Ep. 65 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Christmas in Connecticut?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Christmas in Connecticut (1945, Not Rated).


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Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

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Next time, we’ll be talking about Gremlins so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 65 below:

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Hi, this is shared, and this is room didn’t have… And this is a way you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen and so never starting your Christmas month by discussing what you’ve never seen. Christmas in Connecticut.

Noone else has my more barbers.

I don’t think this reason anyway, we’ll get to this, but there might be a reason. This isn’t on everyone’s list of re-watchable, Christmas movies around the holidays, anyway, up front, so trigger warnings at the very end of the movie. Jeff chases Elizabeth around the bedroom and she’s like, No-stop and he’s like, “Oh I was still gonna chase you. So that was not a great notes in the movie on a wide… There’s lots of weird things in this movie now, and there’s lots of deprecating insulation about people who have children who aren’t married at the time, they have that child.

Oh yeah, so some people might be upset by that anyway.

Why didn’t you tell me three things you expected from this movie?

Number one, I expected a love story.

Okay, pretty safe. I was looking at the picture of Barbara Stanwyck, and Jeffrey what’s his name, what’s the actors name the M-A-R-T… His name is Dennis Morgan and this Morgan, I don’t really know Sidney green street, played the magazine guy.

Yes, the magazine guy, was Allen and The Yale. Yeah, or mystery hardly to you If you’re nasty, second thing, Christmas gets ruined because they don’t make it to Connecticut because of the evil plans of local million air McHale, played by Sydney dreams through…

I just took a stab at got it. I just… Diet is gonna be a bill. He just looks doesn’t he play some sort of villain in “catamarca were the fastest.

He’s the competitor to Rick’s night club to kind of know and yeah, I think broken hearts hard breakers are a villain, and that movie thank at that Lady, who broke free board.

So yeah, so you kind of… The villain.

Yeah, that’s a whole complicated movie. Ingrid Bergman yeah, played in a dice and I sorry I’m leading us down this unnecessary rabbit trail, the third thing I expected it was to fall a sleep.

He didn’t fall asleep.Boilers, and thank you, did I did that?

So did you expect to like it? Well, tell me your feeling on Christmas movies, in general, ’cause last year we did a Christmas movie meant as well where he’s on now, we’re able to do it again, be very game. Watched. Patrick Stewart, A Christmas Carol. Because you knew how much I loved him, I love it I through him and love that even though it’s a terrible rendition of A Christmas Carol really with… It wasn’t good, but I watched him, I watched video tape of him taking the trash out. I don’t care, he’s pretty as is awesome.

And America in 34th Street, which I don’t think you like either, but anyway so you don’t really have a feel a warmth in your heart for Christmas movies. You’re like the ridge of… Remember now, that’s not very nice, but it’s a true…

I’m a delicate delicate flower and you’re breaking my heart.

I do, I’m the Ingrid Bergman of this situation.

Yeah, I see a…

I don’t know that movie we should stop talking about may be Okay, so it is, I think what you mean to say is that you are so into Christmas, it’s sure you are very in the Christmas and in a way, like you’re not a religious person, so it’s not about the beautiful baby Jesus, right, who wasn’t born in the winter, by the way, I… There’s more like they think it was the spring be that when they did censuses like the March-April or whatever they called it, back in those days, I think they called it the sun is not killing us, in the desert, yet. A time of year, so… So, yeah, so as it’s interesting you’re an interesting mix. A big Christmas fan but not religious, right?

And it’s not like there are no tiny children who lived with us, who we have to.

B-A-L-O-Christmas. So for… Yeah, when I go to visit my family for Christmas I have five nieces and nephews, and it’s really easy to be all gone home. For Christmas for two days. That’s about how much I can be like. Okay, here, let’s get the sand to read our app and we can watch… And as soon as he gets here, you aren’t going to bed. That’s what I’m saying, Okay, I think you’re being a little “disingen because you also want to fill and correct me if I’m wrong, I think you wanna fill all of your weekends with at least a Christmas movie “A Day in the month of December probably. Yeah, that’s fair to say. So that’s more Christmas energy, things just a couple of days.

