Ep. 47 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Chicago?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Chicago (2002, Rated PG-13).


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Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

Chicago IMDb pageChernobyl miniseries IMDb page; The first woman to be hanged in Cook County was Sabella Nitti in 1923; Other adaptations of the original 1926 play, Chicago: 1927 silent film and 1975 stage musicalRoxie Hart IMDb page; Roxie Hart was based on real-life murderer Beulah Annan; Velma Kelly was based on real-life murderer Belva GaertnerThe Book of Mormon musicalShowboatChicago was nominated for 13 Oscars and won 6; Our A Christmas Carol episode; “Andy’s Play” episode of The Office (ep. 7.03)Bechdel test pass or fail?The Howard Stern ShowCosmic Potato Podcast Network.

Next time, we’ll be talking about Lonesome Doveso stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 47 below:

This program is part of the cosmic potato Podcast Network for more shows like this visit our website at cosmic potato “dotco high. This is same.

And this is Virginia and this is a weight… You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today, we’re discussing. Wait, you’ve never seen Chicago and all that the… So, I ended it, The… So up front, trigger warnings. There is violence, and murder, there’s also Roxy lies about her pregnancy that she does not have. There is a death row inmate named Catlin, Hlinka, who is executed by hanging. And we discovered in the closing credits that Harvey Weinstein was an executive producer on this movie at a…

I-I-I-I.So having a man out of the way. Tell me three I’m really interested to hear what you thought it I do is gonna be about, tell me three things you’re expected from this movie.

Nothing is shot in Chicago.

I feel like that was kind of safe.

I expected mobsters I expected monsters, all over this. You showed me the cover of it.

I was vaguely aware that it was about the 20s, and you could tell that just from the logo, right? It’s from the 91s. He lands in the ‘1920s, and there were guns and stuff, so I’m like, “Oh okay, I get it, there’s gonna be, it’s gonna be masters, three everyone’s in jail, which is half right, yeah, a lot.

So did you expect to like it or not?

Well, this… So I don’t like musicals. I mentioned this before, I usually don’t make musical with a few exceptions, but I like the 1920s.

I like that whole sort of vibe the jazz music, I don’t really care about, but I like that kind of jazz, music, in the 1920s and I like jazz babies and Chicago itself, even though I was pretty sure I would have almost nothing to do with Chicago itself. I like the town in Chicago, so I get… I tentatively gave it three stars.

Oh, that’s very fair of you thank you.

Did you have a one-sentence TV Guide summary?

Yes, I am. You cops finally got me mobsters and they go Man go to prison and seeing the songs of the shame and regrets.

He is a little right.

Well okay, do you wanna hear what I am DB had to say I’m dying. Yes, clear, okay. When Chicago is from 2002, it’s rated PG-13 an hour, and 53 minutes law.

It’s a comedy crime, a musical, I couldn’t it.

And it says to death row murders is develop a fierce rivalry while competing for publicity, celebrity and a sleazy lawyers. Attention that is like the entire thing.

So how did things meet your expectations?

I noticed you were smiling and I kind of laughed in a few places, so I guess it wasn’t Singing in the Rain, level back.

Oh, no, no, yeah. So some of the jokes and whatnot, I actually found… Like I found well done, the songs and whatnot, I thought they were good.

So I think this lacks the cheese-ness that bothers me in most musicals in a… The songs like the cell block, tango.

Oh, I, it’s aggressive, and it’s sexy and it’s kind of jar, it’s not at all what I had expect from a musical.

I expect blindness and you can all watch it together with your family.

Oh, I expect that kind of stuff, and I, there was still they were still a certain amount of “Campi-ness, which is a given.

You show me a musical. I expect there to be Campinas and there’s a certain level, I have a monitor a little camp minor.

It’s not a real it’s a camp Minter okay, mine goes up to only three points.

Oh my God, but it can get worse than that.

And then the whole town gets melted down.

Oh my God, we’ve been watching tunable audience.

Sorry, it’s nothing like a Chicago in a sea.

But yeah, so honestly, so I give it, I give it 45 to are now it’s very impressive. It might be the most of any means still.

