Ep. 44 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen An Affair to Remember?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about An Affair to Remember (1957, Not Rated).


You can listen to the show by clicking here.

Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

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Next time, we’ll be talking about 2001: A Spacey Odyssey, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 44 below:

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I teach me and this is for gin. Yeah, this is way you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known is an TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today, we’re discussing.

Wait, you’ve never seen an affair to remember. Oh, I wanna Fortis.

So on the…

So I at is… A lot interest.

The is a dance that goes on in this.

Okay, so up friend, the movie never actually states the extent of her injuries, but it’s implied that debris character Terry… Terry McKay.

So it either is either paralyzed or it doesn’t have full use of her legs and one to try to walk again or that which occurs in an accident, that’s a later that’s…

I think the accident happens about halfway through the movie, maybe a little later than that.

I have no way of measuring time in this moving, I and on and on.

So, tell me three things you expected from this movement Ron Com. But the 1959 version. So that could be anything really infidelity, affairs in the title and I’m a very literal person.

Thirdly, shot on location somewhere in Greece. Maybe the poster you showed me as I didn’t have anything to go on besides it was carry grant and somebody else and it sounded like a love thing.

The poster you showed me, had what looked like some sort of Mediterranean… So The situations turns out that, as Italy, right? No frameshift the Trainor there in France, yeah, there’s no other in France, I believe so…

’cause they took off, right? No other in France. I was thinking, Spain, sorry. Yeah, ’cause they took off from Italy, so you can’t get as a northern or it took him a while to get to France though they did, that’s true.

Oh my goodness, did you say all three things I did?

So did you expect to like it?

I mean, oh no, we do TV guy summary later.

Now you tell me, what if you expect it to like it, the stars and then your summary, I’m sorry.

Oh yeah, because I’m getting confused because I just let this movie, how I started off being like “Alright three stars. Because I like Carry grants.

35 is usually where I start. If you’re not sure, you started about 35.

I like Cary Grant, but I know that stars don’t guarantee that I’m gonna enjoy a movie unless it’s Bruce Willis, even if it’s a terrible movie. I’ve enjoyed Bruce Willis and I just enjoy looking at… Bruce was, I was looking at Roswell. But I also like when he’s annoyed when he’s upset with you, and he gets kind of sarcastic and this voice ’cause I’m like, “is I even like that?

I enjoyed Hutson heart hot and a was a really bad movie. I think it has, if it has double digits on Rotten Tomatoes, right now be really SRI.

So, I totes… So tell me your one sentence, TV Guide summary.Do married people run out on their spouses and run around in a quaint Mediterranean town, having mad cabin ventures in infidelity the… So, I see at the… With this IMDB “Talas and says, “Well first it’s an affair to remember from 1957-0759.

I treated.

It’s an hour 55 minutes, that’s a lot, that’s a six. You know, it’s a drama, romance, not a rom-com.

You didn’t have a… That the… And it says a couple falls in love and agrees to meet in six months at the Empire State Building. But will it happen on back?

So tell me how things obviously did not meet your expectations in… Okay, so there were parts in the beginning. I found it funny but the way did it drive. Sometimes there are at along chapel prayer, songs, and that in terminal so… So the piano song that The… So a lot, I do one at a…

I had… You’ve done it once in English. Can you do it in a French place also wonders, can’t do French accent, I’m sorry.

No, it was literally in front. I know, but I know Spanish, that French so I found that ridiculous. They ran through a one and like, “Oh okay ’cause it’s like there’s that there are those… You could stop it now or you could do it again in French. And they did it again in French.

Well, I think we should point out to our audience at this point. We’ve heard the song in the opening credits sing by Vic somebody. I think then when they get to Nick’s grandmother’s house Nicky is carry grants character.

You go on, see the grandmother, plays it once instrumentally then Terry Debra character sees it in English then in French.

So at this point we’ve heard four variations of the song.

So I was trying to keep track. They played it more time, yeah, throughout, I counted a total of 6, but I think it might be more than six, I think six is pretty close. ’cause she sings it in her final night club act on. And then I think after their reunited Carrara and Debra, I think that’s like the big swelling “loafi to remember playing. You got not do that anymore, not stuck in it.

