Ep. 42 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen A Clockwork Orange?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about A Clockwork Orange (1971, Rated R).


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Rough Transcript of Episode 42 below:

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Visit our website at cosmic potato dot com. A a major would use this as shame and this, I can’t come, I can’t call anyone to the… This is a person, yeah, and this is… Wait, you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today we were discussing. Wait, you’ve never seen A Clockwork Orange.

This one we see. I’m not a so confusing, I’m not surprised, I never to beside it’s pretty bare.

Okay, first up front, there are some trigger warnings. There’s a black face statue in one of… I think it was when they were on the stage and like that abandoned theater, or wherever. Yeah, there was that weird rap scene also thank you. There are sexual assault, and right, yeah, and there’s a son, torture even though he’s a pretty terrible guy. I mean, tortures still terrible.

Yes, so I attests all that’s all I really expected there to be more. I mean, there was a lot of sexual assault and there was a lot of torture. So there was, it was all about quantity.

There’s also a violent there’s also a bit of the ultra-violence.

Oh right, the Milk Bar, when Alex kills a woman with an enormous penis. Sculpture yes, I forgot about that. He didn’t sexually assault her, he just killed her, grew some, the only killed her.

Yeah, yeah, budgeting. So I think that’s the way I… When you get hit with an artist culture regardless of its shape.

So what three things did you expect from this movie?

Well, as we talked about in our Singing in the Rain, episode, which was in this past January, I can’t remember exactly what episode like 20 or 21, maybe I… There would be singing in the rain during a rape scene in this movie. So, I was bracing myself for that to happen.

Do we tell you about that, if you already know that that was a thing you had, you had mentioned it by way of warning. Me. When we watch this, I, I get it happen. And also because that’s why I said we should watch Singing in the Rain, first. So, I didn’t picture that while we were watching the musical, which would be a little disturbing.

Yeah, it was time for me to watch that movie and not think about you, some actors patient God.

I also expected probably one of the most famous scenes if not the most famous scenes which is the eyes held open with the little… She caused things to block. I think we called it locks the “ludovico method or whatever they called it, right. Yeah, and he was wearing, he was also wearing a a straight jacket, a one, that way and I try to use a cover. His eyes or… Yeah right, and then the third thing I expected was cis white dude running around terrorizing people. It was like the first half of the most.

We got all of these, so I did not expect to like it at all, I gave it one star.

Okay, okay, I don’t know what you feel about the movie now, but first give me your one sentence.

“imbrium Ry a group of terrible men terrorized people clocks and oranges.

How you having with me.

No, that’s really what I read. slip right here.

How in the terrorize lines did you see the kind of things they did in this movie, they could have found a way.

So, IMDB encapsulates this movie by saying in the future, a statistic gang leader is in prison and volunteers for a conduct a version experiment, but it doesn’t go as plan.

So I feel like that’s just maybe the last quarter of the movie. Most of the movie is them running around, arising people. I think it worked out to be just about half and half. He gets arrested right about the half-way mark okay. It felt a lot more it felt like there was a lot more on the violent… Well, not that torture is not violence, right? But him inflicting violence on his community seemed like I realize is probably just in my mind, but it seemed like there was more… Well, when you see horrible things happening, it probably feels like it’s going on longer than it actually.

I like that movie. The room was that the horrible thing was just lacking the movie.

Yeah, a lowest, rating ever, I… So I see my opinion hasn’t really changed in a… The movie, it was really twisted and confusing, which I expected it wasn’t any more violent than a Game of Thrones episode which we’ve been watching.

That’s true, and in some ways it’s not quite as bloody and right. So I just kept it at one star. Because really, I understand that they’re using futuristic slang, but it really made it hard for me to follow some of what was going on. Like you told me this means this and that means that… And this is what their gang is called. And if I was just watching this by myself, which I would never do because this movie is all messed up.

Yeah, but I, I totally forgot what I was saying. Now you’re talking about the futuristic lane, so if you hadn’t been there, your video the ultra violence yeah, if you hadn’t been there explaining to me, part of what he was talking about, this would have been like me transporting back to 16-03, trying to understand what William Shakespeare was talking about, which is super annoying.

