Ep. 40 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Watchmen?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Watchmen (2009, Rated R).


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Watchmen IMDb page; “Who Watches the Watchers” episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (3.04); The Blue Man Group; “In Theory” episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (4.25); Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels; Hell’s Angels create Iron Wings to support child abuse victims; Biker shootout in 2015 at Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas; The Rorshach testCosmic Potato Podcast Network.

Next time, we’ll be talking about The Philadelphia Story, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 43 below:

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Hi, this is strange.

And this is for general and this is weight. You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing the well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today, we’re discussing. Wait, you’ve never seen Watchman.

The longest movie ever made, I was a… Now is in my defense.

And we skip through some of it, right? So here, there is a… Oh sorry, go ahead.

So, there’s the regular movie the watchman and then there’s an anima, it’s about a short, maybe 30 minute long anime. It was cut, it was cut into what we were watching which was called the ultimate, the ultimate cut, so it was three and a half hours long, but we only watched three hours of it only it could have been longer anyway, so I… Up front, trigger warnings.

There is so much more, so much or Yeah, but ridiculous amounts of for a prisoner gets burned alive with fryer, grease. I literally could not look until it was off the screen. It was too much, that is pretty Horatio.

There is some attempt to rape and assaults, and they also use the R-word and the homophobic F-word, which are from terrible people. So it’s kind of expected, but it’s still terrible.

He’s at great people, right, Margaret it, it’s like in discovery when evil “goro was sexually harassing STAM and Colbert like she shouldn’t be doing that, but she’s evil or Jo, she commits genocide sexual harassment is the least of what she does, right? Yeah, this is a stone on model.

Yes, on brand or a brand.

So what three things did you expect from this movie? You’re already laughing.

I expected superheroes or I expected some sort of time travel or time bending, because of the watch.

A Ananya or and or I expected some sort of Next Generation episode, titled who watches the watchers which is what they were spray painting on at the very beginning, they were spray painting it, like vandalizing the storefront and it said, Who watches the watchers? That’s when I was like, I knew it who he didn’t finish it, it was… Who watches who watches the watchman.

Oh, well close enough anyway. So, that episode is a next generation is where the Federation observes like a species of proto-“voin or kind of holograms or A to your line or dock line. Yeah, so I think that might be some sort of team who observes what happens and just sort of documents it for their own people, or whatever. I don’t know, did you expect to like it and what you’re rating?

Well, superhero movies have been kind of growing on me we’ve been watching the Marvel movies, which are enjoyable but I’m still not 100% sold on them. So this one I’m giving 25 to start out with, okay, and my one son in TV Guide, some… Are you ready? I’m ready.

The watchmen s been the whole movie. rebranding themselves into the watch people because they have one woman in their ranks, now that’s right. So the first group was called the Minute Men, right? Even though the first still expect or I was in the minimum yes. And there was another woman I think a silhouette. Or was that a different… Yeah, so it was a… She got murdered? though. Before we really before we really get to know her, true.

So anyway, yes, so I… People with people, yeah so as I much in this with you, I’m like, in a… Yeah, the only reason a woman, they have to justify every woman that is on the screen, like the Sitecore to… She’s there to be an object of desire.

Right, right, and while I appreciate that they remodeled or envisioned the original silk specter Sally, her yellow night with you could see her underwear. With her garners and The his… They did some reimagining on that, but they could have done better because it looked like the second… So, Spector Laurie, I think right or… Yeah, he was basically just wearing plastic. It could have just looked better even if it was still sort of the same form or the same kind of design, it just could have been better material that’s true. Well, it almost look like that did that that vinyl yeah, a Lady Gaga will show up wearing that sometimes she needs cooking oil, she needs that spray cooking oil to get the glass because it’s just impossible. Any other way to get him on.

Yeah, yeah, I’m not saying this isn’t a problematic one.

So would you like to be at the IMDB?

What I like to hear, the IMDB of watch people. Yes, I was former superheroes exist, the murder of a colleague sends active vigilante Rorschach into his own sprawling investigation uncovering something that could completely change the course of history as we know it.

“babasaheb blah.

