Ep. 33 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen The Muppet Movie?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about The Muppet Movie (1979, Rated G).


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The Muppet Movie IMDb pageThe Muppet Christmas Carol IMDb pageThe Muppet Show IMDb pageWhite Christmas IMDb pageRoad to… movies starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby; What exactly is Hare Krishna?; Big Bird is male, according to WikipediaStar Wars: The Force Awakens IMDb page; Mickey Mouse consoling Kermit the Frog when Jim Henson died in 1990 (see image below); Labyrinth IMDb pageComing to America IMDb pageCosmic Potato Podcast Network.

Next time, we’ll be talking about Mars Attacks!, so stay tuned!


Rough Transcript of Episode 33 below:

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So hi, this is Shane and this is Virginia and this is… Wait, you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discuss and… Well, now I and TV shows that one of us has never… And today, we’re discussing.

Wait, you’ve never seen them up, it movie, not the movie.

Oh my goodness, I actually don’t really have trigger warnings for this one. It was pretty kid-friendly, it didn’t have a whole lot of an issue. So besides a beloved Muppet frog getting his legs threatened.

I mean, there is that there is that by Charles Turney, Charles Turney, a hopper, the character’s name.

So I was saying the actor’s name ’cause he was in, he was in any way.

So yeah, the… You’re like Yeah, you look, I remember Hopper ’cause I’m terrible with names. So what three things did you expect from this movie?

Well, first I expected Muppet road trip. Or he was a… You got it.

I expect Miss Piggy to be inappropriate because that’s what most picky, does.

So yeah, I, I, she I’m she may be violates them boundaries and expressing her love for Kermit so that’s all I…

Okay, so lastly, I thought since there were no humans on the poster that meant there would be no humans in the movie. ’cause I think with the Muppet Christmas Carol isn’t it? Michael came on the poster for that and he plays like Okay, “I a Peter.

So I must only wanna ask this question. Did you expect to like it, I… It’s the methods of course the back.

I hate, I I get it for Star I, I, okay.

It had a lot to live up to.

Yeah, I, I, I, I, I… Yeah, I so what is your one sentence TV Guide summary of the up at movie, “The Muppets” embark on a road trip to Las Vegas so Kermit, and Miss Piggy can have a quick wedding conducted by animal dressed as an Elvis impersonator.

Like all of the…

I want to see that movie a tattoo, the Up movie 1979 “rad90 a cool 95 minutes Kermit and his new found friends, track across America. I do find success in Hollywood. But a frog legs, merchant is after Kermit no, so it definitely was a road trip, movie.

Yes, definitely. Miss Piggy, wasn’t as inappropriate as I thought she’d be. Of course I realized in the opening scene when Curtis singing ‘rainbow connection’ that there will be humans in the movie because I do tele-On the lowest. I was gonna say mean poor on the rose right up to… But you think a long… The two things I did not expect was I didn’t expect it to be sort of, it wasn’t a musical in the way that I had musicals, there were a lot of songs. Yeah, yeah, but it wasn’t like a full-blown song and dance number thing happening at maybe once or twice, right? That’s a The Muppet Show. There were way more like song and dance numbers and then I also didn’t expect it to be a map, an origin story.

I was totally just expecting like a road trip of friends, not a road trip to become the Muppets.

It’s really along the same lines as white Christmas comes to mind as one of those road comedies from the ’40s and ’50s like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby Road to wherever exist a clear exactly and the fact that Bob Hope is actually… Oh, that’s right, all in it himself as process a lot of sort of old, old Hollywood I, I ran a one, a lot of people…

Yeah, we can get to the… We can get all of those cool cameos in a second, but yeah, in those road show road to whatever.

They weren’t exactly musicals, but they did throw in songs and little numbers, so it was kind of attribute really to…

I see a… So the old movies… So even though it wasn’t exactly what I expected I still liked it.

Okay, so I’m keeping at four stars.

So okay, you got what you…

I do more or less what you were hoping for a…

Oh my gosh, that the scene… And I’m kind of jumping you had, I guess, but the scene where he… Where Miss Piggy and Kermit met for the first time and she’s overwhelmed by this romantic, a romantic yeah, what’s the word, the romantic montage of all of them falling in love and getting married and that slow motion and one of them falls doesn’t treat.

