Ep. 46 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Say Anything…?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Say Anything… (1989, Rated PG-13).


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Next time, we’ll be talking about Chicagoso stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 46 below:

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Hi, this is shame.

And this is Virginia and this is weight. You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

Today, we are discussing a… Wait, you’ve never seen… See anything, I… So there’s not a lot of charter warning is… Well, there’s a couple… Okay, so one of the friends, talks about her attempted suicide and there’s that weird scene with the dislocated nose. That was way more graphic than I anticipate. It wasn’t Cherno graphic, but it was still like, “Hey we’re watching this teenage Rom-Com and here’s a dislocated nose, you’re talking about when Lloyd gets hit in the face.

Yes, kick boxing sport of the future. Yes, Dino. The drag of Ramiro. I can tell, to me, your face that you don’t know what I’m talking about.

That’s not the guy’s name, family.

It took a… We watched this a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t remember all the references. Okay, So I, it’s alright, can you tell me this though, that’s that. What three things were you expecting from this program?

I was expecting a typical 80s-rom-com fair okay, I was expecting dude, hold to the boom box above his head at the end.

An image that you just even, even for a non-watcher that gotten to you.

Yes, I attestation meme on the inter-webs I don’t know what that means, but go on.

And so they’re… The title is say anything but I bet they don’t say anything to a… Just to show your mind, it’s exploded, it certainly slowed it well. So did you expect to like this movie? So here’s a thing about ’80s movies, okay?

They’re either gonna be really good, they’re gonna be really bad to you. Don’t think you think it’s like a flip of the coin, ’cause I think… Oh yeah, I don’t know. I grew up, I’m quite a few years older than you. I’m 83 years old. Oh, my God.

So to me, like the A-E as a lot, as movies hole the place in my heart and it’s near and dear to me, so to me, it can go either way, but that’s sorry, that’s your feeling about it.

Well, I’m not saying like You know that I love a lot of bad movies, but I recognize that they’re bad movies and some of them fall in the ’80s decade. That’s all I’m saying is that there’s a lot of good movies, there’s a lot of bad movies, there’s not a lot of in-between. That’s what I’m saying.

I got a… So anyway, because I wasn’t sure the… If it would be really good or really bad, I just gave it three three out of five.

What is your one sentence?

I am detection of this film, boy meets girl, boy and girl fight way girl break up boy and girl reconcile.

That was four sentences that it’s kind of… Well, it’s also like a blueprint for the whole movie, also so well done there, but it’s a room, it’s decidedly devoid of romance.

Okay, so this movie is from, in 1989 PG-13. I don’t think 13 year-olds should watch this movie place. It was only eight in 1989, so I would have been able to watch him go. He didn’t want you, when it came out in the theater hundred minutes, comedy drama romance a noble under Cheever, and a beautiful valedictorian fall in love. The summer before she goes off to college.

The I was kind of right.

Well, you do split lots of sons.

It was mostly what I expected.

I did not see the criminal father storyline coming at all, I had no idea that not even when the IRS shows up to his house. I have people here.

No, what I’m saying is, when I was sitting down to write my homework in for a when I was writing down what I expected, father is a criminal was not on that list, so I did not see that coming at all and I’m like, Oh maybe there’s a big misunderstanding. Of course her dad wouldn’t be evil. It’s Martin crane from Fraser had okay he was evil.

It was before that, what I really… Anyway, the way he played it when he goes when he’s describing you don’t understand there are all these people in the whole world and it comes down to just one amazing person, it he has this intensity about him where I’m like, Okay, this guy seems like a little unhinged there’s on the ageless, about him, he was very a frantic to like just a kind of on edge, it’s true.

Has your opinion changed about this film?

I really liked it. I-E, I did A… We don’t talk about him before we do this. I’m so happy.

It reminded me of other coming-of-age movies, that I’ve seen days and confused. Can’t Hardly Wait. 10 things I hate about you, which we’re not going to discuss because clearly you have the wrong opinion about that movie and 16 candles and stuff. So, I really liked it, it made me go. Oh, I… And I remember those those days that I had watched other people live.