Yeah, if you have no or, if Stadt, really say, “Oh here’s what all these words mean. It forces you to sort of go… Oh, video must be talking about audio-visual video or some video we’re talking about, seeing something. Sometimes you get things in. So it was almost just saying, “Hey you kinda need to look at the context to kind of understand what they’re saying, exactly.

I’m not always so good at that.

So did I say I’m keeping it at one star? I thought the violence before we watched it, I thought the violence would make it go down, farther to where we would be like, a pier right but I, I was surprised that there was not more violence than a Game of Thrones episode so I didn’t feel it was fair to knock it down for something that I watch every Sunday like nothing worse than what I watch every week.

Well, I, I’m not really defending the violence in the movie, but there is a point, there’s a point that I think this movie tries to make in the book. I think to a degree, also tried to make this point, that anyway, we’ll get to that later, but I think you, in order to make the point, okay, I guess I’ll say it now.

It ordered the point is involved in the actual evocation of the title which we don’t actually get.

Yeah, yeah closest to the evoking the title is when that priest and who ever guess that the priest would be kind of the hero.

And then I move I-E, like this way. We used to listen, that the priest is doing a good job, sorry, for the faithful who might be listening. The priest at in paraphrasing here, says Goodness must be chosen or man stops being a man.

So if you take the title if you took something organic, and forced to do something that goes against its own nature, it’d be like having an orange with gears and springs or “a clockwork or… And the morning doesn’t work that way. So in order to say “Yeah this Alex is a bad man. We have to establish that this is a horrible human being, right? It takes who not only does terrible things but takes pleasure in torturing people.

I so to one degree, sometimes there’s just horrible violence in Game of Thrones because it’s a horrible brutal world you know I… Because if you play the Game of Thrones, you either win. Or you die, you know what she’s buried and ER, the entire red key right now so, oil or a lot or… Well, this is gonna come out well yeah, but her you’re speaking of Surya to more of a horrible person.

We should know that as we’re recording this, the final episode is airing tonight. So actually, by the time this comes out we’ll have watch the whole… The whole season in the whole series is true if you will.

So, it’s violence and it’s horrible-ness and it’s sexual assault but there’s a message in it and I don’t think there’s really a message in something like Aaron. I guess that’s my point.

Yes, I have. I don’t know if we wanted to talk about this later, but I have comments on the overall message of the movie as well.

I didn’t even talk about that. Now we can get to that later if you’d like.

Okay, ’cause first I wanna talk about the “Cova Milk Bar. So when I was on “csupo the super van talk super Fanta podcast, I can never say that hoping we were talking about movies that blew your mind. Or just total mind but I… And I chose this movie ’cause we had just watched it and it’s like they go into the milk bar and they’re just female mannequins as chairs and tables, and the actual milk dispensers, the milk comes out of their nipples and I’m just like… And they’re anatomically, very anatomically correct, the Milford. I was wondering if some of them were just women painted white, like fitness or something. Just holding that for I live there or not there were… So the milk makes them more prone to violence or give something that’s in the milk makes them more prone to violence is that right?

Well, what I understand about it, is that there’s alcohol consumption, isn’t socially acceptable in this dystopian near future. So, when they meet the drunk old guy in that like, “Oh right, it makes it even more there even more apt to like, Okay, let’s mess with this guy. He’s a drunk. ’cause it’s not acceptable to do in… So I, not even social drinking in this area. So yeah, if it was done today, if it was set in today, then they probably would have a couple of beers before they went out and did terrible things something, the milk actually, makes them terrible. It’s just the only thing they had that would be a substitute for alcohol.

Oh, I thought it said it reads You… For ultra violence. And I thought it meant literally, not like as a psycho-like but take a few shots and then we’re gonna go out and kills. I thought there was some sort of component of the milk like testosterone or steroids or something that made them like I had it. We wanna go out and the people I never read the book so that it might be… It might be better illustrated in the book exactly what exactly what’s in the mouth, but yeah, I’m not sure why it ready to… For the ultra-violence.

