Ep. 66 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Gremlins?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Gremlins (1984, Rated PG).


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Next time, we’ll be talking about White Christmas so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 66 below:

This program is part of the cosmic potato Podcast Network for more shows like this visit our website at cosmic potato.com

This program is part of the cosmic potato Podcast Network for more shows like this visit our website at cosmic potato dot com.

My God, this is same.

And this is Virginia and this is weight. You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never… And today we’re continuing our risk is month by discussing what you’ve never seen the remnants remnants Redlands you say?

So I just have two trigger warnings. There was some Chinese stereotypes when the dude goes to get the Maggie from the shop in China, Town, and there’s one character who just talks non-stop about how much he hates foreigners which was bizarre even for the 80s, I guess, but anyway, right out foreign cars. And the reason that you’re “cartan working is ’cause it’s a Ford or It’s not afford, It’s a voltage and that’s what a full wagon, which is ridiculous, also, because Volkswagen just have an impeccable record.

Alright, the Beetle, the vulva and Beatle was considered kind of trash you. But I still see them on the road, me too. I think they just stop making them, though. After this last round…

Well, I’m talking about the ones from 1967. you can, so… Oh, yeah, occasionally you’ll see see an old all to anyone.

I learned this is… Has not on to do with anything, but I learned how to drive stick in my friends. Volkswagen Beetle she restored a Bulacan. Beatle and she was, like, 17.Wow, I couldn’t do that at any point in my life.

And yeah, you let me… She let me learn how to drive stick in her car, she had a bottle of led the A to add to the car.

Okay, we’re getting way off track.

This episode is not brought to you by voltage. And they’re not paying us. So, she stop talking about them.

So what three things did you expect from this movie?

So I expected small fur by like creatures okay, I should have said triple. Like creatures, they were more trouble like I, I knew you couldn’t get them what I wasn’t sure why though.

And they will try to take over the world.

Wow, that’s a lot, it’s a lot.

So did you expect to like this?

I was pretty neutral, I wasn’t really sure what to expect is it gonna be more of a horror? We use it. A comedy movie is at a Christmas memes. It some of all of the above, so I’m just like, three stars.

You kind of… That’s pretty much, they try to do all those things on there. I managed… So you’re reading expectations for those three stars, the red.

So what is your one? I’m trying not to read and you’re giggling. I’m trying to feed your one sentence. I am DB summer okay?

It looks long, after scaring the crap out of William Shatner by standing on an airplane, we the Gremlin retires to the suburbs to settle down and raise a family of cute cuddly and… To radical children.

Every one of these should be a pitch that you should be done, either producer or a team maybe call me Hollywood.

IMDB says about gremlin 1984. I was 10 years old. By the way, that’s not here on IMDB.

Gremlins, in 1984, the PG it’s a 106 minutes, thank goodness, not bad, not bad for this may we… Especially with the movies I pick, usually it’s like 350 minutes of like looking at you Watchmen and Stanley or trying to focus on trying to perfectly focuses camera.

Oh, so the genre is comedy, fantasy or a boy inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and a leashes, a Ford of leveled “mcivor monsters on a small town.

Oh man, I have so many questions.

We’ll get to those.

So they did start out as FERB, like creature so a rather a creature only one Modi in verb in the verb state, right?

Well, they start out that way and then they transform in Corriere right there. What am I saying? There are five, 5, Forbes 66 total, maybe I think 6 total. Yes, you definitely can’t get them wet unless you want a billion more but they didn’t really try to take over the world. I mean, just this one town, but if they hadn’t been stopped, they might have set their sites a whole lot bigger.

Well, I think they would probably have to have strike was not a very good leader. Let’s… Can we just… Can we say that right now? Yeah, ’cause… Yeah, was he good at producing an army of himself?

Sure, right, but then I don’t spend your time doing cute, cute set-ups for the camera, so I… And your time going, “Okay look, yeah, eat some popcorn, let’s get drunk at the bar, but sober up and let’s figure out what we’re gonna do when the sun comes up. doesn’t know about the son.

