Ep. 45 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, Rated G).


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Hi, this is shame.

And this is Virginia and this is weight. You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today we’re driving by a special guest because we’re discussing what you’ve never seen. 2001 Space Oddity.

It’s still going, it’s playing on the TV right now. I’m sorry, those everything the end of it. Our special guest tonight is the founder of the infinite diversity podcast network and a regular cosmic potato contributor.

Rick, how you track that sounds really important but a more important than it is.

I start with the word infinite. I already got my attention right so we’re gonna do a little discussing of this long movie, you know what I… Let’s say I eat… Interestingly as you probably both know I do the trigger mornings at Brent and everything, this movie is so boring. I didn’t even notice anything that needed to be announced. It was people in and talked too much, there was not a whole lot of violence, there was the one mentee, hardly any women there.

Well, yeah, so I am coed or healing. That’s true as a tertiary.

Anyways, moving on.

Okay, so Virginia tell me three things that you expect from this movie.

I’m sorry, Shane, I’m a great… I can’t do that.

He is good, long and boring. I had attempted to watch this once before and I literally fell. Albion A send you out in a pod, the 3-3 and 0 to just a moment I, I, I expected to see a lot of familiar things, because as you both have mentioned it was a starting point for a lot of CII movies, very groundbreaking. So, see, I do respect the classic-ness of the movie which mean by respect but okay, and finally with a theme like 2000 a Space Oddity, I expected amazing music.

Okay, alright, excellent. Okay, so did you expect to like this movie? She’s shaking your head?

Not really, you did a long and boring to starts to starts. What does your one sentence a ten, I think. Yeah, we’ll both appreciate this. Okay, let’s go space to a tee. The final friend here.

So to this is The odes of a space station orbiting a planet that appears to be earth its mission to be long and boring to it where no one has orbited before. I feel like I should clarify the orbit thing because when we don’t know anything about the movie we’re allowed to send each other. The movie posters. Yeah, and it looked like some sort of Deep Space Nine, a space station orbiting a planet that looked like art, so I’m like, Oh, I was very confused. That’s why I put orbiting the poster, she saw was the one, there’s several the poster, she saw was the one of the Pan Am a ship going into the space station with I think maybe the moon in the background, I think, so yeah, so that one, I know it fairly well.

So would you like to know what I am? DB says about this fire.

Sure, how long was it? 17 hours?

Well, that’s how long, but not quite two and a half, right, you just, I’m like, Okay, after discovering a mysterious artifact Berry beneath the lunar surface mankind. I don’t know what the ladies were doing.

Mankind sets off on a quest to find its origins with the help from intelligence. Super Computer HAL 9000, how 9000 and human is a thoroughly inadequate description.

The test three then, what they were at, I care about what was it rated out of curiosity? ’cause I came out in 6. 8 is rated G, actually at 19-68 readers pre-moon landing.

Sure, yeah, just… Yeah, he was actually in contact Stanley Kubrick, was in contact with the NASA and kept getting updated soon. A photo is and what not.

So, after watching this movie, to…

I honestly do, I saw a lot of beginnings of the things I see in Star Trek, and Archer of course their whole season, this season is Archer in space, basically.

Yeah, or create a to… So I really do appreciate that, but oh my God, it was this is the first movie out of all the movies we watch, where I almost fell asleep.

I pose a lot, to be honest, it’s true and I make a confession, but yeah, I love this movie. It is a very hard watch. And I will grant you that it is now, Rick, I’m sorry I put you on the spot, but you actually watch this recently, I re-watch this recently, I just finished watching it about 45 minutes ago, last wow, look, “Oh you’re fresh.

How he… You Iwai. You need it now.

And Ettore continued.

I will, there’s a little button on your remote that’s got two arrows pointing to the right. It was very handy with this phone. Oh yeah, so total disclosure. We did not sit through the intermission.

I might, I… Yeah, my sister and refers to this as a bad movie, but a great film.

I would agree with that.

Oh no, it I’ll buy that, yeah, yeah, it’s not… It wasn’t made for entertainment, it’s art, it’s definitely are.

I did my rating down a little to 1-5, because it was really, it was even more boring than I expected, I expected at least some kind of human to. I didn’t expect them to be so isolated, which I know is realistic to like that if we were actually traveling in space, it wouldn’t be filled with people. You don’t wanna be sending a few people, but it was still so boring. I’m so sorry.

Eaton’s. Okay, so break what? What do you think of this movie?

Okay, so, so a lot of…

Okay, I’m trying to figure out where to start with this, because this movie has been part of my life almost my entire life.