Okay, so I have a few questions about Alex and the drugs. First of all, let’s get the Star Trek connection, out of the way here. That Malcom who played Alex played Dr. Sorin, in Star Trek Generations, that’s amazing. I saw generations in the theater, when it came out, and I had already seen Corcoran probably within the same couple of years. It was a amazing yeah you can. I only recognize them both by their voice. I can even tell they don’t look alike at all.

We take me to my second question. What was with the fake eyelashes on one eye, I think cubic and the costume designer, wanted her. They wanted a distinct look. So you knew that you weren’t instantly, you knew that it was the future without that we’ve been telling you that it was in the future. Like here’s a world that you don’t know. So I think that was just a fashion. I don’t know if you noticed, but on their white and their white colors there were bloody eyeballs, where a cufflinks, would be.

Oh, I didn’t notice that.

Yeah, bloody eye balls on the cufflinks.

I found it very interesting that each king had their uniform, they all wore the same thing within their group, but also that Alex is gain all war white, and white is usually the signifier of Here’s the good guys, the cowboy and the White had right, I out they had black hats on, which was very interesting. I thought I’m talking with my hands a lot. Not that they can see it, but a hole, the end to the… Yeah, that is interesting. They also had… Well, they’re all wearing hats, they all were wearing distinctly different hats.

I don’t know that I noticed that Alex had a boulder that Pete, who is the one trying to gain Reston ROL from LCI, think he had a top hat on and then Jim had a different kind of hat like I didn’t want anyway, there was also a lot of good music but oddly placed music in this movie we talked about seeing it in the rain, and also Alex’s seeing obsession with LUV Von baton, who he calls “ludvig van to like they’re at, which is ridiculous ’cause he would then, then, like a middle name, you wouldn’t say like Eric de for Eric around a right, exactly, as we’re talking about music may I interject here?

Yeah, that the synthesizer music, was composed by on the MOOC synthesizer by Wendy Carlos, who’s a trans woman by the way, coming out and being trans in 1970s, especially if you’re involved in music and the movie industry, I think when dies a hero that’s… It was very difficult. It’s very difficult now I can only imagine how difficult it was then.

So, she composed all of the synthesizer music, that we hear including the cork Orange March several arrangements of beans, 9 and the William Tell Overture, a great motor. The William Tell Overture was when he was having that. The Simian were a really fast, which I think was pretty appropriate it. What is pretty pro? Yeah, it was all set up, it was like I think they filmed for about half an hour, and they cut it down in to however long that version of… It’s like under two minutes, I think, yeah, which I thought was very appropriate.

So a great classical music album done with the move synthesizer. You should check out switched on Bach which is also by Wendy Carlos.

Oh, box, music was… There’s lots of technical things going on. Brandenburg Concerto the well to the well-to-Totnes piano, and that’s the translation, the well-to-whatever. Anyway, it’s all black music, and it’s all done with the move synthesizer and it’s amazing and beautiful.

So there may have been some good things in this movie.

It rioting, so I, I did appreciate the music, I thought it was very interesting that when Alex was having the “ludovico the treatment that it also made him adverse to the Batman music, which to him was greater loss then becoming a person who didn’t have these urges, to go out and rape and kill people.

Yeah, which does something about him, I think.

Yeah, it’s almost more disturbing right?

Yeah, so wait, I’m sorry, since you just mentioned that, let me say this. Those lid locks that were used on Alex. It’s an actual medical device that they use when they’re operating on your eyes, but the subject is always completely knocked out of the time, so that’s a real device that’s using medicine, but it’s not ever used with a person who’s a way to move their eyes, around. So also in total… Yeah, he actually injured his eyes when he was moving his eyes around to the same, the outer as the doctor please. I can’t, I don’t want, I don’t wanna hate “bato in and love me open. Yeah, don’t lay lovely. They take little bit “vanta the notion… So when he’s moving his eyes around he’s actually scratching sorry, he’s ringing he’s actually hearing his eyes.

