Ep. 48 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Lonesome Dove?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Lonesome Dove (1989, Rated TV-14).


You can listen to the show by clicking here.

Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

Lonesome Dove IMDb page; The miniseries was based on the book Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry (not Louis L’Amour); When cattle horns catch lightning, it’s called St. Elmo’s Fire; Dead Man’s Walk by Larry McMurtry;  See below for comparison of Lonesome Dove map to Texas map; Lonesome Dove permanent exhibit at The Wittliff Collections; Bill Wittliff’s obituary in The Austin ChronicleTexas Monthly interview with Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall about Bill WittliffThe Godfather IMDb page; Our 2001: A Space Odyssey episodeReturn to Lonesome Dove IMDb pageSilver Spoons IMDb pageCosmic Potato Podcast Network.


Next time, we’ll be talking about Apocalypse Nowso stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 48 below:

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It is this same.

And this is Virginia and this is the way you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And they are discussing weight. You’ve never seen loan some. Do I still feel bad every time, every time we come to that part in the show so trigger warnings, up front, this is it. Is a trigger warning, but for example, we ordered this DVD from Netflix DVD, and it did not have subtitles on it. So, if you depend on subtitles, don’t get it from Netflix. DVD. We ended up finding it on stars, I think it was a…

I don’t know if it’ll still be on there by the time this comes out, but in the role that starts I think that’s why we rented in the first place. But anyway, there’s some racism against slaves Native Americans Mexicans their cook there’s a lot of racism most of Montana not only do they talk about the most violence. Jake straight up slaps Laurie a couple of times, which was very disturbing, considering this was a network television 30 years ago, there was a close-up of some cattle branding, which I couldn’t have really been fixed, right?

I don’t know, that kind of thing.

And let me be old with dry ice and I’m sure if you stick a cow with something they’re gonna get upset.

And then Jake got a mosque thorn embedded in his finger his spammers in MENA showed like a close-up of how Goran discussing him, and it was very gory. And disgusting.

It seems in necessary.

So, having said all of that, What three things did you expect from this EPIC miniseries? It was immediately wrong with the first thing I expected it got off to a wrong bad start.

You just watch the first episode. I ended up watching all of it. But just so people are clear on what your expectations and what not.

So this is based on my opinions are not necessarily out of the show or… Or of the cosmic potato potato.

Yeah, so it was just based on one episode. So the first thing I thought it was gonna be a Louis little more book ad up patient class. My dad, right? I could see the titles like my dad had, in fact, whenever when it was his birthday or Christmas is coming up, he had a checklist of “Here’s all of the loss or are… And I have a one-day needed and I’m like, “I could see Lonesome Dove being on that, right? Being on that list, it was based on a book, but by Larry McMurtry.

Yeah, I unit, yeah, they put that up on a title card right away, like, “Oh wrong right out of the gate.

Secondly, I started playing it safe.

Oh, I… Cowboys and Indians, stereotypes. Three lots of dusty trails at 66% right on my expectations true, true. So did you expect to like it or not?

Look, I don’t know if this gets me kicked out of Texas where we both reside, and love. I have to say that I love Texas.

Do you have to say it, because I’m holding you hostage, or something?

Well, I, I, I don’t wanna get kicked out and I I just don’t… To home westerns. I think this is gonna sound weird? It sells it does, it’s all the dusting is and everyone just looks hot, miserable, and they’re just like, “Gosh this just looks, it just seems very unpleasant.

So what was your rating expectation?

Well, I was… ’cause I’m try… Look, we are approaching this packaging under your breath.

If that’s the thing, we try to approach this podcast by saying like… Look, I I’m gonna watch the things that I wouldn’t normally watch, so I gave it a 2-5, five in right down the middle, yeah, okay, and what was your one sentence TV Guide summary?

The Lonesome Dove is a fancy stage name for Telus, dancer beaters mic masters. She was wanted for murder and trying to vote, so I… She’s the loan someone.

I have a E-If you will, I see, okay, well that never happens. I don’t see what I can only guess that never happened.