Yeah, that was kind of a question that I had. Is the town just has to wait out until the sun comes up, I mean some of them will be indoors and away from the sun and so then you can strategically corner them and take them to a nice country in the home for “gilan where of course they won’t be killed.

There could have been an aspect of this movie… That was like a vampire picture.

What do you mean, like vampires do their business at night, and the right their enemy, is also the sun but they didn’t really didn’t even go for that.

So it has your rating a chain.

I’m still keeping it at three stars. I think I would have enjoyed this movie more as a child.

Yeah, and so I don’t know, I felt like I was watching a kids’ movie. Not in a bad way, just like… And I’m not the audience for… There was “Gorski can picture eight-year-olds really enjoying this movie right but I mean I’m not gonna hold that against the movie, so I’m gonna keep it at three stars.

I think it’s different. This movie did try to have dramatic moments. I think it tried to have… Touching moments but it wasn’t like watching it. I think an adult can watch ET. Having never seen it as a child and I think enjoy it and be touched by it and all of that, right? So can we talk about these roles?

It tells you the whole GD movie. Everything is going to happen is based around these three rules. I kinda like and don’t like that at the same time. Here’s the thing, yes, so the dad errand “Pelzer he goes to the shop in China, Town, and the old dude is like it’s not for sale and then the young kid comes on, it’s like a Randall Heller if I may, okay, and he’s like, My grandpa doesn’t know what he’s talking about. We need the money. So here you go. But here, the rules you can’t… You have to keep them out of the light, ’cause son like hills then you can’t get them wet and you can’t feed them after midnight.

Yes, okay, first of all why am “Pelzer ask what happens if I break one of these roles?

Yeah, what happens if it does get wet? So I’m prepared on in and take it to the vet, I don’t know.

Yeah, if you pay it a re… Would you like to have out the dog Virginia?

We already have one but sure, I’ll top another one. Okay great, don’t feed a two pounds of chocolate.

Oh, okay, thanks for that morning.

You’re just gonna go away, you don’t wanna know why.

And I hate the… Exactly, and then I’m gonna go home and feed it two pounds of chocolate.

He’s just given up love to pound a chuckle linen around.

So, here’s something, this might be to put anti-but you… You’re not supposed to feed them after midnight.

I is the cut-off time because technically we’re recording this at 3-08 PM, it’s after midnight midnight was earlier this morning.

He so I… You know that she’s giving me a look ladies and gentlemen, but I’m trying to give her a music bed.

So I kind of seriously asking Is there a timeframe? You can’t feed them between midnight and 60 am, you don’t have to… Is it like the… And roles where if you can use a magical item only once per day does it recharge when the sun rises?

It has kind of role well of sunlight kills them. Maybe it is you can’t feed them after midnight until when the sun comes then yeah, I think it’s the sun, comes up, that that would make sense. I mean, in the world of “gilan it would make sense getting them what they turn into freaking troubles, which if some of our listeners are non-Star Trek fans triples are the most adorable little aliens in the Star Trek universe, but they’re born pregnant, so basically they just reproduce at an astronomical rate.

That wasn’t hyperbole when bone said that. That’s a literal thing.

Yes, that’s a literal thing. Best I can tell. They’re born pregnant. ’cause they said that in the new short track to the trouble with Edward A right, the the trouble with art with our turn. Yeah, I see it as a place that treats… Okay, so track anyway. So they just… Their triple they’re just popping out everywhere and so… So the dad doesn’t ask what happens when you do this.

Yeah, he gives the pet to he gives me, he just randomly names him. gizmo on the way home from China down by the way, ’cause there’s an inventor. Oh, can I just, just slip in a real quick with… This is small town America, except they also have a China town there.

You can’t have both on Maine Street.

It was, maybe it was like the city next door and he was because he’s a traveling salesman maybe he was picking it up on his way home back to small to anyway, yes, so they’re reproducing, troubles as the dad gets the rules from the kid, the dad does tell the rules to the sun to his own son when he gives him the uh, the midwife “midweste Marcos but then the kid starts, he gave one to the science teacher, but he didn’t say, “Hey science teacher. There are some rules here, like you can’t do blah, blah, blah. And then what of course does the science teacher do? I get some what?