That’s what I don’t be he…

I had any permanent damage. But yeah, that’s just another ridiculous aspect of the way that Stanley Korman films.

You find a solution. And it kinda didn’t matter if it was super weird dangerous.

So I always like to point out when I like to point out when there’s real damage to someone happening in on a film, because I always just assume, “Oh they must have done this in the safe is a way possible, but that’s now no in a thing.

So to me, the weird lesson of this movie is that it used to be you have these groups of delinquents they go around. This isn’t like grandfather joy riding or there actively harming people, right? And I going out of their way to, in the eight and when they’re caught, the government wants to care them to read to rhythm of this criminal element, right?

But when the whoever is come in and they’re like, “This is inhumane treatment, and you can’t do this anymore.

The reverse the process. Because they treated him using violence, They negate the treatment and it causes him to go back to being but… Well, it doesn’t cause Him at just he reverts back to having those same urges which is you basically end up with the same due that you had at the beginning of the fricking movie.

Yeah, so I just… I thought it was like a statement on the effectiveness or lack there of law enforcement, and the mental institution complex, like all of this money to test these weird treatments on people who don’t have any… I guess it’s just like even if it means going back to the terrible way things where it’s like a… Do you take the high road, or the low road?

And what does that mean for the people you’re trying to treat, especially if you don’t really care? Like this guy had signed away saying… Yeah, I’ll do whatever if it means I get out. And what was it to two weeks, two weeks, yeah, and instead of years and years, I think he was seven years or something like that yeah, yeah, that was it, but yeah so he signed all of his rights away. So they can do pretty much anything they want to have…

Yes, I eat.

And what that means for… Does the audience then see him as a person who’s being violated or is it a… Oh yeah, he’s getting what he deserved because of the way he treated those people and so when he goes back to being the person he was… Do we still feel like, “Oh this is a real person who was treated bad, like, Do we still feel empathy for him, if you did in the first place or has he been the same terrible person the entire time?

You see what I’m saying?

Yeah, it’s, it’s confusing in “curtius which is probably part of that movie experience.

Supposed to give you an answer. I don’t feel bad when Al gets caught, and I don’t feel bad when he gets when he’s definitely going to go to prison.

And then when they’re like, “Oh yeah, we might figure out a way to let you out of here.

I did feel bad for him, especially when his two former drugs who are now police officers try to drown them.

By the way, I think that shot was done in two ways, for about… I had a stop watch on my phone and I was ready for that scene it was almost exactly a minute.

The one on or water which is a really long time to hold your breath.

Two things they did, though, for that shot, they cut and the cut was pretty seamless so he was able to get up and get water.

But I’m almost certain that they had a tank that had a small tank, so he was able to breathe under even when held down in her water, which is just that I don’t like, I don’t like drowning as a torture just really bothers me. Yes, I agree.

So I did feel bad for him when he was doing that and then at the end when it was like, “Oh okay, the doctors involved in doing this treatment when they’re like, “Oh okay, you work with us and everything is gonna be fine, above a blah. And he’s… And he’s kind of back where he started from.

I do doesn’t have any remorse for being a terrible person right? I’m like, “I Aegis best little… Yeah, one of the ending scenes when they’re trying to see if the treatment has been reversed as him, like triumphantly fantasizing about being violent, being violin having sex with women or raping them. We don’t know the situation, but it wouldn’t surprise me, right? Yeah, all of that should discuss it, right? But I didn’t, because they were able to somehow over… That’s not really as I really clear to me. Was it drugs, that were keeping him under control, and he needed to keep taking the drugs in order to have that reaction?

I don’t know, I don’t know, it seemed like maybe both.

Do you wanna go on to the back to ESO? No, we should probably mention the guy that he goes and stays that Alex goes and stays at his house.

Yeah, because first he Alex comes with his gang and they knock on Edison. There was an accident and they busted into the house and rape and kill the wife right now, they don’t kill she dies later of injuries and the husband is fully disabled in a wheelchair.

Yeah, I so after Alex’s former dries now cops beat him within an inch of his life, he goes back to that house. Not knowing, it’s the same house, right?

