Ep. 32 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Smiley Face?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Smiley Face (2007, Rated R).


You can listen to the show by clicking here.


Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

Smiley Face IMDb page; Danny Masterson accused of sexual assault; Legality of cannabis by U.S. jurisdiction; Cheech and Chong movies; The history of 420That 70s Show IMDb pageThe Office IMDb pageTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan IMDb pageFamily Guy IMDb pageA Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas IMDb pageThe Communist ManifestoBechdel test pass or fail?Cosmic Potato Podcast Network.

Next time, we’ll be talking about The Muppet Movie, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 32 below:

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Oh hi, this is Shane and this is Virginia a, and this is what you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies. And TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today, we’re discussing. Wait, you’ve never seen smile-based.

It’s not, it’s definitely not called Happy than it’s definitely not called.

Okay, so up front. Their warnings and what-not the opening credits flash a lot, so I’m not sure if that affects people who are prone to seizures or not Danny Masterson plays the roommate, and he has been accused of sexual assault and stuff, so he’s not in it very much, but you do see him a couple of times and then about 40 minutes of course.

Well, not of course, but I at about 40 minutes, there’s a scene in the dentist office where Jane is kind of freaking out and there’s just like all of this dentist office, noise with drills and different stuff that if people have a fear of dentist maybe get past that scene, yes, I hate.

And then finally, one of the scenes that will talk about takes place, and I can’t remember, it’s not a slaughter house, it’s a rendering plant, right? The animals have already passed away.

Yes, the next step to be processed, so… So, spoiler alert, this is a stoner movie. If you live in a state or country where that is legal, maybe a, a, you know, a partake if you feel like it before, watching the movie, or listening to this podcast or or both.

So, yes I agree.

So, tell me three things you expected from this movie.

It has a… So has he a hash oil?

Is that really all three of your things?

That’s exactly, yeah.

So did you expect to like it?

So I thought I gave it 3-5 stars before watching it.

I’m guessing it’ll be pot humor, like Teach and Chan like… So you’ve seen Teaching Chong. Loves Dave not here no man, I’m Dave a Dave not here, a woman.

Yeah, I seen up and smoke. I think Dave is not here though, isn’t that from date? Have a comedy album. They had a couple of them. I believe they I am I remember I course not.

It came with rolling papers.

The teeth, yeah, there was an LP and it had a little bit on it, like Dave’s not here and it came with a rolling it King with the rolling papers, so you could roll tobacco with wink, wink.

Yeah, it’s not legal here in the grades of all tobacco is legal here in the great state of Texas, the hero, not so much other various items, so 3-5 stars.

Yes, what is your one sentence TV Guide summary?

I would still like to see This is nowhere close to what the movie was but I would still like to see this moving ahead, moving a couple of hot heads have been upon a mysterious amulet that might have magical powers. Or they’re just really high the… Yeah, yeah, like we’ll get into this, but I’m wondering, is it that there’s so many pot movies that are like that, are about a journey of some kind at some about going out and doing stuff?

That’s where they call it a trip when someone’s high all you wanna do is just sit around and eat well, go the area a book those on a road trip, right, because it’s not responsible to smoke and drive or eat edibles and drive, but you really want even sit in a car, and that someone drive you around.

Well, we’re getting ahead of our one.

Okay, so I, I’m sorry.

So do you wanna hear what IMDB says?

Oh, absolutely, yes.

So smiley face is from 2007. I’m just laughing. Looking at the poster.

It’s rated R one hour, 25 minutes. It’s a comedy, and it says after a young actress, unknowingly eats her roommates marijuana cup cakes her day becomes a series of misadventures he also at…

I feel like it didn’t meet your expectations in terms of the hash hash, hash, oil because there was really no mention of hash there’s just so, no, the…

I believe it’s slightly different than I believe all three things are different are different things. I just thought I was a…

I was just trying to be funny, I guess, it was, I did expect a weird things, some weird thing to happen, because no one’s gonna make a movie about somebody getting high, just sitting in front of the television, even though that I… But that’s… You might do what most likely to happen, right?

The pattern when we’re in a state or a country where it is legal. Let me right so I sat my brother up in Oregon.

Right, yes, yes, but… So, right, what I wasn’t right, but it was… It’s pretty obvious that it’s a pot head movie, and lots of pot jokes and whatnot. I gave it 4-5 stars really or very enjoyable. It was, it made me laugh a lot.

So we’re releasing this episode just in time for the stoner official beneficial, I not sure of its official holiday for 20, the Ohio.