And he has a sand or right? I’m just gonna leave my sandwich on the lab table, which is so hygienic for science. A science lab, I used the kid did demonstrate to the science teacher with that little eye dropper. Remember he got it, like, “Oh the nano…

Oh, and that’s why he was like, “Oh cool. Well, since you have an extra… Can you go ahead and a good and leave his one year but then he didn’t say, “Hey don’t feed him after midnight and I watch out for the sunlight. He didn’t say those things I don’t think I definitely didn’t say feed him after midnight because we both commented on the sandwich he just left there. We watched this about a case before I move on from the rules. Not that the rules of the whole movie, but… So, there’s weird inconsistencies like at one point, one of the more what I’m it might be a given is like in the snow like shaking snow off doesn’t that met? Why is that mountain, being more… A more “mogwai and then Stripe throws himself in a swimming pool. That was a pretty cool image of the lights, everything freaking out and like, “Okay now we’re only down to one at that point, in the story rolling down to him and then now we’re making a zillion of them. So that was a cool effect. But then to go to the bar, what do you do with a bar? You’re drinking beer and other wet things, that’s true.

Yeah, should they be like… Can I cancel as you can get it in Chile, you can’t just leave a bowl of water, and it shouldn’t show his cage or something like that. Like I’ve not heard of this.

Angeles shouldn’t get wet or something like that.

I remember being fascinated by that fact, which I learned when I was 10.So, probably run probably run a but yeah the bar should be filled with new grand lands.

Yes, I agree, they did briefly mention that. And this is a commonly held belief that a myth is that the suicide rate goes up during the holidays. So, I’m look it up according to the CDC, which I mean in this political environment may not be as reliable as it used to be but the CDC does say the idea that suicides occur more frequently during the holiday season, is a long perpetuated myth. A recent analysis found that 50% of articles written during the ‘2009-‘2010 holiday season perpetuated that myth DC’s National Center for Health Statistics reports that the suicide rate is in fact the lowest in December, the rate peaks in the spring and fall, this pattern has not changed in recent years. The holiday suicide myth supports misinformation about suicide that might ultimately hamper prevention efforts.

So on a… So, yeah, I just… It’s interesting though because people in general and if someone’s asked with their favorite the season is people usually say the spring or the fall.

No, no, I… Yeah, Winter easy is too cold and the summer can be too hot.

That’s almost more sad, but I… Yeah, anyway, so I either mom in this movie… Wait, can we talk at all about how horrible that story wasn’t were on before I move on from Morris? Katie story about her down the hall was that it’s a necessary… Was that… Is this the first time that that story is like this, where the joke comes the joke we… And what I was from… Why do I sort of remember it may have been fake stories for an email, forward from ‘1998 or something, but I could have sworn I’ve seen this happen but that’s what I’m saying, is This happens in a movie in 1984 in 1998, you get some ridiculous for to email, because somebody says, “Hey remember I saw that and Grist one time I-E. people think that’s what really happened, that’s what I’m asking.

I mean Christmas, it goes back the Christmas tradition as we have of standard coming down the Jimmy that’s a pretty old at least to the ’50s or ’40s, standing the… We’ve had the image of Santa that we’ve had since the sun, bloom, some blows as an illustrator.

We did a series of illustrations for Coca-Cola, right?

I think that was early 1900s, early 1900s, I thought that was the ’50s, 1931 cocoa introduced a new friendly human image of Santa created by illustrator had a son, bloom Sun bloom in December 1931.Well, they go… So yeah, we think of, Well, now retroactively we just think of the myth is no sand has always been the way he is now, right, since the beginning of time, right? Santa was there at the manger.

He was one of a little known fact, he was one of the three Wiseman.

I always wanted to put Santa at the major.

He brought major candy canes in gold, frankincense and candy canes work.

Can we remain podcast in the weeds with Saint…

Oh man, yeah, so that story, the story is they thought their Kate’s family thought their dad had abandoned them because he just disappeared on Christmas one day already horrible, right?

