Ep. 39 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Game of Thrones? (Wrap-up)

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Game of Thrones (2011-2019, TV-MA).


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This is a shame in a timesharing and this is the way you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies into me, shows that one of us has never seen.

And today, we’re doing something a little bit different or doing a wrap-up. A Game of Thrones. So just a reminder, this show is basically needs one big gigantic trigger warning for everything ever so be prepared for lots of violence. torture in A… So all the biggest… So how would you like to begin? Would you like to discuss different families, or would you like to discuss big events throughout the series?

I like big events.

That’s that there, yes. There will be spoilers in this episode. So if you haven’t watched the entirety of it, maybe do that before. Listen, I always let the very last episode of Game of Thrones is the most watched episode and not only Game of Thrones history, but hbo’s history. So that means that there is lots of spoilers. The people’s oils for themselves already, so I feel like solar warnings.

You brought this upon yourself. That’s true, that’s true. So first, I forgot put this on the list, but I just remember, yeah, what were your thoughts on NES death at the end of season one, okay, I cried, I straight up cry because you thought he was gonna be like your anchor are out the series. I thought he was going to be the Tony Soprano of game of throw although Tony Soprano was like… Not a good guy, I just thought he was going to be like you said, the anchor.

So even when the guy is pulling on his life-Hood, I’m like, Okay, I’m good. A little nervous, but they’re not gonna do this right, you gonna rest in that stack.

And then they did and then they did.

So a lot…

I’m like, “Oh okay, so this show is all about, we’re gonna pay you, we’re gonna make you fall in love or fall in hate. There are some characters, and we’ll get to it where I’m just like, The second I meet them. I’m like denarius brother, the SAN Paris. As soon as I saw some. I’m like, “I can’t wait until he dies. Herald. I think you mentioned that in our first… And I first gave it to a… On A… You can’t wait for the stars to die to everything in me. Not to be like just you at so much so much ’cause when that happened, that was horrifying. Also not possible because of wood fire does not get to the degree that it needs to get to just go with it gold.

This is the land of dragons.

Anything is possible, thank you for him. I know me world of a chat.

So yeah, when the saris is terribly by getting old and gold board over his head because he wanted, he was spunky. Getting the crown that he always wanted. Yes, that was so great. And it was one of those things where it’s horrible and that’s a terrible way to die but it’s like you’ve made someone so despicable. That I don’t care about it.

And was I correct in saying in our last episode, that just when you think you can’t hate someone more than a particular case or a the… And you hate someone, more, see also Ramey Bolton “Tanis brain, that’s the one who’s a little girl, he burned his child. Okay, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves and please, that anyway, I, I just wanna say real quick, about the… SARA is death. This is the first proof for me that generis, is more than moralis.

She does not show any remorse. Right at the time, a later over his death, like, Oh you thought you had Dragon blood like me, and you don’t… Well, I guess you’re dead now. Yeah, you shouldn’t have burned if you were a real dragon.

And then she ran around with her own fresh gold crown on a… That is a You see what happens, that didn’t happen. That’d be funny, though. No, I love it, so I get… You shouldn’t make the day, but anyway, I E-later boil or let… She becomes… You know like they give you a hands.

I was still rooting for dinners, the whole time. ’cause you free the slaves you do all these good moves, but all along the line, you’re gonna crucify people, “You’re gonna do weird things like not necessarily your hero.

Yeah, I was a little confused why everyone loved it even from the beginning, and I know people are like… Well, I knew she was bad from the start. No really… Like I always had doubts about her, but everyone loved her so much. I’m like Okay, it’s probably just I’m not seeing something wonderful about her, but it’s really like, okay, you free the slaves and then you leave. How are you going to enforce this? “No more slaves” proclamation. If you don’t stay there, to freakin’ enforce it, that’s totally 100% behind freeing the slaves, but it’s very privileged. Well meaning white lady to just think that will be the end of it, I listen to you is because you told them no more slaves to like a… Then you take the coil, the crucifixion and stuff like it, right?

And like her dragons, just randomly burn that small kit, of course, Dragons are gonna drag in, but she’s the mother of dragons, so she should keep them in line. I’m just saying, yeah, if she has, if she really does have this connection with the Dragons, especially drug on who she rides where she can somehow tell it what to do in a military way, like, Okay you gotta swoop low, we don’t get hit with arrows. And what not, you would think she would also say like, “By the way, no babies, children, women, only someone with a spear right? I guess a baby could have a spear that would be difficult to…

I’m not sure I saw one of those through the entirety of this series. Well, there’s a lot in… A lot of… It was half in the dark. So how do you know if there wasn’t babies with spirits?

So I have a lot more events then we can probably talk to it. Yeah, so I’ll just read it if you wanna talk about it, stop me.

Oh, and if you don’t wanna talk about it, just be like Next okay, good, okay. So the Battle of Blackwater Bay with the wild fire in season two, it was at the last time that the last time the Tyrion is really as smart as they’ll ever get probably a Eaton hill from there. ’cause I was amazing with what do they call it, the wild fire the wildfire fire the green explosion that was amazing, that was great. A visually it was amazing and also it just seemed like, “Oh no, no they’re all, they’re all screwed they’re gonna get taken over, but I yeah, but then he didn’t I don’t… Well, I didn’t realize. Did you realize that Daddy, daddy, Lannister would be heading of the rear like… Oh, I had forgotten about that, yeah.

What is a twin twin talents go…

Yeah, everything, sign now.

Now, it’s still unclear to me. So sure, was sitting on the iron throne with a younger Tom on in A… And that points One, that it shares a higher other in The here, you know, the amount for sleeping and you the one that was important because, I knew there’s a time where you just get past you pass out for a little while and then there’s the amount where it kills you, right?

