Ep. 43 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Pollyanna?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Pollyanna (1960, Approved).


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Pollyanna IMDb page; Our The Room episode; Our Game of Thrones episode; Our Lost in Translation episodePollyanna by Eleanor H. PorterWhat is the Glad Game?Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor H. PorterAn Officer and a Gentleman IMDb page; Christopher Reeve Wikipedia pageCosmic Potato Podcast Network.

Next time, we’ll be talking about An Affair to Remember, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 43 below:

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Hi, this is same.

And this is Virginia “this is what you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today, we are discussing.

Wait, you’ve never seen Pollyanna why are you in one?

I’m laughing because I think this may be the first movie that would have picked that. The cheer does not like the movie except for maybe the room ’cause you Nora the room.

No, that was just punishment for both of us.

Yeah, so up friend any trigger warnings or anything? This is a Disney movie so it’s okay until about the very end where Pollyanna was trying to sneak back into what is it, her third floor bedroom window, I think so, yeah, and falls off the roof, which is quite alarming. And if she becomes paralyzed so I’m not happy now, which we’ll get to.

Yeah, I do use it. Okay, tell me three things you expected from this movie.

Number one whole ones from a precocious child Okay, number two to be very annoyed.

It is number three, far too much cuteness.

Okay, and so it sounds like you probably didn’t expect to like it.

1-5 stars.

I did not expect to like it. I expect this might actually just be pay back for the room.

So I that I… He mentioned the room because that’s what I was thinking.

So I think what we should tell our audience is that we were planning our next movies and shows to watch and I was saying movies that were not Pollyanna and you were like, “Oh I’m surprised you haven’t tried to get me back for the room yet, and I said, “Okay let’s watch Pollyanna. Yeah, which I hate.

That did kind of a…

I mean, that’s not my recollection exactly a… But here we are.

So what is your one sentence TV Guide summary for a what?

For all the… Yeah, actually that’s not her name.

This is the story of a child assassin who has vowed to avenge the death of her whole family by using the faces of her enemies. A girl has no name.

Okay, did you get these confused with Your Game of Thrones notes from a couple of weeks ago, we were in the middle of watching every single episode, a throat. Well, while we watch this… Yeah, preparing for the spectacular season eight from here, yes.

So yeah, I was a little influenced.

So would you like to hear what I… M-d-b-had to say about Pollyanna the sea.

So, “Palamas from 1960, it’s rated approved does not even read E-G-R-O-A-protein.

It’s two hours and 14 minutes. A comedy drama family movie, and it says a young girl comes to a bitter town and confine its attitude with her, determination to see the best in life.

I don’t even, I know that’s the idea of the phrase Pollyanna, I don’t even think that’s true at all.

You know, I, I, I think the summary is correct.

No, I mean I… Anyway, we’ll get to it.

So since you didn’t expect to like it, it sounds like the movie met your expectations, you like to be surprised. So I have the ending was just… That is just so true.

It is a…

I met that I was so much up. But it didn’t change the fact that I did enjoy the previous two hours, right?

So I actually gave it to three in a we, I was really at a job.

Yeah, I was wrong about it, it was charming and just the right amount of cuteness.

Frankly, and she wasn’t really a precocious. “You jerk, right?

She wasn’t one of those. Like what’s the actresses name Mills Hale males here, move her first act her first role, actually.

So maybe this is part of it because she’s not that precocious child actor, of like…

I’m gonna sound like an adult, just like all you guys.

I was expecting a lot of that getting right. A member and everybody’s face like a like… So Who’s that little girl whose things that on the good, yeah, I see a part, surely simple.

I could just as rally to… It’s more fun. It’s more funding. Yeah, there wasn’t hardly any of that. And frankly, if she plays the glad game, she is looking… She’s looking for something to be glad back, but with her parents are dead, that’s true, yeah, I was living with someone who has total the stain for her and biting her in a dusty old addict. Yes, right, so it’s fine that she plays the GLA and a Pollyanna means that both your parents are dead, and you’re being treated poorly.