Yeah, I now granted, I’m not old enough to have seen it in cinemas, when it was out, I was three or four-years-old. In 1968, and I don’t think I would have made it through the film, then but I think I read a book about the making of the movie when I was like nine or 10.Wow, just as it was one of those, there was this library. Some of your early memories don’t really lock into any sort of reality. Other than just I was in this library in was not the first time I’d been in this library. I found this book about 2001 at the time, I was already a huge Star Trek fan. So with space ships, or rockets or anything like that. grab my attention.

So I’m reading all of these facts about this movie I’ve never seen… And barely heard of.

And then years later, I finally saw it, but also I’m a huge Arthur C-Clark fan, and if you’re not familiar listeners with the genesis of 2001, A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick teamed up with Arthur C-Clark with the idea was to write a novel, a science fiction novel and then base a film on that novel is supposed to be and I’ll be all the best science fiction movie ever made about space right at the time. Yeah, yeah because you have to keep in mind, and that’s the main thing you have to try to do when watching this movie is the temporal context of the film is very important because in 1968 movies took a lot longer to tell their stories and also Star Wars was still nine years away.

Ari yeah, 68. yeah, nine years away. And if you look at the science fiction films of the time we’re like, in rocket ship XM and when worlds collide and it things like that. Where your spaceship is basically a silver cylinder with a sparkle or stuck in the back of it. I think so, I kinda… Well, yeah, it’s a hard watch, it’s a hard slog, but if you can appreciate the art of the fact that nobody had seen this kind of realistic space travel before and humans had barely been in space, at this point, right? Yeah, so I don’t fault Kubrick for the long lingering loving operatic Baltic spaceship moments and watching it again, today. A lot of the effects. Yeah, some of them it’s like, “Wow that is so clearly just a piece of cardboard, painted to look like a spaceship, and dragged across the frame.

But there’s other things like the space station and the landing of the moon that spherical moon shuttle and going down into the moon base, and stuff, that those effects are as good. We’re better than anything that’s being done today. It revolutionized science fiction film.

The story is loosely based. I want a Clark short story is called The Sena with a couple other things thrown in, and then the ending of course is just this acid trip to “kubern at with.

I have so many questions about that, which we’ll get to, but yes, I was, I had no idea what was happening.

I do and I can explain it if you want. When we get here.

Well, I have my own feelings Rick and I hope I help with me. I argue have either of…

Have you read the novel?

I have not, I’ve read the sentence. No, I’ve read a couple of… I listened to books, about the making of and seeing documentaries and things like that. We never real 200, the book. 2001… No, okay, ’cause he explains what happened, he explains the anyway, what it’s supposed to be kubert. And went in a different, slightly different directions right off Caracas.

I see what that is, is… But at a point, I was trying to… Sorry, no, guys, really quickly. The reason I mentioned that I’m a fan of Clarks is that a lot of Clark’s books are like this movie, not a whole lot happens but they’re fascinating. Anyway, my favorite book of Clark is run, even with Rama in which an alien artifact giant cylinder enters the solar system completely blowing everybody’s mind because it’s the first exposure to anything alien and it passes through and near ship goes, aboard and stuff happens, but nothing happens. It’s really, it’s kind of hard to explain without spoiling but I kind of really like that aspect of his al where there’s no dog fight, there’s no giant robots There is no super human beings or anything, that’s just mystery and it’s not always explained.

Yeah, I think a little bit of mysteries honestly, it’s honestly okay, I like explanations.

Man, I about… I’m sorry, we’re only just talking, we see this podcast is a slow as the movie. Can I talk about the opening sequence? Really? Yes, because I have a few things to say about it.

So I was…

I think that the opening sequence encapsulates the movie for you. It’s slow-paced, it’s deliberate, it takes it to, it takes us time but then eventually it gets to these all impeccably designed breathtaking images. The sun slowly coming up over I think it’s the Earth with the title, the movie appearing with that iconic Spoke Zarathustra terrestr.

There are two straps the blaring to a tramp. And conclusion, it’s just it doesn’t even look like it comes from 1968. the font choice is perfectly elegant simple and clean. It fits with contemporary design today I think I… Are you talking about the opening sequence?

The time I only get to space or the opening sequence with the eight people?

So the title, the title sequence literally where it plays that theme.

So 001 and then you see the… You see the sun coming up.

