Ep. 64 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005, Rated PG-13).


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Oh, this is Shane and this is Virginia and this is the way you’ve never seen a podcast dedicates discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today, we’re wrapping up our nerdy month by discussing way, you’ve never seen Harry Potter and the goblet of buyer renounced collar a fire on the one, Okay, trigger warnings, children and moral danger. That’s what I’ve got. We’ll get into that later. Oh yeah, we will, but first we… Do you wanna tell me three things you expected from this movie or do you wanna tell me what your understanding of Harry Potter was before we watch this movie or both?

Let’s talk about Harry Potter generally.

Okay, so I can move on to the… This is the fourth movie in the series of eight. Previously was Harry Potter, the source stone Chamber of secrets. Prisoner of Asian.

So we had already seen those, but we just decided to do this one since you hadn’t seen it before.

Yes, we had a couple of years ago, I think we had in mind to work our way through all the area Potter movies and stopped, stopped halfway through, essentially.

Yeah, so up to this point, what I understand about Harry Potter is that he’s the Boy Who Lived right is a parents are gone. Or, “I right?

They were killed by Voldemort, yes, Omar somehow got magically incinerated by it when he touched Harry Potter and he got that scar that that exploded Baltimore. I’m unclear about that aspect.

So he kind of explained it at the end ’cause he was like Lily Potter sacrificed herself.

So what happened was I went to their house to kill Harry Potter, but when he did the AAA Cara curse lilies love meant that the curse back fired Harry’s exposure to that curse is what gave him the scar, but when it backfired it actually killed voldemor.

I see, so obviously the Harry Potter the framework on which all of this magic stuff sits, is the private school Hogwarts right?

He works.

I said that we were… So, every movie previous was really focused more a lot of it was happening in the school and about the classes and right and what not, and how, how that sort of affected… So now we’re sort of moving this in this fourth installment. We’re now moving further away from the school. And it’s not, I don’t think there really is there, even one there is in the very beginning a classroom seeing because all of it is about the competition to right what what is the competition to try? Was your tournament very good?

So yeah, that’s about in a nutshell. And I understand about her, but… Okay, so tell me three things you expected from Miss Harry Potter movie before I say that, I’m gonna say this, okay, the thing that’s wonderful about Harry Potter is that obviously everyone knows this, is that it’s this magical world that’s happening parallel to the Muggle world, the regular world, and I love the idea, the… You can have this whole big festival, but it’s magically contained.

No one who’s not a magical person would be able to see it because of what spells and then things like that, like to spell over the World Cup or whatever, right, that I love that that’s brilliant. So the three things I expected from this movie, another ingenious object or device that as a new layer to this ever expanding world number two bold are continuous, is slow progress back to full power, a the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher will not be in a pull-this stuff.

We had three, three movies in a row, with the filling essential being the Dark Arts deter.

Yeah, and I don’t think we had that but time right that I Modi was The Defence Against the Dark Arts to… And he was, it sure wasn’t a he was not actually mad I Moody, he was “Bardi crouch disguised as mad I Moody David Tennant.

This guy is a… Has happy to see the doctor show up.

Yeah, so did you expect to like it?

Yeah, I had high hopes for it, I got I gave it a 4-5 start, as, Oh, okay, expected to be delighted. We watch this in the evening, which means whenever we watch movies in the evening, especially on the weekends, so I fall asleep.

I like how you say in the evening if we didn’t watch a movie at 10 o’clock in the morning you still wanna fall asleep, but you would sing calling you out.

I feel like I’m being schooled this, I just don’t want you to lie to our audience, that’s true.

So what was your one sentence TV Guide? So also, I didn’t fall asleep at that was to its credit, yes, to this movie’s credit. Not that we’re going anyway, my one… Let’s see, so yes, so my one-sentence review or summary.

The world of Harry Potter opens up even further in the fourth movie in the series, Harry Potter, gets tempted to join voldemor.

It was, wow, that happened. Motors is trying to come back.

I wanted to some kind of twist and there was… Yeah, so now as spoilers. erodes his name isn’t a word is the man I he’s a magical creatures of vampire and “asmode so I… So I do hear what I… M-B-had to say. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, but can I not? I kind of knew there are certain things that I just know. I’m like the person who hadn’t seen Star Wars and then 20 years later, the years after Star Wars comes out, they watched Star Wars and it’s like you kind of already know or that Luke is I targeted, right?