Did he intend on killing Tom in or having them both go to sleep? Why is it that she was sitting on the throne with those two things with her, I think she was that if Stan is had walked into that room, instead of Taiwan that she was prepared to kill both of them.

The Crothers and Tom, and that’s what I think I’m sure a lot of people disagree.

Yeah, it was her sound clear. I’m really not sure, because she later said something like, “Oh I would never hurt my child. But then again, you can’t… That’s the thing that’s really messed up. You can’t trust anything she says, right? Yeah, I, okay, how about season three, the red, wedding, I believe you “serrations Le recorded and we’re not so serious. You could add something like that. And I just, I saw a perfecting me and I’m like It’s… So this show is so confusing that I’m like, “Oh I understand why this is important. That was a… That I had. And when it’s on, the herein may… Oh, and I know I didn’t really even know the phrase red wedding. So when I saw everyone was at a wedding, it didn’t occur to me like, Okay, this is the 911 of You know, “this season, the no horrible is gonna happen right to the later name.

I did remark, and you get gold, too much about my ramir.

I was just like, “This is a wedding, but this is the most drab wedding I-E, is in a… Because they really liked the under-play at a…

I’ve been in doors, and the draft on what Castle are.

It was at the twins Walter phrase establishment, but they start… I had wondered if you were gonna ask what the winds of Casimir was because at the beginning of when stuff was about to go down, it said, the musicians, the captions that winds of “casteln which is the Lannister song, which… Why would you be playing a Lannister song at a free Stark engagement right at a ’cause the phrase in the star as it that up to that point, were allies. Right, right, got it.

So now, do you remember when we were talking? And I said There is a character that was in the book that they hadn’t yet introduced in the show, and I wondered if they were going to bring it in as some sort of like, “what the F…

Yeah, I ate yes.

Okay, so there is a… Don’t look over here. There is a character called Lady Stone heart, okay, she is a fictional character in the A Song of Ice and Fire” series of fantasy novels I have heard of those, she is a revived Lady Catalan Stark possessing one of the empathetic or forgiving qualities Catalina in her first life because Collins Throat had been brutally slit when she was murdered, lady stone heart can barely speak, she is merciless in her quest for revenge slaughtering anybody who has any association with those who were responsible for the red wedding, in which she and her son Rob were betrayed and murder.

What I… That’s pretty cool. So I wondered if she was going to make some sort of appearance at some point, but that late in the series, it didn’t seem likely, but I thought that would truly be like a… What the f kind of moment now the… I don’t know how they, I don’t know how they would do this, but it would be interesting if in the crypt with the super safe Crip oh my God, in the new night at Windsor a where the dad can live.

Yeah, and then the CRP started coming up, coming over and all these dead people, luckily, we don’t see a beheaded and I… That going after people, we just see what seems like a very varied that old, old, old starts, we don’t see, but that would be a way to work that in he… Is it then tally?

But it sounds like this is more… What is the creature or a person is it like a magical… It’s sort of animated kind of like a… No-Uncle Ben and…

Yeah, oh yeah, there he has, yeah, or like da. When he was half stone person, you know, right? So sort of like she’s half dead but still it’s a really yes, magic, but it seems like I would rather have Uncle Benson dies because it seemed to give him, he was more like Blade where he’s half blade was half an on, a human, and he had all the benefits of a human, and then all the benefits of the time. That’s the way you wanna do it. If you’re gonna be a human half vampire yes.

Okay, did you know that Joe’s wedding is often referred to as a… Partly the intent, I do they call that on the show, they do not, they do call it. The red wedding is referred to in the show. But I don’t, I think the purple wedding is like a fan-created thing, so I… Because he turns purple with legumes. But yeah, I was so happy to see or die because he’s a terrible human being who likes to torture people and he’s terrible.

Okay, I’m gonna give you three names.

I never want you to rate them as most horse okay.

I feel like I already know what you’re gonna say, but let’s see. Okay, so we have the SARA okay, that’s generis, is a brother, right? Yes, the stars.

You know that a Mary kills this is just kill, kill, kill, but is it order… Oh, so you have the Sarah, you have a, a Bolton Ramsay Remy but he Rams now.

Yeah, or so free or… Okay, Ramsey’s on the top of the list, you get got to go for a more… Yes, look in job retention, and the area.

Okay, because I… You have a very… You’re a very decisive answer and I like that. Yes, rams. We will get to the Glee felt at Ramsey’s death later in this episode that got doggie.

But this is also… I wondered if you would have any questions about, or any theories about who you have thought… Had done it? Because in the books it was clear who had poisoned or they did this whole build-up of…

Oh, the one at the older woman to put… Yeah, Lady O, Lina. But the poison was in San as Nelson came up. And like… Or maybe also, or her… So this is a nice… The noise is a… But we don’t learn that until later. When lady Olin is like, tell Siri want her to know it was me with her little Alright, boys, in drinking the wine with her little hood on and everything.

So, I definitely didn’t think it was a trial because “tyrian wasn’t so didn’t make the bad choices that he later with one.

Yeah, I either so obvious right as to do that. So I didn’t, I didn’t think that would happen I honestly just thought it would be a… Obviously, I just thought it would be a random person, even the part of the rabble, the FBI in just like someone in the kingdom who is just like, “You know what… I’m gonna get a job, an Ringling S-landing the big dig all these people in and… Oh, this is the wine drip, drip, drip here’s your poison. ’cause I just… One of my cousins used to be a prostitute and heard what he did to those ladies.