Okay, I, which is a shame anyway, I think I’m getting ahead of myself.

Well, it really surprises me. But you gave it so many stars because as you know I am a very pessimistic person. My sister loved this movie, it’s her favorite movie. When we are growing up we watched it all the time and I’m just like this, the girl who always wants to be happy, and I always wants to look on the bright side.

Life is hard, and this is me to like 12.Well, I think Polly in a understands that life is… I heard that’s true, she’s had a pretty hard life, it to her. So that’s a different oil.

Did you notice this wasn’t a musical there? He wasn’t there, so I… There was some sin in there. You’re in there. But yeah, it was not a musical which I oddly I didn’t expect I didn’t expect it to be that.

Or the one more, or ninjas. The son was Ray, I heard a made in singing in the valley below.

I have seen this movie a lot of times.

Yeah, so the main conflict in the movie that everyone’s all in better about is that there is a rundown orphanage in town, it’s like a historical building at Polly’s family Polly “harington it’s called Harrington house, it’s been in our family for years and she’s like, Fine. I’ll just fix it after the pipe breaks in it and there’s water everywhere but the towns people are like… No, it’ll cost more money to fix it than if we just tear it down and build something newer and they’re like, they’ll raise the money for it, they’ll… It’s more about civic responsibility versus the responsibilities of wealth. Right, right, so yeah, that’s kind of the stage that is set, where all of these events happen is there’s this orphanage issue, it seems like that story takes a while to get off the ground, it really does.

We were probably 30-45 minutes into it and I’m like Why did they have that site is knowing ahead of time. Yeah, they’re gonna get to the bazar.

I’m like, I mean people don’t really seem to like each other, but I don’t see why there would be a bizarre… It’s funny that I like this and you don’t… You don’t like this movie. I’m just thinking about now, I didn’t realize I didn’t realize that you didn’t like. We don’t really discuss it too much before we… It wasn’t as terrible as I remember it being, I’m like, “Oh this is kind of nice. This girls like bringing happiness to people.

No, that don’t like to leave their homes or they’re kind of lonely or whatever. And then she falls off the roof again.

Okay, so I wanna go back a little bit, okay?

This movie opens with a naked child that I got, I forgot about that.

I don’t know that I should have been one of the trigger warning. Maybe it’s just weird, I’m like… That’s how you start your movie of it’s a Disney movie.

And yet you didn’t see anything strange about Lost in translation opening on Scarlet Johansson, but she was an adult.

You do a build, and I can look to me, we go at six, seven, to the younger.

They were skinny, it being in the creek? He was swinging on the rope, like they did in the good old big… Okay, so there were lots of naked children on just… One is a really good point, it’s just a…

Yeah, that’s the way to open your movie.

So another thing I didn’t expect was it for it to be a period piece. Now, I looked it up and the sand it takes place in 1910. but I think you have a different number.

So the book, it is based on a novel, Pollyanna by L-H-porter that was published in 1913, but we both noticed one of those horses carriages they had, right the license plates in 1912.So it would have to be at least 1912 that the movie is set in. Yeah, that’s weird, that’s weird that I just looked it up and that’s what it told me. Who knew that there could be wrong information on the web or maybe it’s one of those inconsistencies, or something where it’s a… Maybe it’s a movie that takes place in the past, it’s a period piece, but it’s about two years into the future.Told from the perspective of… I’m on a stop talking so I… How he… And a double dips, when she eats which is pretty growth that’s not very wholesome now, I think that there was a literal fire and brimstone preaching.

I wrote that down to, by that wild creature on a late school to where I said, “Where do you do put that?

But yes, I wrote down somewhere. Fire and brimstone, the chandeliers were rattling right and was an… I meant to look up the actor but I think he was a comic actor the guy that they picked to Play The Preacher.