He knew that there was something familiar about it, because it had the word home and glowing lights outside right which just kind of cute.

It’s kind of cute that that your home has the word home, I don’t know, right? So the his wife is no longer with him and it’s replaced with a security guard super buff, dude. And instead of that weird like egg egg chair that he thinking couch, for lack of a better word, it’s replaced with weights is an IEEE in way. Would you like to guess who that is?

He is in very famous movies in the ‘1970s and ’80s, but you never see his face that you never see his face.

It’s a reset, we have and love movies that we have in love. Oh, is it the guy that played a Darth Vader?

Yes, that is David props really. Yeah, his name is Julian A and the Julian is the the character is a place. But yeah, he does a lot of holding his hands folding his arms and throwing his chest out, and I’m like, “Oh that’s detention.

What year did this come out? Was this before, after 7-1-7-1. Okay, so wait. Well, a couple of years I mean five, six years before shooting at something like that.

Yes, so let me real briefly, I have a few other things.

Okay, so wide angle lens was used a lot in this movie it’s very Kubrick, in a way to shoot a movie when you can see all three walls, and most of the ceiling and floor at the same time it has especially when the camera moves and is a really disorienting, feel it kind of adds to like the weirdness of this movie.

Oh, so then I’m a little on a little embarrassed about this. This might actually you know, the whistle that Alex uses, to get his urges attention.

Yeah, the long sustained… So our dog Pip, it just raised her head. I do that, I do that with LE, I do that whistle to get pivots at tend to… That is from this morning I… One more thing.

Okay, well actually this is a pop culture things. We’ll talk about that for a pop culture references, okay, I E-moving on, moving on, to the beta test. There were more than two named female characters, but none of them speak to each other. So, of course, not about minute. Alex’s mother Alex’s mother is… She does a lot, she doesn’t talk to any women does she?

No, but I was wondering if she counts as a named female.

There were two women in the record store, but they weren’t named in the movie. I don’t think the girls he heals and have sex, but they talked about music, briefly, but they’re talking to Alex.

Yeah, oh yeah, this is a great one here.

Right, right, and then they, of course, was the woman in the home, house the ones that they…

Oh, the, the house, yeah. And the one that Alex kills the… Oh, with the giant penis, sculpture yeah. Oh, you know what, she’s defending yourself with what a bus to be torn.

Oh, oh wow, I didn’t realize that the… So there are a few names female characters, but none of them speak to each other. So, fail, that’s a one.

So has your opinion changed at all since you watched it?

You know, it’s more confusing. I think when I… As I watched this movie, when I was a teenager, first, so I think I was more readily able to defend it in a way that I thought was like, “Oh yeah, it’s bad, but it’s not a… I can still do that, but it’s way more it’s way more confusing. And did they really make a point that was…

I think there’s a point of view, but I think it’s a little… It got muddy. Or I guess I see… Yeah, to at time, I can see that. So do you wanna talk a little bit about disability per trial?

Yes, so we talked about the man who was apparently injured to the point that he needs a wheelchair the right… That had on David? “Prowse lifting weights in his house of the… And it really struck me, because I noticed the style of the house had a lot of stairs in it. Yeah, older modern. Maybe I think that’s the style.

Yeah, and the guy, he was on the lowest level of those stairs, ’cause the front doors higher up and you come down the stairs, to come into the living area. And I just wondered how he got around in his house, but then didn’t Julian pick him up?

So either with or without the chair, I can’t remember, with the chair.

So yeah, that’s why you hire a big weight left or right.

If you want a roommate, if you want your house to remain remain as it was, and then there’s… I guess we kinda talked about it, or I kind of gathered on about it, like the treatment of… Well, first of all, whether Alex and his gang actually, have mental illness, or if they’re just basically “Terris who run around accepting no responsibility for their actions, ’cause I don’t think every person who commits these foul crimes is necessarily mentally ill. they could just be an… It’s Ole.

I have a question isn’t there for a true sociopath isn’t there really not a treatment for someone who’s a true sociopath?