He want me to seeing that. Or a good morning.

Okay, so, moving up, I adjusted my start level by one half because it was starting to get boring so we worked out, I was down the 25, but in all caps, I wrote this, the US lost a full star for putting that.

The song taste, another time.

A 15. and that was a four-time and throw the Morton a lot of the star.

Okay, at one point.

So one in five.

Oh man, I was… So I was getting really tired of that song.

They went all in the US have paid the big bucks were like they wanna use it for all that. It’s worth right and you pay for this one you paid with a song, it’s not… Is it like her play?

Oh my God, lots.

So, you decided on 15 stars down from 35.You’re lucky that you got one part.

We wanna have to watch arson and in all ways to cleanse your carry-grant pallet. I don’t blame Carrigan for his, he didn’t say You know what we should put the song in there, like 14 more on… So I didn’t get…

I wouldn’t have guessed that this would also be a should of it. This would be about lovers who started out with the sort of antagonistic relationship. Again, I don’t understand why these romantic movies have to start with everybody hating each other, I don’t think they, I don’t think they really hated each other. I think that Terry that… Well, first they are both committed to their respective partners. Neither one of them was married but they were practically engaged, right?

So, I think Terry saw Nike as a playboy that she was trying to find off. Not so much like I hate you just like “Here’s this annoying nuisance that I just need to get rid of. He sees her, someone who needs to be chased in my even pursued. Yeah, so… And like her “rebuffs just make him want her more.

Oh, I got the… And again, this is still just bad behavior.

What sort of antagonistic behavior make?

Why do you see antagonistic behavior? ’cause I was interpreting in a rent way. Yeah, we’re talking about the same thing. It’s when they first meet and they’re like… And she’s like… Oh, the whole thing about them spending time together, there’s always… She puts up like she puts up road blocks along the way. Yeah, this isn’t happening, and you have to leave. And I can’t remember the exact, but there is this sort of like “Hey no, we’re not gonna do this and but it’s not like we can’t do this. I am about to be engaged.

There was a… And there was a little bit of that, but I there wasn’t really a lot, it was more like We can’t be seen together. What will people say? Not like, “Oh is… He loves me so much and I can’t do this to him. In fact, one of the much of all, which is weird, one of the songs that they dance to on their last night on the cruise ship is you make it easy to be true or you’re both cheating.

We are on your faces now.

Yeah, I’d written this down.

Not too much guilt. Or, maybe they both just have perfect guilt management.

Yeah, I also like that they thought they were being Sly, but every single passenger on that ship, and what was going on even all the way up to them getting off the boat when they’re giving each other the… I like, “Oh yeah, that’s my man, and that’s my woman. And the passengers between them are looking back and forth, like the tennis match.

It’s a so obvious, so I like there’s some cartoony moment that’s cartoony, moment. Human beings would not, if they’re trying to, they’d be more like Jonathan on June… Yeah, but the two famous people, board our ship given us to a halt.

Oh yeah, so if I remember correctly, it’s been a billion year since I’ve seen “Sleepless in Seattle, but I borrow as a major point from an affair to remember partially because the women of the movie love, the love that movie so much. I think where Meg Ryan and Tom hangs are supposed to meet at the top of the Empire State Building much like Terry and Nicky.

This was one of my pop culture references. Oh really, yeah, maybe I should have maybe I should have waited to do that one.

I feel like suppose isn’t in Seattle frankly, as a way of better ending you miss.

And this was the model they took the concept and made it better, I think.

Yeah, ’cause that’s just such a bummer. They made it a turning point for… That’s when Terry gets run over is not clear what happens.

Some sort of a car accident. Yeah, she gets hurt in some way running across the street to the eye, yeah.

Are you already out of your ammunition, are you… Oh, no, or to have more to complain about how to… Why would you think… I just complaining, why I only be complaint ’cause you really hated this movie. I did, so I do have a couple of things I can we talk about the Mid-Atlantic accent, so sure Terry McKay has it to a certain degree, and it’s in a lot of these older movies that we that we see what the Mid-Atlantic accent and sometimes called the Trans-Atlantic accent, it’s an accent of English, that’s a blending of prestigious American and a British British language, British accent basically.