Right, so I… No, I… And why wouldn’t dare have a taste or by the way, why wouldn’t? It seemed like all of the royalty did not have tasters which in my understanding which is not great, but it seemed like every monarch would have a taser to avoid this sort of poisoning aspect.

Well, that is an invention. They didn’t have it right, I don’t think they had, they had a printing press yet could defend the Word we didn’t have, we didn’t have guns. Yeah, I didn’t have a taste or got it.

Okay, so do you wanna talk about the Wings versus the night watch in season four, which is When acre gets killed by Ali, shot in the back with an arrow.

That was very sad, it was sad. Do you wanna talk about… In season five, diners guards and the Dragons versus sons of the heart beat.

Now, that was a cool… The cool moment for me was out at the very end when dinner is figures out like, “Okay Joe, go wants in a rider ’cause that’s the first time I believe she rides DRO, on, I think. So, to escape that amphitheater. Not empathy at a real Colosseum.

Why wouldn’t you have led at least? Mandy get on the dragon with her, I would you have on a dragon if I’m about to get killed by the sons of the heartbeat. Yeah, I’m gonna take my chances on the dragon.

I understand it, still don’t know how they got out of there where they escorted how did that happen? Oh, it seemed like she had the goal. The target was generic. So, generic leaves and suddenly they don’t have right, they don’t have the will to go on, and just kill all of the people close to her.

Use the dragons, like roast. A few of them were all the dragon. The Olin that I can’t remember, I think broke on might have no maybe one of her on doing that thing where he’s like, just… I’m doing my freelancing in a back hanging through Western and my bros are like chained up on for Canada, like I didn’t like The Dragons chained up, I don’t care that they were CGI I still didn’t like it.

Yeah, so I was tuning up.

How about the ‘battle of hard home? You know what the most terrifying thing if that was every part of it, when the night came, just slowly raises his arms and everybody, I just simultaneously got up and looked ready to fight again. How terrifying is that? There was that one female wilding fighting and she was so berates. I’m just like a cool… We have another awesome warrior. I don’t know if you remember her, but she is just what he was the one with the kids, and then she lost it when she saw that her kids had blue eyes, and she was just… So I was just like to stand out a whole bunch of fighters. You have to really… You have to really try, you know what I mean is so hard home hard home.

Yeah, that’s absolutely terrifying. Whenever you go into battle. Any kind of military? I’ve watched military documentaries and what not, and it seems to be all about numbers, like there’s many different way, reasons the battles get one and lost.

Sometimes technology if you have a certain kind of technology, but mostly it’s about numbers, if you have the numbers, you win. DD was successful partly because we just had what was in a million, so when the allies landed on the beaches, they just, they had the numbers to overwhelm the Germans. Yeah, there were lots of obviously lots of deaths on both sides, but if you have the numbers, you can win, so I… So when you’re dealing with a foe who can raise their own troops and the troops that you… Is it died on your side. How are you? Mental and staple absolutely unsolvable. Unless you have a car.

We’re gonna get to that. A in goodness, Okay, John’s death. Were you expecting John’s death?

I honestly just felt like that was one of those things where this is, this is some sort of red herring.

Someone’s gonna wake up from a dream. I really didn’t buy in. She didn’t buy it.

See, I had wondered because if I’m remembering correctly, the of the books is the part where they kill him. I did not know from reading the books, whether he survived or not, I guess based on the internet and the memes that had gone around since I didn’t watch between Season 6 and Season 7.Yeah, so I was curious how they were going to bring him back, which do you wanna talk about him coming back first or do you wanna talk about the walk of shame or The Walk of atonement? First series, walk of atonement.

Let’s go with what you want.

Okay, so series walk of atonement, yes, she had been held in the set for a long time. Is up, the Baylor.

Yes, for a long time because she is a terrible person we had, she was even though she never confessed to it, she was incestuous, with her brother… She had had a fair she’s basically a terrible person, but if she topped off all of her hair and walked naked through the streets, she could leave, she was so to go to trial, but she could leave and go home. And I don’t wanna do something real quick.

Change the tattoo, and you know how much I hate cars with the fire of a thousand sons. That was the one time I felt slightly sorry, for her.

Isn’t that interesting that the show can do this for you? I don’t know if I…

Oh, well, we haven’t like when Jamie this reminds me of like when Jamie pushes brand out of the window in the first episode, and I’m just like, “This guy needs to die in a… He’s on my list of Here is who needs to die? Definitely like areas list, but your list service.

He intended Mountain Service to same, the mountain.

I like it. Did he keep her eating it because she was afraid she forget?

Because that’s not our vendors. You could just remember, you don’t have to put an alert on your phone.

The other mountain.

Maybe she liked obsessing about it.

I mean, she does go on to be an assassin that’s true.

But when I had this very definite feeling that I wanted to Jamie a die but then when he and Brian get captured by the brigands Oh right, I… Who do they get captured by?

That was so long ago.

So they turn out, and I’m not sure who it is. I think they’re Stark their Stark men and he gets his hand cut off, just like I want him, I still want him to die, but I want him to be able to take revenge on the people who did that and then… Yeah, and then he can get killed, right?

You want him to get his justice before people get their justice, on him?

Well, yeah, yeah, it’s actually a… So John’s resurrection courtesy of Melissa DRA, the oldest woman who’s ever lived, apparently I guess so I… First of all, yeah, John is dead. They don’t burn his body, is… So is it the tar-Aryan blood? We don’t know about FIRST, that if we tried to burn him he wouldn’t burn he does get burned by a lantern in the first or second season I see, so it has been established that he can be burnt, so why doesn’t he turn into a M… Be? It seems like if you don’t burn the bodies, they just the ten can do as little arcade or business and you just… But that’s just it, right?