Yeah, so I’m like, “Oh yeah, he dies and you’re like, “I don’t know anything about that.

The estate okay so you said Isn’t… He is supposed to be dead and I’m like, “He’s on the bleep in screen, how can he be dead?

We haven’t watched if he died yet, this is the movie, he died in, but I didn’t wanna be like, “Oh yeah, he’s dead when he was literally on the screen

I don’t know if we’re flashing back there’s time travel devices in this movie.

I don’t know how we’re dealing with… And yeah, the… The last movie we saw, I was the last time I watched the third one was a while ago, yeah, at least a year ago.

Yeah, so Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is from 2005, it’s rated PG-13. it’s two hours in 37 minutes. I felt didn’t. Adventure family fantasy. And it says a young wizard finds himself competing in a hazardous tournament between rival schools of magic but he is distracted by recurring nightmares.

So, in ninth miss, so how did things met your expectations?

They met him pretty well. The there was different new ingenious devices. The port key, right? We hadn’t seen the port key before the dirty old boot. That takes you places that one.

Yeah, and I don’t know if this counts, but the tent, I don’t know if we’ve seen that sort of thing where you cram into a little tiny for by 6-10, and suddenly inside it’s a mansion, right?

Yeah, I don’t think we’ve seen that exact second before.

And you know what, when Harry was 12 for 11 in the first one and he has this that We story, I wonder… And Oh, I don’t understand how this world works.

That was fine, but he’s still like, he’s still behind the equal and doesn’t understand how this world works, yet, but you can’t do fish out of water for eight movies in a row, right?

You should get it by now. He should be progressing in his magical education. I agree what I’m referring to is he didn’t quite know what the port key was. I understand we need someone who doesn’t know what it is, or we can I played it to the audience and then right before he watches everyone go into that tent, it’s obviously way too small and he kind of like he’s taking a back like, Oh this is weird, how we all get a fit in here.

Yes, I see what you’re saying.

So did you wanna say more about… Oh, and then color is… I didn’t expect him to be all the way back to kill in strength at the end of this movie. Yes, and Frank and getting all ahead of myself. But just ’cause we mentioned Voldemort.

You had a… At as a henne. It’s just gonna say, is it a right in a… The tournament and the challenges were so, so brutal, and cruel that I thought the old mare showing up was part of the… They honed something that looked like him.

I see they made it look like it was going wrong, and then Voldemort, was especially since it was all snowy there was something kind of other worldly about, right? It’s another World but another… Another world.

Yeah, and then it slowly dawns on me like, “Oh no, we’re out of the maze. Now, and this is the wheels have come off but this is bad.

Yeah, so has your opinion changed since you watched it? I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna go ahead and give it five stars.

Wow, on one life to… So you really enjoyed it. I’m glad I absolutely enjoyed it, I was so cool very…

I think sometimes people try to compare it to “Lord of the Rings” and say, “Well it’s not so… Lord, to the rock.

The one thing I think to be clever in this genre show me something, show me visuals that I haven’t quite seen before.

The was really difficult, because you know there’s been so many great the fantasy movies about magic and it’s… It was absolutely, is absolutely captivating.

I think you specifically commented on the fireplace where serious was appearing in the coals to tie to Harry.

Yeah, yeah, that just, it blew my mind how good that was because it looked enough it looked exactly like a fire, and it looked exactly like that guy… His face.

Yeah, it was just so perfectly done and didn’t… And didn’t get to charge a… Yeah, didn’t get too. It wasn’t overly… Overly CGI yeah, and also, speaking of speaking of that, he’s sort of, he Jack Rawlings yes, he… She is kind of using the Shakespearian device of the crazy, crazy man, in the wilderness who is a very weird and strange and just only speaks the truth is shouting all these things and it’s all the truth.

Okay, so who is that in this?

So I think it’s the fire place. Is it serious?

Oh yeah, he was the prisoner of “Asaba in the previous movie, right?

Yes, so I do love Harry Potter, I own all of the books I own all of the movies. I’ve seen them several times and read them a few times but I have to say, it really should be her mini as the heroine, because she does all the footman work.

Yeah, she’s a one.

Guys, you need to go a bit guys, you need to make sure you’re doing figuring out the egg figuring out the dragon. I don’t think they knew about the man so I don’t think they could figure that out, but she’s like… Here’s some research here’s a… She’s doing all the work and then Harry just shows up and kind of wings it.