It did not have an… Okay, ’cause I much on at a U.So would you like to hear what I am DB has to say about long on to the lease, so it is rated TV 14 a grand total of 6 hours and 24 minutes or an “merionethshire of A…

I want that to artisan adventure drama Western.

It came out in 1989 in and it says two former Texas Rangers renew their spirit of adventure as they in several other residents of a small Texas town, join a cattle drive to the Montana territory. So we watched the first part which was called leaving. So how did things I left you left?

Yeah, I mean, I gave, I had to bring it down. The one star.

I mean, if I can’t stay awake to save my life, I can’t stay awake in the… On your own movies that you pick, it’s true, that’s true. I like an app sometimes.

Sometimes she looks over, she looks over and I know why she’s looking over. I know why you’re looking over, ’cause you’re waiting for me to follow. “suseela is this posture where I’m sitting on a couch that’s a deep it’s a deep couch, it’s your cause, but there’s this posture, this is audio only. I am a… Anything a beautiful table.

Okay, go ahead.

So it’s a deep couch, and there’s a certain posture that “I’m gonna fall asleep in minutes, were up essentially laying down my feet are all the way on the ground, my upper thighs. are just barely touching the edge of this very man creating a one.

Yeah, I, I, I’m a… A lot of times I don’t realize until something ridiculous happens and I don’t hear you go What the… Is that I look and I’m like, “Oh he’s a passed out this bastard. So you bumped it down to two stars, you said one star, one star. Yeah, so what made you bump it down to one star was it the falling asleep during it, or was it just… No, because I evidently do this all the time.

You have a great cat, but to you, have a great cast, right? Yeah, I wasn’t really expecting. A timely Jones has a commanding presence on-screen especially when he looks like Kenny Rogers circa 1985, it’s true. Oh, he and Bobby De and Robert to Ile Robert to tile both those guys. There are some guys Patrick Stewart. One of them were like the whole time. I’m aware of them, they’re old men.

Yes, they’re always almost retired. Or definitely you could see ravages of time, and they have a career behind them of course they have something ahead of them obviously, but they have a whole they’re at the the salary cap of life.

Okay, that’s it for that. Maybe… Maybe, but even with that, I just… There’s this slow pace of a Western and y’all get a long little toes.

It wasn’t exciting, when they had to go over to Mexico to steal the horses and the cattle.

I mean how about when, how about when the cattle horns caught lightning?

Which is a real thing that happens, that’s a real thing, that’s a real thing that happens. What guys, I’m just like, It’s called Saint Elmo fire in Cali, and it is present light in the context of the old Wild West, often seen on the tips of the cattle horns and at times on the ears of horses during stormy nights, or when electricity is the air is in the air.

The phenomenon is scientifically known as a Corona or point discharge it occurs on objects, especially pointed ones when the electrical field, potential strength reaches about 1-000 volts per centimeter.

We yeah, so I’ve heard of SAN amass fire I’ve heard of Fox fire, it’s a phenomenon that hikers often long-distance hikers. We’ll see it. Or if you’re out at night at camping and things like that, you can see it, you can see it when you’re out, out in the open land in open country the Prairie the port may be… So I sat so loans and a is the name of the small Texas town, near the Rio Grand River it Titans to… It’s a fictitious town, as far as I know, work USA and Woodrow Macal.

No, not my call, just would drill call go live. So they’re gonna… Their old buddy Jake, who was in the Rangers with them.

It suddenly shows up and tells them, We should go out to Montana where there’s lots of land and take some cows and everything will be great even though the winters are entirely different there, and you have to go through all of this country where you might get attacked. By Native Americans because hello, they don’t want you there, so you have one to what’s gonna happen to the next six hours.

So do you have… There are a couple of particular things that I wanna mention but it… What what thoughts do you have about loans and the…

I have some questions, okay, okay, we got a cowboy days cowboy and we’re talking about cowboy days. I’m not sure if they actually mentioned the year, but it’s after the Civil War, after the Civil War, ’cause they do mention… Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves, but it’s before like the car gets invented, it’s before, right? Let me see if it just like a time frame.

