Ep. 37 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Doctor Who?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Doctor Who (2005-present, Rated TV-PG).


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Vincent van Gogh; Discovery Aftershow; What does allons-y mean?; The Doctor’s catchphrases; David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker were in Broadchurch together; Star Trek Discovery IMDb pageJaws IMDb pageInspector Gadget IMDb pageCosmic Potato Podcast Network.

Episodes of Doctor Who that we mentioned: “Vincent and the Doctor,” “Silence in the Library,” “Voyage of the Damned,” “Blink,”


Next time, we’ll be talking about Band of Brothers, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 37 below:

This program is part of the cosmic potato Podcast Network for more shows like this.

Visit our website at cosmic potato. I do a in the same… And this is Virginia and this is a weight… You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today, we were discussing a… You’ve never seen, or who… How to be a fair… So I can be all… So she was going… But I did do a estate.

He and I’m not going to that but… Okay, so I…

I have watched a couple of episodes here and there, we watched the Titanic to episode we did a… We was a Orenstein I think, did we watch the angels, the angels the weeping angels? I don’t think we did… We ever watch, we engage. I don’t think so, I know I’ve told you about them, right? So, I’m certainly aware of Doctor Who I know I already knew that he was a time lord, I think it was probably in the Titanic episode where he came, he ran up and he was like… I’m a time lord and I’m this many years old, And I… You wanna get off this ship, we gotta do this or whatever, it is so before we get started, I I did wanna mention for a trigger warning that they talk about in one of the episodes, “Venango mental illness and his suicide and that sort of thing. So one of the episodes were talking about is called Vincent and the doctor, and so that’s that episode. And the other one is silent in the library.

So tell me, so maybe three things that you expected from this TV show.

Well, number one, I wanted Vinton so I love first by love and the men go he is on my T-Mount Rushmore of arts, I sort of do art and I’m a graphic designer, by trade when I love… Love art and I love, love, love and Subang. So all of the show could really do is super disappoint me.

That’s not true, that’s not… It could make me it could have been a big it could have either been a big disappointment, or a really big hug, but we won’t get into that right now. What I wanted was one of the doctor to help them.

I wanted the doctor to help Vincent because he kills himself, he suffers from a break with reality.

He also… Incoming also, could have used a lot of help with marketing and business.

He was a prolific artist, created over 2000 pieces, but he only sold two paintings in his life and one of them was to his brother. So that one, some people don’t count that the other one was to a friend or they mentioned it in the show. Are the sister of a friend. I think it was right. So it’s already still like… So yeah, I hope this isn’t what I expect. I just hope that the… He really… With respect, which believes me to my second thing, I didn’t want any ear jokes, I didn’t want. Making light of his sickness, which was very likely caused by lead or other heavy metals that were in the paints that he used whose effects they couldn’t possibly have known in Europe and 18-90.Yeah, Victoria in Europe, right?

What you see 9-0 is when you die.

Oh, and I think you is 30-something or 40-some, 37 and 37, or any time, 2-05 because they just love in San mango.

I wanted on this out, so this made me feel so good. I wanted to see them recreate… One of his paintings in when we can get to a yes a silence in the library. I expected something that had to do with space travel and his space travel, history.

Because in the image, you showed me, I look like it was someone in the library. I’m very literal.

Someone in the library that had a space suit on, so I’m like, “Oh maybe it’s gonna be about the Apollo a follow Mercury missions or something.

So you said 2-5 stars or just in general, right? You didn’t have a separate one for I, I, I didn’t say that, but did you see my phone? You must have seen my phone.

No, I didn’t, ’cause it says 25 right there, so yeah, 25. I have already seen a couple of Doctor Who episodes, the thing that in general, that I just, I don’t, I had a hard time getting into Dr. Who just ’cause I’m like, “What am I dealing with? I don’t know what the hell it is, it can literally be anything, from one show to another. Oh yeah, definitely. There’s obviously lots of London heavy things that happen because that’s the cheapest gas it’s making by the BBC.

I think there was one year in the classic doctor who where the Tardis broke and I really… They just had such a low budget, they could, they had to film everything in England that year.

Well, it’s better than just like just throwing a bunch of sand on the ground and being like Now or in the desert, I rent.