But really, he wanted to surprise them by getting all of the present coming down the chimney, but he slipped or he tripped or something happened and he broke his neck in the chimney and died instantly.

But the worst part to me is she only realized it when she opened the flu, and smelled it.

Yeah, that’s the smelled. Her dad’s courts. Okay, what the hell, how is she not like… Did they have meth in 1984? How is she not just ruined forever in a crack Edna I’m surprised she did not have more problems and she did.

It’s a kind of way to put it. Yeah, we are treated to a young adorable pro coach’s version of core ATE that’s right.

And he’s a friend, he’s a friend I believe. So, in the 80s or older teenagers, just hanging out a lot with little kids and adults like Doc Brown hanging out with a 16 17-year-old Arnett fly were encouraging him without his Parents’ knowledge to meet him in a mall and it… Yeah, that’s weird, this weird in his van that was really weird. The ’80s or something else, man.

There are something else, and that’s not the strangest thing about that movie, but we’re not talking about that moving.

I, nonetheless, the mom and this movie.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad at a Tesla.Walked into that kitchen and straight-up killed three of the five evil gremlins. Yeah, just killed him when the zombie apocalypse comes. That’s who I’m one on my team.

Sure, yeah, it was a little gross. And I don’t envy or having to clean it up ’cause that… ’cause I think you just go to be born. The house, in the house down, just start all over again.

Yeah, so I reset I go to so… So they have two more questions.

Yes, man.

So, when ran “Pelzer was he at the convention? While all of this is going down with the gremlins he’s calling them from a pay phone at the convention, and there’s a giant robot. Did you notice the robot? Oh, Robby. The robot is that Danger, Will Robinson.

Oh, is that what it was supposed to be? A Tetris this a nod to the Twilight Zone robots that we would see.

You know, I, I, I… But obviously it’s something else.

No, I believe it was straight up. Like when the Harlem Globe Trotters showed up on Gilligan, Island you sort of like that, it was like, “Oh we have a guest star.

I see that I… We should look at the credits. I wonder if it was like… And Robby the robot as himself.

Oh, just like skeleton.

That’s house on hand, Hill. If our audience wants to go back to that episode at the deep cut. Okay, yeah, in a final question, Yes man will ran. Peter. be held accountable for introducing an invasive species in to small town America. And if so, how your response or…

Well, if he’s held responsible than the composer who told him The “mogwai to begin with, on a, I’m sorry, the guy who sold the MOD way in China Town, he honestly looks like there’s this character, I can’t remember his name, but there’s an old within weight long-haired conformist in every movie. Every Conover is an older gentleman who teaches. You shows you the way and he seems mean at first, but you learn comfort, right?

Sorry, that sorry, that’s maybe a little racist, anyway, he’s I mean he right, Peter was not responsible with the mod I, but the mock… We wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t in he didn’t in port the invasive import the invasive species.

He was irresponsible with it.

So it’s like the person who brings a strange vine from the jungles the brain for us and then just has it in a little glass, glass case inside their green house and then if you go and plant it, you sell it.

The person who sells it to the guy who’s now gonna try to make a million dollars by planting it in the ground and then it takes her in the town, it’s probably the guy ultimately who imported it.

Yeah, but his actions still resulted in the near destruction of a small town.

It doesn’t matter that he didn’t actually… I get the point you’re saying I do understand, but I’m saying because He was irresponsible with the gremlins He Himself, His irresponsibility is now his responsibility because he didn’t pay attention to what the little boy said.

It’s true and didn’t sufficiently convey it. How I responsible is it to give a strange pet. This isn’t something you can go to the American Kennel Club and be like, It is a German Shepherd, and then you give that to your son without properly training him in the care of that pet. Everyone’s at fault here.

My point I think is, if Peter goes down, the guy who sold him the MOD-wide also goes down Peter is not going down alone in that case, would it be the little kid that goes down because the old guy was like… No, you can’t have it. It’s not for sale, but it was the kid who actually sold it to him I…

Why do you wanna put little kids in jail? Is that what you’re saying?