That’s a good question, I don’t know because I thought there was some literature on this is sort of brought up and take this with a grain of salt obviously, because is this coming from this show, The Sopranos, ’cause The Sopranos is all about the point of view is really around Tony Soprano. Going to see a psychiatrist or psychologist, I’m not sure what she is, I think as he can prescribe medicine psychiatrist, so she has to deal with as a doctor, she has to deal with the fact that if he is a sociopath is there really a way to treat, him or is she just helping him along letting him be a horrible person and sort of, and sort of serving as a way to, in a way, justify what he’s doing and saying and… Saying, “Oh yeah, I’m getting help and blah, blah, blah.

Is she doing harm by allowing him to continue getting treatment? This is a question that’s brought up and that… Yeah, yeah, I can see if a person shows no remorse for what they’ve done or no inclination to change or anything like that, there could be… Yeah, I could see how there would be questions.

Yeah, So, I pop culture references.

Singing in the Rain. Obviously, you mentioned how Stanley, Kober got to use the song sing in the range that I mentioned that in the Singing in the Rain, episode, I think. So when you can give us a brief friend down again, you in case people didn’t listen to that episode, which they should go back and listen to on the cosmic that can…

Oh, I almost said it all together. The cosmic potato podcast network to do the… So you need… You hit going to the post office and I’m just getting… It seemed like that if we had commercials that would be where we got them in. Yes, anyway so, Stanley cured the book Clockwork Orange and had this ridiculous idea of putting Singing in the Rain, in there. I’m not sure, I don’t believe that song is mentioned in the book. Again, I haven’t read the book. So we had this idea of using that song in the rap scene so he went and “serrations-ly got the rights to use the song. I just completely by the song. I’m not sure who are the holder was of the song, but he didn’t tell them anything about what he was planning on doing with it and he knew he would never get the right to if he had to explain to them, so he spent the money to just buy it out right, that just, it is that mean I understand wanting what you want for your art. But that song was someone else’s art. And they have the right to choose, how their art is used as well. I think, I think I had to do, I’m not sure that person was alive, so I think it was dealing with the state and not the person. So that becomes a little… Yeah, Prince’s family, gets to decide to put all of his songs and commercials now which was probably not really his… After someone dies, it becomes more of a quiet it gets murky. I think that’s true, but yeah, I’m not defending the use of the song, although I gotta say, at least it makes a little more sense. The use of this song lock or going because it makes no sense the way they use Singing in the rain, in the movie singing in there, he was literally Singing in the Rain. What morning what?

But it was a movie about making it was a musical about making a musical.

Yes, and singing in the rain was really not part of that musical.

They could have been, they did not do that.

Are we gonna re-litigate Singing in the Rain, The on, because of double jeopardy, we can’t.

So a good content that… So we can move on.

So another pop culture reference. So as you know, I like to watch Archer.

All roads lead back to it comes to dusting Oracle things.

There is an episode in the first season, where Lyn tracer is going to buy ISES and because Malory broke Malachi broke. No, in a one. Athanasius Sterling Archer doesn’t want male to sell it to an tree because “intrust wants to sleep with his mom, so he sort of kidnaps tracer and takes him into Creek’s lab which is never a good idea if he is so… And straps into a table with the… What did you call them? Lid blocks with the Lin locks and plays images of Mallory as the devil Valerie space in in a mushroom cloud and all of this. Stuff to make to make trackless completely off Malory Archer and that after that his brain is never the same, and he wants to just be best friends with a rabbit, and eat lettuce, my gosh.

So that was not their grade non-it’s… But the Lilo scene has been parodied, or referenced a lot of times just in general in a lot of things. Right, right, right.

You said you had a couple of other things that might go under… Oh yeah, I wasn’t sure if you were done.

So the door bell of the home house do you know what the song is?

I recognized it but I’m not recalling it off. And so, the tension… Yes, that’s what it was, but it’s like the major key, very it, it’s a little different. Yeah, it’s like that one-on-one.