Let me see Reverend Paul for the fire and brimstone preacher”As a inclination.

It must be fun to play. One of those parts were like, He doesn’t have a whole lot to do, but when he is doing it, there’s lots of yelling, and screaming through though, I always thought like in an ER it’d be fun to be one of those little parts, where it’s like, Please. No, you have to help me a… It must be fun to… Just like I’m gonna be the preacher, I’m gonna yell and scream, anyway.

So, when Pollyanna first arrived and Nancy comes to get her… They go back to a Polly’s house, and here’s the mess up part is that Angelica, I think is taking her upstairs to her room and they’re passing by all these guest rooms that all look lovely, who sleeps in here, nobody it’s just for show. Meanwhile, and junk has taken her up to the freaking addict. No, I… He’s perfect rooms and it’s like a tiny little room but she’s just so happy to have it because she’s never had a room of her own.

But I’m like, “I am poly so I… No, she says, “Oh I’m not used to. Children’s noises will get used to it.

Yeah, I still think there’s a… Even though there’s something that could be saccharin Suite about… And is happy about having my fair one room, but it wasn’t a…

Yeah, that’s true.

It wasn’t said in that way, it was just there’s a real sincerity, and I think that a lot of that has to do with Haley Mills and just her natural honest performance. She was 14 in 1916, and she, he was getting a little younger, I think.

Yeah, she seems a little younger than that.

So do we wanna talk about the glad game?

I think we touched on it a little bit, but we talked about it, but I don’t know that we described what is the glad game.

So in Virginia, what is the glad game I about my father and the dog you see I always want her to do.

But we never had enough money for things like that.

I find it was a minister, but surely he could afford a little thing like a dog, what he couldn’t. We had to have the money for food.

Oh, for having a safe… So anyway, my father wrote to the missionary people and asked them to… Please send a little second hand down.

That was a funny mistake.

Like a mission at the US came.

You said of a dull… They send a pair of crutches.

Well, of course, I was ranting Ed, so I that I made not the God came the What is… She’s been passing folks all over town with his sunshine and Happiness thing, hearts, and flowers enough to make you sick as you up. I wanna hear it.

So to me, the gonna read about the crutches my father said do it, but Could I… It’s trying, isoelect.

So he made me do not the guy came the glass as she… So anyway, to pay the game and is a Wii forgot about the data by Cove.

And you never need…

I found a reason to be in a… When there’s nothing happy about a pair of crutches.

Well, we look and that we didn’t have to hear them.

Finding the silver lining is basically the glad game, right? I would think to use or disagree. We agree that that’s what it is. I’m detecting a lot of disdain for the GLAD game, you me to I, I blame my sister.

Let’s play a black, and you easiest your sister did not suggest that you play the glad game. Did she only when she wanted to irritate but when I texted her to let her know that we had watched this movie, she wanted to know if it ranked in the top five of your all-time movies and out of that top five surely it had to be number one, it could not be any lower than number one and I think your response was… Yes, it’s number one of all. Disney movies.

There are a teenagers of the right.

Yeah, like in sports, like Everyone leads in baseball everyone leads the league in something even if it’s errors or the most number of errors committed on a Tuesday afternoon after 6 o’clock when it’s windy and rainy, outside, it’s a boring sport, when you have to keep track of every the… Or I said, “make an interesting… So there were, there were two main people that Pollyanna visited in their homes.

Yes, and that was Miss now. And Mr. Pendergast, Pendergrass under gas. I think Mr. Pendergast, was a real life. Get off of my lawn, and old man, I think he literally said, Get off of my line.

Yes, she did well with Crabby? Crabby older people the… In fact, she really… Besides that one boy, she really didn’t have too many interactions with kids. Your own age, that’s true, I hadn’t thought of that. Yeah, she mainly interacts with adults that you see me.