So did you come up with a one-sentence TV Guide summary for either or both?

It is a tree in general. I didn’t feel like with that, I finished my manager, my thought maybe I did so a anyway, I…

I thought in general about Doctor Who is the things that I love and can get into Star Wars has a very particular look.

You know what you’re gonna get when you turn it on, you know what you’re going to get when I turn on a Star Trek, so or a movie, there’s certain things that I already expect and I want to see it’s been around for a long time, and I kind of… There’s a comfort to it, you know what I mean?

What do you say on the discovery after show, the concept of head canon?

Oh right, and there’s things in my head I have that make this Star Wars that make this star Trak, is their head Canon for Dr. Who they can’t really be exactly unless it’s, like, very specific tools that the doctor has and maybe certain rules that the doctor and the companion have but very little else.

So, my era, I am no Dr. Who expert. My nurture tends to focus in a trick. I do love Doctor Who, but I don’t know as much as some people about it. Yeah, so in terms of looks, every doctor has their own specific look like sort of a uniform like right? Matt Smith commented on Bill nice Botti, and like Boise cool the that doctor at a Paris a bot, that’s the one it looks like. He’s 12, with the red edition companion they all have, so he always wears a bot high with that kind of jacket. David tenant. Whereas a long sort of trench coat with like, I see right colors.

Yes, at least in the episode that we saw, there’s one, I wanna say it’s Tom Baker that he had a very colorful start that the older dude, he’s in one of the classic. Okay, the newer one. Start with Christopher “Eccleston he’s the ninth doctor, he only did it for a year or two, I think. But they all have their particular look they… Oh, which makes it very easy to cost play as a specific doctor.

Oh yeah, it’s never, it’s not okay so it’s never unclear which doctor you’re playing true.

They all re-design the Tardis in their own specific way, to… So yes, or the insight, it’s always a political or on that yes, it’s figure on the insight that’s a heathen do make a few minor changes to the outside, but the main difference is the inside and when you have multiple spoiler there are a few episodes that have multiple doctors who meet each other. Oh, crossover episode with itself, I like that.

So whenever the previous doctor walks into the new doctor’s TARDIS yeah, you re-decorated.

I don’t like it in a toad they all have their own sonic screwdriver.

Oh, it looks different. It looks different every time. So I, I don’t know, interesting so as for head Canon, I don’t really know that much about it. I’ve only really watched religiously. David tenants episodes and Matt episodes that’s the 10th and 11th doctors to last one. I like the latest if you will, let me weave my call weave your tail man.

I didn’t watch any of the… Peter co-Polity episodes. That would be the 12th, but then when He regenerated into Jody occur the most recent 13-14, depending on who you ask. I love her, but she’s only been in 10 episodes, so I don’t really have a whole… Here’s a thing, “every person has their doctor.

You can go to Dr. Who fan who’s your doctor, they’ll be able to tell you David, Tennant he was the first one that I watched. I love him, he’s adorable.

Did I mention they all have their own catch phrase as well?

I didn’t know that, no, I was so day tenant, a long… The Alan I was… Got a catch race. That sounds like a word, a meaning of a lane is basically, let’s go.

Is it in some language, that’s a, it’s a much… So David and says, alone, which means Let’s go Matt Smith likes to say that things are cool, Boise cool, these are cool.

But all of the doctors, their unified catch phrase is a run.

It really is a… Yeah, oh and that comes up in the library episode yes, so yeah, run.

I’m really enjoying the new doctor who she has her own look, which I love, she reminds me very much of David tenant, which I love as well. She actually was in a shop, a, I can’t remember the name of the show her and David Tennant acted together in a show.

Oh that’s great, I almost had it but anyway, so I really liking her, I liked a lot of the episodes she did, so I’m looking forward to watching more of her.

Excellent, what is your one sentence TV Guide summary?

It’s not very interesting, the doctor is messing around with history. Again, that doesn’t give us much information does that not really… So like I said, we watched two episodes, Vincent. And the doctor this one is a Matt Smith episode from season five, and it says The Doctor and Amy travel back in time to meet and face an invisible monster that only the painter can see, and then silence in the library says The Doctor and Donna visit an abandoned library. They land in the universe is biggest library is standing building packed with every book, ever written, but it’s early quiet.