You know I have a problem with the semantics here, is because when you share say, a movie is called “The Mutiny on the bounty, they better be a mutiny in the first 15-minute on, I give it 20 minutes, I want to meet is called 2001-A Space Odyssey. We don’t even get to space until 20 minutes in. So the doctor that’s not the opening set the opening sequence is the 8 P. I do say, opening is a title.

So said opening first thought is I open as you did.

I do look at are not gonna get A… In entire… He could so but to be fair, the title sequence does start beyond the Moon, so it is in space, a whatever. I’m sort, I was just in a ring of… And it’s 25 minutes until we get the first spoken line that isn’t a screaming and 54 minutes in. We actually get in the Jupiter mission, which is literally an odyssey.

So can you explain to me the stone Monolith thing? Because we see it with the 8 petals down, be gone, we see it on the moon, and we see it. I think floating near Jupiter. Or is it on the space that we like the star gate?

So what’s the deal with the monolith? That was totally beyond me.

Well, that’s the representation of the alien presence right right Rick. You’d probably able to speak for a… Well, okay, so it’s got three different functions in the film the first monolith that moon watcher which is the name of the lead ape that figures out how to break. So with Tory, break stuff with a bone, you listen to any of my podcast, folks. I’m a potty mouth, I apologize, you.

Yeah, we are so hard, we just… We just beat it out.

Yeah, I mean, we… That is in the first Monolith is we’re led to believe that these aliens essentially, they observe primitive planets where life is just getting started off and if they find a species that is promising but needs a little nudge in the right direction the monolith gives them that. And so what the monolith gave to won watcher and his tribe, was the knowledge of how to kill and that led them the apex predator and essentially set the Earth, on the path towards creating humanity.

The Monolith that was on the moon was buried 40 feet down.

And in the book it goes into a lot more detail about them finding it, the way they find it is, and there’s a bit of a discussion about it is it has a huge elector magnetic field that no natural thing could generate.

Yeah, they didn’t get that briefly in the movie, right?

Yeah, but it’s like you could blink and you miss it.

Yeah, and so essentially it’s a job is to sit there and wait until the humanity or whatever, a race that’s technologically advanced enough to find it. digs it up and then it sent a signal to Jupiter, that’s what that big beep was right?

So I, the Clark called it the, the electric fire alarm or something I eye.

And then the monolith that was in orbit around Jupiter is what… And Clark actually used the word Stargate.

Yeah, what they didn’t show in the movie is in the book. The idea was that Dave “boman takes his pod into the monolith and that’s when he starts his journey. But I couldn’t work out what that would look like and not make it look silly to my knowledge, I see is… And I don’t mean this in a negative way, like in a curious way what is the purpose of this moon? Is it like to solve the mystery of the models or is it like to prevent how from becoming a serial killer or some combination of both of them? I feel like there needed to be some sort of connecting purpose from all of these disjointed stories, at least to me. They seem to join it, ’cause we never see what’s his name again?

Well, it’s all about these aliens. Do have a way different prime directive.

Yeah, I way, way, way different.

I feel like what his name is gonna bust in here any man and be like, “I’m not saying it’s alien latest, it’s alien.

The thing about the aliens and it’s something that Clark likes to play with is that they are kinda like the wormhole profits, they are not linear, they are not in linear time at all. That was kind of the whole point of the hotel room. At the end, I… So I re-speaking my language now, put it in Star Trek terms, so I don’t have the best knowledge that Rick is.

I have a vast knowledge of total useless to… No it’s awesome. I’ve heard you how, I guess, before and someone would just go… Yeah, the one thing that happened in this one star tick episode and you’re like, “Oh yeah, here’s everything about that. I Tamang.

But that there’s your connecting thread. Virginia is This is not necessarily the story of day “boman or Frank pool or how or moon, watcher or the Star Bar and this is the story of the aliens tinkering with humanity.

I see, yeah, that makes sense.

Go ahead, I have a couple more things, but please go ahead. I don’t wanna monopolize the conversation. So I first watched this, when I was eight years old, and it just absolutely captivated me. The design of the ships and the space station and all the little details. I think it was the Howard Johnson moon view room. Yeah, maybe I just thought That’s just absolutely inspiring, and wonderful. And I think they went around, didn’t go around to washing machine makers and decided, Okay, what would it be like if you needed to make them for a space station or the moon, what would you need to… And he liked the idea of over-complication of everything. Like when Floyd is trying to use the zero gravity bathroom. The era.

Rabbi Tyler, there’s like A… The first thing it says is, read all instructions and there’s a whole paragraph as a whole. Like I’m sitting there thinking like, “What if I really have to go, I don’t have time to reheat 50 instruction. I think it’s the movies, only attempted humor probably. I know I couldn’t tell you what it says, but I know that that book that I read when I was a kid had the text of what was on.