How I’m a liberal and not all that tough, on crime.

So I think I should probably back off that this argument.

Oh man, yeah you know what the… I don’t suggest that we watched gremlins to. Sorry, grandma’s two fans out there.

But let grandmas do is even more of a cartoon than this one was. So, it’s so ridiculous, it’s so can I?

But it would be funny if gremlins to was like the trial.

Oh, I got… And then there could be a 12 angry men spin-off called “12 Angry gremlins were like the gremlins.

You have to be tried by a jury of your peers.

What is, if you were trying the Grantland?

No we’re not. No, no, no, no, I… We could try to strip it. Let’s tribe died at thing. Yeah, yeah, so that the… There is no one left of Viagra is A, it’s only a response hole units.

Do you think people would start discriminating against gizmo?

He’s still cute and cuddly. So I don’t think they would no I think that would be whatever racism is for a mythological creature he sees his MMA but fans, fantastic species is M-M-Yeah.

Are you ready to go to the beta test? Yes, Man, okay, I’m just gonna guess without thinking I’m gonna say no. I didn’t ask him by protest.

It’s kind of a a to me… Alright, because Mrs. Joe Harris tries to stop Ruby deal on the street to talk about her family’s financial, a fair other financial problems. And the reason I say it’s if it is because she only introduces herself as Mrs. Joe Harris, which is not, which is her name, if you go by old naming convention. So I guess that technically is true, but one of the first things she said is… My husband got a job, so now I’ll be able to make payments more frequently or whatever. And then she mentioned, she also got a job. So I’m like, “I don’t know, it’s see then if he’s just strictly talking about finances after that and she has a job, then I… Yeah, it’s a… That’s muddy.

She mentions her husband, but is it about her husband? Or is it about their situation?

That’s why I say it’s in a… It’s even… Yeah, it depends what you mean by about your definition of right you.

How is that position?

A lawyer that to figure that one out.

So has your opinion changed since you since you saw it last?

I remember just, I saw this moving the theater when I was 10, as I mentioned, so… So target audience.

It didn’t super hold out, but as you might a main… And I remember having to pretend that I believed in Santa, even past this age, because you have a little brother that was part of it yeah, I can’t remember the details exactly but I am… This is terrible that there was one Christmas where I think I was pretty sure I was 12, where my sister found all of our Christmas presence, so she would have been 14 at that time. Yes, okay, and all my dad. So he was so mad as you… As you would be, right?

But then I like they were… This was pretty wrapping, then so you just saw what they were right, okay, right. He was still in… We’re gonna send these we’re gonna take these back and blow got all the presents. Thanks that I got root. He got robotics.

Wow, I don’t know if you know what that is, but it’s this like, it sounds like something to make robots with right? It’s like I let go meets real Robotics, like I… A very simple way, you could make these things that sort of like do varies

Very “rothesay in new…

I was thrilled with it. I look on, gosh, I love that, I love that thing.

But you couldn’t make a robot that would go make your sandwich, like not that they said the…

You can nearby the robot.

I think that was a problem in sandwiches at some point.

The way I eat it doesn’t, I guess it doesn’t hold it like you’re right, it is. I must conceive that it is a kids movie that doesn’t really, doesn’t really hold up if we weren’t doing this podcast. I probably wouldn’t say. Let’s watch grandma yeah, so are there any pop culture references you now understand?

No, I mean there are a lot of memes and pictures that have gremlins in them. So now I have a little more context for those. Okay, you have a question about “glans too, though, because there was a meme I sent you the other day. Because, as some of our audience may know baby Yoda is a thing now, the mandolin on Disney plus I was not paying us either so good by the way it is, but the men as it was the set of the Mario and it was a picture of Baby Yoda on the screen, and then it had Yoda. And what I assume is a female gremlin from Gremlin to a right, yeah, right, he is like a E And she’s dressed like a lady of the evening in a deed she was…

We make up like the divine would say was too much, so I was like, “Oh that’s funny, it’s a great… And Odin, they had baby. And then I… Like, wait I don’t remember seeing this gremlins that’s A… And they… Again, don’t don’t be… So we track the thinking gremlins do it, be fun. Yeah, so, yeah, nothing specific, just especially around Christmas time, they seem to be everywhere and so just, they make more sense now.