Disney plus has an original Christmas movie called No. Well, but it’s the name of the woman, it spelled K-N-O-E-L-O, right?

So that’s on my watch list.

Probably, some time when you’re taking an app and you should be on a watch list. You, mom, she’d be on the way, sorry. Okay, so did you expect to like it or… I like it, I gave it two stars. I don’t have high hope for this movie, so I am a little… Okay, so it’s a wonderful life is one of my all-time favorite movies, and it happens to be a beloved Christmas classic right now, which, yeah, I don’t even know if it was always intended to be such, I think we’ve mentioned before, that you and your brother will just quote this movie back and forth to each other, that’s your whole conversation, you don’t even say.

Hey, what’s up bro, how’s it going? It’s just as soon as you pick up the phone, it’s like, you’re talking about Mr. Gower and crap.

Go have my Sawyer. Again, we’re getting side tracked again. Sorry, good to… Okay, so… Yeah, so I hope for it because despite my love of “It’s a Wonderful Life, I don’t regularly go out of my way to watch Christmas movies, that all true and I have a hard time with older movies, there are some older movies that I just love. Art Nicol was… That was a good one, I thought that was fantastic.

There are ones that in anyway, but I have a hard time sometimes with these old time movies.

So what was your one sentence TV Guide summary?

Christmas di means romantic comedy for two and likely lovers fracking through a winter wonderland and into each other’s hot.

That sounds very much like it could be like when you’re going to see the news reel before I… During more time. That’s the voice they use.

That’s right, even little. Johnny is helping in the rubber Drive.

Go out a little fella right and he’s got just one little pathetic piece of rubber a big pile on rubber right, but he’s helping to, so would you like to hear what I am? D-B-had to say or the rest of the podcast will be done in this voice in a… Well, you know, I have the power of editing for your part of the conversation. Can just be blank, Air.

Yes ma’am, and I’ll just be like me talking to myself, which is not very interesting.

No, no, I don’t, I now can try to sound now.

Okay, what does IBSA about this movie?

Okay, so this is Christmas in Connecticut, from 1945, it’s not red, it’s an hour and 41 minutes, and it’s a comedy-romance and it says a food writer who has lied about being the perfect housewife must try to cover her deception when her boss and a returning more hero invite themselves to her home for a traditional family. Christmas, you know what this movie is way more complicated than that.

We don’t meet that writer until anyway, we’re getting out of ourselves.

So how did things meet your expectations? So I was basically a love story.

Prison is a… I think the Christmas in this movie is quite inset. Dental they’re like, “Okay it’s Christmas morning. I know there’s no kids there, but they don’t even wanna like…

Well, there are two kids there, that’s part of the first…

Oh, well, the babies, yeah, there’s no permanent babies right in the… Anyway, yeah sorry… Yeah, this was As French forest as you can get without actually having doors that are right next to each other, right?

So yeah, Sidney Green Street wasn’t local, million.

Well, a millionaire, but not an evil guy.

Oh, I… And I did not fall asleep.

I was really trying to understand what the hell is that.

Did you expect I have two questions about what you might have expected is, did you expect to start with a battle scene and did you expect for people to get arrested?

So I did not expect people to get arrested. My very first note, though, when we start taking notes after the movie starts, it’s a war movie in the beginning. Turn ENT. I thought that it might be that, but I didn’t guess I was gonna guess that.

And I should have guessed like… Well, and it’s not really a war movie, “the war movie, just sets up why this guy is gonna go to her farm.

Yeah, it’s not a war movie or a worse S, it’s a war scene.

And then yeah, as soon as that Jeffrey guy, he’s like, “They’re a drifted. So, for like to 15 days which should kill you by the way. Yeah, I wondered about their water situation like, okay, maybe you have enough Rations, you can last 15 days, the water, that water he… Yeah, there is a way to collect and I suppose they would have a soldier would have a filter not a filter, but they would have training. There’s a way to take plastic and collect rain water, those decline. I don’t know if they even had the Salinas and Willard to… Yeah, anyway, as soon as Jeffrey it goes well, single wits and I’m like, oh, we’re never gonna see this guy again.