See, it’s funny, ’cause I’m like, I know you… Yeah, okay, I don’t mean to lead the witness. What is your opinion of Romans, a comedies?

My opinion is, it depends. Well, I don’t like sappy. romances the stuff where people are hugging, kissing, Crying in the Rain, and… Well, I don’t like that kind of stuff. I ever in the notebook, but I think that’s what you’re referring to. But let, I like When Harry Met Sally yes, and I move over Darling, which is a classic that’s on our list.

Want to set the spots.

So yeah, I like romantic comedies. I’m just kind of particular. So why are you asking me what my opinion on romantic comedies, is?

’cause I’m just wondering, I like science fiction and if there’s great science fiction that’s been produced between the ‘1960s and now and I haven’t seen it, you might ask Why haven’t I ever seen this?

That’s true, I would it maybe it’s, I mean you… Okay, I haven’t seen everything I haven’t seen a Logan’s Run for example, I haven’t seen that either. I guess we can’t watch it for the pod. You can’t spoil it for me anyway, for two different reasons.

So yes, my rating after watching yeah, I will give it five stars. So what, yes is that your first five star? It is May first fine. Yeah, give me five, five stars.

So yeah, I mean like if… Well, if we…

I had regular TV and it came on TNT, something, I’d be like. Yeah, let’s watch this.

And do you own it right or… Yes, yeah, so you know that would you be in the, in the regular rotation?

Nice, I like that I was really… You noticed that I was going like this ’cause I didn’t want you to read below.

Hello, I thank you for not. So for those listening Jenny does a good Virginia goes through and actually has the whole outline of here’s what we’re talking about. And I just have a, “Here’s my thought.Lower doses to…

I’m like, “Oh I don’t know where we’re at. So I’ll look at your screen.

But I’m glad that was still a surprise to me that you were… Well, it was a… Anyway, I’m glad and then like that, me too. Yeah, so there were two people from Prager in this movie, no way he is the Telangana yes, I’m well aware that this came out before them, but I saw Fraser first, and so he is Martin Crane.

That’s fun and the teacher is little is…

That’s a… Oh, of course, the ECB new worth, right?

She plays a refresher while ex-wife sorry, I don’t know her name, her name is Lilith, the actress I think is baby New Earth also all… There’s a third one, you know, the dog that’s not sure… That’s not for the dog is my main… Also speaking of familiar faces real-life brother, and sister, yeah, and Jones to “sacrosa I said, A… He sat play Boyd and what was her name?

I should know, I should know, I don’t know, they play brother and sister, though, this is… That’s just so-And-so lovable, that so absolutely well.

Oh, if her name is not Jon, then they’ve they fed up was what they did.

Well, his name isn’t John, it’s Loyd.

Well, you’re not gonna work with me. Or what’s the female version of Lloyd to that Lidia, Lidia the ten is her name, Lydia.

I wish it was. I’m looking at the list.

Sorry, it’s uncredited.

Yeah, so I was… Is Santa on Cusack plays Loyd and Joan “capas constant and he lives with her because his parents are stationed overseas.

Well, he’s not making that money being a kick-boxer.

Oh, oh, he’s out of high school isn’t he?

No, no, he’s not a… He just graduated.

There’s a graduation team at the very beginning, right? So he was living, he’s living with Constance.

Because he was still a minor at that time.

The one school, correct?

So would you like to reiterate your rule about the titles of movies?

Oh, if you call a movie name, name a place name any place, the inlet Virginia okay, Italy in Regina A if you name your movie, go into Virginia.

So if you’re gonna meet your movie, go into Italy, you have 20 minutes to get to Italy and over one very annoyed.

So how long did it take us to The evocation is that we were saying what we’re calling it The evocation of the title 53 minutes plan was the movie I think you said 00 minutes. So literally halfway through the movie, and some change. Yeah, the dad says, you can say anything to me, but he’s a liar. I mean we all… You can say he lie you know what though, she can say anything, he could have handled her being her coming home late when they first have sex yeah, he could have had… But, we click when Lord and sorry, when Lloyd and Diane Diane has… It was a big Sly worried I’m sorry. And since we just watched Game of throats, I wanna make sure are that.