It was so… Okay, we’ll go into it right so I was gonna ask you, so what do you think of it now? What your stars… So there were super heroes, there was sort of time travel time bending both in presentation of the story where we had a lot of flashbacks to where it was almost, it was definitely confusing to me. It does make sense in a couple of respects. So the way they were presenting the story as were in 1985, but here’s a flashback to the 1940 Minutemen and then here’s something that was happening. Here’s JFK assassin and here’s this thing that happened during Vietnam. And then here’s this thing. But it was, it wasn’t a linear thing that led up to ‘1985 it was… Here’s 1985 and now, here’s 1940, here’s 1985 and here’s 1972 and then 1979 and then 1985 to… So sort of time travel, but sort of not time travel. And then also the blue guy documented Dr. Manhattan he had the ability to see all time the way he perceives time is so on sort of time traveling, I guess, because it’s just one thing, he’s experiencing what happened in 1959 as well as what’s going to happen next week.

Yes, and what’s happening currently, and everything in between is experiencing all of that, all at once, all the time, but only for him, not for all of humanity right, correct, yeah. He can only see his own past and future, yes. So my opinion has changed a little if this movie okay, as the movie is I have to give it two stars.

It was a lot a and confusing. I feel like it could have been better if it had changed if it was shorter and I did this in the LINEAR fit, but that’s a completely different movie. So I think this movie just isn’t my cup of tea, it’s too confusing for me to hold it all together.

The essays, so my TV guide summer, who was not even close to being right, but I will say something I did like about the movie was the music, it was very good, it started out with Bob Dylan. And then you get who do I sound of silence?

Singaporean and Garfunkel, and then all along the Watchtower which is Hendricks right?

Well, it’s a bubble and song, but it was re-It was a re-popularized well, it was re-arranged by a metrics okay, which I thought, “Oh the times they are a-changing, and I all along the watchtower. Oh, I see what they did there. I can’t figure out sound of Silence’ though.

Well, it was during the comedians funeral. And by the way could they have made more references to life? Just a joke, things aren’t funny anymore, ’cause the comedian is dead, about as many times as a character said, “I’ll be seeing you. They all said that to each other every time they left.

I see you, like as, it up a little, yeah.

Okay, I have a question. Alright, this does this move occur in some sort of alternate universe?

I believe it has because when they’re at the restaurant, a lady orders of for like a chicken. Yes, yes, there are blimps over New York City. I posed it to ask you if I was in vaccine blimps because the original design for the Empire State Building was to be a port for blimps or Arthur whatever, big mass. So you could… Like you could tie up your blim.

I think you’re just making that one. No, that’s a real thing. Oh, so I’m like, There would, I don’t know, I’ve never been to New York, so maybe they let blimp over New York all the time, no, and then also Richard Nixon runs for a third term.

Just has to be an alternate universe is present in five times, so this all these different things and also are invite the main bad guy in a very in, he has that really cool blue-striped cat with the strange antenna.

Yeah, I kinda look like a combination of a White Tiger a Siberian tiger is that what their coal and Loki, with his horn with, yes, and the… For like a chicken. So Jon, when Dr. Manhattan shows up, he has all these ideas to change the world, and they didn’t really go into it in the comic book, the comic series that this movie is based on goes into more detail and explains that genetic engineering is just off the charts. Amazing, that’s why you have those cool Marine had a cool little creature.

That’s why there’s four like chickens, they’re looking for alternative energy sources, that’s pretty well-established in it.

Even “rorschac mask the way it’s constant. I really liked that, that was a good effect is beautiful is beautiful for… I really like, I like Rorschach but, gosh, just a trouble, trouble human being. Oh yeah, and a really problematic but I love the whole look and everything. And even that fabric has its ties in a technology that Dr. Manhattan developed.

So basically… And then there’s Archie, the flying I will ship.

I thought, I thought that was cute, because it kind of looked like binoculars until they said, or it’s like an all and I’m like, Of course, it’s the August the August it… Yeah, his patrol car, right?

So the world of Watchmen. You’re able to have a strange, a flying ship, like that again. Because technology was pushed, which pushed forward by all these different things that Dr. Manhattan was able to give the world.

And people are just totally cool with… They were gonna invite this blue due to our functions. And nobody is all, he this guy’s sort of out of place, everybody knows about Dr. Manhattan and that he’s a thing and nobody is gonna be like Get away from me. Strange man though. Well, hey, how you doing, Dr. Mann.

You know what I’m saying?

Well, it would be like It’d be like inviting Madonna or Oprah over. Everyone knows who they are, and while they’re in the room, everyone would be like staring at a run, like as a donor or is right over there. Could we go?

I’m gonna take it I’m gonna look at it all quick.

She saw me look at it.