Would you like to hear a little bit of the history, or as history dot com calls it the hazy history of 4-20 is the they did there, you see if they did there, yes, please tell.

So in a… There’s a lot of talk about what it allegedly means like the Bob Dylan song because May what up to and so, rainy day woman, number 12, 35, because 12 times 35 is 420, holy crap.

But that’s not really what it is. It says, but in reality it can all be traced back to a group of five California teens who used to hang out by a wall outside their San Rafael school, a meeting spot that inspired their nickname ‘the Waldo, in the fall of 1971, the Waldo learned of a Coast Guard member who had planted a cannabis plan and could no longer tend to the crop, provided with a treasure map some say by the plant owner himself. So possibly leading to the abandoned product, the group would meet at the Luis pastors at the Louis or statue, outside their high school at least once a week to conduct a search their meeting time for 20 PM after practice because they were all athletes.

The Waldo would pile into a car, smokes and pot and scour the nearby point as forest for the elusive free herb. One of the original members of the Waldo Steve capper, told the having on post, we would remind each other in the hallways… We were supposed to meet up at 4-20.So again, they’re going on an adventure, and smoking pot right to find more their smoking pot on their adventure to find more pot now. Well, that’s just good thinking right there, which usually doesn’t happen yet. With Mary Jane true, I’m reminded of that episode of that ’70s show where they think they have such great ideas, but they wanna record themselves as they’re sitting in the circle right in the circle.

I tethering they do record themselves, but when they play it back, it’s just a lot of… Yeah, man, and then we’ll do the other thing, but first we’re gonna do this thing. It didn’t make any sense at all. So you think your brilliance, when you’re high, but really you’re not as the… As we learned in this movie I… And there is that moment.

So listen for you young kiddos out there.

So what do you think about this movie? I just have a couple of things ’cause I’m really interested to hear what you have to say as Will. And a Ferris play is high, really well, so good, so good. Besides the words there are certain words where you have to put your lips together, you have to close your mouth, sometimes to form words.

But other than speaking I do not believe her mouth is closed and he points she just stares off into space with her mouth hanging out and, oh, it’s so good, so good. So kind of, kind of the basic story line is that she… She accidentally genuinely accidentally although she is a pot head she was smoking previous right, and she got the money right, so she wants to eat the cupcakes which are also poets.

So then the… There were like a dozen or so, yeah, and she at the mall, because they were wonderful and they were her roommate for the Con, he was going to or something, yeah, so then she decides she’s gonna buy more pot to make more cupcakes to replace the ones she at now, she sky-high, trying to cook her dealer comes over and he writes stuff down in a book, No dealer it’s going to keep a leg. That’s evidence that’s even…

I don’t wanna pay to on a people. Well, it was it legal there when the movie came out, I don’t know, so no, I don’t think it was because the tithe what State was this?

California, okay, I, I don’t think so, otherwise. She would have been trying to hide from the cops, what California had had medical marijuana for a long time.

I see, Oh ’cause she had government weed.

That’s right, yeah, I…

I was so sad when she flushed her government weed to evade at what she thought was the belief.

Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah.

But the person who came into the bathroom was actually just like the janitorial staff or something. The cleaning staff no drug dealer is gonna keep a book.

So I wanna back up for a second.

I am me, and a Harris’s character right, and she is dangling on a affairs wheel.

So, I had even… Did I just blow your mind?

It is a, I think I ate right, but it’s a Z, on it

Yes, I noticed that too.

And the narrator goes Rasa what’s his name, his name is a rascal Lee Brown as a libero which is, it’s one of the last movies, he was in.

Oh, really, I didn’t know that before the death I believe.

But anyway, so that’s the end of the story. And it’s appropriate that there’s a right… And he goes, as cogs. Okay, we’re gonna go at A to Z, so a, I forget what I was but there as they made it a point to put like a… It might have been like the aim of the clock or something.

Yeah, something like that I later so… And then there was a B, and there was a in a hot…

I was looking for that. I did some research after this ’cause I wanted to see… I wouldn’t that be fun to watch, but that doesn’t exist as far as I could find. Like a YouTube video that shows you: Here is all of the letters from… That would be very interesting, in A to Z.Well, because where she ended up was Venice, California, and that sign said, like “Venis cannabis convention or whatever the festival is Venice him Festival. So that was the V because that was almost at the end of the movie.