It’s probably called The Making of 2001 or something like that, I’m sure it’s out there, that’s been tested.

One effect that I really… I feel like the actress gave it the old college try, was when, I guess, would you call it a flight attended on a spaceship?

Yeah, I, I was using the grip shoes, but was attempting to make it look like she was in zero gravity and most stumbling in slow motion. So right, and I’m like that’s when we really have no idea what it’s like to be in space with no gravity.

Yeah, like how do you portray that on film? And I’m like, “That was I think she did really good with what information she was probably working with. And that effect with the pen seeming to just flow.

So that’s a beautiful simple effect.

You know how they did it like… Yeah, with a piece of glass, right? Yeah, he asked some sort of adhesive.

Yeah, it tuck it to a piece of glass. A major. It was very, very clear. Yeah, I was like, it wasn’t super, super thin. Like wires, there’s no wires. That’s why I mate, yeah, yeah, they couldn’t get that movement with wires I don’t think, and he is something else.

Sorry, go ahead, something else to keep in mind that I was thinking about. I wouldn’t have thought of this, except that I did a whole podcast about space 1999, a few years back, there were no computer, graphics at the time all of those read-outs were all hand drawn out. The only animation amazing. And not only that, they had to “kuban that they have dedicated projections, like one of those things go over the… There’s film projectors behind every single display in that circular room, in the… What do they call it, they call it the center, huge the… Yeah, where he’s running and the thing is rotating yeah, okay, they’re just all nonchalant about it. Meanwhile, there’s so many things going on right there.

There’s that one pool. Frank pool was scrapped, in, he on that. I be… Yeah, it’s all like, “Oh yeah, we’re all… Not in Chelan, is like, no, there’s so many amazing things happening right here, in a real low-key way. They’re doing incredible things.

I read tonight that they had a problem with the centrifuge because the actors were moving. The camera and the lights were fixed to the wheel and the theatrical lights at the time, the studio lights didn’t like being turned upside down and would frequently explode and rain hot glass on whoever was in the Indo-Cover. A little bit tortured people a little a little make.

I was just how…

I mean, he’s just… Yeah, he really… We A Clockwork Orange. Well, Rick has her our episode yet because we’re putting it out this week, but by the time this comes out, we will have already watched it. And you were telling me about the Lilo things that… What’s his name, like scratched his eyes, right? I like family. Stand on a condo.

Oh, and the torture he put poor Shelly Deval through during a tie, look it up folks, it’s terrible.

So, how 9000 is a straight up cold blood serial killer is a serial killer or math killer. Because he really kinda killed him on at the same time getting conflicted information, by the way, I don’t know. Yeah, I what do you think about how they think? Let me ask, when a particular question first, you does. How qualify as a robot, and if so, do the laws of robotics apply to him, “Lord I or whatever.

No, and no, he is a computer.

I was not a robot.

How can control robots?

Computers don’t have to adhere to the rules of it. Well, not only will the laws of robotics are from a of story, so stories, so yeah, they don’t necessarily apply in Clarks universe, but now how is a computer is, he is the ship in the same way you wouldn’t call the enterprises computer a robot true, but they go out of their way to say, Look, it’s essentially artificial intelligence. Yeah, yeah, which is… And then, he displays emotions and he gets scared. He has pride, is it, do you believe that he is an independent soul who… So that… That’s a loaded word.

Well, yeah, I mean, and I’ll just tell you, I don’t really believe in the low… Okay, I think that Hal is certainly sentient.

It was interesting because watching it with our Star Trek and sensibilities when Dave is shutting him down, I actually felt sorry for hell, and had to keep reminding myself. He just killed five people he and tried to kill a fifth one. Now Virginia I’m assuming you’ve never seen 2010, right?

I have not, okay, shanties some sort… Yeah, yeah, kind of a SQL, that not really a quits totally a SQL, it’s a SQL but there are some who criticize it but we don’t have to go into that. Is interested in what was a… They answer some questions that you have.

Yeah, as far… That’s why I brought it up ’cause I don’t know how far you wanna go with the answers.

I love 2010. and you also watch it. It is not in any way. silicic ally. Similar to what you just watched. So is it more entertaining, is that what you’re seeing? Okay, too much so, ’cause that was about to say if it’s the same, if it’s on the same level as 2000, I’ll just take your odor, it and never watch it.

That’s a to cheer. And Helen Mirren, I do love, Rosie, and Helen Marion.