Yeah, and somehow miraculously I mean, magically probably comes out of it alive, I just… I don’t think her mine gets all the credit she deserves?

She’s my favorite character by the by, and she does here better than Ron. So how they were fighting over the old ball yeah, that he didn’t ask her, she does better.

And Ron was just a big mob all through this.

Okay, here I ran Maron. What was I gonna say about…

Oh, her mine. So, when her mind, gets, she always has her her ass together, she always have the stuff together, so I was when she like when she was getting really upset about when Harry was about to, and when it was clear that he was going to take part in the, in the tournament, she was deeply unnerved by that, right? When someone who’s so together, it gets unnerved us kinda makes me go in.

This is going to be a serious, a serious challenge.

So if you, on this movie and I assume the books, the books I’m pretty close to the movies. For the most part, I haven’t read this one in a while but they do track fairly closely, in the earlier books that kind of veer off in the later books.

So, this was written by a woman.

And yet, it all plays out the way a man would write it a man would write it like there’s two… Two male leads and then there’s a female who like get some out of trouble.

Yeah, so I can see, I can see what you’re saying.

And I wonder if it was written that way, because she knew the majority of readers of this sort of fiction in the beginning are gonna be boys, maybe, I don’t know.

Yeah, I don’t know, I don’t know the demographics of her readership now. It just seems to be one of those universal things. There isn’t a… But yeah, I would imagine that’s why she goes by J-K instead of, I think her first name is Joan. But you’re less likely to get… You’re not gonna get as far in. Well, in any publishing probably except maybe romance if you have an overtly female name then if you just use your initials, she hit ten, who wrote The Outsiders and rumble fish she wrote about young teenage boys and gangs and stuff, and probably would have been a different story. If there was a clearly female-sounding name.

Can we talk about how the death eaters are basically the KKK of the magical world EOS from the coining I, the horrible…

I mean, they’re black instead of white, the robes and the hood but I… A very distinct vibe and they’re very much about not racial purity, but magical people should only marry and have kids with other magical people. You don’t want to get the Muggle blood into your pure DNA. So it’s very much I think it… Not a magic supremaci.

Patrick penises don’t need to laugh but that’s the pony in ocean.

Yeah, so it’s a… It was very travel, some that the become ‘half breed have mold my blood, that’s the… Yeah, there’s lots of eugenics terrible things.

Yes, man. It is used as a device to paint, it’s a brush that’s used to paint the evil character, right?

So I mean there’s that which I think is…

Well, I mean, as Americans J rolling is British. But I think it’s effective because as Americans, we just said in like, “Oh they must be evil, they look like the fricking KKK right?

So yeah, well done. We automatically associate them as evil as if the burning tens and terrifying. Innocent bystanders wasn’t enough.

Yeah, having said that, yes. I love Jason Isaacs, he’s amazing.

It’s just “mauboy but he also plays Captain Lord and discovery to track discovery.

He also plays character, I don’t remember his name, but in Armageddon he’s the guy that’s like about the technical one or an A in the world. Yeah, he’s the smartest man in the world. It talks about a catch-up but all exploding.

No, not the catch-up on to the… If you put, if you put a fire cracker in your open hand, you just burn your hand if you close it around close your fingers around a fire cracker, your wife will be opening our catch-up bottles for the rest of your life. You won’t have any… That’s right, fingers left that’s right.

It’s interesting that that’s the… He’s up. So with the scientist who decides exactly how to save the world, right?

But I remember he plays these different characters, and I believe him in every role like he is the smartest man he has a British accent that means he’s smart obviously, he’s the awesome but a little off captain, we find out he’s mayor Lord as boiler or so he’s not as good as we thought, but as Lucius Malloy I totally buy him as evil innate he just gives me the creeps, which is what he’s supposed to do, that’s what he is in the books, and that’s what he is in the movies and he doesn’t really great. I think he disappears into a role a little bit the way that the Gary Oldman, can disappear to a role. Yes, yes ’cause he played serious.

Yeah, yeah, but I’ve seen him in other things, and I’m like, No, he doesn’t look like serious. I don’t know what’s happening here. Yeah, serious doesn’t look like seditious who doesn’t look like the bad lieutenant and the professional who does it look like anyway, there are other actors in this that I really love. Obviously, Maggie Smith amazing she is the no-nonsense sensible what’s going on here?