So that’s pretty the… Is it a for-to-

He? Like How is Peggy writing the scripts for these things must be really difficult. In fact, Jim Manton has said that they would have these meetings about scripts, for things like this. And when you’re dealing with something visual, and it’s a puppet, you can just… If you just wrote down, they’re running and then one of them falls like that doesn’t necessarily… How do you know that that’s supposed to be funny or right, instead of just like it could have been sad, you know, what I mean, like it’s, it’s entirely visual and you just have to go and do it in order to make it, to make the real work at how does Carmen ride a bike?

Well, so you’re getting ahead of… So I have that on my list of things. So there are two camps.

He Roger Ebert said that he just wants to believe in movie magic, and he just said, “You know what, Kermit just rode that bike, that’s it, right?

But I, the JIM love doing things like this where you’re literally say out loud, which is what you did. How do they do that, yeah so, so Carmen is… You see him from top to bottom, completely, he completely see him and the bike so he’s peddling the bike.

Heading the bike. Yeah, so, so in “surin lots of different ways to… First of all, there is there’s radio control radio controls that actually make the bike move forward as a little radio control that moves his mouth but it’s pretty rudimentary it’s not a puppeteers hand is in there. They can crunch the Face Up To look annoyed they can do all kinds of little subtle things. So all of that subtlety is gone in the bike team.

Right, but you’re overwhelmed by… Oh my gosh, look at this. In some places there’s a third wheel that you can’t see that it was smartly hidden it.

It’s a tricycle, even though doesn’t look like a tricycle, so I… And sometimes there are wires on top, wire is up above so where there’s no third wheel, there’s no… So they did it a couple of different ways. So you’re like, “Well it’s probably this and then they do it, they use different techniques to sort of trick you.

So as soon as you think you found the answer, that’s not the answer.

I see all a good magic trick. It’s covered in lots of different ways.

And so if I may, yes, if I may write here say that I love, I love, love, love the Muppets and Jim Henson. Not just the work, the movie is in the show and everything is wonderful, but just Jim’s work ethic and devotion to quality and the technology that he… All he had to invent essentially, to make all of these things of these things a reality, and it was all done. A lot of the… Whenever you want Jen Virginia and I are sitting at a table with two chairs, and if we had a third seat around this table and it was a Muppet we would need to get a chair back that look just like our chair backs, I but with no set. And then there they have to be a pit dug three or four feet down so the the puppeteer, could be doubt in that hole, and they could lift their arm of with the Muppet on the end of it, to interact with us. There’d be a monitor down there, because he’s totally, totally can’t see anything. The puppeteer so he has a monitor down there with a picture of the scene as it’s happening, and the microphone is this whole set up that they invented. So the mute can interact with us in real time and we could all be ad living and saying, different things and the Muppet could be interacting with us.

So I a lot of things on the Apache whenever there’s the bike scene, oh my goodness, that’s amazing how you do that, because you usually don’t see below them up, it’s waste, right?

So that sent the very first scene where Kermit is sitting on the front on the frog.

I’m a lily pad.

No, on the… Well, is that a long… But yeah, I, I sing Rainbow Connection.

He is in water completely surrounded by water on that log. So Jim was down there in a Diving Bell a man and what they built a Diving Bell it was one, it was really four feet how he was over six feet tall, Jim a tall guy, what… So a big giant tank of water, he’s essentially buried alive, they put a rubber thing on top that could put a sleeve and then they were able to put Kermit on top of there.

No, man, he was down there for as much as three hours at a time, holding his giant body up into this little Diving Bell.

That’s dedication right there because now, yeah. Can you imagine the pressure of Dom Eloise needing to get his lines right as a man risking his life for his art, right?

I ate so a diving. Well, how did he work? Because we talked about this when the see first came up, is that Kermit appears to be left-handed strumming his guitar banjo or whatever it was, he had right? The cabin is there with his right hand up, right

A working curator, but I would say in the Diving Bell how did he and his right hand up? How did the other hand work as well? He just was like a… There’s a rod there’s a puppet rod connected to all of that. I just went up there was like a rubber sleeve and then you have Kermit so it’s like… So, no water could get inside the diving bow. So yeah, there is just a little puppet rod that you pretty much don’t see. They figure out a way to like I don’t know what’s actually run down through permits somehow, like when he’s…

’cause when he’s playing the banjo, “panderi I think so, I’m not sure if it actually goes through the banjo.