You don’t think of a joke name for a fella, if I have to keep seeing him.

So has your opinion changed since you watch this movie, what your star rating? Now I give it a little at 25, I’ll give you a little more really. I thought it would go down.

Well, I see by virtue of the fact that I didn’t follow sleep, it was at least entertaining.

That’s true, that’s true. Well, it kept me interested, I wouldn’t… Well, I don’t wanna say Entertain.

It kept me distracted enough.

Occupied focus.

And what else can you ask for a movie? But to be a… So I noticed… So, once Jeff and singlet get rescued off the life raft right?

They’re kind of sleaze balls in the beginning, like a real or see, he’s supposed to be the hero later. love interest. But since, basically says, “Hey if you promise to marry one of these nurses live you, she’ll give you a good food instead of this a floating in Mill you give that to a sick person that we discuss.

I Googled it to see if that was a real thing because I’m like, “I’ve never heard of this, but who knows, maybe it’s an old wives’ tale or something but I kind of find anything about it.

Maybe it was just a funny visual, ’cause they actually… They show you a top-down view of the what looks like a fried egg, displaying on a… Have of milk, which I look pretty discussing compared to the stake and potatoes that “singida happily, the thing I tease promises to marry. Mary, I already the nurse… Mary Lee.

So I had a set… Well, this was before Lucy ball, but she had a… It is baseball, I about her. It wouldn’t have surprised me if she had red hair, it but it was a black and white movie, but she was also the one that you said. I can’t stay in a right. Yeah, she was just barely beating back that Brooklyn accent or whatever that was.

That’s from our Singing in the Rain, episode, I never mentioned that will be again, please, the sorry, sorry to assess. So He promises to marry nurse… Mary Lee so he can get good food instead of the crappy food he’s been getting. So the fact that they’re engaged in air quotes, is important to the story, later on.

So before I move on from the hospital scene single-it says describing his behavior, and how he’s somehow tricking the nurse he goes. Oh, I’m using the old Mago.

Yeah, I didn’t know what that meant.

’cause I have a feeling it was coined the phrase. Sorry, what were you saying? I was gonna say, when I hear Mui think of Mr. made and that doesn’t fit.

They were doing… Please continue. I see very well, and hilarity and so is a the “misia feeling that they may have coined that phrase, because they immediately think what’s immediately describes what it is and what it’s essentially… He’s cat fishing the nurse, he’s tricking her into thinking that he’s into and… Oh, we’re gonna get married and like manipulating… So I guess the old “Mago was just manipulating the way we were describing which is a set, which is terrible.

Yeah, well, we’ll get to the end when we find out that… But I have a question about that later, anyway, so… So we kind of have three basic storylines, going on here, right at the same time, right?

We have Jeff is the war hero, so Sidney Green Streets character Yardley once to get good press by having him go to Elizabeth Lane’s farm in the country, Aries then we have Elizabeth Lane lying about who she is because she’s not this perfect housewife who lives on a farm in Connecticut and can cook these lavish dinners and she’s a perfect decorator and all of these other things. She really just lives in a studio apartment in New York somewhere and she’s not married, and she doesn’t have any kids, she can’t cook, it’s the person downstairs that does all the cooking, for her Felix. And then we have the weird engagement between Elizabeth and John Sloan where she doesn’t love him and he knows that she doesn’t love him, but they’re still gonna get married anyway but they have to do it in secret because of this whole… Elizabeth lying about who she is. So, just John alone, who has one of those thin little fuse masses, he is a co-worker of Liz. Does he also work on the paper? No, he said, are… So he’s an architect but just a friend of list.

Well, he’s a listen, he’s very interested in her, he’s in love with her, right? But I insure to me… Yeah, I’m just trying to figure out where he fits in, because again, this is…

I’ve said that before we started recording, I’m not very smart, for movies like this, with too many things going on. I don’t remember if they said how they met, maybe not. I wouldn’t put it past them to have another layer of complication to explain another thing. So the preacher that they keep having to sort of sneak in and sneak out, right?