It’s a intent anyway, certain, that one view, from…

Oh, John list goes, they do from close encounters, is in there too, right?

The Sarah looks no, the a radar Chander is similar to richer driest.

Oh, oh wait, is Robert now this the… Of the… He’s the guy who’s the in. I’m an interpreter, but I was, I was, he’s a photographer in Close Encounters.

Anyway, we’re getting in the way, you’re looking at me like I can help you here and I have no idea what you’re not just to us anyway. We should have revived. This is an is already way through my questions about how… Yeah, okay, 2010. or is it 2010? Did I say that wrong? Doesn’t matter anyway, we’re gonna get in a whole other weeds there.

So what were you going to say about how he’s not a robot? The laws of robotics do not apply to him, “Do I think he’s a serial killer?

No, I think he’s a malfunctioning computer malfunctioning computer, yeah, so I would like to say something about the connections to Homer’s Odyssey, okay, in 2001: A Space Odyssey, yeah, just so real quick. So Dave Bowman is kind of the hero, of the discovery on that’s the ship that makes a journey to Jupiter made to do better.

I think you mean his name is BOMA which is a nod to Odysseus in Homer’s poem, the ones the bow was OCS, weapon of choice nice I was unaware of that.

Day of notices were also very loyal to their group.

I started going down the rabbit hole and going, “Wait a minute, ’cause I’m get a Joseph cable of Hero with a Thousand Faces, kind of way. I’m like, “I wonder what other connections are there in this? While they were writing the book Screenplay?

Yeah, Uber gave Clark, a copy of The Hero with a Thousand Faces no way. I didn’t know that, that’s Hanes me.

Sorry, sorry person, who has to add to that.

So Dave and Odysseus were both is A to their crew when he discusses his cremated. Alpina. Help… Help Connor.

I’m not trying to say it, he’s a rat in Hades and he agrees to go back to the island where he died. Various body “Lenard dies in an accident, he falls off a roof, Frank pool de-on the top of the ship in a accident and Dave “boman tries to retrieve pools body using the pods arms.

I must confess my knowledge of ancient Greek literature is somewhat limited to theatrical studies and yes, I was educated in the Texas public school. System, so, my Greek knowledge is non-existent.

I went down in a Joseph Campbell Warm Home.

I’m sorry, so sorry if I’m derailing. But anyway, yeah, there’s… That’s very interesting and it makes me think of other movies that we’ve watched us might fall into that category that I didn’t really think of at the time.

Yeah, Joseph camps. Whole idea is like that every story you love, that’s about a great adventure. It’s kind of the same story and no matter what time or place it is, people keep telling the same stories right?

And George Lucas was one of his greatest disciples.

Oh, yeah, yeah, I can be loved him and not… You really got it.

So do we wanna talk a little bit about music because the opening theme the opening title theme is one of the most iconic pieces of music, probably in American culture, it’s true. I mean, I knew what it was even before I saw it. He uses the blue Dane Watts, which he also used in Dr. Strangelove which we watched before. The one thing I really like the music except for, as I was getting towards the end, it was, it got very discordant which I don’t have a problem with, as long as it resolves at some point and I just kept being discord and discordant and I’m like, “I get… You’re trying to build suspense and what’s going to happen, but I might… Your literally hurt from this discordant music. So, I don’t know. Do all have thoughts and opinions on the use of music?

The ’60s was a very, very strange decade in the 70s. got even worse.

Yeah, I sort of like the idea. The when a ship is docking with the space station, to play a waltz, that hesitate to use the word adorable, but it is sort of adorable.

Yes, yeah, sorry, I just have one quick thing to say about the discordant parts. Like when you’re uncomfortable, that’s the feeling that Stanley Kubrick wants you to have.

I understood that, but it… It hurt my ears it, that’s all I’m so sorry to go good here, I’m sorry, break, what were you gonna say?

Well, just from a production standpoint, I appreciate using public domain music.

Because I mean he didn’t have to pay royalties for the music.

Right, right, right, as far as the discordant stuff… Yeah, I’m with you, Virginia. I don’t like it, I can understand it being its use. I did like the coral voices used for the sound of the models, the… Yeah, in his… You got to just really turn that stuff down.

But like, I went to all do my impression of it.

Yeah, I use my mouth, that’s not nice I, I, I, I try to imagine the thing. Imagine the singers actually in a studio, like me, old love.

I wanna see that whole section.

All I see Titan the net.

Now you’re saying that not wrong, how… Could you tell, I don’t know, I…

I believe there were tone poem comes to Morrow A it right, right that was the worst part of music appreciation for me.