Oh, I see, so that to the… So the puppet ride, you’re not quite seeing…

I’m not exactly sure.

Speaking of the way that the Muppets move there was a one scene with Miss Piggy where it just, it amazed me how they could make a puppet, look like she was cashing into a room because it’s just some person’s hand.

Frank goes right.

Not some person Frank of right.

So he was able to move his hands in such a way that she looked like she was on her way to the Academy Awards or something like, Yes, I am a queen and walking into the room more. Sam was… Yeah, Frank was one of those people who they said that sometimes a performer will put… And by the way, I’m saying, I’m saying Muppet performer, or puppeteer never Muppet here, Jim thoughts, I was getting too gimmicky, the…

I said I… No, I hear so I… A catchy, at people say it actual Muppet performers use it because they wanna get haunted by Jim goes, I guess I… So frank. Sometimes it’ll take a Muppet performer, a while they’ll put, they’ll put a monster on their hand and then they’ll just work out the character. It’ll take a while sometimes Frank, you just like Papa I’m up it on his hand and just know what that person that creature should be and that’s like Miss Piggy. They didn’t really… She was designed for the background, her name is Miss Piggy. I’m not sure if this is true but I wrote it down anyway, so it was her name, was going to be a Miss Piggy to do the one to… They’re doing a party of the one-to-one.

Take it on like that, that’s amazing.

So they say that there’s one little thing that encapsulates the each Muppet and for with Frank would say, I would say about Miss Piggy is that she is… She has lots of rage and anger and she was like, an angry truck driver, but she’s trying to be a glamorous star. Yes, whatever. So you’re like Oh come… And then everyone at all. She’s like watching Bob it in a… Like you see, so you see that anger, coming Rae bubbling. So in the script is piggy was just supposed to smack “kfor doing something inappropriate or something that she didn’t like, and Frank decided brilliantly to have her carotid Chatham.

Oh my God, that’s where the karate Hadoop… Yeah, because he’s like, No, she wouldn’t just slap somebody, that she didn’t like. She gets this rage. Right, right, ’cause she’s on a parity copio oh my goodness, I he is picked he’s something else. I feel like I was gonna say something else but I forgot I am, maybe I remember.

So another one of the tricks they did, was “Fahy bears driving that car. The Studebaker.

Oh, really, I use to, to be due a Studebaker students.

I just remembered what I was gonna say because there may be some people listening who are not aware of who Frank cases the same person that did the voice and “puppeteer-ing for ODA and Star Wars is the same person that does it for Miss Piggy and the Grover, or a few others too. Yeah, gone. So I think, I don’t think I… No, he’s developed and performed by Dave goals Los goals.

Let’s see, so in the Muppet movie, he was Miss Piggy-faze bear animal Sam, the E and Dr. Benson honed, I think, so he’s been in a lot of stuff.

7 is 79. Oh, that’s John to Okay so… So, I cut up.

It cuts off but Miss Piggy-father Baron animal definitely.

Anyway, I’m sorry. So another thing about the puppeteer, in The… So bossy, bear is driving that car.

Yes, it’s not like on a flat bed where we just see the outside of the one is like they do in some, in some shows and what not, sometimes it is ’cause that’s easier, but we do see them just driving off to what they did. Was they, in the trunk, they rigged up the car, so it’s Don driver with a monitor… Could drive the car from the trunk.

Oh my God, because if you think about it too, you’ll also need down there. You can’t have any real seats down there, there’s human beings performing those two charact… In some, I ate so they’re underneath the seats. Probably see it or through the back of the seat they were common at… It’s always a combination of stuff. So there might be times where they did use radio controlled you know, Miles.

Oh I see, just to move around a little bit. But when you see any real articulation they cram themselves in that list. Tiny base.

Wow, so let’s talk a little bit about… Oh, do you have a thing to…

I have a couple of things, but I don’t know if there’s a particular order you wanna go in.

Well, I was gonna mention the comic and screen legends in this movie.

Oh okay, first I wanna say that I love that. There were open auditions for frogs in the newspaper and I, I just that open auditions for frogs.

A right.

I don’t know, I thought that was funny. What’s with the Harry Christina running joke like that seemed to come up a few times.

Yeah, what was it the… Oh yes, searching for answers.

A Christian is the answer.

Yeah, I just didn’t have… Yeah, I just didn’t know if that was like I don’t know.