Well, I may be coming from, if I’m reading, maybe I’m reading to much into this, but if she’s coming from if she was her parents or missionaries and abroad maybe most of the company she was… It happens I-E, that’s true.

Had him out.

So I think she was really able to connect with them through the prisms right?

Oh right, right, the the one on the maker. I like those especially, but I think it… They were prisms that Mr. Pender gas and Mrs. No, just had in their house, but looking at it through these childlike wonder, eyes.

Oh my God, there’s a rainbow on your wall. How did that happen?

Right, the miracle of a natural world, right?

No, in a booth up.

So I wonder if it’s not so much that the rainbows and the prisons made those two people happy. Just like thinking about her childlike wonder, and what it was like to first see something like that when you first realized… Oh, that is how that light retracts on the wall or whatever.

I don’t know, what do you think?

Yeah, I like that, that’s interesting, yeah, it’s not the ‘it’s not the object, it’s the point it’s a point of view.

It’s the one in Haringey, that miss snow. Where her parents not when he worked on A to must have been born out of wedlock in Western these…

I’m sorry, I… So, I in a…

This is now was something else. She treat her daughter, I like crap… She is not very pleasant, but by the end, Piana has warms both Mrs. now and, Mr. Pendergast, hearts and ever will so much so that Mr. Pendergast, adopts the little boy she was friends with.

That’s true, yeah. Has a little weird moved a little too quick, but he’s in an orphanage, I guess, is a Be happy, I guess. Yeah, there must have been some sort of process, like I like…

Oh, you want a kid.

Well, here’s a good… So I do a all-works out.

The old lady drummer at the bizarre… Do you remember her? She was like totally jam she’s like, sitting all with her Emily Post-spine yeah, the… She’s in the band, right?

And she is just jam on.

And you look to be about 10 to at least at least the skater, one. But they didn’t even just… It wasn’t like a wide band shot like… And everybody’s having a good old time, they did a one shot. I’ve hurt multiple times. Yeah, as though she was like boom or that’s a Keith Moon was that the game from… But that’s not even a drumming verse versus what’s his name from a death Leppard?

I can’t think of a… “Oh that guy, yeah, drummer with the one in a… Yeah, while you’re looking that up, there was another thing I noticed, which doesn’t really surprise me for 1960s Hollywood Disney movies is that there were only white people in this movie, there weren’t even servants or typical African-American role, it wasn’t even that, not that I noticed. Now what area would he… What I continue where all these things were up to Google, so that Lorne “gummer is Rick Allen, he is known as “the thunder” God, just case here wondering this as the story takes place in a New England Village in the early 1900s, so New England. It doesn’t get more specific than just that.

I see, so do you have more to add, or do you wanna go on to the actual test?

Well, we see to get to the big finale. I’m sorry, I need to say right here, and I… And in Okay, it’s 1912, and she’s gonna go ahead spinal… It ended with her going to Philadelphia which I would think that they would wanna go to New York City, if they’re in New England because I… Maybe Philadelphia was the epicenter for Spike got injuries or something.

The movie is a little bit on the long side, for what it is for something, kind of light light and are as my mother would say It’s a little on the long side, but you just about to get on the train to go to Philadelphia being carried around by the way, which you got. Sure, I’m sure you have something to say, it out the… We were talking about it when we talk about Andy capper, trail. Anyway, a disability portrayal. I probably used the wrong word, so I… Anyway, I’m just thinking, “Oh she’s getting on the train and she’s gonna have this surgery and I’m like, I’m like, “Alright I’m strapped in for another, what, 20-30 minutes, and ’cause we need to know why would they end it why would they end it?

It is a… She’s a very, the chances of her surviving spinal cord surgery in 1912, not very like… That’s why they ended it right there horrible, horrible, horrible. I did look this up because it set me so much the author in this one.

You try hard not to little apes.

We as Palais paralysis is not funny, but your reaction, your indigent.