We was not used transfiguration as a punishment.

I was thoroughly and I just… I adore Alan recommend, I can’t imagine anyone playing Snape EP, like Jason Isaacs, just embodies mouth boy, Alan Rickman just embody Snape he gets that sibling kind of grey bad vibe that you’re supposed to get from snake. Is he a good guy, is he a bad guy? We find out in this movie that he was a spy, he used to be with Baltimore, but then he turned spy for the resistance, so it’s like, okay, is he really as bad as we thought? Maybe not now you don’t know it’s murky, right? Yeah, yeah, you know what, I could have could have done with more… Snape in this, and he was a… It gave it five stars but yet I could still, I still use some more anyway. There’s for more movies to go that’s true. I have a question on a… To the old bar.

Yeah, it is a dance yes.

Why are the boys wearing dress robes? But the girls have to wear fancy dresses. Why don’t the girls just wear dress robes too? I don’t understand why everybody is not in dress robes if the girls are in fancy dresses, why aren’t the boys in Texas or suits or something, you know what I mean? It seems like they should match like either Muggle clothes or Wizard clothes, but not mule wizard clothes, yeah, yeah, I’m with you.

It will, it’s almost like those… And this is wrong because they’re both both boys and girls are in the rear, in the school, but it’s almost like when you see a formal event with armed forces.

Oh right, and the officers will be addressed in there, as you do a blue, adjust uniforms, and then their spouses will be just decked out in a nice evening gown or whatever.

Yeah, but they’re not in the military, no, and they’re both on their medals.

Yeah, I teasing reminding of that, but it’s… Yeah, it’s not right.

Okay, do you want to talk about the tournament tournament tournament yes.

Do you have other things to talk about before the tournament after the tournament?

There’s a couple of just fantastic images that I just wanna mention real quick. I love that visual of the clipper ship, where just they take the Crows Nest. And you think it’s just there’s just this little tiny ship hanging out in the water, like a little, it looks like a little dingy, sort of thing, and then the whole thing lifts up and it’s a big giant GERS IP with the water pouring off of it and everything that is just… It was so cool.

It’s so inspiring to see images like that. That’s the sort of thing where I’m like… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite done so well. And it’s just such a striking image. Beautiful, I agree. So, the tribe was our tournament.

What happens is people over the age of 17 can put their names in this cup and one name from each school, there’s boba and that’s a girl school and term string, I think was the other one.

Is that cross?

Yes, that’s an all-boys school. Or at least we’re led to believe that they’re an all-girls in an all-boys school.

That’s true, yeah, I never really mentioned that to that.

So, one name from each school is supposed to be drawn.

Those three Wizards will compete against each other in a series of deadly competitions to get a stink in cup. And the pride of their school, putting their lives on the line.

Okay, there are three tasks. Do we wanna talk about what the double doors thinking, putting all these children at risk and the ministry of magic or do we wanna talk about the actual tournament… First, and then, rants about double door, and the ministry of magic?

Let’s talk about the ornament.

Okay, so there are three tasks. There’s the dragon task, the underwater task and the maze task. Now you were a little upset about the dragon task because… Do you wanna tell our audience why you are a fan of the dragon task?

Well, I love the dragons, in “a tale right, but you wanted to see more of the Dragons? We only got to see one Dragon in an extended scene, but you wanted to see more. Harry was is ’cause you love them so much.

Harry went last and they’re like, Okay, the other three went and now we’re a Harry Potter and I… So what I… And you’re like… Well, like it was going on and on and the drag, and get loose and starts flying all over the place. Yeah, and you’re like, See this is why they couldn’t do it. It was like a 20-minute sequence of Dragon fighting. This is why we can’t do it and like no, this is exactly why we should have…

I want a whole hour of drag and fitting I wanna know, ’cause for the underwater task, we see how each participant figured out the underwater task. One of them had a shared one of them had a bubble chart. I wanna see how the other contestant figured out how to get the egg from the dragon.

I agree that we should have seen something like that, because now we’re like… Well, who was in first place because we didn’t see the actions that led the actions that were in the first task. You know what I’m saying, exactly?

One more thing I wanna say about the Dragons Harry potters’ drag in the, in the ERA horn to a very good… Yes, I see it, it, it looked like a it looked like a teenaged drove on from game on their own, and seriously, the way it move and stuff, the way it like the way I maneuvered in the air and kinda was like, “well So I self-down, I’m like Did they watch this When they… Who are creating… Because that happened… That happened obviously many years later, right?