So a couple of things, not that you would pick this up, not that anyone would pick this up, but the box that the MOD-wide comes in this like little holes in the side, it’s roughly a square box in the movie Ready Player One, which has lots and lots of as references and… Oh, right? A directed by Spielberg with silver was just so irritated by how he was like… We can’t have any reference to my movie because that would be too self-a grand, I think.

Is that how he talks a little bit? He kinda has a little bit of list, which is mean to make a u.Anyway, he’s like, “Yeah we can’t… There’s tons and tons of references in the book to Spielberg movies from the 80s, but he’s like… No, no, no, you shied away from all that and I’m like Okay, but you made some of the best movies in the… So, in Ready Player One, the cube of ox, you A, which is a magical item from Dungeons and Dragons that allows a super field to go over. It’s used in the final and the final scene that big battle a big battle when everyone’s trying to get into the castle, at the end of… Are you talking about in the movie or in Dungeons and Dragons at the end of the movie? Ready Player One, okay, huge battles. Seeing them at all trying… Yes, the last level as you were the last boss, if you will, is protected by this big shield and the big shield is produced by the Cub, of OVA.

I see, and when it’s obtained earlier in the movie, this big giant avatar kind of throws it down and you’re like, “That’s the mono. I came in there, that’s the same, but I see again, not something that’s something you should notice.

Another quick thing, Steven Spielberg has a cameo in this.

It really, when a ring to the… It’s super quick, there’s all that weird action when Peter is on the payphone that’s inexplicably in the middle of an inventors conference because that’s the best place for… We didn’t really talk about all the weird little inventions all over the house. Yeah, that’s the anacorte.

But anyway, he Spielberg drives by, in a golf cart. Just so I… It’s just one of those weird things, and didn’t even know that you you wouldn’t really know it, but it’s definitely… He’s wearing the Steve in Miller outfit, right? I like out-of-place baseball hat and pop ’80s hair coming out in the back. I think the stone has a I… He didn’t direct this, uh, but it was a Spielberg production.

Great okay, how did this movie be different with today? Is technology.

Okay, the biggest thing, I know it okay was when ripe tricked Billy into feeding them after midnight because he looked over at the clock, on the side, to a…

I was like, “Oh it’s not midnight. Yeah, I guess I can be a… You The… If he would have just had his cell phone clock or a battery-operated clock, he would have known, it’s after midnight. Don’t feed them.

Yeah, time is not a thing that you can use as a story device anymore, in a modern movie with people with cell phones in their pockets, right?

Unless there’s some sort of electro-magnetic pulse that takes out all of the cell phone or something like that, or more neatly like at a tiresome sort of to take control of the phone and give you a fake time, or whatever, right?

You need a super smart gremlin for that.

That’s true to write apps and then thank you to a little… Well, if they keep having kids with Yoda you may eventually get to that point.

All we tend to hit grand lands three, maybe out of a teeter on the town.

Also, the grim lands were messing with TV Asia, which isn’t really a thing anymore. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this on our show before, but I grew up out in the country, and when I mean out in the country, I mean, the country and you’re lucky if you get cellphone coverage right? You couldn’t get cellphone coverage out there until maybe five or 10 years ago. If you look at the State of Texas on any cell phone carrier, maps, you grew up one of the specs of grey yes, so obviously, we didn’t have cable or even satellite or anything like that, so we had a large antenna. Little bunny ears, I mean, probably a 25 foot antenna attached to our house at Carilion. Come out when you’re not using this, you can reach out to space and contact aliens. He didn’t really… So you would have to move it, you had to spend it with a ranch.

Oh, my constant, the water, the simple.

Oh, no, you had to actually get a… We had a ring right by the door. So I’m thinking a giant plumbers wrench. Is that the kind of ran we’re talking about like probably a rich maybe not. We have our microphones set up on a board game box and it not quite as long as the board game buck, so maybe… Well, so in here, one like that.