Yeah, you have to… That’s why The Magnificent 7 I know is more than seven. Went out to that weird little island where they need it to capture an army of the dead soldier and bring them back to SART to say like, “Look look out, look how after the Salis I think you have to be within the Wi-Fi radios.

I see of the night King to… I was like, “Oh I got two bars. I’m gonna raise up from the dead, by… Yeah, but no, I can’t attack you or run because I’m only got two bus right? I see, I… So I feel like the night King didn’t like… And also you have to raise your hands up in kind of a strange Jesus Savior sort of way which is appropriate, since he’s raising the dead which is just… That’s so creepy! Teen Jesus comes back from the Christian mythology, is when Jesus comes back from the time the second coming of Christ, is supposed to be like He’s gonna come, he’s gonna raise the dead. Are you saying Jesus is the Nine a little bit, and… But kind of like the day the tinting on, I like it.

Maybe we should call this episode. Jesus is the day, King.

Well, so lots of complaints at least, right?

Okay, let’s talk about Battle of the bastards and Ramsey’s glorious, glorious death, and by glorious, I mean, I glory in it, not him now, I was afraid that I was afraid that he had Jones involved in a battle.

He makes a critical mistake he does like everybody. Let’s follow the plan and he’s the first one to not follow the plan. What are you doing do Rick on is dead, that is a dead person, don’t even you try to save him and you are risking your life and the lives of everybody else behind you. Thank you, because they have to charge when maybe… Okay, we can shoot a few more arrows into the front lines presumably.

Oh, I Athanasius ill-conceived and it looked like… See, at this point, we’re off the books. There’s no more books, so nobody knows what’s gonna happen, right, like a… It got up to the point where the Bolton had surrounded the starts and I, I like all of a sudden, done Ramsey was gonna win.

They weren’t even, they weren’t even doing the thing where they go. Okay, you’re surrounded. And we all give up.

They weren’t even doing that, they’re just like we are going to suffocate you in the mud.

Yes, and then I… So we do it on a…

Here comes the nights of the Year in because of that falcon because of the Falcon, the Falcon the Robin the guy who got breast, that until he was at the… Yeah, which evidently helps, I guess the area now, but our training man, I think but I… Yeah, a little finger and Sons, a… Well, so I was sort of involved. But little finger, I convinced Rob at the Aria right to send the troops, like, Okay, we can send the troops over. So I sent him a message saying We need more troops. John didn’t wanna do that. Wait, I don’t know it’s been a while since we watch that episode. Sons and little finger or both, they’re like… Yeah, this is kind of like a deal.

Yeah, kind of our deal.

Yeah, you don’t remember that moment where Little Finger shows up. And Robin’s really interest he’s really fascinated by falcons and little finger has a Falcon. Oh, I didn’t remember that. And the robins little minions were like, “Well sire or whatever. They can have the Cal Grace do a great a.

You can do this, you can do that, but blah, blah, blah. And he’s just kinda checking out the Falcon like, let’s go with the guy game on the code gift.

Enjoyed Ramsey’s death so much I enjoyed that. Sansa essentially got to kill him that she lifts the levers on the cages of the dogs I believe. So, if not, that’s how I’m choosing to remember it.

Yeah, I’m picturing it that way too. The A-a chunk and you see your hand go up maybe

So the great thing about it was that, and this is not great but that he had starved his dogs for a few days, so that they would be Farish to just like the house, the vow, any prisoner that was put within their perimeter. So, Ramsey things he’s gonna be okay, he’s their master, so he can tell them No, and they’ll listen to the dogs on a content Meadows.

I don’t think that’s what he sounded like he was a he. And so, a says something like… Well, you said yourself, you hadn’t feed these dogs and days. Do you think your orders will override their hunger or something like that? And then as she just walks away, you hear him screaming and then she smiles and I’m like…

Yeah, I think I actually cheered at the TV because I wanted him to die. So much more than sure.

Can I just remind everyone that he was admissions rates at this point?

Yes, I aesthetic absolutely deserving of every horrible thing that happened to a tortured on to a…

Yeah, I and like… Well, no, that was “joffre that shot the prostitute and King’s landing. I don’t think grams ever went to King’s landing, but he hunted down people literally in the forest.

Yeah, he’s a terrible person, who deserved to die in exactly the way that he died.

Yeah, so let’s talk about the end of Season 6 where sure blows up the dam set and Tom and walks out a window. Let’s talk about that it… The tree and a killing everyone in the screech is a new level of terrible becomes Queen, and seems to show correct me if I’m wrong, it seems to show no remorse. That the Titans dead yeah, she shows no remorse over the death of water at this point. has three children or dead Marcela poisoned by the women of dorm what and Tommaso? A window after. I’m still wondering if he thinks sordid in that as well that… And that’s why he ultimately walked out the window because he had lost Marjorie and SRC, not knowing that Percy herself had stayed behind and King’s landing. What do you think?

I think Marty would be enough of a reason to kill himself and also wasn’t the mountain posted a door. Yes, to keep them from going. Yeah, the mountain and sure Tom and nose, they are inseparable true okay, so at the mountain is guarding me.

He would have to do some mental acrobatics in his head right like somehow the mountains in charge of the fact that this was going on I… You know what, in a way I just like at face value, ’cause it face value, I like it. I almost like nothing was explained no one when I don’t think the mountain could do this at that point to actually speak.

Can’t remember if you turn into a zombie at that point or not.