Well, I think something like you were saying, something that this musical does that’s really good is it sort of incorporate the songs into the action that’s actually happening. So you go kind of back and forth between the imaginary musical scene and what the characters are actually doing. You know what I yeah, one of the things I had written down, that’s one of the things that annoy me the most that I was supposed to buy into these characters as real people, and I do and then they all go. Hey, boy, Johnny Boy. And then there’s all this whole… And number by them. Like, would you like to explain why this is happening, ’cause you could, if you give someone like… Oh no, they’re super creative, and we’re in their head now, and it’s all like, Hey, so I Johnny. But that’s not a reference to anything.

Yeah, of course, except the just my own idea of a horrible… But now, musical yes.

So, yeah, they do this. The songs are either it seems to be in the fantasy of rocks.

I, the husband is a “sasanian amass that’s the cellophane and Mr. sellers in… There’s a couple other ones too, but it’s like clearly it’s rooted in a reality that I can buy.

Did you notice at the very beginning of the movie we went, we zoomed in and went through Rock’s eye.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s the… Yeah, we’re seeing it literally through her lead, you know, I’m a literal person and I appreciate you as the filmmaker talking down to me and helping me literally showing me literally what you mean, yes, well and I… Part of her character not the musical part of her character, but just her character Roxy heart is that she wants to be in baile she wants to be a dancer and a singer and so it’s totally believable that she would make up these scenarios in her head to entertain herself. The courtroom scene, is a circus is such a good comparison. It’s like a metaphor, but also the actual scene itself. But I’m getting ahead of ourselves.

That’s okay, so I…

I have some things about women in prison, and stuff. Do you have… Let me try to get you into that because I think you might have something the same on is… It’s annoying to me that “veliky that’s… Katherine AA Jones’s character, she’s walking around prison in sexy laundere.

How is it that you’re allowed to just walk around and present wearing whatever you’d like?

Well, in prison was different in the ‘1920s I don’t know exactly, I mean I’m sure there was a system of bribery like we saw between MOA and the girls, they would give her mm-allied by Queen Latifah. Yes, amazing. By the way, but that no woman had been hanged and Cook County for a long long to the one we saw portrayed in the movie I believe, was the first.

Oh, the actual woman, the Hungary and women.

It was a little bit different, but I’ll get into that and I like it, sure, but… So they were all sort of confident. Sure, we killed our husbands, but nothing bad is gonna have, we’ll just be in jail and we’ll get a good lawyer, and he’ll get us off and then we’ll go into show business. So, I’m sure some of that was for the PO that it wasn’t all pleasant and everything, but showed the more… How showed the disparity and treatment between different prisoners, I think.

So then you’re just allowed to just walk around the prison dressed all sexy, I guess, I guess.

So I do like the medical it. We probably might be jumping around a little bit because the next thing that I’ve written down is, like the medical it about this show because you’re watching a show and it’s a show within a show. And then when we get to the courtroom scene, it’s a show about a show the courtroom within a show, the fantasy about… Yeah, it’s like, how many different Russian nesting dolls, can we get? That was very enjoyable.

Did you know that there was… This was based on the original Chicago was a 1926 play then, in laying out of musical correct a play. It has since been adapted into a 1927 silent film.

That’s interesting, and I realized that I, in 1975 stage musical with the songs come from… Yes, I’m assuming, Okay, two 0002 movie musical, which we saw, and there is also a 1942 romantic comedy called Rocky heart.

Well I, the play was by Marian Watkins and was about to real life Jazz era, murders was one of them, involved in the SAS weight murders.

One of them was bullet, and then that would be the rocky heart character.

Okay, she is. So she moved in or she married eventually became a bookkeeper at a laundry where she met Harry, calls and began an affair and the murder is basically she shot him in the back. She said that they had gone into an argument and they both reached for the God which is a season in the movie right right, she played a foxtrot, record over and over for about four hours, as she sat drinking cocktails and watching Him die she then all good Lord, he called her husband to say she had killed a man who had tried to make love to her, which I guess is the 20s version of rapes and that’s what they talk about in a, in the movie, then there’s bell a Gartner who inspired the Velma Kelly character in a one she allegedly shot and killed her lover Walter law, who was a married man with one child law was found sprawled in the front seat of Gartner’s car with a bottle of gin, and a gun line beside him Gartner found later at her apartment with blood so clothes on the floor confessed that she was drunk and was driving with law, but couldn’t remember what happened.