The Game of Thrones DRO, on and all of his glory, flapping around me. It looks very very similar.

Even like I’m putting my hands, my fingers, close to my head right now, because it’s because you can’t see me. That’s a good idea, but here’s all the poke things coming out from this space.

It’s like the AAA in Jurassic Park when we wanna in his… Not his name in there, but I… So the ease… Okay, so moving on to the underwater tasks okay? I almost drown… When I was five, I didn’t really watch the… So I had to look away because it really bums me out.

I interestingly almost drowned as well at the age of two.

Hey, I’m a trotting back. Yeah, in a one.

But I had seen it before so I was comfortable watching what was happening ’cause I knew he would be fine.

Ah, I’m sure, in the fourth movie. Are they gonna kill everybody from… I thought, well because I couldn’t tell you, “Oh don’t worry, everybody’s gonna be safe because spoiler learn Cedric dies.

Yeah, ’cause that was not okay so basically, and I wanna know I need to go back and read the book about how they did this where they essentially kidnapped, the people closest to the contestants, were and then put them under water, how do they breathe? Are they like magically frozen in some sort of state like the online in a space movies, they have the States it’s called stasis. Thank you, a magical states magical state that it doesn’t matter if you’re under water, you won’t do.

Yeah, that’s another moment where I thought I thought we were looking at the fake love, ones. Not really the… Not really the loved one, right?

Some sort of like they made fish look like, of one, right? So each person had to rescue their respective a person. Yeah, and it was weird to me because… Okay, I can see how Harry is rescue Ron because that his BFF and they’ve made up now after Ron “bahay put his name in in the cup, even though he did it.

Yeah, but Victor Crum just met her mine does he not have a BFF in the derm string ranks, you know what I mean?

That’s a good point.

You just come to sit in a room and waits for the next… He doesn’t… We like for the French girl, it was her sister, so it was just like really, I don’t know, it was strange, the people they picked I’m sure it was because it was her mine and they wanted her to be in danger, but I wonder what would happen because I just qualified herself, so, would if Harry hadn’t rescued her sister as well, would the sister just died down there would somebody have gone down there and gotten her weren’t there other children, children by the way who are still down there like after Harry goes up, aren’t there still? Were there still other or no, here he showed up first, but he was torn on to who to say because he’s friends with her mining and Ron then Victor shows up, takes her mine Cedric shows up and takes so that’s who is down there for him, but then flare shows up to take her sister whose name I now know.

I see, so Harry was down there first, but he left last right?

Okay, so surprise. Everybody survived.

But then the points are so arbitrary, because double door was like, Well, Harry would have finished first, so we’re giving him extra points for exemplary moral fiber.

Okay, so here he never has to finish her. We’ve learned this in the other movies as long as he saves the day right at the end, he’ll get enough points, or enough moral fiber to win the day, right?

Yes, I’m sorry, can I just interrupt?

Yes, please do the moral fiber the day themselves don’t have the… In the children in danger, both the contestant and the people, the children, they kidnap and put under water.

Yeah, I’m sorry we were gonna say very shouting right just indignation to later, but okay, Well let’s move on to the last task. Which was the maze. And I didn’t really know what to make of this. It’s amazed that is somehow will turn you into an evil person who stocks the other. I understand it’s a maze and the purpose is to get to the center of the maze, so you can get the cup and win the tournament. Yeah, I don’t understand fully what was done to the maze to make it, it magically What curse or spell was put on it to do what hedges attack the contestants or something. You know, I just, I have a lot of questions about that. What did you think… First of all, I was waiting to see Jack Nicholson throws him on my God, in a corner. I think that have been funny, I just… One of the acts and that treaty look at his head anyway.

Yeah, I didn’t, I said this before where I thought like, Oh, this is the ultimate sort of task is that you’re fighting a fake Voldemort.

I was kind of disorienting as straightforward as get to the center of the maze, and win can be… It was very disorienting. ’cause I was in that, a very smart person. I’m trying to figure out, it’s trying to figure out what’s really happening.