I think by that point, yes, because by that point Marcella had been poisoned and the reason she poisoned her was because her lover had been defeated by the mountain and killed, but the mountain had also been injured at that time and had to… So, I ran an signed a year in master I burnt Tyrone with a cute… Yeah, as I later found out, so… So anyway I… What I’m saying is, I like it face value. Just like there was the… There’s a quietness that happens right before he decides to kill himself and I, I like the idea that he thinks everything is fine, in his life except like the… The threat now is now is now gone sources fine, but his wife just died and then he just there’s that quietness where he just decides he can’t go on and quietly takes off his throughout his throne, he quit hangs out of this ground and then just steps steps out the window, and just jumps.

And so I think that, sure didn’t take that into consideration when she made this plan, she thought even if Marjorie died, she sure would be enough of a support system to Tom, and that he would just come to heal and do whatever she wanted him to do so. Once he dies, I think she’s just so she doesn’t have that anchor of her children to really keep her in some form of rational existence. So now it’s like, all bets are off, people are gonna die, not take no prisoners. This is gonna be really brutal which I find interesting. So, sorry, I… That is so people… Everybody including myself, were like, “I can’t believe diners just torch King’s landing. Meanwhile, when sure up the steps that had a blast radius to and affect a large chunk of King’s landing. But nobody really… I don’t think people make that comparison which to me, I don’t know, I guess series bad enough, you don’t really have to single out that one aspect.

Yeah, there was definitely concentrate. She’s a terrorist. By the way, can we say that?

Yeah, a series a terrorist there’s probably the most amount of people would wanna be there. Just Loki, LOS and what not, people who weren’t even the Queen’s gonna be on trial who it doesn’t want to show up, but I show up for that. Yeah, and… Yeah, so I’m sure that must have had a devastating effect on the… And certainly the roles of the people who had like… I’d be like blowing up a joint session of Congress or something. I not just… The amount of people is terrible, but it’s all people in power.

Yeah, so what does that do to the the town that’s just… So sources, like the aliens and Mars attacks.

I, I, in a… Okay, how about the frozen lake, battle?

The one I love this, at the site at… Can you describe it a… So John and tournaments, and he… So at A or A the mount to the mountain, the house, a barn on Darian, the one guy who got erection. Yeah, nine times, something like that. I attestation a mission at…

I read, sorry, there’s more, but yeah, they’re on a mission to capture a white, so that they can take it to King’s landing. Well first, take it to diners, and then take it to King’s landing to be like, “Hey ladies, “love you, love your work. We have this really big problem in the north and it’s just getting worse. Come help us first, and then we’ll help you with you with your war. We just need to defeat the larger threat here, right?

It’d be like taking a sample of the water in Flint, Michigan, yes.

Like, look how terrible this is a first-hand. You need to see this right now that it is. And they don’t have clean water, anyway, that’s maybe a bad example.

I am just saying like I-E-governments really not.

We still do not. Well, the government did a series, and I just said like, Well let see if this gets… Is that enough to affect us?

Well, maybe a castle will come crumbling down on the government to… So I can I just say right here that I love this episode because we learn about all of these people almost with almost to a person, we learn about all of them separate including denarius.

He later spoiler saves the day. We learned about all of them kind of in a separate way. Joris this like amazing warrior. And then John is this to… So a guy who does good stuff, they just gather together like the Magnificent Seven, they gathered again, all these like amazing warriors to band together. There’s probably no other reason they would all be together in second place. The hound with Prof he might be the most Nest new elastic nihilistic.

We ensure realistic nihilistic of the group where he just, he just doesn’t, he just doesn’t care, he just don’t care.

I really enjoyed it as well. It was terrifying because again you have no idea what all of those main characters could die right now, we don’t know because this show likes to fuck with us. So, diners comes in with two of her dragons. Right, ’cause, one, three, eight.

Oh, right, yeah, all three of them, yeah.

And the night King, or one of the white walkers? Throw an ice spear because the night in at the…

I reside at… And the area, the area and I… So, I am interested.

And he crashes into the frozen lake, and is very sad now, that’s that thankfully diners, is able to save the day and I’m rescuing the war all. But you, “tiangon in a board on which by the way, if you Denis really, you have to be a again, to write a drag and it seems… But if you were a Targaryen you can still be like, the public bus and non-tigers can get on the bus.

So John later gets rescued by Uncle Ben in which is how we learn. He is like half a white but a human right

But here’s the thing that we talked about, that bothered us is the drama out of the frozen lake, with change.

I have a chain somehow, as in A… That the whites can’t go under water, which is why, being on an island is supposedly safe.

So how did they get the dragon attached to the chains? Did they have one region to have a mentor? I like… Yeah, for a job. We’ll go down there and I… And there’s some… How scopes, I guess yeah, and then one of the last shots is the dragon’s eye-opening and it’s blue. And I was like, I knew it was gonna be blue, and so now we have zombie dragon.

But can we just say Right here though that that is one of those guns and Dragon as things like, Okay, are we saved from this drain or we say from this drag and the… The heroes are trying to create past the dragon and his tag and then the Dragons eye pops open it that you can use that for really well.

So do we wanna talk about the battle of Winterfell the darkest episode of television, ever recorded? Tell me what you think of this very dark episode.

I thought I genuinely thought, especially since the episode before we got a nice little… Everybody is happy together and they’re drinking together and celebrating their win at a right it.

I genuinely thought for a second that everybody was going to die and the night King would end up on the iron Throne like so it seemed like there was no way out.

They played it that way too, right?