So, so these two are based on a true story. It the… And Gary there was… So back in the 20s, there is a lady, an Italian immigrant named a bit and I, it the any.

She was sent to die for the murder of her missing husband, there was no motive, no evidence, and no positive identification on the decayed corpse found in a “burin sewer but prosecutors wanted an easy win and they were able to convince juries that Capella was a cold-blooded killer.

A socks.

There was also the problem that this article doesn’t say it, but that as we learn in sabotage the… What was it, Catalan or catering a Catalan does not speak English, or does not speak very good English, other than to say “not guilty, right?

And that language barrier did her no favors in the criminal justice system at all? The fact that she also wasn’t a looker, like Velma and Roxy did not help her either she was let me see, she was the first woman to be hanged, and could count me this way. Are you saying this is somehow exist?

The start-1920 sexist, a sister never.

Next thing you’re gonna tell me it was racist too.

Or a T.We see what this says this, Okay, so this article is about a book called ugly “Prynne an innocent woman to die, which is basically talking about how… Because she wasn’t an attractive English-speaking white woman or that’s why she faced that fate. So, other things that… Do you have other things?

So, musical musical theater, ’cause I’m an expert now about musical the other right since I hate it, yes, I don’t hate it. There are musicals, I’ve seen that, I absolutely adore including Book of Mormon book, a Mormon is so, so good, I’ve never seen it.

And it is the typical format of a musical and they pull it off and it’s wonderful. And if you have a chance, you all go see it.

But Musical Theater never hasn’t always been the way it is. So in 1927, there was a musical called showboat and it was the first real musical where the songs drive the plot of the whole story which now, it just seems like a court. Why would you… Why I would just be like, “Oh we’re gonna have a conversation and then we’re gonna sing a song, how long my baby… Hello, my Dolan Hello, my rack on gas.

But that’s the way musicals were.

Yeah, if you look at the… And I haven’t looked too deeply in pain, but as far as I understand the history of musical theater. It’s either before Show Boat or after. So the song Old Man River comes from…

Oh, I can’t help a love in that man.

There’s another one from Show Boat. But yeah, so it’s interesting that this is a musical that was developed the songs were developed in the ‘1970s to sort of revive this play from that time. I just find that really… That really fascinating that they were able to do this.

I sort of, it’s a throw bad thing, but at the time it was… No, this is the new thing. Now, this is how we’re gonna do musicals, from now on.

Yes, so Chicago was nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards.

Really, really, you’re speaking of the 2002.Yeah, moving to a “Teesside stars, such as Renee Albert John C. Riley who kinda looks like an early hominid with his low with his low eyebrows.

So they were nominated for 13 awards, and they won six and Red. Me welding Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress for Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Wow, Queen Latifah was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress but of course she did not win. Because Catherine Tate, Jones did.

It was like a snake eating its own tail. And when two people are nominated for the same movie true, what do you do to… So the guy who played Fred Casey, the boyfriend that Roxy shot.

Yeah, very beginning… A, he also played someone else named Fred in A Christmas Carol.

Then the charter… Yes, same actor, really, really… That’s amazing. So, Dominic West plays two friends in two different movies. We’re talking about one of them here. And then we also talked about the other character Fred it’s not Scrooge, because his mom got married, but I don’t remember his last name.

Note: Fred.

Yeah, Christmas on a teen.

I’m really interested, I know I kind of mentioned it a little bit, but I always really like the metaphorical quality. They give to some of the musical numbers, like the press conference, is a puppet show.

Yes, I thought that was really good. And when he has her on the stand, has Rocky one stand, it’s a tap dance, that kind of stuff. I find very interesting to make those connections.

The ventriloquist act when he’s doing the the press conference. Yeah, well, I know the puppet ship to me of interest and a puppet show or a similar Fenton thing that happened in that scene was renege kept messing up one of her lines. Oh really, or one of her motions and like she was so under pressure. Because those people in the background, they’re really doing those jumps on those lines and stuff. No, they didn’t like to being all that is, no. Well, the green screen, of course, Richard Gear, controlling the puppies from the top. But all of those acrobatics they were doing that at the same time they were recording everything else.

It’s such pressure.

And then another thing that… ’cause I ask you about this when we were watching it.