The preacher kinda doesn’t know, for most of the movie that it needs to stay a secret thing, right?

They’re letting… And he just laughed at everything and never asks Why has to leave through a window.

I think that man is a hero he just let life happen and nothing is getting them down or bothering him, he’s just living his life and let everyone be ridiculous, also, right at that.

So basically, it’s interesting that you mentioned are Sean old place because this movie made me think of arsenic and old lace where you’re trying… So Elizabeth fiance conveniently has a farm in Connecticut that we can use to stage this whole FARS this whole, the rate or whatever to her boss it grew in the streets. character can be doped right? So it’s basically about Elizabeth trying to constantly hide the fact that she can’t cook or take care of a kid correct from the… From both Jeff and Mr. Yardley. So to me, something that was interesting was how much was made of the morality of them not being married and having a kid at the same time, so the way they got the kid was a nearby group of ladies were working in the war plant. Well, they work different shifts, and sometimes need somebody to take care of their kids. Will the housekeeper, the “renor will normally take care of the kids, so they just conveniently use one of those kids to be like… Oh, this is the bag. ’cause she had talked about having a baby in her column so she had to have a husband and a baby, and a farm.

So, when Nora finds out, she kind of knows what’s going on, she knows they’re not yet married she knows there’s kind of this deception, going on so when they go upstairs and it looks like John and Elizabeth are gonna go in John’s bedroom together, she and her very Irish catholic sensibilities, has to quit that very moment because of all the immoral things she’s ever seen in her life, as a point. Then as soon as they say, “Oh no, we were just waiting until the judge gets here, the preacher whoever, then all of a sudden she’s buddy-buddy and… Oh, that I’m so happy for you this is great news. And when they’re standing in front of the preacher and they start hearing the baby cry and then the preachers like a baby, what’s going on here, clearly they’re not married, so they’re not supposed to have a baby so then you have to find an explanation for that. It was a big mess, it was a big mess, it was also Jeff singing voice does not match his look at all, and that’s all I have.

Can we talk about fake piano playing just a little bit? So Virginia here. I can play the piano.

His true and it’s fun watching her watch movies when there’s a fake piano playing where they move the camera in such a way where you can’t really see the hands, or they just show close-ups of a real piano, player actually playing… Yeah, and then later you see it from a different angle, and they’ll be… So the higher keys, or to the right and the lower case to the left in the… As you’re sitting as you’re sitting at the piano is right when you’re facing you, or… So when one goes does that thing where the notes all go up at boot, to do to… And they’re going to the last… They’re going the wrong way. I love that all I want is to pretend. Do you know what you’re doing?

I go The Right, I accept that you’re not actually pushing the keys, down. Not everybody can play the piano, that’s fine but I, in in some effort, at least like the rhythm, make your hands go at least at the same point as the rhythm instead of just say, I do this like people listening and see what I’m saying.

She’s like, making two little Spiders out of her hands and he sort of pumping them up. And to, but… Yeah, I just do some research for God say Yet Michael J Fox and he played the guitar, in Back to the Future, he had a guitar guy who sat there and taught him out of LA Guitar. Well, convincingly fake guitar right, yeah, when you look at it, and it’s not completely ridiculous, which speaking of piano, playing, so I go upstairs and everybody goes upstairs to go to bed. Yardley, and Jeff and Elizabeth and John then Elizabeth and John are gonna see back down to the preacher is gonna marry him, then Elizabeth starts playing the piano. I’m like, No, that’s you stuck down here because you’re trying to be secret. But then I’m like, “Is she sabotaging it because she doesn’t really wanna marry him, and she’s hoping someone will come down and be like, What’s going on here and they’ll have to pretend they don’t know what’s going on.

Virginia yes.

Port says there are no mistakes.

Okay, he wanted did Fred watch this movie?

Yes, I love it, I give it the fourth top.

He didn’t sound like that.

I hear, I don’t think so, all just one more thing about in paneling I would love to cut in. So they’re doing something that’s not… Definitely not playing the piano, but you could just kinda see their arms.