So I was like, “Oh hey, hey, sister have you had… Have you had the news? It’s like that fast, talking stilted way of speaking. It was adopted in the early 20th century, mostly by American aristocrats and actors. It’s not a native vernacular or regional American accent, it’s just to put on, but short access to a Eitan.

Yeah, so a you that like…

Well, this is the, this is the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

It’s not American is not British. That’s why I called Mid… Mid-Atlantic or trans-Atlantic. Oh so annoying.

I’m trying to think of other actors who might, who might use that accent. Like you be Catherine, have burn or yes I do, I have burn.

It’s sort of part inherited it. There was a movie.

Oh, which I don’t think you’ve seen which you might need to. It’s called the HUD soccer proxy.

I have never even heard of that.

It’s at the “controvers yes.

So Raising Arizona.

Oh brother, or a tether yes, home Brothers movie, but there’s anyway there’s an actress that I in constant saw roe in a marine of constants.

I’ve seen troubles on my days I bid farewell to Kentucky, the place where I was born and raised.

I don’t really know the word. That’s where he… What is for…

See, it’s not A to an A… What else does it to you, is it?

I know it’s true at first, back in the last…

I’m not gonna say anything.

Okay, so when we were watching this movie, this terrible talent, it’s not terrible. I just, I know in going, “I didn’t do, I didn’t personally enjoy it, I did find things they were good in it also in one thing is never a bad at it, but there was a point where I laughed inappropriately.

Yeah, I noticed that Okay, that moment was when Nicki and Terry are talking on the decorative at night, and they’re doing with the call coverage where they point the camera towards Nicky and then, he talks and then you point the camera and the way… Opposite direction, and then you hear you have Terri talk.

The direct… They’re directly across from each other.

So your… You’re supposed to be seeing in the background, you’re supposed to be seeing a way different thing, wouldn’t you think the okay, the stars behind them are showing a striking. I noticed it ’cause I’m like, “Oh that doesn’t look like any consolation, I’ve ever seen. It’s like, Is this sword like shape in the sky? I’m like, “That doesn’t look like any consolation, that’s real.

And I saw it behind Terry. And then they showed they showed the ’cause the exact same thing right behind them.

And I’m like, “It didn’t even bother to come up with a different fake bit of Scott and maybe they had exceeded their budget.

I can’t thank you just so I. asides, the sky, and you’re not making it look like the sky to a entertainment.

He has a delighted and I on it, so I… That to love darts a weekend. You have more to say about this lovely movie.

Not really, if I watched it again, I would probably fast forward through 90%. A love to remember songs and the kids singing that. So, like Okay, kids have jobs, and that’s great. Oh, I forgot to mention that there were two black children in the choir who’s… So purpose seems to be to dance while the other kids were singing, and it made me very uncomfortable.

The tithe, as it was done.

So I also, when the first, when the kids first started singing, I’m like, “Oh I… It’s just randomly. Two black kids in the choir at Simon for 1957, right? And then they would show pairs of children singing and it’s not like when they got to the black kids that had changed the tone changed in some way. I’m like, “Oh this is done in a pretty great way for an 1957. and then all the other kids separated, so the black ETS could come down and I’m like, They’re there just today.

I said this, it was a a a lot, it was so awful, like I, I just stop being racist old Hollywood and be better just you better on cars in 1950, such… Oh no, oh Lord.

So yeah, I could do without pretty much all of the singing scenes except maybe Terry’s final night club performance. I would probably watch that one now, but yeah, it’s, I like it, I like the storyline and I love Cary Grant because he’s my classic when we start boyfriend, he is dreaming he’s very dreaming.

I wonder if I don’t really wanna see him saving people from dares in a building though Bruce Willis is not dreaming.

That is a tent.

Well, I agree to disagree on a…

Are you ready to go to the fatal test or do you have more negative things to test?

So I, I’m done being terrible. Waite. Gonna get Ila to guess. Okay, I’m gonna say that it passes.