So I one, I mean, I, I, I feel like that and more so if you’re a glowing Blue Man, everything is lit up blue in the room because of his presence, but he can turn it down. ’cause when he went on TV they were like… We don’t have time for makeup. He’s too big, he’s not gonna show up on the camera, so he just dials down he is a dimer, switch, or whatever.

Yeah, I really like the character of Doctor man, at…

I was for a blood. Second, going to ask you if the president was meeting with a representative from the Blue Man Group, it territorial.

So tell me what you like about Dr. men had… Well, I’m glad you asked. I love that he can do anything, he lives outside of time, and he hasn’t feel… Number one reason I’m jealous of Dr. Manhattan is that he doesn’t feel fear anymore.

Someone has a lot of anxiety. It’s very appealing to just be like… Yeah, so I kind of know everything I know about neutrinos, that are on the edge of the universe, and I am aware of, I’m aware of what the weather is going to be next week by an umbrella, and I know that Roche is just broken to a military complex and he’s going to leave disappointed ’cause he’s not gonna get the news that he wants just to sort of a tattoo. Anyway, see I was I was on team Manhattan.

The until he told his sad little story and he was like, “I was attracted to Laurie, and she was younger. And what’s her name… His old girlfriend Jenny later something it’s later she was yelling at him like, It’s because I’m getting older, and he was like…

Yeah, yeah, that’s why, and I’m like, “I get that you’re basically have no compassion for humans, anymore that does. That was a little cold-hearted.

That was data as from Next Generation where he tries to have a girlfriend, and he just can’t because he’s just not capable, right?

So yeah, I was like… He’s trying to save the world all for that. Still kind of a dick.

Yeah, I don’t even understand why he’s interested in having a personal relationship because that’s his only link to humanity. He said it like 47 times as… Did you know that Laurie was his only link to humanity that was a sweet thought you think that was kind of a sweet thing that he said to her on Mars, that that’s a lot of responsibility on her though, so she has to be this thing for this one man and that he’s going to save the universe. So she has to dedicate all of her everything to him, so he didn’t flip out and go off to Jupiter, next or whatever.

Well, he did say that he was gonna go maybe create life, and some other galaxy. Because this one confuses in seeing like, Well, good go away, maybe come back in 10 years, stop at Mars and just kinda look see where everybody’s at.

So can we talk about vigilantes?

We can’t, so it Eilat the did. Giantess is obviously a big part of this, this movie, there’s a group Gino who Curtis what is he’s kind of, he’s kind of like a low level, like it’s weird to call guy like this… A hero he is a hero he started something called the guardian angels in 1979, the Guardian Angels, which is a non-profit international, volunteer organization of unarmed crime prevention vigilantes. So this is what he would do now. He enjoys beating the crap out of people.

This Curtis guy curiously what?

So he would ride the subway home every night in New York City, and this is in the 1970s.

When I test crime is just New York was just a session that a crime was just everywhere, and it was dangerous to be in the subways at night, so he was a manager at a fast food place and get third shift. So you’d be coming home in the middle of the night and I think the last car, there’s three, there’s three cars in a subway.

Oh, I, he would sit in the last, he would sit in the last subway car because that’s typically where like…

Where ruins would Hayes and this here, the ruins would hang out, so he would purposely, go back there and then he was sitting there and he’s like short-sleeve McDonald’s or Burger King shirt or whatever, and people would give them a hard time and he would use it as an excuse to beat the crap out.

Oh, now, so this evolved into… So, you joy is inflicting pain on bad people.

So this evolved into this, and this is a real thing, that happened not and not another comic book.

No, no, Corey was a real… A really I… And the coinage are real people. They wear these red arrays. And I think it was a red jacket maybe and it says guardian angels on them and basically you’re there to protect without weapons, you’re there to protect people from violent criminals. They would intercede if someone was getting, getting harassed in the subway things like this, and it just took off and it is a first at first like, “Oh well, we can’t have vigilant. Jesus is wrong, it’s like, “Well yeah, no one else is doing anything about this crime. So I think now they sell it in the 80s. I think at a certain point, they settled into a moment of like, Okay, we can accept this to a certain degree. I can’t remember. Was it at co-in New York City anyway so yeah, vigilante is real thing.

When you said guardian angels, I thought you were gonna talk about a completely different thing, which I’m not sure if it has a specific name, or if it’s just part of the Hell’s Angels where you can… You being one of the bikers, volunteer to be part of this group that goes around and protect kids who get bullied like the sport them to school and just kind of stand there and look scary.

