Ep. 67 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen White Christmas?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about White Christmas (1954, Not Rated).


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Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

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Next time, we’ll be talking about Emmett Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 67 below:

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The EPA every… Can you say one thing? Can you just say proper modulation real quick, please?

Proper modulation, it for the… You say at first grew up in modulation this after migration.

That’s perfect, thank you.

I teased.

Hi, this is shame. And this is Virgin has and this is what you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen in today.

We have a very special back here.

I need… We we’re talking about… Wait, you’ve never seen white Christmas, but not just that, no, there’s more…

You’re joined by two very special people brigades they are my… You’re not gonna start singing our year this, I said, This is a A in the… Wow, okay. We’re joined by my two lovely younger sisters, Jay and Jamie a little bit of a… So I E-Okay Jane, say hello, the low Jamie saying Hello, he lost, and I’m Virginia. Hello.

I’m not sure if our voices sound similar. So I wanted to get that out of the way anyway, so before we start talking about the greatest Christmas movie ever made, we went to do a couple of trigger warnings, which first, there is a minstrel show number it doesn’t include black face, which that would be holiday. In which don’t watch that movie, but it does obviously make some references to minstrel shows like Blackface performer. George Primrose.

I am on a A and then Judy tries to kiss fill in one scene, and he is obviously uncomfortable about it, but she is very persistent. It’s played for committee effect, but it’s a little uncomfortable, little weird, yeah.

So ladies, do you have anything to say before I ask Shane what three things he expected from this movie?

No, I’m anxious to hear his answer.

Okay, so what three things okay wait, Christmas will have no black people.

The net, I think that’s a parent. Number two, they’ll have less to do with Christmas than the movie. It’s a Wonderful Life.

Okay, which I anyway and three three three being Crosby does it do what with a 70 year-old David Boy, oh my God.

I don’t know if any of you know, “But David cos me and David Cross by David Bolin Bing Crosby in 1977.Did it do it? I do what together?

It was peace on earth, and “Little Drummer Boy.

Yes, I see, we see the video of it, where they’re like in Christmas sweaters and one of them is playing the piano. I can’t remember which one. And they kinda stared each other and they’re like pathogen, good will from that.

And this was like we’re expecting that in this movie.

I was trying to be as trying to be funny. I’ll ring a bell when I don’t mean to make a joke, okay, or to like… What, am “fonten that all you after he at there so the the duet between David Ben-being cross it was like a few weeks before being Crosby’s death.

Oh wow, I didn’t know that, yeah.

So did you expect to like this movie in no, what are you or Ron last surprise?

You know, I will not be bullied ladies, I will not keep I-E-I-S-movie.

So what was your star rating out of five before you watched the movie negative? No, I wasn’t negative story.

15-15, that’s… Yeah, I get and a it’s all given it a chance.

Okay, Okay, quick question, how do you base your 15? Is it just what you’ve heard, what you’ve read, what you’ve… Okay, I should at ten, I should have started off with this because I was forced to be in the room when this movie was playing and talented. It has come, the ayes.

So technically, I’ve seen it.

I like the “mr3 Street episode where you had technically seen it because your mom had it on in the other round okay, I have to say technically taking a movie is does not count. You must sit down and I pay attention.

Yeah, I am exactly alright. I’m not used to being beaten up by three women at the same time.

Thank you on and you will experience that, Okay by the FI everybody watch the move to should.

Okay, so the glasses came off for that design boat.

’cause I can’t like stupid readers on.

So you said 1-5 stars, right? Yes, so what was your one sentence TV Guide summary for this fabulous motion picture home, se Yankees traveling show, then Chris crossed the country with their inseparable, and knowing show and get trapped and win “soham over this Christmas.

So, I would you like to hear what I am DB had to say I wasn’t right.

So, in the ISO you were a little… A little sure whether they say that that… So white Christmas is from 1954, it’s not red, it’s two hours long, and it’s a comedy-musical romance and it says a successful song? And dance team, become romantically involved with a sister act, and team up to save the failing Vermont, and of their former commanding general.