Yes, there is some, there are some country or some debate about it, but to me I E-when they stop at Nike’s grandmother’s house, Nicky go somewhere, maybe into the chapel. And Terry helps the grandma with the T trays. And we talk about a few things like, “Oh do you have a house keeper? And she’s like, “No my last one quit and I don’t wanna have to break in a new one or what all the… So, I mean, they did talk a lot about Nicky, but they also have brief moments of to… I think that would pass, and then I think right before right before Nicky shows up at Carrie’s door at the very end that her housekeeper was there Terry’s housekeeper was there and let him in and they had said something like… Oh, are you gonna be here… Saturday, are you gonna whatever? So there are a couple of moments.

Other gay mother, is a grand mother name began the name the Word for grandmother in front and French.

Oh, that’s a good, that’s a good point. I don’t know if she is named he calls her Jon new, but that might just attenuate.

So a question mark, I will need to do more research.

Sorry, a boo disability portrayal really comes down to Terry’s paralysis and her refusal to let Nicky know what’s going on, which I don’t know how you think that. How did you like or dislike how that was portrayed in the movie?

I don’t know why she didn’t. Just the fact that Here is why I didn’t need you at the top of the thing, I was in aid in. Yeah, you just think that I’m a jerk, I guess.

Yeah, yeah, that’s what he thinks.

That doesn’t really get estado. I can understand someone trying to keep things private, and is not everyone’s business that do you know?

So I know a AAAS a disability to a… But come out… Yeah, and it seems like you would want to know if your potential partner would stick by you in those times of difficulty and stress. So if you could go to him and say, “This is what happened to me and he’s like… Yeah, I can’t handle this. Well, you have your answer and you can move on with your life, and he can move on with his life but if he’s like, Okay, I’ll do whatever I need to do to help you. And they form a relationship and whatever. Yeah, I think that’s a little bit different but I’m kind of torn on how they portrayed when they were in that theater they had gone to see the show, it was like her first time out with her at this point. X “viana can and nine was there, I think with his still fiance, I can’t remember her name, though, and she was just Terry was just sitting in a chair and didn’t get up to say, “Oh hello, how do you do? I’m like, “It’s even clear to the view or whether or not she’s able to stand or not.

It’s not ’cause it makes sort of a show of like, Here’s the wheel train, right? That’s what I’m saying is like I’m kind of torn on that particular plot device because in 1957, there wouldn’t have been a seat for her wheelchair sure, but in 1957 it would have been common to be like… And here’s the dreaded wheelchair. This is why they can’t be together because she’s disabled now, and nobody loves disabled people or whatever, right?

So sort of realistic in one way, but not so realistic in another way, I think when you think… Yeah, there’s, there’s a lot of… This is one of the many things in this movie where I’m just like, I don’t… Don’t quite, I don’t quite get it.

Gotcha, are there any… Are there any pop culture references, you know understands…

Well, yeah, besides the Tatiana a hot thing.

Luckily, that song has been lost to time when I hang. Was that… You know it, if you wait on a fair to remember a love affair to remember it’s a love affair to remember.

’cause I would have is… That’s, that’s the course.

We just watched a clockwork or to imagine in that march. If they’re like a work or just a clock. “warriner Iran right now, absurd absolutely absurd.

Oh, my goodness. Can you imagine if Star Wars had Li job?

Oh, okay, I… In the Asia I brought it, I brought that out. I don’t know, you just covered my mouth yet.

Wow, well, I see we’re done here.

So, one big thing on how with the movie be different with today’s technology. I text him that and acted, I mean, come on, video chat with them. He only see from the net, you know what, there’s that emergency thing on your phone on iPhones, now, right?

Where it’s like, “Oh if I’m in an accident, or whatever. Here’s my emergency information, right, and a, I don’t know if you can do this, but here’s the people you should contact if I’m in.

Yeah, there’s a way to do it on the iPhone, where if you push a button, it’ll say like Medical ID and then I list all your allergies in your emergency contact.

I take care of that, yeah, but on one… Or make you could a term on the evening news or his Twitter feed, and seeing that there was an accident involving Terry McKay at the Empire State Building.