I do, someone running with a silo phone, I forget, I don’t know I like it. A, A, the rate I got it, I… Yeah, I, I was waiting for that and I was… Well, I was disappointed that I couldn’t find someone who actually sat down and because only stones watch this movie and you can’t hold their attention for that long.

Well, would you like to guess how much money domestically this movie made when it was in the theater?

Let’s see, there’s a part there there’s 300 million people in America, right?

So I would say roughly 10% of them are probably pot-heads, so that’s 30 million times, let’s say a 10 million so times 10 per ticket. So I’m gonna say 300 million a 9397 in the suite.

I’m not a… Not using around, “Oh my God.

So this move is so good. How can it have made that little money?

It was in one theater really, not that long. Now, we how… So the foreign Box Office is 1690980.That’s still not a lot and not a lot but at least… Yeah, I do not understand what happened to this movie because it’s really good.

So it’s really…

I laughed a lot in this movie you… So you thought before I had seen it before I still left you seem surprised at certain points.

Well, it’s been a giant… So we see John Krasinski who plays Jim helper in the office one of my all-time favorite shows yeah, and now he’s supposed to be some tough action guy, but I don’t believe it.

No, I don’t believe that Pam would allow him to become like a… So is that a thing that happens?

But John press gets… Well, I mean to my knowledge, John presence is doing a white impression because it’s this real awkward a man who’s a nefarious character.

What’s Jane Jane? You so original Jane?

She tries to use him, to get money. Is it money, if you try… So, you tattooed.

Yeah, she needs a ride somewhere, and then she’s like, “Can “Can I borrow 400 or whatever because… So that’s… So I, The impression of an affair, she used the electric bill money to buy the pot that she needed to make the cupcakes because she ate the cup case. I feel like this is… There was an old lady who will wooly I… Yeah, just follow the spider to catch the fly. I don’t know why she’s Wallis. Apply I to probably die yeah, or… And then you go where she’s eating a horse and is like… Come on.

There’s a way to get them there or something, it’s pretty ridiculous.

She burned all that. Pat made me so sad.

Yeah, I was…

You can’t just… If you’re in a place where it’s legal to purchase pot, you can’t just dump it into a cake. Mike, it’s grass it’s gonna burn in a frying pan.

Not… Yeah, it needs to be in… You need oil that’s infused hash oil for example, “Pipit is looking at is “disapproving-ly he didn’t like it, she’s a northern…

I did find parts of this movie frustrating because she’s just the whole time she’s trying to do the right thing, and honestly at the end that she gets arrested.

Yeah, I, I, I honestly expected there to be aspects of this movie that were fantasy because kinda like that moving speech that she thought she gave, but you’re getting a… And she didn’t get… Hence my favorite scene in the whole movie. It’s so good, there’s a whole Family Guy episode and I where lowest and Peter S.And they started smoking pot, I they become folks in her.

Oh, my God.

And they go on stage and the… It’s just the most moving most important music to them and they’re going around doing all these shows, but it’s only you see at first, just their MRI they’re feeling about how well they’re doing a… But then you see how they’re actually doing and they’re just mumbling, into the micro.

So I, I go one’s playing a chord on the guitar correctly.

You go to a… To kinda like mirrors that scene where she thinks she’s doing a good job in her speed so that scene in particular is where she snuck into a truck that she thought was gonna take her to Venice, but it took her somewhere else, so she’s sneaking into this pork rendering plant to try to figure out which… Where she is and all this other stuff, so the boss asked her why she’s there, and she starts talking about ionizing.

No, the thing that she’s… In the meantime, she’s sort of stolen the original copy of the Communist Manifesto, and so… So that’s set.

I, I think she was reading it on the bus. So, she’s inspired to give this inspiring speech about the value of unions and a worker at night in the he… Yeah, a collective bargaining, and that kind of thing, is very eloquent and well said. And then it says there’s a black screen that says Here’s what really happened. And she’s just like, “And you know that sometimes just man, the tooting this other thing, it’s just wrong and there’s like get her out of, here is… So there’s that inspirational music like, “That’s swell of astrology.

The inter-It is in the… You expect, I expect to be like an American flag. Or would it be an American flag would it be a communist flag flying behind her?

Maybe just workers working hard, flag, like the Soviet flag for example, with the hammer in Salem.

So there’s an interesting… When I was researching this, I found that interesting, weird connection. John Cho was in this movie, a plays Danny trails co-worker and in this movie he later is a John show later plays, Danes, son-in-law in the film of a very Harold in Kumar, the Dean Christmas… Oh my god, I…

I forgot about the Harold and Kumar movies.