Yeah, the… What was the phrase? The filmmakers, the makers used at the very end in that. Take a look at this episode at the end, at the very end of the episode, there’s a look inside the episode kind of a mini feature at okay, and I think they called that moment where you can see Brian and there’s surrounded by 10 he and using a torn around the bios. Enemy is a top of pile of bodies and the…

I think they called it like, Oh, everything’s going to hell shots for each… For a… It didn’t seem like they could possibly survive there, there was no way, especially since everybody dying was just getting right back up and fighting against them, and if you were waiting for Jon Snow to come in and be the hero, because he was the logical go-to guy to put it in to the Niki he was just pin down by the Sarin the zombie Dragon does one drag and just kinda freaking out and going through it to death, the rose or whatever but just to…

John was just in one can go anywhere, you know who was kind of a hero that day.

Who’s that lady? Liana, Mormons “my goodness, how gorgeous this moment, oh my God, so great. She did not give a single damn she was there for her the honor of her house, she would have been a clean on the honor of her house, the glory everything, and she just stabbed that giant right through his eye killed him dead love her, and that Giant was I believe one one, I believe, so by virtue of the fact that his other eye was all messed up, which was also a interesting book, and that was the place he died the first time he died he was a living creature right?

Oh yeah, ’cause Ramsey as people all out in A… And screw Rama got his Dawah actually shot. The last boat that went through, is I believe you’re correct. Yes, that was the last the last thing you did. ’cause even when he’s porky pinned up and on one has all… All arrows in his back. I’m still thinking, Okay, he can do it in how many pins you have to put in a human being and buried.

I’m right there with you.

But the ultimate hero of winter fell. Seven kingdoms. Your heart, my heart. Yes, a riot starts in the Miller of the Night and awesome, that was absolutely amazing. Do you think she was dead, when the night can grab her? I thought she was totally dead, I thought he was about to killer. I dropped the knife which was her plan on a long… Yeah, I loved seeing the reaction videos of people watching it and seeing her to the cheers that erupted from everything. Every video I saw, it was like you bump it was so great.

So, seniors glad it was her and not John.

Yeah, because she’s an assassin she has the ability to sneak up on the kicking and kill is A… That’s what we needed, yes.

I’m sorry, you said you just had one thing to a… No, it’s okay. So we see a high point in Dr. UNs character, character art and yes, I’m acting as though a dragon can have a character, which he did so, drove on.

It is a test wild animal, the attached by the mother of dragons, of course, he grows up, he could become the teenage Dragon generis, is trying to be trying to get her dragons to be like… No, I’d be cool with each other, trying to shut them or whatever.

I’m not sure which one it was, but one of them turns around, just kind of gives her like a… It is a… Yeah, you can’t tell me what to do and she was like, Oh, for the first time kind of like Okay, these are getting these creatures are getting dangerous to me, probably, although what are they gonna do they get the scratch or to that? ’cause she fire-proof the way I Dora comes up and goes, he goes. These are what I essentially says.

These are wild animals, you can’t treat them like this, you can’t expect them. And she’s like No, I’m the mother driving this blah, blah, blah, at the end of the Battle, of Winterfell when Aria does her final Niki to bat, I and then the whole army, the whole army falls down “Jura in a poetic way, that’s when he, I, he gives up when he realizes. Okay, cool, I don’t threats over.

Yeah, yeah, he’s able to sort of get into death, which he was evidently right on the verge of dying, anyway, so he finally collapses. And then we have this very emotional scene with the NERRS and she’s like the crying over “overjo and then Dr. on comes in and shows real emotion and kinda like gives her as much of it is a little Rennes Dragon hug as…

Yeah, I a dragon can give like kind of proving He forewarned about right, yeah, about the emotional state of a dragon true.

I was gonna say, it could also be like People who want to have a mountain lion or a tiger for a bet or the ACO. Well, yeah, it’s fine when they’re little, and manageable but once they get to a certain age or size, while the animals are gonna wild animal you know, absolutely some area saves the day. And there was much rejoicing” through the land. Honestly, I would have been fine with… Well, maybe if they switch… So, we get the SAR scenes earlier but then it would have to be different. I really would have liked to have ended on raking the 19, that was epic. The night King just seems like a more… ’cause then no point do I go all pointing right right, I thought like, “Oh okay, we’re all gonna have to band together. I figured somehow the Dragons were gonna be like everybody on our backs, everybody on our back, so we got your… That he is a… We got like John… Now, everybody get on a drag we’re just gonna fall back to King’s landing. Although there’s lots of, there’s lots of the fans who just wanna get rid of all of the 8th season and start over, which I think is ridiculous.

I think “Battle “Winterfell was really good, it was it, it was hard to see at points at a lot of points but it was so good, I thought. Okay, let’s talk about the battle of King’s landing.

Did you expect that to happen?

I did not, I… What are you asking if I expected to have in that there would be a battle at all or that how the battle went down.

Good question, so I thought… So there’s two sides to this. I thought that series army as it was ARCOS. Forces as they were, were pretty evenly matched.

It felt like you could kind of go either way, at first ’cause you have you now have, ’cause you’re on sucker punched a… And I think the drag on and killed “jagan stone yes, yeah, which was just… That’s that’s why, a year and had to die to… That’s a punk move right there.

I’m glad I do and I’m kind of glad that Jane who was able to do it himself.

Yes, I agree to the king’s layer, it’s appropriate. The king’s layers as a King, another king, although he is a thinking in any way.

So, I thought like… Well, they have those scorpions those amazing… Oh, like the cross bows. But “giacinto cross to which you can somehow perfectly wield in any direction you want. And there’s one on every ship, yeah, and every 30 meters around the castle and none of them hit Dr. on the lone surviving dragon. So I thought like, “Oh well, this is gonna be a pretty good battle. And then all of a sudden, there’s no bad, there’s no bottle right so there’s… Is it gonna be a battle or not? Okay, 20 minutes in we don’t, there’s no battle. I did not expect three hours of Dragon fire over innocent babies and children.