It is a funny he is…

I just try to like you, that this child and you probably… You killed her, “you killed her.

I essentially and this author of Pollyanna-had the balls to make a sequel.

I have no idea what it might be but she did write I… So I see, I have no idea what it’s about.

Well, I guess she survives or maybe it’s just a… To here. He remember how Polly and he taught us the God-a.It’s just so time-to-go, “What happened?

Oh man, yeah, so that A… I should have actually I started writing as we do these. You kind of write notes, and at a certain point near the end or maybe 7-5% through the movie. I’m like, “You know what, I like this more than I thought 35, I almost not get that a little bit ’cause that’s a neat…

I can’t get over. That ending is too much.

So, it’s moved on

Okay, so on the back till test, what do you think, I’m trying not to read ’cause I like to guess I like to guess the back of test.

Oh God, to be got a pass.

Yeah, it definitely passes. It wasn’t on the back. A test website.

Yeah, I, but Miss snow, and Holly Andy got to talk about more than… I mean, just pollyanna basically talks to every female character in this movie, she talks to Nancy, she he is a co-and as a tense talks to Angelica, and the other house keeper, whose name I can’t remember right now, many lines did maybe mid-up to memorize.

I know she was amazing. Yeah, so yeah it definitely passed.

Awesome, so disability for trial. I’m strapped in.

So basically what happens is, Piana falls off the roof near her window, they show her kind of on-the-ground with her legs all skewed all over the place, right, I and then the next thing we see she’s just lying not even a pillow just lying flat on the bed and she’s very depressed, and she doesn’t even wanna play the glad game, which is like how you know this is serious business because she loves playing and I’m not saying that to be the… She loves playing in the glad game, and so she doesn’t wanna do that. That’s a significant… This is depression eight, yeah, so I think it’s important to note that she was lying flat on a lip in bed. And then what happens is a Holly’s boyfriend comes up there, I can’t remember his name, right now, either during all this time, all of the town has come to see her off to her risky spinal cord surgery and a Holly’s boyfriend picks her up and is basically just like you would carry in an officer and a gentleman, a bridge to the… Yeah, through the ESOL. That can’t be good for her spinal court. I understand it’s a movie, you have to have that warm moment where the town… Thanks her for what she’s done, and she sees her importance in the community.

But you also just made a big deal of her laying flat on the bed and now you have her spinal curled up and stuff, you no number one rule about someone who just landed on their head or may have suffered a back or I don’t touch them, don’t… Touch them at all. That someone’s not moving, you don’t go up, and you shake them like the Menu okay, don’t do that ’cause you can literally be killing them doing that right, which of course, this is a Disney movie. And so it has to have… I mean, I agree, it’s not really a happy ending.

I mean, sure she realizes it, as the in the town at… So, I Antonine… But like you’re saying, it’s 1912 final court surgery. It doesn’t look good, I mean… So, she may never walk again, and that is something that she and her family have to grapple with in accessibility and disability treatments in 1912, or way more terrible than what they are now, you know, so I, I would have liked to have found out what happened to Pollyanna, but I kind of don’t want to know what happened ’cause I feel I can’t play the glad game with what happened, Pollyanna okay, but so are there any pop culture references you now understand?

Well, I understand less about what the… Right, with the concept of Pollyanna-I’ve been told like, “Oh you have this Pollyanna idea about the way of the world to be or whatever. When you talk about things in a positive light.

I’ve already, I’ve already…

I already spoken about that, but yeah, weirdly, I understand less. And it’s interesting that this book, the book I think, more so than the movie actually coined the term Pollyanna to mean a bright and cheery person is literally in the…

Oh, I didn’t know that, I theater I… Yeah, yeah, that was gonna be my main question. That’s pretty much the only pop culture references. I would bet everyone, at least in these United States, if not at least in other countries know what that person is such a Pollyanna means because of this movie that lots of people may not have seen.

That’s all I… It’s like when you call something a jacket, I took those guys.