I do think in most I might have seen the White Castle. One is that, is Bob Saget. And that one… No, I, I’ve seen one where Bob Saget, in the back seat, and they’re like, “Oh my God, Bob side, it’s cussing and he’s… People probably know what they’re probably like. I can’t believe you don’t know what this is.

Duty Houser, is plays that the role a… That’s probably what I’m thinking of.

Or what’s his name three names a new Patrick Harris as very good, yes, and he’s like, doing coke off of horse body parts as you do as one does, ‘while speeding down the highway in a stolen car, I believe, but you wouldn’t that just doesn’t make good sense.

No, it’s dangerous, it’s dangerous it’s wasteful.

Yeah, there’s many problems a lot of issues here.

I, again, I, I, I, I… Why the adventures while you’re high I-O, I do you at least in a designated driver nobody should be driving high. That’s dangerous, it’s true.

Do you have other things to add or should we go to the back, bill test? Let’s go to the back of this. So we have a female lead.

Yeah, I, I don’t believe there’s a scene where Anna Faris is not front and center, I believe you’re correct.

I mean there might be little asides in the job on to… And a Danny trade host character, but not too much right, so it does pass. Jane talked to Shirley about being on the floor, surely was the professor’s mom that gave her the Communist Manifesto thinking she was the TA, right, right?

She also talks to Mrs. Green on the phone, her Clarinet teacher, because she was gonna ask for money right at A… And I know just in a few episodes ago, we talked about how a phone conversation wouldn’t work because we don’t see them on screen, but we did see Mrs. Green on screen, because as she was calling them the different people to give, her money, it was showing each person space, like on the screen. So since we actually see a person playing Mrs. Green, I thought that would count… Just in… And we already have a past, so it’s just, it’s icing.

Oh yes, she also talks to a casting director about how… How terrible her audition, is. Remember, a Jane Lynch a right, but the take-in, she’s never named and then the woman on the a casting director, yeah, and then the woman on the motor cycle who gives her the ride finally to Venice or Venice, but she’s just like motorcycle driver, she doesn’t have a name either, right?

So that’s all on that front.

Okay, I… So are there any pop culture references you now understand? I don’t, I feel like there should be, there should be a test if it was only in one theater for 24 hours. I don’t see how there could be, I didn’t say 24 or I… We be exaggerate. That was exactly by the way. I almost 10000 on one theater. That’s if you… On that theater that was pretty good.

I’d be happy to I. yeah, so one and I mean this was 2007. so how would the movie, be different with today’s technology? I mean, in California isn’t no totally legal now, so yeah, at Ohio think I would think there’d been the more iPhone, a smartphone stuff. This was just before you really had 2007 that’s before you really have a good phone.

No, I don’t know how well a high individual could operate and perhaps there’d be some sort of an app to help an extremely high person.

“mahasa I don’t know as of January 1st, of this year, it was legal in California, so prior to this year, I believe they had medical only, but it was kind of as I understood it, it was kind of a joke for a long time. There were on co-doctors just everywhere. Giving prescriptions in the form of things you smoke right which is fine. I’m just saying the… So he goes a little loose here in the great state of Texas, it is illegal. However, in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and other residents of Travis County, it’s a sight and release so far a…

Oh, for under an ounce. So I think that’s like you get essentially like a parking ticket, or is beating ticket or… So that I only teach and Chong would get arrested for one for like a right and you made that gigantic on what it… A movie, a a right to… Yeah, and then, medical is approved for CBD oil here which does nothing at just for some people.

Well, I, depending on the strength. So today’s technology, not a whole lot since for this one specifically, it would be legal… Now, so you could just, I assume go to your nearest dispensary. I don’t know how it works in places where, um, sure, there could be Adventures to be had regardless.

It ended in a… Maybe on public transit where she…

Oh, that’s seen in the bus was so funny.

Or make… Yeah, so, okay, do you have anything else to discuss?

No, no, I… So, that about wraps it up. You can find us on iTunes and Stitcher and also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic too rough transcripts and links to what we talked about are available on our website that you’ve never seen. Don com… We’re on Facebook, and Twitter under weight, wines. And you can also email that way. You never “somatostat to leave us and feed back and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies in the shows that we should watch.

That’s our show for today. Next time will be watching the moon in the total, a new picture of my arms with no bones in it, and then a line.

No, and I a flying up in the air.

No, I… At the Penistone.

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