I just have a couple of things left about the end of the movie. Do you have anything?

Well, can I just get before where it gives us the right range. You, my interpretation, like the way I feel about the last 20 minutes. So I feel like if a human catches a fish, and takes it home, and put in an aquarium. That’s kind of what we’re seeing like the eyes and the brain of a fish, a so-so different from ours and the experience of the fish being caught and transported in-house, in a weird artificial environment would be very strange and traumatic and completely incomprehensible.

I think that’s sorta what’s happening. If the life force were to grab you, pluck you out of space, and to take you to its inter-dimensional whatever it is.

There’s an episode about the tie on about that and then make this little cage, or you were… We’ll feed you and we’re gonna put a fake little tree and there for you or whatever it is we think you’re going to like… But you’re not going to really be able to comprehend the thing that can you know, they caught you.

I think this is exactly right, what is it I… So I just close myself I feel weird now.

Yeah, and the whole imaging quickly was just them trying to represent them, the non-linear time of the aliens and how he’s kind of existing at all points, at once right it is earning it hard in her up, but he’s kind of like looking at himself at different points in his life, with, which is very, it’s unnerving.

So was the giant floating baby at the end, just him at another point in time, if that was it, or pay turned him into our child?

Yeah, yeah, the start, they call it the Star Child and it’s like the next phase or the next evolution in the book it says something along the lines of the star child looks at the gleaming Blue Planet beneath it and realizes it’s a toy for it to play with, or something like that at some typically arcane or sentence, but he’s essentially become the guardian of earth.

Yeah, I did not get any of that. Maybe I should have read the book for…

I’m just like, we’re getting to the end, I’m like, “Oh thank God, we’re almost there. So, there’s out an audible sigh relief when you… A credit really good. I was like, Oh thank God.

But the trippy, colors, I’m like, This is cool. I don’t really know why we’re seeing the tribe colors, but it kind of reminds me of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, when we go through the wormhole except much better than that and… But then we see giant floating baby. I’m just like What the pins…

I don’t understand this at all, but that’s kind of the… That’s well, mission is called a Co-op water COBRA to it is on a pallet.

Well, the great thing about this is the movie was a critical failure. 240 people left the premier at intermission.

What a… How a work.

Clark left an intermission in tears as so many people were leaving. Yeah, didn’t he say that it wasn’t the story that he thought he was going to sell? And I thought I… Well, I thought I had heard that and I spent about most of the hour before we started this show, trying to find some corroboration of that, and I couldn’t, but he was just so upset at the reaction people had but then what happened was all of the pot heads and the acid trippers. found out what was going on at the end and they were the ones that made it into a box office success.

Oh, that’s the interesting yeah, ’cause it did end up making its money back and I love… Yeah, yeah, but it wasn’t until the 90s that it finally got started showing up on critical as one of the best films ever.

Oh really, that late. I mean, that’s almost 30 years ago now, but it seems like it would just so popular, and oh my God, my step-daughter is turning 21 on Monday so I don’t even wanna talk about it.

So right here.

But yeah, I would have expected it would have been more popular, especially during the ’70s with all of the… We just went to the Moon and now we have all these trip drugs, stop going on like… But not until the 90s, that was really everybody started to be like, “Hey this was great, so I can you hear us?

Yeah, you just got really quiet.

So yeah, that was just because we were done to… We are done with that point, I have on… I was waiting for Virginia to say, “Is there anything else because another… I have one more thing that I’d like to say about this.

I can say as many more things as you want.

Then that number is one, okay for me and I… So, I love this. And I remember when this happened New Years Day in 2001, a replica of the Mona lift from 2 on spaces appeared in Seattle on kill. It was a gorilla or installation. I group of sealers calling themselves quote some people.

The real tartar.

And there was like, it looked exactly… Oh, Gorilla I did the…

I didn’t even think about that. It smelled like the other girl is not like the girl is in the beginning of the film, but… Yeah, I thought that was great. Like, “Oh yeah, it’s 2001. we’re gonna have mode lives.

Well, speaking of the gorillas, just a little factory, you may or may not be aware of. One of the crew that did the eight make-up was Rick Baker who went on to win an Academy Award lots of academy awards actually, but he also ended up doing the apes for the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes.

I make it which, whether you like the movie or not, I mean I… It was garbage, but the, the apes were fantastic. And Rick Baker also, I think he won his first Oscar for an American war in London. He did the transformations in that and Okay, I in weave ever seen that. When you want an early on, you haven’t seen… That’s another on the end of the list.