So you, you, you’re close, you forgotten about in their glorious two-hour venom. Sorry, the glorious two-hour movie.

So how did things meet your expectations?

Okay, a young David Bowie was not in it. That wasn’t for an… It was sort of like “It’s a Wonderful Life, and more than I actually thought it would be.

Could you… What you mean by… I don’t think you’ve explained your Christmas movie criteria in regards to its wonderful. So it’s a wonderful life is kind of barely a Christmas movie. Like the event at the very beginning of the movie and the very end of the movie, take place at Christmas time, but everything else in the middle of the movie takes place across all year, many years. Yeah, and not just Christmas and White Christmas is similar in that regard, but they both… There’s a parallel I think between the two movies, because they both had this sort of feel-good ending. And there’s this corners that they both, they both share.

Well, you know, they’ll follow the old man, wherever he wants to go.

Okay, I was to go on what is to do the POE.

Everybody is a… It is not, it wants to go as long as I say. Jay was gonna come in at the wrong so but I guess I do a… He led him.

They not “Oh my, is this at the wrong hands, just a… Just gonna eat you.

Yeah, I had to meet that.

So let me get back to my notes, sorry.

So has your opinion changed?

Okay, great, I’m not just saying this ’cause I don’t wanna be bullied for the part of this podcast, but I moved it back up to move it to three-stars, we…

I tend… You really didn’t like it.

Well, I didn’t like it, and I didn’t like it. And then there were some genuine, genuine places like the general everyone working to make the general feel better. They brought them through this war. And he seems to feel uncomfortable being in civilian life so they, I don’t know, I like that. They helped the they helped out their farm or general.

That’s nice, despite all the inseparable songs.

So let me be amazing songs so amazing and “suffer-able so amazingly and super-able this episode is gonna be for both long.

She asked… She has to edit all this, by the way. Yeah, a… So, to our audience, I had set up a Google hole so that we could vote on which songs we liked and didn’t like in the movie however, so I Google did not want to cooperate with me, and would only say there were two responses even though we all said we filled out our responses to A… We all said we I, I was about to say now with Jay, I could believe that he told me I did the AAA, but I was through it, so… So what we’re going to do is start with a list of song. Whether we like or dislike or don’t care because there are some songs I just don’t care about.

Okay, so white Christmas opening scene on the front a. I liked it Virginia, like Jay, I game like the old man. And also in the opening scenes where they’re like, “Oh we love you, general Shane… Like that Virginia Jay… Jay lie a sisters, the original and classic performance by two lovely sisters themselves… Terrible.

This was a really terrible… So that’s not one of the choices is… So as I started, I’m like, when… How long do I have to sit here and let this happen to me now every time year around me, and at least one of my sisters where you’re going to say, a you with that song. I like it, they go, Okay I love it, and that is a… I have to… Aside note in here, we then are was about supporters of the whole…

Oh, and it’s now seven years old, so when we were putting up our fake Christmas tree, she got one of the branches and then she was copying a long… We ate down like the fans.

Yeah, use that in a really… And so for… I’m going to answer on her behalf that we love that. So game like, Okay, how about sisters? The Bob and fill performance Lord side in the nine.

I’m losing heart, I’m losing. I did not like it.

That was in pro to… That wasn’t actually a plan part of the movie, really.

We’re gonna get to that, the name Bobby Potbelly AKA being crowding any in the man you are off to a bill. It “bobca I like so I like their performance Jay.

I like their performance, especially the end when they couldn’t control their after.

Yeah, that’s funny, I loved it. I think I actually like that more than the sisters doing the sisters.

Okay, next one the best things happen while you’re dancing.

I stated there’s reasons to believe that that wasn’t even in the movie. I don’t, I do not care, don’t care so yay.