You can still have a car and so Cowboy days, okay, so there actually was a first book in the series called Dead Man’s walk, which takes place in 1840 on a lone takes place approximately 20 to 30 years later, in the late ‘1860s or early 1870s.

Yeah, that that kind of… It kind of checks out.

Obviously, we don’t have any kind of air conditioning but we don’t have electricity.

Why is everyone in long sleeves in South Texas? It kinda looks like summer to me there.

A lot of it is a protection from the sun, okay, also, if you’re going through a brush and trees and stuff it won’t scratch you, the branches and stuff went… It’s a lot more about protection from the elements versus is it comfortable heat-wise?

But this is the Yankee and me, pointing out something that’s… Yes, alright, fair enough.

Sarah is South Texas along the Rio Grand which I’m… So in there I have actually not been there. You haven’t been there. No, he grew up in… Well, I did you go up near… So I think I have been to what is known here as The Valley, the Rio Grand Valley. Once when I was very young, I’ve never actually been across the river into Mexico, I grew up, I think it’s about four hours, three to four hours north of the Brownsville which is the lowest.

Oh, my gosh and we are, and we are north of that. Yeah, that this is so big, yes, so, okay, maybe you can’t into this question, but I’m wondering if it really does look that much like a desert along the Rio Grand in the valley.

Well, as you just mentioned, Texas is big, and the real Grand River forms the entire southern border, to the CIS.

Yes, it’s a very long… That for grant very granted some parts of it go through Big Ben territory which is very mountain. One are “ossett is possible. Yes, Reese El Paso obviously a desert. I get that, but it seemed to be, I don’t know, you know what I always asleep. Just kind of guessing where it was. Were you guessing where, I think it was some of was?

Oh my gosh, you found a map.

He details the trip that they took the route that they took right?

That’s so funny, it’s like Lord of the Rings. So here’s teller, I wonder if he… He let me get a regular Texas map up here. Where’s the Shire?

So it looks like it to pass.

It’s about the where.

So they talked about San Antonio, being close to see, Here’s TEO and here’s Delos we’re looking at about Loreto as were “lonsda so that which is now just a an interstate ride up for what the four hours to get to San Antonio 35 which runs through our “trias town here in Austin. It does goes to “lari of isn’t there a Robert Duvall goes down to, I think it’s an Antonio for some sort of loan some Doug conference every once in a while they have people… ’cause playing and dressing up like a boy and what not. You don’t know if I don’t know about this, but I have other loons of trivia for you, but… So I am not part of this. We’re getting out of ourselves.

So, other questions you might have… Let’s see, I have a question I already asked. I, I, I still live in Texas, so that’s the end of my questions.

The dry being salon, which is Where Laurie works, it does not sound appetizing at all on him, that the sun songs that he elitist play in a high and low for that damn song really the name of it. I cannot find the name of it anywhere.

So like I can’t hire wrinkly Deleon. No, it’s the one that goes.

No, no, that one almost every time I watch a flipping Western, they’re playing that song at least once in a saloon and I, it kind of has no name, I don’t know what the… I’m sure it does have a name, but I looked it up and could not find anything.

Maybe if you have that into that app Shazam.

And when I looked into that I want… Let me do an election or whistle.

Oh, man. So the reason I ended up at this was a total coincidence, and we had planned to watch this long before when we’re recording this in June it was the screenplay was written by Bill witle.

Okay, Bill, what Lift is very well known in Texas, as you know, Texans, we are proud of our Texans, and all the Texas all people from Tex Texan all people who are Texan who are in famous Texas. Right, that’s that I’m at the same… And probably the most well-known thing that he did. Was it the screen play, for Lumiere? One of the things, the reason I was strolling down memory lane and ended up watching everything was that he died recently, on June in one well he and his wife I really felt there was like a arises an absence of Texan nobody was really collecting the works of Texan writers.