Yeah, when catchers out of Jones is doing me I can’t do it alone. Song where she’s like, First the in sheet and it was like she was doing both of their parts.


Yeah, there’s one part where she climbs up the stairs and she goes over the railing to the old slides down.

He then did a Jones is afraid of heights, not A… And she really… She couldn’t have had a harness on, because she had that really skimpy thing on right, yeah, so were they able to… What has been… Michael Douglas came on set when she was recording when they were filming those scenes to be like person in Tessitura On The… Yeah, really, like you can do it, I believe in… Yeah, I see it was very a its two, it wasn’t just two stories, it seemed like higher than even two stories, it was pretty far the, I don’t remember… Yeah, maybe a little taller, but anyway, it just… Yeah, it didn’t occur to me like, “Oh yeah, like she seems like she’s being taken out of this. Oh I’m being taken out of this moment because she is like on to… Or a five that I am falling.

I didn’t get that at all.

I also, I don’t know how much you enjoyed this song, but cell block Tango has to be one of the greatest man hating songs ever recorded in.

That’s not a… If you’re going through divorce, and you’re married to a man who you’re divorcing playing the song on repeat is very cathartic. That’s all I’m saying, because I don’t take any issue with that, at all, if that’s what you need then to… That’s fine.

My favorite is when she says he ran into my knife he ran into my life, 10 to was like…

Yeah, and got you girl, I ate anyway, that’s a good time. At one point, I thought I was hearing I thought I was here. There’s one song. They kinda sounded like it sounded a little bit like all that jazz, there it Captain Dee Jones was sort of explaining to “wesel was talking to Roxy and saying like, “Oh is gonna… Can do, trying to convince or to do an act together. Oh, yeah, but I can’t do it alone, yeah.

Oh, it’s the same the same song.

So that you just mentioned to me, it was like there’s a little bit… There’s a little bit in the sun.

That’s the Katha. Very confident, but I… But yeah, Oh my, my mom, that kind of thing. That’s the Kato very confident sort of musical thing happening. It reminded me of all that jazz, a little bit, which was the first song in the musical that my favorite TV show is The Office and in the office. When they do, they do Sweeney Todd a and who is into theater, he does a production-like a local production of sweet to and invites the whole office, and they’re like waiting for the show to start, and Darrell they’re all sitting in the audience and the lights go down and someone’s talking. I think it’s Michael so someone is talking to him and he goes…

Oh, we have to listen to the STEM or we won’t recognize it later when it returns but listening carefully to the music is important and to enjoying a musical. And I found that moment, we’re like, “Oh I hear coming back a little bit.

I don’t know if it doesn’t really, but at the very end, they do they do sort of they’re revisited, or whatever that they do nowadays. The hot honey RA, which ends with them singing all that job.

I like that we got to see Richard Garin, Queen Latin. The audience, when they did that, right, yeah, did you have a favorite song or a least favorite song?

My least favorite is Mr. cellophane.

That could have been clipped out forever.

Like when the Hungarian woman, gets executed and that’s kind of, it’s sort of a song the way they do it, but it’s like, “Here’s a dark moment there isn’t going to be a five-minute long song of her dying right it’s pretty quick.

They could have done that with Mr. Sultan, I think.

Yeah, but all that jazz, was good. The every of this cell block.

So, I like inoculate. That was, that was just so good when that happened, the like, I was just like, okay, it happens pretty pretty soon in the in the thing. So when that happened, I’m like, “Okay I’m gonna, I’m gonna be able to enjoy this because there’s this aggressiveness and I don’t know if it was, you know, music better than me was was it in minor or a major key? ’cause I think it may have been in my A minor key I think it went back and forth.

Well, yeah, in musicals they go. Like we’re going to change the key again, here comes another key again.

Right, ’cause that’s what they did in music.

But yeah, anyway regardless of what kids in it was aggressive and I’m like, “Okay good, you’re gonna do something to make whether it’s the aggressiveness or just like it’s kind of sexy, the way the way it’s done and in that sort, I contained 20’s way that it’s the modern equip the modern re-imagining of what 19-20 as well like, “Okay you know yeah, I like when you’re good to mom.

Yeah, I say I… Well, that’s really good. I love Queen Las HEPA she’s amazing he is, and she can see as well as rap that’s awesome, and asked. I mean, of course, an act yeah, and in a really natural in a really natural certain way, yes. So do you want to talk about the Beta test or do you have more to say generally?