Yeah, and I think I said this to you after we watched this is… Did Ardennes was a good leader? What she would have done is fly over to the red keep on drove on torch. The absolute crap out of Sure. And there’s followers and series minis, and whatever, right?

Yeah, burn the whole key down that’s fine. Then you install yourself as Queen and then you hire local workers to rebuild your keep and they love you because you got rid of Surya didn’t drag and fire their entire city to literal ashes he suppose. How are people supposed to respect her, or love her, if they killed if she killed everybody?

Yeah, that she went. She becomes the mad Queen at that point.

I don’t know about the mad queen. I think there have been enough enough signed throughout the series that she would be a tyrant that she would be like a… I don’t know if you can apply dictator to that sort of like that era or whatever, but I… She wasn’t gonna be a benevolent queen that wasn’t gonna happen.

No, I, I didn’t think at the end where she’s like, “We’ll go to a, you know, a or do I? E-winter bill and blah, blah, blah. Like these are already places that you’ve freed what are you… Just going there to torment them some more?

He was so good at at T to conquering so she’s not a… She’s established, I think that she’s not a great… She’s not a great queen, but she is a greatest conqueror.

Yes, but even in Kings land, but in Westeros she sucked as a concert she did because she didn’t… She didn’t know what she was getting into she thinks I believe that she thinks everywhere is the same, that all she has to do is just go in and people will automatically just bow down and worship her figuratively and literally, see. I disagree, because I think like when she went into it was, Maine when she went into Marine and she took over by firing shackles like here. Look, you don’t need these symbolizing like you’re free now, if you want, let’s overtake the masters and blah, blah, blah, with it to the race. She had to prove herself as I like in A the cow not even the Cole, she had to prove herself as the cow by watering all of the, the other potential cow when she burned down the big where all the leaders were. I’m saying that’s a warning sign of things, yet to come.

Well, it is a warning sign. But at the same time, I feel like death race are going to respond to power and violence.

And the slaves responded to the slaves of marine marine marine responded to a tower going to… We’re gonna overcome the… The master is… She had a plan for each of the places she went into accept King’s landing her plan of winning over the people were to slaughter them all.

Yeah, so… Yeah, I see your point, like the… Yes, watering, watering all of the cows is bad and it’s not a bad things to come, but how else to gain yourself in the army of Dara true, which by the way all died at “Winterfell I thought not all, but we learned that all because there were some Kings landing that just seemed rather can be and I… You know, the most the race, they just race were over. 100-000.Yeah, in the very beginning. And then, so if you saw there were 10000 on solid and then maybe 50-000 Ariana.

By the time we get to King’s landing there is just probably the most conservative of warrior.

Like I knew that Danny would have to die in When Tyrion made sure to tell her five times if they ring the bells the… That’s their surrender don’t set by a Toyah.

And she heard the bells and you could see the change on her face. Like this city. I’m burning it to the ground, and I was like, “Okay yeah, no, no, she’s got a D. if you wanna kill your enemies, that’s fine, but you wanna kill every Tom, Dick, and Harry and King’s landing.

Now we’re gonna have a problem.

This has been said before by other people.

Atari had exactly that during His trial before he escaped, and killed his lover and father I said, What I wish I had enough poison to kill every one of you, in King’s landing or sure he did say that he did say that he or she was but he, the the whole town he did, he did have… I think that his intentions in his heart of hearts he really loved that town. I think I agree, I don’t think he wanted it to, he obviously didn’t want it to all be burned her poisons.

So after the Battle of King’s landing the red key collapses on Jamie and SRC, and which is, it’s a little… So a little on satisfying. I would like to have someone deliver the fatal blow-in person and not drag on crashing down, the key.

Okay, let me ask you this, Yes, here’s your choices.

Service. And Jamie die as is.

Okay, okay, just being the roof coming down on you or right before the ceiling comes down, Arnie comes out of nowhere and La stabs are does she escape and survive? Not on the one, now I want an Adventures of ran. The assassin is an off. You’re never gonna I, I would like that, but no one’s getting that.

So I serve Jamie or did, yes, Ferriss dead because he betrayed dinars and she toasted him up before that, was before King’s landing. So now, dinars is alive grey worm is executing Lannister, in the streets, because they’re not defeated enough.

So then the ultimate scene in the throne room diners gets to touch the throne. But does she ever sit in it?

She does not technically it’s her as though for that one moment I guess. Or is it ever really hers? Now that we know that John is the rightful heir so it’s not her as it is, that’s true. So my only thing that I wanna say about this in this particular moment is when John kills her A right.

Sorry, I took that away from me, I hate is fine. So John kills her after a… So, there’s two… Well, okay I love these two things. I wanna say.

When he goes to, he will always be my queen. I think that’s the last thing he says, We were fun. Is a knife in…

I was rolling my eyes as he was saying that, so I missed the first stab as a…

I am too, I’m staring at… I looked at you like, this happened on a… He is killing her, and they did this shot in such a way that at first you weren’t you weren’t quite sure who was killing, who may be an ARRIS was killing John. So to train him, maybe I need to see lytic or maybe John is killing her, because she’s a monster who destroyed an entire city. Yeah, so go ahead.