I wonder, as we learned later that sermon Medio is not who he appears to be, and that it was bardic juniors mission to deliver Harry to folders. If maiden somehow magically charm elaborate. So, that Harry would win it wasn’t about who could get to the center first because Moody-rigged it so that Harry would get there first, because he put the port key in there to take him to Voldemort. Do you see what I’m saying, right? That’s what I suspect may have happened, but I don’t know that for sure, that seems… That seems, I mean doesn’t get the end. He reveals his evil plan as every good bill, and does.

Yeah, so Harry rescues Cedric, from the hedges.

So they’re like, “We’ll take the cup at the same time. Well, when they do the porte delivers them to the grave. I to the graveyard where real Voldemort, is. Who you had initially thought was fake to more.

So at what point did you realize it was real Voldemort, Was it when he killed Cedric?

It took me an embarrassingly long time, and it took to coming back when they came back from the grave, yard. And it’s not surprised everything’s fine now.

Oh okay, it’s a really a line time, ’cause I’m still thinking, we’re in… This is part of the game.

I see a Asahi again, not the smartest person.

So I’m really interested then in when you wanna put the shallow depths, of my…

I’m just interested in what you thought about what happened in the context of the tournament, then how were you trying to put together that fake wore ’cause all of the KKK was there, and what’s his name, chopped off his hand and there was all this stuff going on. So, did you think it was just like a really intricate magically?

I’m not saying that to be me, and I.

I’m really curious how you were piecing that together in your brain were… So you would like to enter the shallow waters of my thinking.

So we’re talking about all bets are off when you put my Lucent at the bottom of a lake right and over the one that… Right, so yeah, it was… It’s like playing a video game, and the first boss, is pretty simple to the feet, the second boss, the boss in the middle is gonna be like… Yeah, this is like the big boss, right? Okay, so a big boss has gotta be…

I see, that makes sense except in mark at the end of Arab this where you can just run underneath the North to fight a meat after a late a-E, That’s the princess doesn’t care, you rescue you, the princess doesn’t care, you rescued her, that’s A… And the boss in the lava. What literally game over that? We’re getting way off track, okay, but there’s the creators of the Family Guy did this whole maribor. What happens between the conversation between the princess and Mario after Maines? I don’t think I’ve seen that.

And he’s like, “How about the kids, and she’s like, “I’m not gonna kiss you and he’s like…

It was really hard to get here, I had to it so much.

Sometimes he’d be a little stand-be like DDT then be but that went left were very long.

I had hardly any help anyway, just the magic mushrooms and the star.

So yeah, it was again, it was like I’m trying to piece it all together and I’m sort of like, I’m all in on this is part of the tournament, I’m all in on it.

Yeah, it doesn’t occur. I also kind of like I’m not the kind of person who likes to sit there and figure everything out.

Most of… Because I’m not smart enough, I that’s… So I don’t have to do that, but also just like after the fact, learning all about my favorite movies like Star Wars and the alien movies and Terminator I love finding out every little detail and the den hidden messages and what the director is trying to tell us something through the use of camera. I love all of those sorts of things, but when I’m first watching a movie, I just like to let it happen to me, so I’m not doing a lot of trying to get ahead of the story, I’m just like here as it’s presented to me, I’m just trying to understand it.

Okay, so we’ve covered the tournament after the big battle with older where there’re ones explode on each other which sounds kind of dirty its really need effect to about the late S-so many different ways. You could have done that, but that’s a very interesting way to do it.

I agree, Harry escapes from the graveyard with Seger body. That’s funny ’cause I didn’t even mention the graveyard.

Right, anyway, yes, by using the port key where even appears back in the stadium or field wherever they’re doing the…

Yeah, everybody’s on not… And Cedric, is dead.

Yeah, a bond hearing his father react to that was just heartbreaking like… And everybody was just awkwardly staring at him. Can you just maybe turn around and give this poor man his moment of grief? I obviously it’s always hard to hear about anyone dying, but having to get the news and everyone looking at you. A stadium yeah, and everyone else is getting the US at the same time, that’s horrible.

So now, that Cedric is dead, yes, let’s talk about how irresponsible the adults at Hogwarts and the ministry of magic are.

The anion. Try not to get mad.

Okay, you go first.

Is there a magical world? children protective services.

There should be this certainly. So there should be ’cause there’s not even then, even appear to be some sort of… Well, there isn’t any sort of like they’re doing these dangerous things, but there’s no magical fail-safe, right? The dragon pops off is chain and somehow there isn’t like a magic do to keep the dragon from going away and making this a more dangerous, or whatever. Yeah, an Astrodome for erecting the people and ultimately, yeah, it’s very weird.