Where are all the readers and who has left an enigmatic message using an enigmatic message urging visitors to stay out of the shadows.

How did things… So how did things meet or not meet your expectations? So, we can right now, I’m gonna answer taking these two episodes separately.

So, like I said, I was really concerned either with the Van go episode they’re either gonna punch me in the head or it’s gonna be a great, big hug.

It was a great, big hug. I am so glad I was sure you would like it. But then I was nervous.

They did a really great loving job to people in all aspects of making this show in ocean. Just love then go. The handling was so good, I give it a five, I don’t believe I have given a five year, I don’t think so I… I’m not sure either. One of us has given a five yet. It was, oh it was so, so good, I’m glad. And not just ’cause it was May and emotional and made me… Made me a wreck is maybe a so emotional. I’m not gonna lie to you, this may be, it’s definitely one of my favorite Dr. Who episodes of all time, may be the… But it’s one of the few of any show, that can actually make me cry. I’m not much of a big crier but this one got me all tear it up.

Oh my God, I was so trying not to over.

He can get to that.

We can get to that later.

So the second the episode we watch after that, the library episode silence in the library. Yes, I was absolutely, totally wrong about it, but I still think it was great and it gave it a 4-5.Maybe because I was just, I really rode maybe finally, because I was very moved because, we had watched the van go episode before it.

So as far as the van go episode goes I want… I said I went, I said I wanted to see one recreation of a… And I started counting I got to seven.

Yeah, they had a bunch, the first time I saw this, that scene where he’s gonna describe what, where, and is gonna describe what the monster looks like, and he paints over one of his paintings, to draw. And they’re like, “No don’t I like I had that same reaction like, No, it’s valuable. But to him, it’s nothing he’s made all of these things and nobody likes them and nobody cares.

Well, he, he establishes that he does care a this version of it mango does care about his work. But at the same time, when you’re a creative person, they call it, when it comes down to editing or cutting corners or if you need a new canvas and you’re gonna have one right now, so they call it, I don’t.

The phrase I’ve heard is don’t be afraid to murder your darlings. If it’s… I don’t if you’re precious about everything, then you’re just gonna have a house full of junk don’t be precious be precious about the things that matter not every little scrap. Now, I can understand what ding to keep every scrap of everything that a goes ever done. I get that in his mind. I think in the mind of this version of the go, it’s like, Yeah, this is fine.

I have some specific questions about each episode when we get to that point. So do you have other… Do you have other thoughts about what the silence in the library, how did that meet your expectation or do you have more to say about… That is a lot to say about that. I reject the way the British, they even got the American bases then go they did, and then the Dutch. When a Dutch person says it or when I… Even when an English person at the correct way, it sounds more like Then go like you are sinking a long on a… Yeah, so yeah, there’s like a two or a… Now a two-back wasn’t the to be on or… So, not two lakes volcano. You see his are the clean the… How about old?

So at a total the ing on, and it’s even in his name, right? can then go involved.

Oh my God, what if walk when into van goes body instead of ash Tyler’s? Okay, I need that master somewhere else. We’re not talking about that, right? You can bring that up on the discovery after. So yeah, on the cost of potato network.

So yes, I have lots of thoughts about the go episode, but let’s try to speed through these things.

I don’t need to speak through them. I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say, so I could be wrong, but I think that Vinson dialogue in this show was taken again, lovingly right out of his letters to the really in the things that he says are profound and deep. And I’m like, “I’ve definitely heard this attributed and go before the idea of light and shadow, blah, blah, blah. And I think this way about the night sky, you think it’s black, but it’s really dark blue.

I’ve been to that. I see these are thoughts that He’s actually said to his brother or… It’s interesting, which a lot of artists will say. Yeah, I look at the picture is bad and read or any of the words there is at least one book, you can get maybe more that have the printed letters that between Theo and Vincent about his work and well, by lots of things. But I didn’t even know that existed.

I believe that’s a real thing.

I’m interested to hear what you think about the idea of, as far as a disability portrayal. That there’s an invisible monster that makes him look like he’s insane, but he’s really not, he’s just literally fighting a thing that only he can see.