So, I aeration… We’ve already had… He boarded the trigger more.

That’s true, it’s not that… So he handled it really well. Yes, right, I like he definitely handled it better than I think my father would have.

Let me just sit down and we’ll talk about this. You can so she… She does have this, it might be an illusion that she can say anything there and maybe she has a little too much because… Yeah, she kinda says like, “Oh yeah, it seemed like he wanted to do it and then didn’t, but then she was like… Yeah, and then I was the aggressor.

Yeah, that’s something you wanna share with your BFF but not so much with Dr. da shouldn’t, in my opinion, I mean other people might think differently. And that’s okay too.

Named “The to Jamie and Sara.

Well, okay, one other thing that I found very unexpected was the trip to England.

Here’s what I thought would happen is boy meets girl. They start making out, doing the boy-girl thing, they have a misunderstanding something happens, they break up.

Yeah, the end of the movie is when LOD is holding the thing of a lot this boom but… And that to all professes his undying love to her and the movie ends with them writing off in his car where they’re like, he has his arm around her or something for… I wasn’t expecting that to be what, three-quarters of the way through and then it actually… And I hate it.

The England, yeah we’re not even Loyd holds aloft the boom box and we’re not even… We’re not even out of act to yet, right?

If you think of a movie in the right… So that was, yeah, and part of me as someone who got married very young, the first time part of me was like, “Don’t do it I, I could see the love they had for each other. Like Don’t do it, just don’t way, a few years it will be fine.

So since we’re on this scene, I have some other thoughts, but… So the in your eyes, the… He instead not that I… In your… See, or in your seat, we already know that the courthouse isn’t across the street from a park, they’re in a normal suburban area there’s not a park to the left, right? Presumably, it doesn’t back up to a perfect, beautiful park, a lightly wooded perfectly romantic Park, but that is where Lloyd is holding a lot as we intending about. Do they live across from a pasture? The scene so like… ’cause remember that scene where he’s like, he walks her back there, like they stop it A every or they stop at a gas and sip I’m not sure, and they walk the rest of the way and he does that like he kisses to the blows kisses and takes his bow to the audience.

Like after their first day, right?

So it makes sense to me that there’s this magical place that Lloyd stands in this lately. wooded part ’cause you know what that is, that is it nice.

We eat romantic gesture right?

But I also think that the mini-Falcon is a nice sweet space it, I think it’s important to remember that these are both fantasies true, I think, after doing the Lloyd if we can use that for shorthand, doing the loyalties to the load with a boom box over my head if you should do the Lloyd after eight un-return phone calls. It’s kind of harassment, it really is. Yeah, so it’s good that they put Lloyd in a pretend part to remind us. How annoying would it be if we can see that there’s neighbors all around, we don’t see, another living soul.

Little on our house. Yeah, nobody calling it an A noise complaint.

So, I rearing boom box across the street.

I’m sorry, this does lead me to my next… This is logical, just to say next is Lloyd the male version of the hyper-manic, Pixie dream girl is low, the guy that women fantasize about, as a perfect person to flit into their life, I think that appeals to some women just like the manic Pixie dream girl, a PALS to some men or women, or not with people. Sure, but yeah, he’s very like, he’s very tortured you know what I mean? And some people really go for that.

I don’t know, I… Is that a no, or I want… If you’re really in him a… Do you have more to say or would you like to go to the beccles? Oh okay, yeah, I can see that I have too much to say so.

So we can definitely talk about… We’re not even 30 minutes in, and half of that is probably as yelling at “Pipit this movie takes place in Seattle a mother love bone song Chloe dancers kind of thorns is played in say anything… A lot mother love bone if you don’t know, I don’t… They were an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1987.The front man, Andrew woods unfortunately died of a drug overdose, but their members include Jeff “ament and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam fame.

Oh, so after they broke up, they formed pro jam and Pearl Jam was one of the cornerstones of the run rock movements in the early 1990s, so before the rest of the world found out about Seattle music, I just found that I find that interesting that came in Crow is the writer, right? Or director?