The first thing that irritated me was… So the names pop out of the cup, right to pick who’s gonna be the champion, for each right?

You took your little hand in to be considered and then I… And then I was a load out. Yeah, so when the names come out and Harry’s name is in there, party crowd senior says Mr. Potter has no choice. It’s a legally binding magical contract, okay, first of all, a 14-year-old can enter into a contract. Second of all, what kind of crap is this? Legally binding deadly competition contract crap.

Yeah, that’s a really good point. And thought of that in the Muggle world, have to be 18 to sign a contract, obviously, right?

We later discover in the books that 17 is the age of adulthood, for wizards. 18 is for mules, but 17 For wizards, but Harry is 14.Or, if you listen to read a skeeter he’s 12. so she was the journalist yeah, so how is he entering into a contract and what kind of jacked up legal system do they have that is, Anybody can put your name and thing and then you yourself are held to that contract.

I have questions, thank you.

Yeah, it’s not a flaw, it seems to be like the history goes back very, very far, but they haven’t had a lot of legal reform.

Yeah, and the thing is to like Okay, setting aside the entire tournament at this time and everything that we know about Harry Potter so far how words is like a freaking dangerous school like you have Jenny getting kidnapped and put in the chamber of secrets. She almost died.

Moving stairwells, yeah, over at A… What is apparently a bottomless of this, so many opportunities for dangerous things to happen, unnecessarily. It seems like trolls controls in your bathroom. Yes, that Professor McGonagall tries to protect that Mamet tries to protect the children as much as she can, and even Nate to some degree, but Dumbledore. Just like… Then what’s gonna happen is gonna happen and I’ll try to protect you if I can. But that’s a pretty good impression on them. Yeah, thanks.

I just feel like he just unnecessarily puts to children in danger, absolutely. And what kind of schools Howard? Just the safety of children does not seem to be high on the list of priorities at Hogwarts. School of witchcraft and wizardry.

Thank you, the true okay, I’m sorry, do you have more?

I just wanted to throw this in there, because I always love writing down the time when they evoke the title in the movie, it’s like 22, only 22 minutes for them to say the Goblet of Fire which is acceptable to me. Okay, did you notice because last time and earlier I gave you a hard time for calling it “The Gabler fire, so there’s no fire eating.

However, when Ernest NG did their grand entrance, the IEEE, the dude at the very end, blew the fire and it made a dragon or some right in the clerical thing. Yeah, so it wasn’t fire Enix taken school, something like that. It was fire breathing over thing, but I see wasn’t fire Gabler though technically similar.

So back to test what do you think in a way it did, not pass to any of them passed? If you look it up.

A couple of the Harry Potter movies, pass, there are several names characters’ names female characters in this movie, but none of them talk to each other, some of them are in the same room together, and even some of them seem to be comforting each other but they never say anything. So in a tight… Okay, yeah, so a… So let’s talk a little bit about disability portrayal aka user MATI Moody who has both a magical eye and a wooden leg, mental that’s what it look at all.

Well, reporting to rolling, rolling, whatever, she said that in the Harry Potter universe wizards can survive non-magical injuries, so if they follow up a building and break their leg, it could be like a book.

The UN broken, okay, but if they’re injured due to a magical injury like Baltimore blows their leg off, then they can’t just… But a being, but a a new leg. So it’s about magical versus non-magical injuries.

So, she specifically said, about Madi Moody had to resort to a wooden leg, and a magical eye when the originals were irreparably damaged in a wizards battle.

So mad I Moody is our main disabled character in this movie, I find it interesting that he’s ultimate that It’s not MAT IMO but it is Matti Moody who is ultimately the bad guy, it’s “Barty crouch junior disguised as mad I mode so and I Modi himself is not so the bad guy, a but his dope game or not really doppelganger.

What I’m trying to say is we have that trope of disabled people as the villain, right?

But in this case, Mani Moody wasn’t really the villain it was about Abel? bodied “Barty crouch Jr impersonating disabled “mademoi but also using some of times prosthetics to his benefit. So when he is in class and can see Finnegan, putting the gun under the desk, he can literally his magical eye lets him see through the back of his head right so Bari, crouch Jr As himself would not be able to do that, but he can do that using poly-use potion to be mad. I moody, so I thereafter is a lot to… There’s a lot to unpack in who’s really the bad guy, how do we really portray the bad guy, what’s really going on here?