Okay, so not a big giant big giant Ranch, right?

So, we were between San Antonio and Corpus. So depending on the weather, we would either have to point it at San Antonio that’s which we could get three channels or pointed towards. Corpus where we could get two channels.

So you the have no channels, or more channels than anyone in either person in either of those cities.

Well, no, every metropolitan area had their ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, it you could never get all four of those, so… Oh I see, I see…

Well, I’m thinking like the guy in San Antonio, on the local news is biased towards this, so let’s… So I eat and the Tories it’s more like why is… Why is the news from San Antonio suddenly talking to Max in The Grange because somehow their signals have gotten cross in rentals now it looks like you’re half watching the newscast. This actually happened with Steel Magnolias. That would be a better example.

We we were watching still Magnolias and all of us said, I get to… Have you seen it? Yeah, it gets to the part where she’s on life support. They’re gonna have to cut off the life support, and all of a sudden we hear used car commercial coming to the Titan everyone at… And I’m like “What is happening and so my mom’s like… Okay, what’s happening now is, they’re signing the papers to terminate the life support.

So we’re watching the movie, hearing something on your… Or my mother is narrating.

So like seeing the mess of the antennas I’m like, No, that we don’t do that anymore. My parents have satellite now for my parents have satellite. We don’t have intense anymore.

I’m sure there are, so some people have giant anti-is, but anyway, well, Yeah, evidently, if you don’t have a… Are those there are those digital rabies essentially now, right? Yeah, I had that for a while when I moved to Austin, the first time. But those are really cool because you get a ton of channels at dozens and dozens of Canford. Each for each affiliate they would be, Hey, here’s a catalog of whatever crappy movies, I just throw them up.

The PBS create channel was really good.

We had a lot of cooking shows and stuff on there and I love watching cooking shows. Yeah, we really should just rename our show into the we… We okay do you have anything else to discuss?

I have one more thing. Okay, so I, I, I would like a bathroom buddy. The, the, not one, not one to actually use, but it’s so impractical and ridiculous like that. Molded yeah. So look on her face. I’m speaking like Is this what I’m gonna have to tell Santa that you want in your stock? That’s a bar.

I just think it would be really hilarious to have like this really impractical.

Who’s gonna sit there with this big chunk?

I get to his biggest… It’s big as like a large Barito.

And then there’s a toothbrush that comes out the RAs or a razor, you’re gonna sit there with a whole Britain like Dave your fan with a Barito so… Oh, then I love how in practical it is, and he’s just so enthusiastic he’s so enthusiastic about all and I love it. And the sales and the pitch like this is gonna change your life served.

You’re gonna think about this moment as before the bathroom buddy and after the bathroom buddy, he was almost like a preacher of the way was a… Anyway, I interrupted I do. Oh, I appreciate how much effort. His long-suffering wife. Like she’ll try the invention and then, when the invention ultimately doesn’t work, she’s like, “Okay we just… We’ll just do it the right way, but she really does give it the old college. Try at first the automatic egg egg breaker that use the drinking birds.

I is it that cannibalism?

Yeah, that not a attrit.

Okay, should we end this this long, show if I’m afraid? So okay, so that about wraps it up. You can find us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify were also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato network dot com. The URL recently change a cosmic potato network dot com, and you can find a lot of other great shows there, like the landing party and the super fan talk podcast that we talked about a little earlier, when you all started talking about when do we get new new discovery?

A new discovery will be in 2020. what will get first is the card show, it’s not called the the car show, it’s just called the car or that comes out January 23rd. I wanna say I’m stoked for that.

I am too. So the Peters to A… He’s amazing.

Okay, so as for us, just go to weight. You’ve never seen dot com to find like social media and contact information.

There was some feedback. And let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch. That’s our show for today.

Next time I’ll be watching white Christmas.

I agreed to it, like what Christmas on a… Not only that you agreed to discuss it with. My sisters got it in a…

We need to work week. I’m a musical in… It’s just that I feel like I’m Bango, who has never appreciate in this time for artistry we should go in “pearlin and.

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