I see, and so, at my alma mater, Texas State University, just down the road, they founded the with Lift collections on the way which has a pretty sizable Southwest writers collection I… And that’s where I did my first internship as an archives person, which was awesome. And so a couple of things that they have there. So this is from the Austin Chronicle Billie had chanced upon about 30 boxes of materials belonging to J-Frank Dobie another Texas writer and he felt that could be the cornerstone for an archive of work by writers in the south west, with the connections he and Sally had made during the Encino years, they began pulling writers of note into their collection and acquiring important books like one of the 20 remaining volumes by basic relating his adventures after being shipped direct on Galveston Island in 1528.

Oh, now the collection holds the archives of 100 writers from Sam shepherd to Andreas, Catherine porter to Cormac McCarthy in time that expanded to include screenplays, 600, counting and production archives for film and television works such as King of the Hill set here in Texas, as well.

Is that so naturally on some doubt, I… So after he had died, the writers of Texas Monthly did an interview with Tommy Lee Jones. And Robert did well, I believe, it was separately was sort of like the interviewer called him up. Like Hey, you know, do you have anything you’d like to say about your friends?

And Robert Duvall as we know, as in the Godfather, which I hadn’t watched into, in the last couple of years, I think basically knowing how impactful the godfather was as a work of film said that loans on Dov was basically the godfather of westerns right, and I, he would be the one to know he was in both of them and he said he had that same… That feeling of while we’re really working on something important, together for both of those movies.

Interesting making a document we’re documenting a point in time that kind of thing, right? Yeah, although it’s still a fiction.

Yeah, let me see, I think I had one or two more things.

Oh, I will put a link up to the While collections in our post for this episode. There’s pictures of what is included included in the collection itself, which is the sign they have that’s like the hat Creek cattle company. That sign is preserved.

I even thought spoiler learnt okay. Woodrow breaks it up at one point to make a fire.

No, no to make a grave stone.

Oh sorry, but I have to say it was a lot better than I remembered it at last time I was watching it, was because my dad loved Western and I was forced to watch it when I was a teenager, I assumed the seawall.

It is really good, and it may have just been because I was clouded by sin. Mental-ism.

I know, I mean I… There’s not a handle for which Lonesome Dove could find purchase in my heart.

Okay, so are you ready to move on to the BEC to test?

There’s no way I only saw one episode I’m saying now in that first episode, it does not pass your correct there was… Yeah, I was confidently saying throughout the entire thing, but I’m wrong.

So in the first episode, there was a Laurie, who was the prostitute from the driving okay, there was peace who was remembered Jay could shot somebody, she was… That person is widow, okay, he was a dentist and so Julie Johnson was coming to find Jake to kill him because we whatever, anyway, we got a mention of Clara, who was sort of Bush’s old flame.

Okay, And then Ellie, is July Johnson’s wife so we had at least mention of four named female care home, but none of them talk to each other. No, in the entirety of the show, it does pass.

That’s interesting, because they must be on the trail getting to Montana for a good portion right, right… Well, I couldn’t see why how I could let me to women here in this little town as have a discussion about something other than men.

Are you ever going to watch this? The rest of it, I’m so no.

So what happens is I elites to go, with them on the trail. Okay, Jake, says he wants to take her to San Francisco but then he pieces out and then she gets a tax by some men. And that’s in a separate… That I didn’t include it in the trigger warnings, because I wasn’t in the episode we watched but she does get brutally attacked. A couple of times, I think. So they kind of take her in sort of to make sure she’s okay until they can at least get to Denver or something. Okay, well they end up stopping by Clara in Nebraska Gus his old flame because he wants to see how she’s doing.

She has two daughters, so Clara talks to her daughters about like Why are you always running around and can’t you find a quieter place, to play or stuff like that?

But then also once they come through Clara as Lori to stay there with them, because Montana is no place for a lady that is just gonna be, it’s gonna be rough, they’re just gonna be ranching. And what is she gonna do? So she ends up staying there with them and I see they talk to each other quite frequently.

There we go.