So I do have a lot to say about that. On one hand, it kind of feeds into this disabled person, as a… Having magical powers where he can see something that no one else can see and only He can defeat it because he’s the person who can see it.

But on the other hand, in the way that I also live in some… And go, so the way that I choose to portray it or the way I choose to read it is that van was known for having mental illness like you said it might have been due to the lead or the paint and it’s like he’s struggling with this invisible Monster to me, his depression and mental illness is the invisible monster he is trying to find he’s trying to get rid of it, but I, I was very… Not a literal right, but no one else can see it. And they all make fun of him for a reacting in these ways to things they can’t see.

And then the monster itself is blind. And what does that say about it? It’s kind of sick and old.

Yeah, it had been abandoned by its other its date, because it was in it couldn’t go on hunting it was supposed to. So you have kind of a disabled man interacting with disabled monster and the doctor somehow helping them both to realize that neither one of them is the enemy, the way that the doctor is able to help. Vincent is with that funny little mirror. Because until then I, I nearly I thought I… You know, I can see why can’t anyone see anything else to have? The doctor confirms, yes. You really are seeing this thing and we’ll take care of it is basically to me, like a doctor in these, in these modern times, I-E in being like, Okay, we know you have depression now what can we do to help you with that? So yeah, I’m sure some people perceive it as magical, disabled person, but to me, I like to read it more as a treatment of disability and helping someone without magically curing mango.

’cause they do ultimately they don’t, right?

He still has those demons, and those metal ones, problems. But the doctor was saying, they were able to add on to his happy pile of thoughts and takes him away from his bad pile of thoughts, which is a really interesting way to look at mental illness and depression and anxiety and that sort of thing.

Yeah, I don’t, I think it was an interesting way of looking at Van GOs life in particular, and saying, “Yeah I think we had the doctor was saying, “Oh we’ve added to his good pile.

But it’s not like when you’re depressed, it’s not like depression is just about if only you could get happy enough, right? Yeah, then everything would be okay ’cause that’s not how that works, right, but yeah, I like the invisible monster is an allegory for depression though that is good.

I also thought it was it was probably also good for the budget because in a visible you know what I’m saying, or… Oh, that was a very aggressive, aggressive as far as when they do flesh that thing out. That is a couple of bucks, right?

So I, I mean also, for the suspense and the building of only Benson can see this monster right, but also you don’t have to because it was very… Obviously, CGI from 2008. you don’t have to spend all that money to make the monster visible in every shot.

And there’s something frankly a little bit scary or about you just see things done an alley-way falling over, and what not, and this thing is coming after you and you know it’s coming after you, it’s scary, or sometimes to not see it like What could this pose you possibly be this coming right towards the like a job as a lot like job, where we have 45 minutes before we actually see in the shark something like that in the movie. Nobody believed me, but it’s only 52 minutes on.

I was waiting. It’s not really a…

I was waiting for an objects in mirror, maybe closer than they appear. joke with the doctors that I hear.

I never came.

Oh, I do have a question about… Because since I am new or who that thing that he was kind of talking to himself and sort of battling and not really seeming super coherent iterate doctor when he was looking for that device that allowed him to see behind him.

Do they do a or was that made specifically for that episode? Or does the to the doctor just have all of this equipment that you may only see one?

Yes, I guess that’s the second part, I guess that’s the same.

He is there are rooms and rooms and the TARDIS.

Really, it’s not just a, it’s bigger than you, it’s not just… Yes, that one big circular area.

I think one doctor had a swimming pool.

They are like bunks and places where people sleep, and stuff.

Why would you do anything? But why would you do anything besides always try to get back to the Tardis to be safe, I don’t understand that I can. You have adventures, if you don’t leave the TARDIS. So yes, it’s entirely possible that he just had that mirror somewhere in the Tardis air quotes that was specifically used for this episode. But that’s how they sort of explain it away. The doctor has everything you know, right? L Inspector Gadget, if you’re a fan of that created to Inspector Gadget edited it a.

I sometimes, I can’t remember if he said something specifically this time, but it’s sometimes funny when he’s like, “Oh yeah, I got this from a Queen Elizabeth back in the 1600s or whatever. You know, I always like that kind of stuff. I have, I have a couple of questions for you, okay?