So many, I haven’t seen that ’cause American role in London is, you know, I don’t like horror films, but it is brilliant.

Oh really, yeah, yeah, actually I haven’t seen that. Yeah Rome we should watch it.

It’s funny and it’s genuinely scary.

That’s tough to do in A the progressive… So do either of you have anything else to add before we move on to the back to test, so I good.

So as a reminder to our listeners the beta test is a movie has to have two or more named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man.

The criteria to go ahead.

We have watched the Stanley Kober Strange Love “A Clockwork Orange. And now, this million. Do you think any of them pass?

No, they did not.

I beg to differ.

I am about to get to what I think you’re about to say There is, although I do have a caveat with my big good differs I… Go ahead.

There are two or more names female characters, there’s Miss Turner, the secretary Elena Dr. Keenan “Kalina so… And Dr. R-retentive. They don’t talk to each other in English. Okay, that was a… If there had been sub-titles I would have been like, Okay, that’s it. If there had been a translation done pass, and they’re like, that dress looks cute on you.

But there was no translation, so how they could have been talking about the dude that was with them. I don’t know if there’s no way for us. The average United States English-speaking public to tell what they said and I don’t think that really counts. I will ask you, Lana, at work, what they said Okay, you see My only disagreement is that I don’t think you can make a judgement because we don’t know what they said but again the beta test is about, “Here’s the bare minimum. If they had just said one thing, each to each other out of the two and a half hours, I think, that’s kind of like what the “beccles is about, right?

Yeah, it’s just a very bare minimum and we’re arguing whether or not it’s made this very, very small. The bar was barely off the ground, right? And I can kinda see what you’re saying. I think we have this discussion. And for another movie we watched? Although, I can’t remember it, where a woman was using sign language, right?

So, of course, she’s even though she’s not physically speaking, she’s communicating to going.

What about a knowing? Look, I don’t know we can debate that. I’m just saying, I understand your statement, I’m standing by my statement is an impasse.

Can I just say before we move on from the back to test? Yes, in space no one can hear you talk if you’re a woman moving on. So have either view had your opinion changed since your initial viewing has it gotten better over time, has gotten worse over time? Are there things that you notice more now or things that you’re like? Oh my God, I can’t believe that happened. Personally, I’m following more and more in love with this film. He won.

The more I see it, which isn’t all that often? It’s one of those things, it’s sort of like… I love art and I went to art school and I had lots of our history and I love going to museums. But honestly, they’re boring. They could be pretty boring, but they are moments of just wonderful-ness hidden in all that boring this and I feel like this movie is like that. We’re like, Yeah, you know what, though, there’s something just beautiful and sometimes almost perfect about this. Mod I… Yeah, I agree, I… My opinion of the movie hasn’t changed, I’ve always considered it to be a classic, it’s probably telling that my wife gave me the blue ray for my birthday many years ago, and this was only the second time. It’s been out of its case.

It’s just like changes at sometimes art is not exciting. And while I’ve watched 2010 probably two dozen times over the course of my life, it’s just a movie, I’ll put on in the background, and just have playing two 0001 that’s one. It’s like the difference between a beer and sipping Brandy as it right and I don’t particularly like Brandy, but if someone gave me one, I would sip it very slow.

So you have to be in a very specific kind of mood to be like, “You know what, I’ll put on 2001, yeah, and you know what I will see this much normally, I don’t even bother with the dawn of man section. I usually just jump straight ahead to the bone flying up in the air.

I wish we had done that. Oh my God, but I for you guys, I actually watched the whole thing and found it on a lot shorter than I expected, it to be.

Yeah, you know what I always tell people. Oh yeah, it’s 45 minutes before. There’s a word of spoken dialogue and it’s not that long is 25-25 minutes.

I thought on a man was… Yeah, I was like almost an hour, so yeah, Virginia. Are there any pop cultural references you now understand?

Well, like I mentioned a little earlier, I see a lot of this movie 2001 in other science fiction, like a Star Trek, Star Wars, other ones that I’m totally blanking on right now, but of course I love Star Trek. So that’s what my mind immediately went to… It would be hard to say. Oh, this thing in 2001 made me think of this, the only exception to that and I heard this, I think in a jewellery commercial during Christmas, one year, was the… I’m sorry, Dave I’m afraid I can’t do that. I wanna say it was like a Christmas jewelry commercial where I… The onboard, I OnStar and yeah, you should go to K-jewelers or whatever to get your wife a Christmas present and he’s like, “That’s great. Now, let me out of the car. And she’s like, “I’m sorry, I’m free, I can’t do that, I don’t know, ’cause I never understood, I’m like “Why is this car holding this man Hospital?