So disability portrayal in the episode that we watched, they were just getting going. So not really a whole lot to talk about. There were also talking about a pioneer kind of right place where someone with a disability, I would probably not right. So when we get to clear as what we find out is that her husband has been kicked in the head by a horse he… Which is not something we see on screen, this is already established by the time we get there. But he has had some sort of brain injury where he can’t get up, his eyes are open, but he just does not react. Anything can’t talk, can’t move anything like that.

Well, you know there’s realism there though, right?

So many people and moves and TV shows get hit in the head and that’s just a funny, a funny moment. And we move on. No, that’s one of the most dangerous things that you can face.

Yeah, especially movies and TV shows, just sort of like pave over like, “Oh yeah and not to be deal especially when the nearest doctor, is gonna be maybe a one to use 10-15 miles away, which in those days was a day’s ride by horse or whatever, horrible.

So it was kind of like you were saying, it was portraying the sort of realism because also, she lived out there in the middle of nowhere, thinking that her husband would be there to take care of the animals and do this. And the typically male sort of, I say typically male because this is ‘1870s America and friends here.

She had a helper, there but it wasn’t like she could just go out and get married again. She’s still married to this guy I I… She’s not gonna leave him, you know, that’s her husband, I… So it was very, it was a very difficult situation, I think.

And if our audience decides to watch all the way through, there’s the pretty… Grew some bit about us getting… That’s Bobby D goes gets shot in the leg with an arrow and it ends up getting infected and it needs to be amputated. But he’s so stubborn about it.

I mean, they portray it as being stubborn. If it was me, I would be like, “I don’t know, man, can’t you do anything like, I can see why he would be hesitant, but, he hesitates for so long that his blood gets infected, and it ends up affecting both lakes and then he threatens to shoot Tommy Lee Jones, if he tells the doctor to remove the other leg, and then he dies, and that’s why Tommy Lee Jones was getting the wood to make the cross.

No, I see, so you’re trying to tell me that Robert oval can die, I mean in the movies he can’t good. So that part was really hard to watch from because that’s what I wrote my thesis about was prosthetics and amputations and that sort of thing. To me it was both fascinating but also terrible to watch because I, I… That’s what would have happened is like… Again, this real, is a… He had a drunk doctor who was going… Who ended up taking off one of his legs. Which P-anesthesia is in its infancy and the in infancy.

Can’t you wait until I’m black out drunk before you do that?

Well, they were both kind of drunk DR and Patti think they’d have to be… Yeah, that… That makes sense.

And the one thing that did make me smile in that scene was Tommy Lee Jones is kind of the heart as whereas this is like the… I’m going to town to get laid and See you later guys. So, when Gus tells Woodrow you’re not gonna take my other leg I’ll shoot you first. And he’s like, “Well you know what, all you wanna do is just sit around all day and do nothing like What’s the problem, like that friend who’s just trying be there for you in a time when men can’t really show their emotions right or whatever, but still be like I care about you, and this needs to happen. So get up your high horse, no pun intended, and let’s get this show on the road. And he’s just like… No, I won’t do it. And that was his decision to make in that time, what could he have done as a man with two amputated legs? That would have been a very difficult life in the friends here for him.

Yeah, I honestly thought you’re gonna say that he just was begging time. El Jones Gary to just shoot up.

I can’t remember the actual death scene, if he just faded out or whatever, but then is it doesn’t take long. I don’t think if you have essentially poison Al through your blood, you’re just gonna dying of sepsis is a pretty imminent thing, right?

Yeah, but when we if you remember when we talked about 2001 A Space Odyssey” and you mentioned Homer’s Odyssey, the ending of the story is not Bess death, the “Antin of this story is Lido in accordance with buses. Last wishes me taking his body back to Texas to bury him.

Yeah, that’s interesting. In the Grove, where he and Clara had declared their love for each other, not even to lunch and just to Clara’s Grove is what he called it. Oh, that’s me, and I… Everybody was like, “you’re a damn fool and even Clara was like, “Why don’t you just bury him here with me, we love him and he’s like… And read told him that I will take you back to her house and he’s like, “I don’t wanna be very next to her husband. I wanna be buried where I remember us being the happiest.

That’s nice.