What did you think of the actor who played Vincent mango both in appearance and mannerisms from what you know from those letters?

Or you could even say it from that show where they actually go into a museum and they show a close-up of Vincent Van OS painted eyes, and they have the action and you can… A B, it it’s great, so good.

And when he puts on the hat oh my God, it’s like we both left when you put on that hat.

That was one of my laughing through the tears.

Oh, that was one of the seven, one of the seven recreations of paintings and the show.

So I had a counter.

Do you know which even… Do you know their names or could you describe them?

I can describe them, I don’t know.

So real quick, it’s obvious. The first one is obviously the first one is The Last Painting ever painted which is an EP field, the dark guy, there’s birds in the sky in a Antoinette. Second one, then the case.

Oh, you say at night with a lit up with the yellowish orange like the bedroom vintages bedroom with the red with the way a red bed spread, and the Lewis green walls and the wood sunflowers, obviously in time go south or shirt with that silly hat starting night. And there’s another one with field. So, where I’m like, “Oh hey, there’s one moment near the end where they show this field with different buildings and what not. I’m looking at, I’m like, “Oh this is definitely a van. Go pain. I’m not sure exactly which one, but I…

I was gonna ask you something specifically about… Well, another one of my questions, while I think of that I could man go really hear colors, ’cause I hear that some here, but I hear that something that some artists can actually do is like you hear colors, or you taste color that’s something that really does happen. Kind of like perfect pitch, where you hear a tone, and you can tell it’s like a C or a C sharp or B-flat? Or whatever.

I think it’s a little different with sometimes people a visual artist will attribute certain sounds, or taste to a color or a visual but I don’t think it’s a one-to-one, I don’t think it’s as scientific as perfect pitch.

I think it’s about a feeling that someone gets a title.

This is a little silly but I remember being a child and when I was learning the alphabet, I thought about when I am having to memorize stuff and look at, there were all of these… The letters in the middle that are like eyes and L and K and M and ends at a T, there’s lots of letters in a road that had lines great minds in them, and I thought, “Oh this is like this is like a forest without trees, and then there are… There are lots of letters like GEs that are circular and the seas, and Bs and As lowercase a, and open case B in lower case b these are Rounder, so these are rolling hills is what I thought I would think about when I would try to think about going from A to Z in closing my eyes trying to think about it now, I would think about those as a landscape. So there’d be the ones in the middle. There are certain letters that I think of as being desert and hot and Han is a T. Anyway.

And on the letters in the beginning I think of as being sort of lush and maybe jungle and you know I do, but I think it’s a personal, I’m saying all that to say that I think it’s a personal expression as opposed to a universal… Oh, I know exactly what you mean.

I see you can relate to Van go and he puts a halos around stars in starting a night.

You can relate to that.

We don’t immediately look up at a star, and go. I’m seeing starring night.

Yeah, that’s true, so to me… Oh, I remember what I was gonna ask you now, okay, did you appreciate the… Obviously scenes that resembled his paintings like the cafe and the bedroom? Oh, it’s what I wanted, that’s what I wanted, I loved it also they love some of that work with… There were some pretty dramatic lighting, and shadows. Is that something that’s representative of man’s work? Were they putting in that lighting because it was mango or was it just part of the doctor who episode you see what I’m saying?

Yeah, I think it’s “Vang was very specific in the colors used to even go is all about color, and line quality and then shape which we were going down.

We’re going down a in Art History Robinhood that we’re already… Not that we’re not already at the bottom of one we sort of are but yeah, I think that Van goes colors, the colors and the paintings are are pretty bright and vibrant and they’re very specific, you can’t the line quality is something that you can’t really… You can’t really portray in the live action.

I don’t really think it’s exactly, exactly possible. They did to a certain extent when the three of them when Amy the doctor, and on were all staring up at the sky and they’re holding hands, and they were experiencing and then they’re trying on to cry right now. But yeah, they were experiencing the skies that was the closest to the line quality, that Van go was able to capture because they literally drew lines at the… So I do… That’s the only way to really capture that, which they still did an excellent job of, I think.

So are you ready to talk about the end?

So, I-E… No, ’cause I don’t wanna cry again but can I just say up front, right here, that almost everything the dose said about a van go was just right on, it really was, it was Bill night delivered it perfectly. He’s like The in Rapture… An person who wanted other people to experience his experience of mango.