There are no corners, of terms anyway, so I…

Oh, how would the movie, be different with today, is like… Oh sorry, how would the movie, be different with today’s technology? I’m glad you asked, Virginia. So I know I stave this not really rule but I have this idea of like, “Well if it’s a period piece if it’s a very… It doesn’t matter what the technology might be, but I’m, again, really upset by the final cord. Science is just absolutely amazing. Now, I get a… So when someone breaks their neck, one of the first, second, or third vertebrates of the worst ones to break it, concubine a paraplegic.

Yeah, I no movie is a… Are those the S ones?

Yeah, the ones are the lower ones, right? Yeah, see one, two, three, and four or three and four. I think especially a really bad to break, I think one and two I… It’s difficult to break those.

Obviously, I’m not in medicine, so I don’t really know exactly but your injury even if you are a paraplegic if you’ve broken your neck, your injury is either open or closed, so if it’s open that means that you have a chance to recover from it.

If it’s closed, there’s very little chance that there’s gonna be any sort of recovery there’s nothing to do, there’s no set, like, “Oh here’s the way to rehab you.

So does the open or clothes have to do with nerve endings or… So it’s just a one structure, it’s not a term for what’s actually happening with the bones, it’s just a description of the injury. I say injury, is either open or closed, open meeting a, I believe the idea is open to a therapy or a closed to…

I know on the therapeutic ways of getting you back on your feet, quite literally.

So, I tethered.

And the reason the reason I know about this is because I read both of Christopher Reeves books that he wrote after his injury, so I, the broke out his Sea is the three or three or four, he had a… It was a horse riding or the… It was a tie, yeah, he was jumping on a horse and a competition I believe, and he broke his neck and he found out he, the found out that his injury was closed, but they didn’t stop him to seek out different ways of sort of recovering anyway. Which is kind of amazing, wasn’t he an advocate for stem cell research and stuff like that? That seems to stand out in my mind. Yeah, absolutely. stem cell research. There are many different process. The processes that he had, he was supposed to be on the ventilator for the rest of his life, but his… They put in essentially a ventilator and his lungs. A prosthetic. I don’t think it’s prosthetic, but they put in a device inside his body under his lungs that helped him that led in Breton his own without a ventilator which is just kind of amazing.

Would you say he’s like a-a-a-a-a-super-man.

I’m frowning and that’s not very good, that’s not good. Podcasting is not a good time.

So I the other thing that this is more about spinal cord injuries in general, is he advocated for… There’s a shot that if emts have it and there’s been someone with a traumatic injury injury to the spine if they get the shot within enough time and then it’ll stop the spread of spinal cord fluid spinal cord fluid is great if it’s inside our pets. Really, the thing that does the terrible damage when you break your vertebrae? So it’s the spinal cord fluid that does a lot of the data in a court. Fluid is horrible outside of the spinal cord, so this shot will stop that from causing the permanent damage.

That’s very interesting, yeah.

So yeah, I think Pollyanna odds of survival would be much greater significantly greater exponentially greater today than they would go over a 100 years ago.

Yeah, it’s true, we… Do you have anything else?

I do not… That about wraps it up. You can find us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and speaker were also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com. You can find some other grade shows their captain game show cosmic potato the super fan to podcast world org trial by pilot and a few others. As for us, just go to weight. You’ve never seen dot com to find links social media and contact information, we have some feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch.

That’s a show for the day. Next time will be watching an affair to remember which I don’t actually think is a real movie, it has my classic a boyfriend or grant in it that’s why I… Yeah, do love. I do love a car. A grant.

Thanks for listening in.

I guess I agree Palamas. odds of survival would be significantly higher in today’s one. Swear to God, his timing or he’s training to First I… So we do a… You know, please.

I think she wants to be part of the pocket. She wants to be like a third member of our podcast right now. Maybe they do A in it, they know.

I know

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