Well, hearing Christians used to walk through the airport, and hand out flowers, and I think they have more of a presence maybe in the team event.

The is what I was thinking, that’s why I was, I didn’t really catch on to that joke. So I was just wondering if there was some explanation that maybe you had that I did not have.

That’s as far as I… That’s as far as I get.

And then I love that when the up, it’s all got to the studio finally, that the studio had just gave them the standard rich and famous package.

I played by Orson Welles Of course, of course, I… So yeah, I just wish I could walk in. So we’re on… Give me the rich and famous package please.

Just the rich part would be good. I don’t really need to be famous.

I think famous would be a terrible imagine being the famous and poor.

So yeah, ’cause everyone would recognize you and then they’re like, “Oh you’re probably going to yet. So now, in going to my job, yeah, I… That was all that I want, I have a cameo that I’m not sure we’ll be on your list, so if you’d like to continue with your list please.

So, well, we’ve already mentioned a few of them, but there was also a Milton Berle Richard prior, Steve Martin Madeline con Mel Brooks.

So you you have you ever one that wasn’t on… That that there, and I just mentioned but big bird trying to get… To Sesame Street.

Oh yes, that’s true in a taste.

Yeah, a good origin a good origin story, it’s always fantastic.

So Jim is insisted on The Muppet Show, that he always kept a list of guest stars and their home addresses, at one point, a beautiful book of The Muppet Show came out, and he made sure that all of the guest star has got a copy of it.

Oh wow, that’s cool. So, so, and at a certain point, the Muppet Show became the thing to go do and agents were trying to get their stars on to the I.So was it a… Was it a Saturday morning type of thing, or was it a prime time during the week kind of thing?

Live it was prime time. Look, either finding it, or Saturday night, just went in originally aired, okay, I… Yeah, so I imagine it was pretty easy for them, for them to get all these stars is the first movie. So you wouldn’t think necessarily that it would be easy to get a much tsarist.

I see the the a matter at about the height of the…

I think the Muppet Show, had one more year, after the movie came out. So I always think it’s funny, I always think it’s funny, the fact that when Miss Piggy and Kermit are sort of having when there’s something sort of romantic happening between them.

Oh, Frank COE, and Jim Henson are down there like six inches from each other go.

Oh, can we… Is come?

I bet they’re really kissing on there. I bet they are.

You gotta get the sound effects.

I just wanna see not the Muppets but just what you… Well, Jim and think, I wanna see their body language.

So with that be, I find the scenes or under the sea in tests in North Sea yes, in this case is being under the scenes, under the sense, under the scene. Sorry, can I talk about the end can… Yes, so it included over 250 Muppets. It’s pretty much every month, but available in the New York City.

So when they… He came the rainbow at the very end.

Yeah, oh that was nice, I like that.

So there were two shops when in London, that was for them up at show and when New York City that was primarily for it is in the IT, they needed a performer will they wanted a performer for each month, but they could have just had lifeless Muppets back there and not doing anything, but because it was a movie, it was gonna be on the big screen.

They wanted a performer for each moment. So, casting call went out for people willing to learn Muppets and a young John Lasseter, who later went on to found Pixar co-filed Pixar.

Oh really, yeah, he went out, he was an animator at Disney at the time and a young Tim Burton.

I really… Who later went on to become timbered.

So we will be discussing in our next episode.

That’s it lies at Tech as a act.

So are you ready to talk about the back doll test?

Yeah, let’s talk about that. A:There were three names. female characters, I including his piggy.

I am including this picky-Okay, I…

I thought Miss Piggy would be the only female Muppet but I had forgot what was the name of the band, The Electric mayhem Dr. teeth and the electric mayhem. I believe there’s a one of the seniors as Janis.

Yeah, for sure. “I’m so funny. They see a valley girl. It didn’t occur to me that is… And then I saw that.

Oh, for sure, But Miss Piggy and Jan is never talked to each other. And then Miss Tracy is the studio assistant the studio heads, assistant, and she never talks to Miss bigger Janis either. So they do have three names female characters, but they just don’t talk to each other.

It’s prairie dog doesn’t make to make an API a true… His big bird is, it’s big Bertha.

I don’t know if every day… So I really don’t know.

I think they referred to him as a he, but I’m not sure I… So yeah, like I said, I thought for sure MSP would be the only female main instance. I wasn’t sure there would even be any humans in it. I did not expect it to pass anyway, right, so I didn’t have an expectation to let down really.