Right, so yeah, I’m sorry, please continue. No, no, I totally agree, but in a way it wasn’t even like he wasn’t, he was almost more of like he wasn’t just like Van, go fan-boy and super excited to talk about the thing that he loves, and why he loved it right, he was just like, Oh, overall, the doctor’s question is, overall, where does Van go fit in everything?

Yeah, in our history came before I came after and so it was a well-measured like no, I’m saying all these great things about him. But it is within the context of all of our history. Yeah, so I, I… That’s amazing also.

Anyway, go ahead.

No, I was asking what you what you thought at the end. The end is very much a tear or group.

Well, I was crime for the very, very end. So the end is that, it didn’t matter ultimately he still killed himself months later.

Sorry I meant the As in the end to me, starts where they take Vincent to the future and he sees him so that the whole museum to me at the end, so I…

Oh, when they take him there, and Amy very purposely puts him where he can hear the dose talking about Ivan and then he just starts crying, and realizing all of these people standing here. There were school children, there was someone there with the little translator thing that will tell you about the art work, and all of these people all there to see his work and he uses pretty much breaks down with his eyes all red and tears streaming down his face. And it’s just, it’s so powerful.

Like, first of all, that this is not something the doctor typically does is take historic figures into the future that is not something I see one to show anyone in that particular time period, the inside of the hardest at all right, right, reveal who he is. Seems to be a bit too to up to be a is, but I think, I think the doctor knew that it wasn’t going to change.

He said that, he said he didn’t think it would make any more paintings that he wouldn’t prolong his life that right now because he also realizes that mental illness is bigger than just one event. The one thing that they can change, but also as we learn in other doctor who episodes. There are some fixed points in time that can’t be changed, so maybe an OS death is or is not. We don’t really find out if it’s one of those fixed points in time that has to occur, but I think the doctor knows, even in helping him that things are still gonna turn out the same so why not show him? Look, this is what your work is gonna become. It does matter even though you’re still gonna feel hopeless, and commit suicide in a couple of months anyway, right? Part of me would like to see, and this might only be me, but I would love for Vincent to be sent through the rest of our history that happens after his death in 1890.Let’s show them a 100 years is so me years of art, an art museum and see any things about it.

True ’cause it might be like, “Oh yeah, here, this is where it was going. Or does he go?

What is…

I was kind of hoping when they were taking him through the museum he’d be, “I don’t know any contemporaries, of Banco but he would be a…

Oh, my friend-in-law painted that or whatever. You know, it’s probably not contemporaries but I think you get my drift.

The ever in who would be saving is considered a post. impressionist and renal was an impressionist. So yeah, it would be a life. So they didn’t run in the same circles.

It’s not clear, it’s not clear to me. Like who knew who?

But some of the same people come out of various schools. Right, right, yeah. He would definitely be like, If you brought him into a room, with nothing but money he’d be like, “Oh Okay, see where I am.

Oh, okay, so I attend hates a… So, and we were going to talk about silence in the library.

The doctor who happened to… Yes, however, a computer decided to not cooperate. And here we are, so we’re just gonna give our audience.

Let me just say right here, that I believe it was a Benton van goes ghost who caused this to happen, ’cause why would he wanna share this by life?

True, that’s a good point, yeah.

So the only thing I wanted to mention about silence in the library is that it’s the introduction of one Miss River Song who is kind of important in future episodes?

It’s a really great episode, by the way, of A… And if I may quickly say I, I’m glad you liked it. Is to partner. So maybe we should watch the second part. Oh yeah, the possibilities in it. Or just really amazing the idea of this library world. But I’m… Maybe saying Too many words that we can call it quits.

Okay, so as a… So you can find us a bunch of places now iTunes Stitcher, breaker were also in a cosmic potato Podcast Network at SC potato dot com. You can find a lot of other great shows there, like Captain “GameShow cosmic potato the Super Fan talk podcast world, or trial by pilot and a few others. As for us, just go to weight. You’ve never seen dot com to find links social media and contact information, we use some feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows. We should watch that a show for today. Next time we’ll be watching Band of Brothers. Thanks for listening.


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