So anyway, he the… He has his, he had his hand on the pulse of the… Of the scene, if you will, as far as that’s concerned, anyway, there’s other songs that are oral dramas, a very distinctive sound. I noticed, yes, I think personally, I think Stone “gaster is just an amazing, an amazing it or player. So anyway, so you know what? So, LOI has this might be part of the whatever the male version of manic Pixie dream girl Lloyd has three close female friends and then we each prize to hang out with dudes at the gas and sip where there’s like no women anywhere in a… He realizes, like, I see, see, it’s a it stick, it’s a mistake to try to get advice on women who Rob guys, the estate’s able to be quite frankly, he’s the kind of guy. Okay, so maybe he’s the kind of guy that I want to be, and I think I am to a certain extent, he’s like… Yeah, he values his female friends, I don’t know.

Do you have other things to say about this? Maybe I really enjoyed it, that’s really all I can say about it, it was great.

So yeah, I have two more things, okay?

When I’m in job interviews and someone goes, someone gives me an open-ended, open-ended, questions or one of the worst things, like I don’t…

I don’t give me an open-end in question, like What would you like… What I really want a launch into low dollars like I’m looking for a dare to be great situation, I don’t wanna buy anything sell anything or process anything as a career like that, whole. I go on and it goes on for many.

You know what he should team up with Anna Faris from smiley face when she’s giving her big speech, in the meat processing plant. Do you really think that that is like… ’cause she’s just like, “You know what, okay, you know what, maybe it is ’cause Delos… Okay, is Lloyd saying anything in that moment? And is she saying anything when she’s all high and just going, “You know what, man, and this is bad, they might both be saying, nothing, right? Is that what you’re kind… Is that your content on a wait say the first part again, I’m sorry.

So it sounds like what you’re saying is when Loy “daler does is… I don’t wanna buy anything, anything and produce anything as a career. And then when an Farris does her emotional speech, but she’s too high to really say anything meaningful. She’s just going, “You know what, man, and I… Yeah, that well. And also I kinda see it as he is a Loyd.

No is like sort of anti-capitalist in that moment, that though she… He is the Communist Manifesto of in her, in her possession, so I got about that.

I’m saying he is clearly more articulate than she is, she’s is a dam.

Thank you, they could team up.

That’s what I ran okay. Maybe he could be the speech writer for Anna fares is character.

Yes, hopefully she’ll be sober enough to read it.

You know what we should do is… So in the cosmic potato Super Fan talk podcast I’ve heard of such a thing.

We will occasionally do this thing called Sci fighters where you take a topic or you take specific characters and put them in a bracket in a… To battle to the final championship.

I think we, to take the characters of the movies that we have watched from the first, just pick characters and have them do it out, that’s not fair. You know what verse will as no reply from Aliens alien aliens. I think she beats everybody.

Well, by Shearson.

Well, here’s the thing, is I wanna see a three-way fight between John McLane Ripley, and the Terminator.

Now wait a minute, can we do a John McLane versus the alien Queen to the alien queen?

I, I’m considering it. That is not something I expected you to say.

Oh, I thought you were saying it. Flip angle, like a please.

How to There used are we should put some more thought into this.

Okay, let’s open in the… We could just talk about people that with team upgrade together, and people who would be good in a good versus evil, kind of way.

We’ll talk about it on a… Okay, but just a food for that.

You know who might be on the stop of all… Who Ripley in the alien queen.

So I have one more thing and then I’ll let you go. And this is one of those, like what I think of it now kind of things ’cause I honestly, I can’t remember, I think it was like the last millennium? When I first was when I first, when I last watched this, it was probably like 1999, the ball was falling. We’re trying to figure out why 2K bog.

Oh my gosh, we’re all gonna die. Maybe that might be the last time I watch this movie, so I watching it now, I didn’t realize that. So after the party, when load and Diane spent all night together and they go to that party when he is like, he says out loud which I never noticed before he says out loud after saying like, “Oh I wanna see, I wanna see you more. Diana wants to do more this summer, he actually says out loud I said it, he’s so happy with himself that he actually… Like I did it… That’s good because to me this is not a guy who has a hard time sand stuff he says everything.