Yeah, I mean a one.

They do it, especially with kids that are being abused, and maybe they’re scared that the non-custodial parent might show up and try to take them away or something like that. We so I, I, I saw a few new stories about it maybe a year ago, a couple of years ago, but yeah, it’s just like, bikers don’t… Have a good reputation here in Texas, there was just a shoot out at some Twin Peaks, restaurant, like a couple of years ago, a bunch of bikers killed each other, and I go…

So, yeah, they do get a bit of a bad reputation, so it makes me happy to see them in helping children, especially in a way that only they could.

Their super power is being scary. They can use their scale. Exactly, oh yeah, so can we talk about when the ISO night… And I still like so expect or are are flying over town and they see the building that’s on fire right and they go to rescue the people so expects trying to get them on the arch. And one of the little girls goes Mommy is Jesus, are you kidding me, Jesus?

There’s lots of religious iconography, all he is a teen. Dr. men had an appear, he appears with his arms out, and his legs, his feet or together, and his head up like a… Like Chris tremor. Well, I’m almost thinking of it more of it was almost like he’s literally on the former human being. Jon sort was sacrificed, and came back from the dead as this god-like creature right? It’s almost more like a Osorio I don’t know. Resurrection yeah, chose fiction resurrection kind of situation.

And you had the Wally Wally “Wever John’s friend has that whole little speech where he says, The Way talks about the idea of John essentially being God I, and how that might make you feel crazy. But no, it just means that it’s just such an amazing ridiculous idea that there’s this being who can do all of these amazing things, right?

Like it fights your rational brain fights against that.

I think one of the things that the creators of Watchmen. The writer Alan Moore, and artist Dave Gibson, they would sit around and they said Well, if we… If there’s a world where there’s superheroes that are like Batman and Robin, where you don’t really have actual super powers, if there was a world like that, then you have… These is essentially a visual antes.

What if a real superhero did show up, how would that change the wanted a realistic version of how would… Everything changed ’cause everything everything would change and I think it’s a little more realistic. There isn’t really super of the world of Superman.

Things change, I guess, but we didn’t learn all that much from Superman, we didn’t somehow we couldn’t take what He is and turned it in the technology.

Oh, anyway, so I wrote down at the very end of course the villain explains the master plan at the end of the movie, but then literally right after had stopped writing, I was like… Do you think I tell you my plan here in a shot? You affecting it, and I’m like, “Oh oils again, yeah. Did you expect to think that anything is pretty wild?

There was a lot, there was a lot… Like millions of be old millions of people dying.

Yeah, I get the whole needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, but you’re just like estimated destroyed half of… Half of New York or I can’t even remember where it was

Yeah, it’s like New York Moscow London, big cities all over.

And then at the… At the very end, though, “rorschac you gotta mine a roar check ’cause he’s like, He’s a man of his convictions, even though he knows it’s going to.

We do it on death Dr. Manhattan is just gonna have to kill him because he can’t let the secret out.

And then, of course, recheck delivered his own… His private journal to that wacky right way he was re… So the truth will out… Us human believe will get out.

Did you notice when Dr. Manhattan killed or shot his blood pattern was in the snow was basically like an in-blood? I thought that was the ornate was very interesting. And he was… When there are certain Roche, I like sometimes it would… You would get his emotions to him… Like when something surprising, was happening, you could almost see a circle or in a… Or a smiling or… Yeah, yeah, or who’s angry? There’s just lots and lots of action. It was lots of big swirls and whatnot. There’s one famous Rocha, print, that’s I believe it’s called it looks like two people together and it’s like the… For a test it, it has a name like the something couple nine figures or something like that. And the comic books, they use or check-ins and his visits with a doctor.

I go back and tell story. So there’s the two couples, the two people being intimate in the info. And then he talks about how his mother was was a process or…

Oh, oh, and then the story with those dogs this horrible thing with the dogs and the long a little missing girl there’s a recheck print that would tell that story. Oh, I see, so real briefly if I can, if I may. The difference between the comic book and the movie here is just… It was so lovingly re-creative.

Oh really, like the… Yeah, sometimes it was shot for shot like… Yep, that’s exactly… That’s exactly how it was in the book.