I’m good, so do you think it passed or not?

Thank you for asking, ’cause I’d like to guess I don’t know ’cause everything is about like I didn’t kill my husband. Here’s a whole song about how I didn’t kill my husband. Maybe I did it on a “tatooin kind of admitting it, just…

I feel like I feel like this is like a… My enthusiasm about this about this picture.

Is it a talk? I my enthusiasm about this picture, I feel like when I say that I hate musicals it’s going to lessen the impact. Like Shane, you really want to love musical and I do as an musicals like dancing, I like songs like acting a nonsense man, that’s all the great components of a musical there.

I have one that I like it.

I forgot your regional question.

Did it pass the back to test or not?

I don’t think, it backs the back of that, I don’t believe it did, it did, it did, yes. So although they do talk a lot about men and killing men and how they killed me and the old Gill him, they talk a lot about show-business.

So, “rerecor Elma, he… Roxy “will you do this show with me? No, you can get lost. I don’t wanna talk to you anymore.

So yeah, a lot of it is about men, but they do, there’s scenes between element and Roxy rocks and mom and Martin mom and Marin and bema that all don’t have anything to do with men.

So yes, it passed. Excellent.

Are there any pop culture references, you know, understands… So I’m a little embarrassed this, There’s a radio program called the Howard Stern Show.

Is it a program?

It’s a program that rock sound like that, the tattoo that the death, the one everybody’s lips is gonna be Irene the lady rain and the chips is gonna be Rocky on the celebrity. That means somebody everyone knows. I can keep going if you want. So I don’t wanna even mention what the words are into this particular party.

We can just leave it at that, okay?

But yeah, I’m like, “Why do I know this is a date, and then I’m like… Yeah, that’s, I… It’s an inappropriate song from a ward. “Ternate appropriate.

You already need to edit some things out. So I’m not gonna say what the name with the song is it just gonna be one long horn, a A… Because they have to beat it out but they do if I may. So the Howard’s turn… So they do like a gross, like a parody version of that song for some reason they do that now, but the production is, is so professional. I like really the content is a seen, but they go in through the trouble got the trouble of doing this amazing production. They even have a guy on staff they have a guy on staff who’s like, who’s studied musical theater.

Oh, my goodness.

So how would the movie, be different with today’s technology?

The Jazz babes on Be killing that man. Well, they’d be… Well, no Illinois doesn’t have the death penalty anymore so they wouldn’t have to worry about that.

The great the thing that sticks out the most to me is when Billy Flynn is interviewing Roxy for… Let’s get your story straight, and he’s like, “Okay where are you from? Who are your parents? And she’s like, they’re just sitting on the front porch rocking away their life and He’s like, their debt. They’re done in a…

Oh, there would be. You have one TMZ reporter who goes to love Texas or wherever they’re gonna find the truth or you’re not gonna be able to pass off this story, or you could Google mama Roxy and find out the… She tweets her favorite recipes every morning right while she’s rocking on the front porch in the same at the same time, though, I feel like the perception of fame and the reality of fame was different in the ‘1920s and even in the ‘1970s when they did the musical version of this because now I feel like you can have the idea of something like the Kardashians being famous for being famous, essentially, but at lasting for 20 years. Yeah, like forget about… Oh, in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. No, some of those people with no right to be famous, get to be famous for a really long time, ’cause there’s all these reality shows to go on.

There’s so many different places. If you’re famous to you can just go on Twitter and just be famous forever.

Yeah, and just maintain your fan because now you have this direct way of accessing these people who originally found you interesting, yes I agree.

Would you like to sing a song about that? Organ the Come on, be why don’t we in the show and all that jazz?

Okay, so you can read, just now, we’re not gonna do that, we’re not gonna this in our musical episode, so we just talk about how that’s just terrible in a man.

So you can find us on a bunch of platforms or also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at Costa dot com. You can also go to weight you’ve never seen dot com to find a social media and contact information.

Leave us and petty back and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows. We should watch that or show for the day. Next time we watching something that I never agreed to watch and I’m just getting it, I’m just getting next time will be watching long some dogs.

So, A How, how… So, thank cowboy Tait.

Yeah, but no, we’ll find out.

Thanks for listening.

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