Although Miss Piggy does a when we first meet Miss picky, and the beauty, the beauty pageant and she gets her Crow and she’s like… Thank you, in ASU thank you Mr. she names, two of the contestants, that are handing her the flowers and stuff to… They don’t say that the…

I think back to her, not even congratulations is bigger. What I wouldn’t be had that would ever pass with it that…

Yeah, I, Oh, oh my goodness. So I, a cultural references that you now understand. I mean, I feel like I’ve seen enough of the Muppets, to really get a lot of the pop culture references. I do really understand the sad Kermit seeing on the PON somewhere. Rainbow Connection like I didn’t know what movie that was from, I see so I made that connection but it wasn’t something I was unfamiliar with would you say that you made a Rainbow Connection?

Well played, sir. Well played. So yeah, that was about me, I knew about Miss Piggy and all of that stuff. I didn’t know their origin story, but you don’t really have to know the words in the story to enjoy them up. It’s, it’s true.

I put Christmas. Carol is my favorite.

Your favorite version of Valley and morally so a how no way this movie… Be different with today’s technology.

Well, I have a question for you first. Okay, he is from an animation and “puppeteer-ing standpoint, what advancements have been made since while 79 is 40 years ago, this year.

Yeah, that would… Would make it either better or worse because we have the origin or not the original, the pre-cools of Star Wars, which have shown us that CGI can be bad if used incorrectly.

Yeah, I, but what Jim Henson Have you CGI incorrectly or are there other options that are now available?

I’m interested in the technical side, although I have other items.

Yeah, that’s a good, that’s a good question.

I think there are ways to use CGI mixed with or, or what they call walk around characters when Big Bird is a walk around character, there’s a way to do it and actually it’s JJ Abrams! prefers to do it this way, they’ll put, they’ll put Simon Pegg, in that…

Oh right, big. I can’t remember the character’s name but he’s won to have for sure to… Yeah, I, I, etcetera.

Oh, right, to Ray, yeah, I… So it is really a big rubber suit. But if they wanna do anything any real articulation with the mouth and whatnot, they can just super vote, they can put the CGI on top of that.

No, they could do Carmen on the bike like they do BBA where it’s like a “Ingen the green screen suit yeah, that pushes him from pies MBA from behind. So you could have a green screen sup person running beside the the bicycle or whatever, or the BBA sometimes had a third wheel that was green a right sort of stabilized, and yeah, so Jim Henson died May 16th, 1990. I just liked to all that long ago, I got it. I thought he lived into at least the mid-90s.

Yeah, I thought so too, I think. Was it Brian the son Bryan took over.

I still remember that sad, a cartoon and I can’t remember if it was when Walt Disney died or Jim Henson died, where it’s like, Mike mouse and Kermit sitting there with their arms around each other, like so that I… We grieve with you a excuse me, I would’ve loved to have seen what Jim Henson himself would do with CGI.

I mean, there was some little thing there was a computer animated. Our there was put in the beginning of, I think, late late maybe Labyrinth.

Oh, I forgot, he did line. I love LaBrie.

Never once is very good, but yeah, I would love to see how he would… Jim was a bit of a technology guy, so I one gadgets and whatnot. So it would be really interesting to see like, “Okay Jim, there’s no limit to what you can do with this.

I think people still wanna see my bets made out of…

I felt a…

I mean, it’s up you can’t… Yeah, I can’t imagine a Muppet movie? Without actual Muppets like a CGI, up a movie just it doesn’t seem right to me.

I guess they could make that the texture of the Muppets, look just right in CGI, but I don’t care now, I do you guys.

I need the puppets.

They’d be going out of their way to make something that they could make for about 50 bucks at Michaels or the total at a hobby shop a… So I had a couple of things from not the technology standpoint is that karma gets his feelings or a lot, which is understandable, because Miss Piggy, ditches him to talk to her agent or set up an audition or whatever in today’s world of cell phone she could just be discreetly texting him. Although Miss Piggy is hardly discreet.

The but I, you know, she wouldn’t have to just a ditch. Kermit the Oh, she would have her phone on the ring, on all the way through a movie.

Yes, I… That’s what it would be, right? Someone’s phone would go off. They do like that meta-thing, where they’re making a movie about kind of making a movie out right?