My second thing, is that John killing her fulfilled her wish to destroy the wheel, she kept saying, “Oh that’s I, I destroy this wheel of tyrants that just keep coming in and keeping this horrible thing. Because if she did become queen somehow is she was, yeah, she would have become this horrible… Here’s the next Tiran. But because John killed her, he fulfilled her wish to destroy the wheel. And now we have some form of representative government we have brand Becoming the King which is probably not the most popular, the most popular, but certainly, the one devoid the one most likely to make decisions based on fact, and logic and rationality.

Okay, a couple of things first. The saddest part of the whole episode for me was after John had killed diners and Dr. on realizes what is happening. So mom and he goes over there and not us here, he’s a big puppy, so I, I think so not wake up Mom, week up. It was like very Simba. “Moosa Lyon Ken.

So that was something I… So sad, I do in the end of the sessions was that was great acting the animators who made that happen, did some great acting. ’cause you have to, even if you’re in control of the c-g-Original there’s not like a… A, an instance perfect, there’s no Dragon software to give you perfect drag and acting and it’s not dragging act dragging act that’s not a thing anyway, a really great acting and I have a couple of things to say about King brand, which we will not be using the name. It was just going on him a trial him brand, the broken which to me, first of all, is just a name.

And second of all, they had one of the only disabled characters in the entire show. Deliver this, Abel, is a line right and you have the raven King sitting right there for the take it how cold raving first of His name brand, The Raven can.

I would go way more in the support of a brand. The rain king about brand, the fast it is… That is a… But my problem with brand as the king is like, earlier in the season, one of the characters are like, “Well brand. What do you wanna do? And he’s like, “I don’t want… And it’s like, well, you have to have some one you have to want things for your kingdom, you have to want peace, you have to want prosperity. Of… Yeah, that is not what you ask of the three I rate I’m being indignant right now.

We talked that we have a topless so… And then he just likes to go out and randomly war into animal like I understand he’s trying to track down Dr. on who flew away with Danny’s body to who knows where we have no idea, he just playing Raven simulator.

Well, what I’m saying is you have an entire town, to rebuild, you have treaties that needs to be read to the end. You’re the 6 kingdoms, now, not the seven kingdoms. What’s your relationship to entertain the north on a line?

There’s a lot of things that he needs to be doing other than I’m gonna war into a bird and go find Dr. on like No take care of your people. First sitting on the council. I do not like him as King at all.

I mean, I can understand finding or drug on is ’cause clearly done the power to kill anyone.

I mean, that’s valid, but there was a nuclear weapon that had a brain and that brain, was upset with you.

It’s just a a line around a… It just seems like, I mean, okay, if that’s the case, then don’t make him king make him like the master or the master of whispers in tenth Secretary of dragons. Yeah, something but if that’s gonna be his primary activity, then he doesn’t need to be key.

Although, I did like to see that project got promoted to Serbo-DRC ’cause he was the one fishing him around in the wheelchair, which by the way, I know that that town is not compliant with the DA, The Westeros Disability Act. Thank you very much.

How is brand suppose to get around everywhere and or is port going to have like arms of steel?

He’s going to work in the Patrick contract and give him the power he needs.

Well, Patrick is still, he still has enough mental capacity that he, I don’t think he could be worked into easily as like hold are to be worked into, because see, that’s like hold artists hood. Or is that also… It’s where the brand caused holder, to be a… Yeah, I, I go, “Well less. Yeah, it’s like that grandfather the grandfather paradox of time travel Rand caused this to happen, and then odor became the primary care taker almost of brand when he couldn’t walk, which is very strange.

Yes, anyway we’re getting in the weeds.

Yes, I wanted to talk a little bit about disability Petra but we kinda did Erin naming brand brand Arkin Jai had that. I don’t think Jamie had the golden hand, by the time he didn’t get in the first two episodes, so we didn’t talk about it last time, right? Yeah that was later. Which is really significant because poor people are either gonna die because of an infection in the amputated. He A too, by the way, but I’m saying he was rich, and he survived and he got a fancy hand, right?

Just some random Westeros person is probably gonna die after somebody chops their hand off count. “drogo died from like a paper, cut.

So that’s from Key and field. Oh, that’s the key.

So I, I’m not gonna do my impression of them and seeing that it… That’s a great… That’s a great thing to watch.

Any way of Calder died of just getting cut.

Yeah, in a pretty simple way not getting something. Amputation is a pretty big deal. You have to have enough skin to go around, you can just bleed out if you go a enough left over, that you…

Oh yeah, so, yeah, we already kinda talked about disability portrayal and since we’re over an hour now, are just gonna kind of say that that was wrapped up and what we already talked about.

I will say a pop culture reference I now understand better is that If… Of the night where he’s sort of like “shimin but it’s really the scene where he’s raising the dead for the first time, so not only is his arm and shoulder is going up and his hips are going back and forth at the same time. I kinda stays in the same.

You want some of this, yeah.

Oh, I just wanna say, I’m just so glad we can. We can in this but I’m just so glad that they never had the Nanking or any of the white speak.

Oh my God, that would have been terrifying you on now anything. If they said one word of all be Reith should have sounded like ice cracking that should have been their voices if we had them, I think they may have read there may have been some sort of sound they made that would have been cool if they’re just like, Here are…

I agree, but then yeah, with ice cracking sounds moments.

I think that about wraps it up.

Yes, you can find us on a bunch of platforms. And we’re also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network cosmic potato dot com. You can find a lot of great shows there, so be sure to check that out.

And as a state, you’ve never seen dot com. I find like social media and contact information, leave some feedback and let us know if you have any suggestion for movies or TV shows, we should watch that or a show for today, next time will be watching.

So, I other… It’s just watching them not to, but did I see the watchman? I can’t not say it that way.

I do have a question for you that we coach to watch a…

I think that’s where I get that from anyway.

In for listening.

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