Yeah, I don’t know exactly what all to say, I just wanted to make that distinction between magical and non-magical injuries because when I first, read the books, saw the movie, I’m like, “Why doesn’t he just magically magically make a magical leg? We saw Baltimore for Peter, Peter, remember, he chopped off his hand to Voldemort, come back to life, and then Voldemort, restored his hand because it was in a magical injury, he just took a regular knife and chopped off his hand, but because, man, I Moody was injured in a wizard battle, right? I can’t do that, I got… You gotta go with the creator for what the rules are of the universe, but magic, you could do anything you want with magic, like true, in one or “serrate doesn’t seem to be a good reason to not just forget about, okay, he has to have a prosthetic leg. Why can’t it be magically exactly like the leg loss?

That’s what I have in… How would the movie, be different with today’s technology? You would not have a one leg. Thank you very much, this is not 1837.So he would have some kind of advanced Mule technology, or magical technology, I’m talking at least some fiber glass or some plastics, or wood. And Len “give me a break, get cool robot legs.

Exactly, it’s like and camp. And who’s gonna know if I am view it with magic, right? You could have a terminator leg and then just magically make the skin around it appear skin like… Like you were saying, to have one that looks like your original LA.

There’s a lot of options for him here, I think.

Yeah, that’s one of those ones where I don’t, I’m not going.

I’m fighting against the creator’s vision for the world.

Are there any pop culture references, you now understand?

I’m trying to think specifically for this movie I used to work with this woman who was an enormous Harry Potter fan.

So is it Shahar potters at you? She’s three of them, wow. I think Allie who’s been on Captain game show a couple of times, I know she’s a Harry Potter fan, but I think she might have a hairy testing she might have a Harry Potter tattoo, her that he it. So yeah, we did. It all would always reference would reference Harry Potter and reporter, movies that might actually she might actually be free. And I knew that Cedric Cedric the vampire was gonna die.

So we talked about MATI modes leg, but how would the movie be different with today’s technology?

Do you have anything for that?

I don’t, I don’t because I think it’s one of those things when you’re dealing with an alternate world like that.

I mean, honestly though, I’m gonna say this, that they need team, they need some reform to their laws.

I agree, we did comment a couple of times, about white. There are cell phones in the Muggle world. Why do they have cellphones to text each other or… I think I mentioned this briefly. Well, we were watching, just have magical, magical texting that just happens in your frame of reference, your field of vision field vision, sorry, and you can just get messages and send messages like by speaking them into the air or whatever into your invisible. The texting app.

Yeah, ’cause in all’s gonna take several hours, if not several days like that would be like I’m gonna text my friend here. Let me put it in the mailbox. That is not work.

The Le me give my message to an owl and hope that it doesn’t become part of their nest.

Okay, are we ready to wrap this up? I know I have somewhere to be, one quick thing, I just need to mention before we… Before we’re done here.

I have to say that I’m jealous for the kids who grew up with Harry Potter.

I was, I’m a bit older than you then I’m 45.So when this came out, I was in when the book came out, I was in my 20s. And to be able to grow up, I grew up with great franchises like star the original Star worth and back to the future, but it must be something very special to grow up to Harry and her mining or growing up as you’re growing up and it’s just such a such an immersive world, and just so inspiring it, that must be, it must be great to be a kid. And growing up with us, the closest thing, I had to that because I was a junior senior in high school when the books started coming out The Baby-Sitters Club, the because I, I started reading them when I was like maybe 10 or 11 and the youngest baby sitters were like in junior high, and I’m like, “Oh I’ll be like them one day. A grown-up baby sitter that’s on. It’s not as fun as being a child to risk their life to… Anyway, that’s gonna get us back in a whole thing. Okay, anything else that was my… Anything else on… So, that about wraps it up. You can VUS on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify were also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com. You can find a lot of other great shows there. So, check those out. We’re gonna be starting the landing party again.

So, I MA which is about Star Trek, which I love case Arian.

We almost had a hole that God at.

I know what you mentioned, or a tattoo in an Ateneo.

Leave us some feet. Or are you done as for us? Just go to weight. You’ve never seen that. Come to find Lake social media and contact information, leave us some feedback, and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch? That’s our show for today. Next time we’ll be starting a month of Christmas. Movies would be watching Christmas in Connecticut.

Thanks for listening. Muggle.

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