I would love to cut in, footage of someone like just pulling TAFE or building things out of clay. What is it that, that ands are really doing? Because it’s not plainly Vino?

So are you ready for the back to test one more quick thing, okay, the tale they’re Cottesloe sorry.

And you kind to expect that reaction. Their Cow was called macula, FICA is, the main female actor in million dollar baby. I just think that’s a little weird for them to name the character and million dollar baby after a coup.

Maybe they didn’t, but I just met it’s… I’ve never heard that name outside of that movie. So the back to test, I think we… We passed.

Is it your guess? Yes, yes, it did pass it wasn’t on the backs movie site. And I’ve gotten a little lazy and depending on that, so I wrote down one instance that I definitely remember but there are probably a couple more like between Nora and Elizabeth, that I probably just didn’t right now when Miss Giri comes by to drop off a different baby, right?

So that’s one of the things too is because different women go to work at the war plant, they drop off, different babies. And how does Elizabeth explain that the baby looks completely different? And it’s also a completely different gender.

Well, the one she said the… She said the Jeff that the baby supposedly just… Well, a what, a pocket watch, and that’s why… That’s why it looks blind, and it’s a lot a that…

Oh, I thought it was because I… No, wait, the baby was free for some reason. I’m not sure if it… There was the watch it.

So, Felix was trying to sabotage the marriage between John and Elizabeth, so he pretended that the baby swallow the watch, so they would stop the that attempt at the ceremony and they would all come running in to take care of the baby, who’s well the watch, but really it was in flies at the whole time. I could… We’re not gonna check your pockets. Feel like he couldn’t just put it in because, just undo it from your belt loop and just put it in your pocket.

Okay, so Elizabeth and Ms. skirts just talk about watching her baby where she’s like, “Oh well, Nora normally does this and Mrs. So and so, who had dropped the baby off yesterday said it would be no problem. So here, take the baby Have a nice day, I gotta go to work.

Yes, and Elizabeth the whole time is like, Wait, wait, stop. No, come back. It’s an, It’s A Boy.

So are there any pop culture references you now understand?

No I don’t, I think this movie I think has been lost a time a little bit.

So one that you know what they did not make him a gap in.

I don’t, it’s not gonna happen.

So how is the movie be different with today’s technology?

I don’t know about technology, but do you ever thought about this? Okay, so this is… Well, when she’s in her studio apartment she does want and desire the trappings of the woman she tries to portray herself is in the newspaper a column, so she buys herself in Mein coat, and it makes a big show of it, and she gets to look like the rich person, she’s presenting to be when she’s down at her fake farm house, what out of that she’s really trying to persuade yourself as a rich person so much as a happy and fulfilled house wife, no matter what her income level is.

I mean, yeah, you have to maintain a certain income level to have a farm, but I don’t know if me co-fits with farm because of richness you know what I’m saying? Oh, we are, yeah, I guess that’s true, that’s true.

But regardless, she does like the trappings that’s true.

Well, yeah, she does.

So I don’t think this would happen in a remake for example, I don’t think that symbol of wealth that she… That goal for herself would have been a man coat because of all these vegan hippies out there. You know that cure began happy, you know the time. I do know this side.

So to me, it’s like watching people smoking, it’s kind of a yes distracting. I don’t think this is open today so it would be like, “Oh she bought herself some Lu batons or something like that, right? Or a meat so yeah, I got you. Well, then you have to worry about child labor, laws. But I still… Well, right, but at least I think of Mark Jacobs bag would be more socially acceptable than I’m in code, maybe.

Yes, are you proud of me, to want me to come up with another name of… Now I have a pro coach I know if you… Oh yeah, coach that’s a good way, that’s a really good… Did you say Live a ton?

You said a little bit time, I said, “Look it on. Those are shoes with the hot bottoms. Yes, I get confusing, yeah.

So Louis the time And Lupton the sons of the red shoes. Yes, the red bottom, Eaton is the bags and close that I, I think it… They probably do close to anyway. I’ve become quickly losing interest in my own words, so I’m gonna shut up.