I’m kind of okay. I will say I like it because of the Dancing, the dance, I can, I agree, Ter Ellen dance. All day, every day for the rest of my life. She’s an incredible dancer. So yes, I like this one.

Yeah, right, well, actually in Mary and I have a white Christmas playing in the background and it is on right now.

Okay, I have to concur with exactly what you said. I’m not a big fan of the song, but I do love the dance moves, if the girl is sweets.

Okay, yeah, don’t no that’ll do that.

I agree with my system I would in a beating about it is… So the next one is the Medline that happens as their whatever is building which is heat wave. Let me see, and I’m happy. And blue skies who is… Yeah, I hated it and I see no options that you’re saying there’s dislike and don’t care, I just like, “Well you know what, I don’t care.

How about that, that’s about to I, for J, I disliked as well.

I just like, Okay, this one might cause some controversies.

Yeah, no, it won’t be long before. Why are you washing your hair with snow? Rosemary Clooney.

Oh, oh my gosh, it… Are you saying to say in Virginia, a. wait, so, Shane

No, just like turtle you’re gonna dive hypothermia if you try a washing. Her was… I do not, I just maybe a Jane that it an A Song in this movie, Only the back into work.

So that is white Christmas blasphemous a Jain.

If we’re going to, it’s my ringtone at Christmas disease. Either one of you said that they didn’t like any of these songs yet.

Yeah, the medal, the bout “melaton and I, the dance was there and we liked the dance better than the song, right? So next, which we kind of talked about in trigger warnings is, minstrel show this line. I don’t care, didn’t care.

So I’ll say I don’t care.

Okay and same I don’t care.

Okay, Now Jamie, I understand this next one is a favorite in your household and then as a… Oh, that would be mandated.

Oh yeah, for sure, man. There’s a banister, and… And like that would be to do same that to it just like you just tie…

I’d like, if you just lie, he disliked.

Could you say that? I just love I, I, I, No, I, she said, “Did you just like Okay let me say right here at a… Something a little controversial okay.

Not only do I not like the style of most of these songs, I don’t believe that anyone really likes them.

I think that you love a time in a place where it’s a nostalgic thing where you go. Oh, I love Christmas time, and that I can totally get behind loving Christmas and loving my mother loves all these old movies and whatnot. I can understand being in love with that idea, but no one really likes this music, if you’re really honest to yourself It I don’t know excuse me, Is there any way we can kick a person off of this podcast or is that to… Your services will no longer be neonatal.

So my… My he did my drug for those that can’t see.

Okay, okay, now I’m back, Jamie. So why is Mandy a household classic for you?

Well, so of course I have… Okay, so I have three kids, 86 and the two boys are older, and my daughter’s youngest so the boys enjoy because my favorite part of the dances, towards the end whenever they go the music stand that goes happy times, whatever you know how to… Oh yeah, how being how they do their arms or whatever. Anyway, that’s my favorite part. I don’t know why, but the boys really watching that. And then, of course, Addy with ver… Ellen’s whole get-up-and-“Princesse and all that she’s all about that, so they just love it and I love it, and the whole… Not gymnastics, but she’s very acrobatic in that song too, so there’s the backwards down the stairs.

Yeah, and they just chunk or down the thing. Yeah, they just love all of that.

Jared, you said it, if you liked it.

I got by pass. And this one is you did. I will say I totally disagree with Shane. I think he is in major denial about his love, what I in particular sisters and Mandy and I love Mandy.

Okay, I believe that you think that you love those songs.

I came on to the…

I love this, I to the…

I know what I do here and what I don’t love and I do a…

I’m sure it’s all true. Why are you hiding behind Emory when you eat okay, so now I’m in a big IT the next road trip we take… We need to just have the white Christmas down track which actually I…

A exactly how you gonna mention that. We are Body.

You really have… There’s a reason why I… Yeah, okay, I on the list, Count your blessings instead of sheep.

I don’t think that song was in there.