Doesn’t something improbable happen, you can hear it, but doesn’t recognize it.

Her on the top of the empires day building, there was a loud screech and then an ambulance siren or maybe the police car siren, I’m not sure. And there might be better medical treatments for for art, yeah, if if this was made today… Not that people don’t get paralyzed in this day and age, but I think just across the board, medical treatments are better now than they were 60 years ago.

Sure, and a first responder sort of situation. I think medical emts are better equipped to deal with an injury, ’cause sometimes it’s a matter of time when you’re talking about certain injuries to the… To perform the right kind of things right there on the scene to stop them from being permanently.

Before we wrap up, I also have to apologize for putting to paralysis, movies at that in A…

I didn’t realize I was doing that when we scheduled our shows until I was like, “Oh we need a record Pollyanna and then… Oh, and then an affair to remember. And you’re like, “Let’s watch an affair to remember first ’cause it’ll probably be lighter and I’m like, “Yeah sure, so I… Let’s do that.

I think we had when we were watching them the order way watching them, we had Corcoran and an affair to remember, and I’m like, Well, yeah, one of these are gonna be more traumatized. The other pretty… And it’s still cocaine is still more anyway, but yeah, at least in both Pollyanna and this movie, it’s not, it’s a defining moment, but it’s not all about that right right and, Terry was still able to work after her injury because she was directing those children singing their awful song. So even in that case, it’s not portraying is like, Okay, well, she’s disabled now, she’s a burden to society. I can’t take care of herself, and can’t hold down a job. So some of it was some of it was good, but some of it, it was not so good.

The Are you ready to be done? Talking about this more?

Oh, I, I, I’m perfectly happy to be done.

So you can find us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and we’re also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com. You can buy an other great shows on there. Some of which we are on.

Well, me mostly but I…

Captain Game Show, which is a game show on it’s fun.

It alienates really, a lot of different things.

I either is one called Papa, fix where paper makes his own Netflix, so that’s good. The captain of Captain game show, John will give titles or give clues to titles. And you have to put smart in the right part of the title. That’s good, the funniest one that everyone… I wasn’t on this show, but I wish I had been… Where the clue was about “Dirty Dancing” and I think it was all… She said, “dirty smearing which I know I want to be like a union of sexual… And you and oh, in a pure at… We can go on to an Urban Dictionary dotcom put it on there, describe what that is. Anyway, cosmic potato the Super Fan talk podcast the landing party which is a Star Trek after show, which I love in case our audience doesn’t know I love Star Trek.

Got a crowbar, and start tracking the eye.

We recently re-branded that show because it was a discovery after show, but now they’re doing a card show and they’re gonna have an animated show. So we’re just gonna be talking about all things. Star Trek excellent World War I very nerdy trial by pilot. They watch pilots of shows and decide if they’re good or not.

Based on the pilot based on the pilot Star Trek would not hold up well to trial by pilot except for Discovery, discovery had a pretty great pilot, but a lot of Star Trek series, do not have good pilots. Looking at you encounter and bar point I was gonna say it, I like the first that I like everything to a C-related.

Yeah, But I tease the jellyfish thing, the thing I create them, the thing that takes me the most is when Troy at the end, she’s like, “I feel great joy and gratitude. Like can you give her something else better to say please?

They were working out what to do with how they really were. Yeah, so now that we’ve gotten completely side-tracked anyway, as for us, just go to weight. You’ve never seen dot com to find link social media and contact information, we have some feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch. That’s our show for today.

Next time will be watching. 2001 is… So, I do a…

Oh, you don’t do it don’t.

So we’re just gonna read a colonel.

Oh, brick is supposed to be joining us. So, maybe “hilarion A…

I’m excited thanks for listening.

So that there’s a stat were teetering, the Ethernet and the About.

Alright, so I lost to… Paul were Boleros and I was too out it was, or a lot the… This is a no a throw is… That’s a…

So I, on a white the east.

Well, I, it onto…

I Tintoretto.

We too. And that she aeration.

So I read, I eat, so I… That and we may a two, man.

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