The dean is commercial, at all.

Computer is rebelling.

So now I’m like, “Oh yeah, that is really a really weird connection, to have, but that is stuck with me since my childhood. But, yeah, there he managed just vague kind of references in the way the movie was made or the spaceship kind of reminded me of a clean on war bird before it had the war border ’cause it had the secular discovery. One, a circular pilots area or whatever with the neck and then the weird… Yeah, you could almost just put wings on the back of the discovery one. I did make a more out of it. Yeah, a little bit.

All I know, I… As the bricks, the tech excreta titrate are resilient. Feel.

No, no, no, what I’m holding my tongue on. Starting to go into the minutia of the design of the discovery ’cause everyone today… But you’re not wrong. The fact that they love nether weapons of the back where it… Natalia, the seawall, that’s exactly the point. I was at some point during the writing process. Clark was like, “Hey have Powered by a nuclear pulse, engine, which requires the engines to be very, very far away from the crew cabin because they generate so hard radiation, at… Yeah, yeah, we just watched her noble.

It seems like a terrible idea.

Well, to a nuclear pulse, engine is actually a really good idea but you’ve gotta make sure you’re far away from any planet before you turn it on.

Oh right, oh yeah that would make sense.

So I have a question for you in the making of the movie, how do you think it would be different with today’s technology or does that question not even stand because it was so groundbreaking in creating the technology that we see today.

Do you know what I’m saying?

I mean, yeah, there’s so much of… It was so lovingly and imaginatively, and creatively executed.

The only thing that really sticks out is like you could make the early hominids really look like Astro hit a kiss or whatever. It was supposed to be a… Like the ones from the planet of the eight that I was like, man, and girl a costumes.

I mean, the movement was great, the movement was like amazing and formed I think but I don’t know the design could have looked like, you know, we know those are dudes in suits and ladies and Rick, I think that any modernization… And if someone decided to reboot this movie I would have to find them and murder them.

Irene, I get it visually. Like I said, with just a couple of exceptions where that particular satellite is clearly just a two-dimensional drawing.

I think what CG would do to this film would just kill any charm, it had left or… Yeah, I agree, but that being said, kinda like looking at talking both talking and cube could have done with a much more aggressive editor, what maybe 57 less, songs, and were the right… Oh my goodness, Lord of the Rings. Another long movies. This is though… So, Do you gentlemen have anything else to discuss before we wrap it up?

I don’t do not, I would just like us to make an appeal to if after listening to this you’ve… You’ve been on the fence about watching this movie and now you’re still on the fence. If you are a science fiction fan, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie just once you don’t have to own it, you don’t have to, like we said, fast forward. Is your friend in this movie. ’cause there’s a lot of really long sequences, where you can just watch it at double speed and still get what’s going on, but if you are in any way interested in the genesis of what we consider to be good science fiction film making is this is it and it’s very much well-worth a watch.

Yeah, I’m glad I’ve watched it now that I can understand more of that better, and I would definitely say yeah, watch it in chunks or fast board or something. It’s tough to sit through all at one time.

Yes, and like I said, I loved the movie and I can’t get through it in one sitting, so I think that wraps it up. Right, right, yes, so Rick, what do you tell people where they can find you?

You can find me at The Star Base, the next generation podcast or the open the IRIS podcast, which is our star gate 21 show or infinite diversity where I interview folks who are bringing infinite diversity into the world or on cosmic potato from time to time and Captain game show from time to time.

You can find our show on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify were also on the case, potato Podcast Network at Scotto dot com. And you can find a lot of other grade shows there, like the ones that Rick just mentioned. I caption game show and Casita at Cosmo potato dotcom.

As for us, just go to weight you never seen dot com to find links social media and contact information, leave us some feedback, and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch. That’s our show for today. Next time will be watching sea which I had never seen, which I’m sure surprises some of our audience ’cause I’m the boy and I’m not supposed to watch the romantic counts.

Thanks for listening, my mind is going, you’re I, as that was so basal.

It goes from like you’re super scared of this life.

“moonstone computer, I can feel it.

You know the very first voice synthesizer whoever program had it a bicycle built for two.

Yeah, I, okay, in 1950, whatever the heck it was, a while, But farther back then, I think it would even be possible. But they chose singing a computer voice because singing can have staccato and it doesn’t and it’s a fine like sit… That’s the Cato kind of quality, a rare or to I it.


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