A lot of the costume designs they kinda played with a little bit, which I don’t really think they needed to do because they didn’t want it to look… To date, even though they’re doing a… They’re doing something that was set in 1985 and there are certain things that looked like nights a 5, they just wanted the costumes to look a little cooler I guess, gotcha, but yeah, the whole story was pretty much exactly the same. The way that everyone dies at the end is different, and I just would be ridiculous if they try to do it in the movie.

They cause all of these ridiculous creatures to just get teleported to the middle of the city, so there would be this weird purple with, with antennas all over the place, and for some reason it’s existence costs, to everyone to die is to instead of those blue explosion at the Blue explosions, it was all like purple near tentacles everywhere.

Yeah, that would have been less believable. Blue exploding balls are not believable as well, you know what I’m saying? We’ve already established that we know this is something Dr. Manhattan can do that the right teleporting energy signature thing so it gets… Yeah, so back to detest.

Oh, can I just say one more thing, yes, so the watchman is the only graphic novel to appear on times. 2005 all-time. 100 greatest novels list really, we have…

I mean, I don’t even know why they’re calling it a novel exactly, but there are now in the book. Sorry, in the movie holes. Mason was the older night how…

Oh, I didn’t know that, but thank you for telling me it’s a confusing story. So you write this book called under the hood or something like that, like here he’s a mechanic, and under the hard like…

Gotcha, I’m a hooded vigilante anyway, so he wrote this book and in the comic book when they did the Hollis-Mason story they put about 10 pages of what the actual novel you were actually reading his book, for a 10-page is weird.

And it looked just like it was set up just like a real… A real book with big… That’s interesting, yeah, it seemed like there was a lot… Crammed into this.

You get almost a man like a trillion… Yeah, it would have been better if it was separate movies or at least a more clear cut, here’s the movie here’s the anima, here’s what’s his name’s book. You see what I’m saying? The way everything was all interconnected was very confusing for me.

I understand, I did I mention it was confusing.

Maybe it’s time, or 12.

So in the comic book when Dr. Manhattan was doing his weird time thing, it would say 1959 blah, blah, blah. The little box that has the date and the time, it’s all light blue back there, so you know, Okay, we’re dealing with drains weirdness right, now that, yeah, from the to… You have little visual clues of what’s going on.

Yeah, that would have been helpful. So, I can accept. Okay, now we’re in Vietnam now, we’re over here now, we’re doing all these weird things, I think so it a little, a little more.

Are you ready for the beta test?

It’s got a… The only way it could pass, I think is between the sill Spector, one into… Yes, I thought they talked about her father talked about Eddie, the comedian, but I looked it up on the back tallest website, and it said they talked about other stuff too, so maybe I just forgot to write it down.

Well, there’s that little porno thing, that I, I look and she’s like, my mother. “This is disgusting, that’s right, I forgot about that. So yeah, even though a guy gave it to her, they still say things.

Yes, that are about the book, and yes, how gross it is.

Are there any pop culture references, you now understand?

Not really, this hasn’t really been on my radar at all, so I don’t know that I don’t even know that I would recognize a reference if it knocked me upside the head with a 2 or so not really, I see.

So would this movie be different with today’s technology?

I don’t know ’cause they have a… They have a flying out car they have Dr. Manhattan all of this technology that he knows. So I think it might be a step backwards to use today’s technology to be honest. What do you think?

Well, I’m wondering with today’s political climate we’re less concerned with nuclear annihilation. Less concern.

We will send the mushroom clouds. I’m sorry, go ahead now, I’m just wondering what a walking powerful weapon would you. I don’t know if it would help stop school shootings or terrorist attacks, or I Rosalind searches him being burned down or… Yeah, police violence.

Because if you can I document Haden is able to stop nuclear weapons in the sky.

Multiple months, not all of them, but hundreds at one presumably. Couldn’t he stop bullets from guns?

Yeah, many different places.

But they said you couldn’t be everywhere at once, though, so he wouldn’t be able to stop everything.

Yeah, that is his crypt to night.

Not being everywhere at one case that’s that’s quite a weakness.

Anything else, I think that’s it.

So you can find us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify are also on the Costa a podcast network cost Com. You can rid other great shows on there. Like the a comedic… Where were trial by pilot and a few others. As for us, just vote weight. You’ve never seen out. Come to find link social media and contact information, leave us feedback and… Let us know if you have any suggestions from movies to Cocos. should watch.

That’s our show for today. Next time we’ll be watching the Philadelphia story.

Thanks for listening to An… Okay, she’s playing with her to right now.

Why are you like this at don’t? We were literally almost done.


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