It doesn’t complete the phrase. That’s why I noticed it ’cause it goes debut. It only did the first part of it, and it kept irritating.

Yeah, they like the escort.

So, Alexis number when he becomes a torsion is it to a five-to-one?

I 6-521 is the number, designation given to the head. Bad guy in the book and movie Ready Player One, they don’t remember that.

So whenever an avatar in Ready Player One, whenever an avatar scores points, on the big scoreboard their name appears but the bad guys, but they’re called the IO is…

Oh, right, I remember that now, there are II, number appears because they’re not giving names.

Gotcha, so all of their numbers, all of the OI numbers are 6-6-5 something, and the main guy is six to 53-2 one, that’s very interesting. I did not notice that at all.

I love Ready Player One, and I don’t wanna say that I love clock or orange, but I really admire a Stanley Kubrick and yeah, so there you go.

So how would the movie, be different with today’s technology?

It’s already kind of futuristic. So I wasn’t really sure. The only thing I could think of was when they come knocking on the door, how we need something happen. There’s an accident. We need to use your phone, so I use your cell phone, don’t come bothering me, just use your cell phone.

Yeah, I mean, they could have said, “Oh we don’t have a signal out here or whatever, but still she would have had more options to than answering the door.

Yeah, I don’t want the cat lady, a cat later that Alex kills. Why doesn’t she have a reporting security? A lot of right the cops could have gotten there even sooner true and maybe she wouldn’t have to die but then we have a different movie.

Yeah, yeah, for this, come. I think this movie The “Stanly Huber did after 2001 A Space Odyssey, which was a really, really long process, it took him a very long time to do and that was obviously a near-future near futuristic movie boilers. We haven’t watched it yet, sorry it probably… You might have gathered that it takes place in 2000 more, you might have a modest gather that title.

But Stanley I was just about to go on to do I think it was very London which is also like a growing… Ridiculous, ridiculously long movie.

Don’t worry, we’re not gonna watch that one.

It’s so worrying that a lot of stale moves it boring. Anyway, he just wanted a shorter thing to do in the middle, between these two, longer movies, estates was still over two hours. A man, short in the preparation like, “Oh family was writing it for writing 2001 with Arthur Clark for year. They talked about ideas of what this movie could be ’cause you wanted to make the definitive space movie anyway, why am I talking about 2001?

We can talk about that and yeah. Oh, we will and go get super bored again, by Stanley T. So the making of the making of Corrine didn’t take was a fraction of the time that it usually takes daily to make a movie, ’cause 2001 came out in 1996… Near the end of 90.Sorry, in 1968, I met…

Oh, I was about to say, he has the nice… And that we are… And anyway.

Oh, I forgot to say one thing about the… About help. We were an accident and she could have still just said, “Oh you can’t use her phone, but I’ll call the police for you or something. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, sorry. My point of bringing up that didn’t take too much time making this movie. There wasn’t a lot of consideration of like, “Oh what interesting futuristic technologies are we gonna use. ’cause that was kind of a part of 2001.

I see, so I think it was just like, “Let’s just get this… Let’s just get it on for what I… E-one, we’ll throw in some super-modern futuristic-looking for a shared me one with it made out of women mannequins.

Yeah, you have anything else.

Would you want furniture that was shaped like anatomically correct women, when you want retired shapes like anatomically correct me, Sure, Okay, we’ll look into it anyway, so that about wraps it up. You can find us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify were also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com. You can find other grade shows on there, like Captain game show cosmic potato. The super podcast.

Got it right. Yeah, landing party Star Trek after show World War trial by pilot and a few others. As for us. Just go to weight. You never seen that come to find like social media and contact information, you have some feedback and let is now if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch and so sure if it… The next time we’ll be watching, I sit and Wow, that’s a wild swing from A Clockwork Orange to Pollyanna it to get on, get whiplash.

Thanks for listening.

I do know and I eat so I… So I want to treaties and… And a ten I soothsayer the ethanol I Ioannina the okay that I… On, so in a Taoist “goodeno and I Oneonta on a totalitarian one, on I-“oonopidae Ioannina,.


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