So every once in a while they go back to the theater so that would be one of the scenes like somebody’s phone goes off, and everyone’s like… Who is that, and this is picking at a… So a bit of a “necessitat and then Carmen and busy get lost when they’re moving. A RIAA moving, like Ron moving right along to do well. I doubt Studebaker come standard with GPs, but I might have a hand-held GPS, which but, but that a right that takes the fun out of road trips sometimes, so I don’t think they would really wanna do that.

That’s true, I I think I don’t think faze would figure out how to use it. If you had, you’d figure out a way to put in the wrong address, or something like head to the North Pole, or something.

He’s looking to get to Hollywood, and he accents in Planet Hollywood.

Oh, so we’re in Iowa, right?

I could totally see that.

So that’s what I had. Do you have anything else?

So yeah, so I of watching things like this and the Muppet Show, I remember my dad laughing so much, more than us kids watching, so I, I, I, I, I, I, I.So I realized that there was lots of jokes I wasn’t getting but it’s not because it was filled with double on contra and things like that, it wasn’t like that at all, it was just all these references that to movies and books and songs and things that a child just wouldn’t shouldn’t get.

Well, the hip, the hippy band, probably made him laugh a lot more than it did. Y’all who didn’t live through the ’60s right? I remember being kind of scared of that band.

I hear a little skin like Dr. teeth and the animal is pretty vicious on the drums.

Yeah, yeah, you know at the very end, I’m sorry that’s okay.

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to how they make these things. Jim insisted I’m making the big giant animal ’cause he takes those super growth pills and will take the to.

So yeah, it stars Hopper at the very end, yes.

They actually made a giant thing that was outside to that. A house-sized animal yes, that Frank was able to somehow, manipulate.

Oh my God, I thought That we… Yeah, I thought that was just some kind of green screen or model or something like that.

That you use the animal you have and just make a minute, your house, right, the “Veronese Wow, I never would have guessed that.

Yeah, it’s impressive, it’s impressive when you think about it being a live scale. I’m not sure how many feet tall, he was supposed to be, but over 100 gotta be.

The other thing that I didn’t quite get as a kid, was the references, Hopper kind of looks like Colonel Sanders I noticed that.

And also the frog legs, they had big giant frog legs, it was the sign kind of like the Golden Arches of McDonalds.

Did you ever see coming to America?

No, no, no, no, we have to watch coming to me. Wait, you’ve never seen coming to America.

No, it don’t tell me, any. Murphy yes and our senior I believe so yes, I know of it. Yeah, there’s a McDonald’s reference in there too, anyway. Okay, I’ll add that to our list.

Okay, anything else?

Okay, well you have to sound saying that ’cause I’m always gonna have more to say about the Fitbit just real briefly okay, the speech at the end, about…

Hey, you want me to sell stuff and I just wanna sing and dance. And make people happy.

I almost did a crime at the frog impression, but I decided not to.

That’s essentially Jim got started doing commercial work, and it got really successful and I just… People around him, his money guy was like… Just keep doing this. You’re gonna make a whole bunch, a whole bunch more money doing these, these cute little cartoons and first and he was like, he had paid a bigger, he had a bigger vision and he wanted to sing and dance and make people happy so he decided to do that rather than go all in with commercial stuff, so he really limited. I was very careful about how they even marketed it. Immature a merchandise and stuff. I E-

I really… He said, “Okay we can sell puppets that makes sense, but he didn’t wanna just slap it on slap up, up its logo on everything, I see like they did with Star Trek and Star Wars.

So yeah, there was no pointless spot helmet, right?

I see we almost got through this without mentioning that it is the tea.

We talked about fear, track, we talked about Star Wars in that.

But yeah, I think how many generations have enjoyed them up its now I know amazing I take that one man’s dream has turned into things that we fondly remember for our entire lives, which is kind of cool.

Yeah, absolutely, because I keep saying anything else and you’re like… Yep, I have more. So, I wasn’t in… You are to say it at a right. So, that about wraps it up. You can find us on iTunes and Stitcher and also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com re-transcripts and leads to what we talked about are available on our website at weight. You’ve never seen dot com and we’re on Facebook and Twitter. And your weight wins you can also email that weight. You’ve never seen a man “Leeson feedback and lines. You have any suggestions for movies, we should watch and also let me know if I grew in them up for you, by a pulling back to cure.

And so I show her today, next time we’ll be watching Mars a tax.

I got A… And thanks for listen. Then


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