I don’t feel like there’s an inner monologue we’re not getting… But even with someone like that, there’s still something that he was unable… Or felt like you might have been unable to say.

Oh, oh, a.And again, this is my family, I like him.

Are you ready for the back to test in a genetic okay. I think Lord’s friends, and I can’t remember their names past the Becca test in my right now, damage it does pass thought, okay at the party Sheila comes over to Diane air quotes.

I know we were all too competitive this year. She’s using air quotes, like she’s saying all too competitive, but I just want to say that if it hadn’t been for Dianne core aesthetically or are quotes I probably wouldn’t have gotten into Cornell, because you made me say twice as hard, so thanks and then Diane says, you did the same for me, that’s awesome. So she is in… She plays Heather, she plays one of the heaters in the movie Heather is…

Oh, I didn’t know that. Yeah, it’s been a long presence I’ve seen others so I didn’t make that connection right. We didn’t make that connection.

Air quotes true, let’s see, so… Well, you already kind of said If your opinion has changed my pain has changed a little bit, so not to put too fine a point on it, but a problem with these romantic movies is like I’m afraid of men, especially younger men watching these movies, thinking like, “Oh this is how I can be a romantic you will go to jail if you follow what men do, in home panic movies, 100%. trident do it.

Don’t go into your spurned lovers classroom and sing. Why do birds appear every time you are near?

Just like the…

So, I ontologies to use… Okay, that was pretty good. That I… Right, I don’t do that though.

Yeah, no means no. And eight un-return calls means means you probably won’t go away.

Yeah, on that note, I osteoarth.

The movie would be different if it was cell phones, of course, in today’s technology to… ’cause there probably would have been an exponential amount of emails and texts and whatnot, that chat.

Oh, can you imagine a like… Okay, so I do have to say the boom box scene, if not done by John Cusack it could have been, it could have been a way way the easy, I think it was done in just the right way even having denigrated it, as I have.

I think there is, there’s this way he plays it and it’s all in his face and the way he holds his body where he’s just like… I’m just… This is when I’m in this is what I’m doing, right? This is just what I’m doing right now.

Yeah, that’s kind of what his face and his body says, like You have Arnold’s forts and anger during this totally different look like an gets the first in your eyes, I will tell, enact your eyes like he wouldn’t be able to just do the casual… Okay, Riddick. Anyway, I think for… Yeah, you… He’s not trying to flex his muscles in holding it like the… There’s like zero vanity in what He is doing also he wouldn’t be holding a boom box, I mean he would have like the iPad with the blue tape a whole thing to giant blue in a… Or maybe I have one of his friends in a band. Hold up an amp.

The NEC to connecting to an iPhone. I don’t know if you can do that.

I wanna say, if something on the plane would have been different, but I don’t fly that much, so I wouldn’t know.

And they have a smoking sign they still use the… Well, it’s the seatbelt time but they always say like, Yeah don’t it’s, as he belt sign now not the… You know, a lot of smoke on any flight at all, which is weird because you’ll in a brand new plan, you will find an ash track built into the bathroom because they don’t want a… So you don’t want smoke, you don’t wanna figure out smoke in a plane even more than that, you go in a fire in a place, so they’ll give you the Astra that you’ll get in trouble for using.

Everybody knows what’s happening.

I love that.

Do you have anything else to discuss it? That was plenty.

So, that about wraps it up. You can find us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify were also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com.

You can find lots of grade shows. They’re the Super Fan talk podcast that we talked about a little earlier. So check that out at: cosmic potato or dot com.

And as for us, just go to weight. You’ve never seen that. Come to find links social media and contact information.

He is a feedback, and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch that’s for a show for today.

Next time we’ll be watching Chicago.

I like how I go.

This song is not an the movie Chicago.

Oh my God, thanks for listening. Hi, this is shame. And this is Virginia and this is weight. You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. I can’t believe what are you doing?

I gave a pivot a soup phone thinking, that she would sleep actually looking for more so bone.

You’re killing me, smalls. You’re killing me

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