones”It’s not, but that’s amazing.

The book series is called A Song of Ice and Fire” and the first book is called Game of Thrones.

Wow, that’s interesting, yes I… That was all I wanted to tell you. Okay, is there anything else you would like to discuss, because how would the movie be different with today’s technology? That’s not… We’re not even doing…

I don’t wanna talk about what would happen if masters had Instagram or something. He can be a total tool, he would, he would be the guy that tried to set up fire fast, and then everybody ends up screwed on some island somewhere.

But tell me about it anyway, I… So, that about wraps it up. You can find us on iTunes and Stitcher and also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com. Rough transcripts. And like what we talked about are available on our website, at… Wait, you never see that. Come here on Facebook and Twitter, and your weight is… And you can email us at… We never seen a mold.

Leave us some feedback, and let us know if you have any suggestions for what we should watch next. That’s her show for today. Next time we’ll be watching, so happy that the stuff that is called Amity based as Millington.

Thanks for listening to a the “Aotearoa it totalitarian Tottenham.

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