So, I may Jeff’s nurse that he promised to marry the… Yeah, I don’t think she would have written a letter to Yardley because remember how she takes out her nice stationary and gets the fountain pen that is, in a literal in Quill right it, that’s one of those moments where if a kid of a child is, if someone is like 15 is watching this, you have to stop it and explain why she’s not just pulling out her phone, texting him, and then she’s like “Dear Mr. Yardley you may remember me from nursing your daughter, mother, back to health from the measles.

I’m like In today’s day and age, you’re either gonna get email. We direct message text, like you were saying, just gonna slide in to her Alito the DMs. I have unsuccessfully tried to explain what sliding into the teams. Like being a funny day old man, he doesn’t understand what the kids say. No, they… But just now, thinking and some of these videos are good and some of them just kind of feel manipulative, to me, is like those videos, you’ll see on Facebook and Twitter, where it’s like hometown hero returns from overseas and the surprises or like Look at this, Wounded Warrior and we’re gonna build in the house, it’s supposed to tag at your heart strings, and it… It does, but I don’t like being manipulated like that so that’s on me. And I understand that, but that’s what I’m saying, is you might see one of those heart-wrenching Facebook videos about Jefferson Jones who nearly start to death on a life raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for 15 days and no no, He’s gonna spin his Christmas with this lovely woman who he dreamed about while he was on the life raft right?

That’s the kind of thing that these sappy Facebook videos are made of and what they… What those set Facebook videos would leave out is the fact that he was busy trying to manipulate or to get good food, right?

He wouldn’t put that part in right, exactly. So I feel like before we wrap it up, unless you have any other… How the movie would be different. We should say that at the very end, Mary does reappear in the movie talking about how she was engaged to be married to Jefferson Jones and Elizabeth is like a… Oh, how can he lie to me this way, like she hasn’t been lying to him the whole time, right, that she’s married. So then you have the final sort of misunderstanding where it’s like Mary really married sink singers who she calls sinki.

So Jeff is free to be married, right?

Elizabeth breaks it off with a job.

Yes, that was before she knew Jeff was engaged, but she’s able to successfully break that up so they can finally be happy together, and “lay off into the sunset on their one horse open slave lovely Dashing through the snow, and then merely this movie was all…

I don’t know why this isn’t one I’ve watched since childhood, or anything, I just happened to be sitting at home a couple of years ago, flipping through the Turner Classic movies the… And it happened to be on and I’m like, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this. And then I’m like, “This is kind of this is kind of funny, I like this one.

So it’s not one I own or anything as our audience may remember I have a stack or we have a stack of movies that is for Christmas, so I… But if it’s on if it’s on Turner, Classic movies all sit there and watch it.

Okay, I’ll make myself I’ll have something suddenly to go do whatever.

So you have anything else to discuss yes.

Okay, so Cindy, Green Street was used as a basis for job of the hot face-According, I think you’re missing a recording to special effects. Master fell. Tip it in one of the listen. It was supposed to be the dinosaur supervisor in Jurassic Park and look how that turned out. That’s an internet meme.

One of the… That really was his title. And I know in drastic, like that’s just funny.

That’s what a job was, but one of the original concept drawings, for job of the hot actually had him with a fez on his head and smoking a hookah.

I think Sydney Green Streets was smoking as a guard and Costa Blanca. I will e. so yeah, I love that and I didn’t know that that’s interesting. So, I’m looking at… I was looking at Green Streets, face and I, whenever he got upset, I thought of him going.

So Lorraine, or true other she’s just staring at me.

I’m sadly shaking my head or a sorely, I don’t know what any of that means, except so low. So, that’s movie I, you don’t want me to look at you.

So, that about wraps it up, you can in us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify were also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at CSC potato dot com. You can find a lot of other great shows, there to check those out, and as for us, just go to weight. You’ve never seen dot com to finally, social media and contact information, leave us some feedback, and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch. That’s our show for today. Next time we’ll be watching, right? The grandma song also I was like this, that I Eisenman as there is a… There’s a males’

Grandma, and Grandma lands.

That’s not true, that’s a true in… Thanks for listening.

He sound like a disappointed school teacher, it Anita trying to a nice pot cast really.

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