The only other thing I think I already said the only other thing I wanted to… There is a another mini-series called return to London desk that… No, which does have a Ricky thrower “reprises his role.

How is it as a low in the body you have?

We’ve not mentioned, the recruiter and so the… But Tommy Lee Jones opted not to return instead John boy plays Woodrow a call.

Now is that you’ve seen this?

I have not seen the return to land some down. A good I… Yeah, so, yeah. What are your thoughts on Ricky Schroder?

Do you have any… He likes to share? He was the little rich boy in silver spoons I think I ever saw that.

Don’t need silver spoon was in the… I saw it in the early 80s and Rick this boy who he had all the money in the world had so much money he had so much money Virginia that he had a bed shaped like a race car, you imagine… And then his dad was kind of like this silly Billy and the dad would ride from the kitchen to the living room on this giant electric writable train set. The train would just go right through. I thought that was the coolest thing when I was a good… I see a Trotter and I’m like… You had an arcade in your living room.

What are you doing out of your in loans of No Texas, yeah, you can be playing video games with that guy who does that dance from Fresh Prince okay.

Oh, Carlton grand “calton was Ricky shorter is best friend, I think.

So I resent Alfonso “ribera I think Riviera Ribeiro.

Yeah, you’re… Yeah, we’ll go with that.

So are there any pop culture references you now understand?

This isn’t really a culture reference, but I actually have something I kinda have something for this.

So timely. Joe’s character, caused the sloppy food. They’re eating Mexican strawberries.

And then I’ve heard this before, and I don’t know what that is.

So I looked it up later. And Mexican strawberries is the nickname on cattle drive for beans.

Oh, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that.

And it sounds like just like a little light racism as a spring it on there with all of the heavy races as… And the rest of the show, it’s like the cute version.

There is a key son of racism.

Oh my goodness, so I did learn something.

How would the movie, be different with today’s technology? You would just put those cattle on a train. Good by yeah, forget it.

We didn’t have trains in 1870. Oh, we did but I guess they wanted to be in Montana and they would have to drive them up month to… On a big cargo plane.

Yeah, so something we were a track that’s not as romantic though. I guess for a cowboy there would have been everything would have been better. medical food and Bobby D, wouldn’t have lost both his will, his life, he might, or the leg he saw that shot, in the lane with an arrow, a what you ate out. So they had to push it through, but if we had an emergency, if we had an emergency medical kit that we can at tunics and my fraternities yeah, the foreign forgot sakes, might do something, I don’t know, you know what else they have is life like it on the dusty trail they got that on the day care.

Well, what I’m telling you is that my parents live so far out in the country, that they have on their refrigerator. The number to call a medical helicopter.

Does your dad make sure there’s a spot for the medical helicopter? You have to have a place where it’s land yet.

So is he actually grade flatten out a certain area or a just a natural like, Okay, here’s where I…

I’ll have to look and see if there’s qualifications, but I ask you have to have a bright enough light to shine on the spot if it’s night time, ’cause the helicopters not gonna just land in an empty in an empty on a hit feel, right? Yeah, this isn’t something they had when I lived at home. So it’s been a recent development within the last… God, I don’t even wanna think about… It’s been almost 20 years anyway. Okay, moving up.

So anything else to discuss?

I did, I did, I say, “I’m sorry if you’re not liking this, that’s all I want to say.

So you can buy us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify or also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com. You can find a lot of other great shows there. So check that out. And as for us, just go to weight. You’ve never seen dot com to find links social media and contact information, leave us some feedback, and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows that we should watch. That’s a show for today. Mixed time.

I would be watching about a list now Virginia what I want you to do is put the doors, the end underneath underneath that last part it’ll make sense later.

Your Tortola, right?

I mean, in the…

Oh, I really good at trophies.

I standardised.

I’ll get the audio I do a in our listen, I anointed.

So A, I “ionisation OneNote on a one-on-one or one-on-one or one-on-one or one on a one-on-one anaesthetist.

This is the, in a free testosterone in the… Okay, in a ten at a strange low in a role. Well, in the sound Hannan on do the Chinese.

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