So, you don’t keep it, I don’t care, I hate this song so much, I just do not like it at all. There’s one particular one that is my least favorite out of all the songs that we haven’t gotten to yet.

I know when you’re on to now is the second one, and then this one is the third one. I hate this one. Moving on Jay.

I don’t care for the song. And if I’ve been honest with myself and with shame, as a… So I, too, the crew that’s coming out, I like the moment that they have together, but I don’t like the music. No, I could have done without it.

Save me, I like it, the…

I think what Jay said to you, like the moment they’re in leading up to it about the whole liver worst all that, I don’t care for that, but I think in the moment, I like it.

That just reminded me of that. It’s not in that scene, but where he’s like, “I got no squat no bees oh my God, you would say on a drink in a best do to spit take. I came ready Carty close.

Okay, so next on the list is choreography.

Can I believe you particularly loved this one, or that precious? Did I hate this? Okay, so in this, let’s call it a song. They’re making fun of modern dance and the Barefoot dancing and everything like that. I wasn’t that good. We’re gonna make fun of it because these people are doing choreography.

Oh, I like the move-In an… Yeah, that the one even seen there not so… Hello, so you did not like choreography because I was talking about it was making fun of modern dance that they work really hard to do I think at this point, there was making fun of modern dance, and it’s a real legitimate art, form in like this movie. All okay that was not cool that it was a lot lotteries meant to be.

I loved any K with all my heart and he gets to be really silly in this song, and so I love this song is a, it’s one of my favorites, I love it because we… We haven’t gotten to your least favorite song yet. Happy, okay, okay. I think Jamie knows which one it is.

No, ’cause I thought it was that one.

No, I thought it was gonna help me, really. I really like watching Danny, K-B-ridiculous physical comedy. This totally is totally his line.

Yeah, oh my gosh, okay, well, if I’m being honest, which we want you to be Danny pay and his little dancing people look like little baby Barney dinosaur handing around over there. I cannot stand that song, I Sorrento on, I do not like that what so ever he was a tea.

It lacks yeah, you got a slow clap from me, that’s what you got.

Okay, so let me preface this by saying I was kinda like Jay with just this one song. However, where I didn’t ever because I was kind of groomed into hating it. But I actually, not that long ago. Listen to the actual words of the song.

And then along with the dancing. So I like it high five and I especially, I loved that and I… The tap the to tap it has my favorite part of it.

So, Jamie, just real quick. So, you’re against legitimate forms of art or does that… No, okay, I’m just saying in and of itself. I like a song I do like the toe tapping when she comes down and the kids are like, in all of… How does she do that so fast? That to me is really amazing. I, the art.

Which gene might have this in there, that it’s not actually she’s not doing it. Yeah, it… A sound effect I wonder Is she moves her like that, but they do over the actual tapping like they do in all tap dancing movies because if you watch her, she’s actually going super fast when she’s tapping. I just didn’t know if that was entirely accurate.

Yes, okay, they do that because it’s loud enough for the movie, or what I would guess so… And also maybe she’s not going maybe a perfect is a a.

Yeah, yeah, I… Maybe if I maybe it’s… Yeah, it might be off if you’re Wait. She’s coming down stairs, right?

No, he’s being, no, or so a lower like by a harness thing or the one thing that does bog in my mind about that.

Whole scene is, okay, the Du, he dances with it has an A, I see the one that passed away as a one “basotho James something.

Yeah we Google to on Google because I… In Toledo yeah. And you know, he jumps into the scene.

Yeah, but then if you look there’s no place for him to jump when it goes back to the no trap door. Yeah, so that’s where as word to me… But I liked what he was just squatting down I guess maybe they had a trampoline, they just like, “Oh maybe yeah, and then they… Yeah, I could have done it well enough, they could have hit the trap door… Well enough that it was kind of seamless.

Man, that’s true. Maybe we, as a means.

He had some ups like he couldn’t… And just jumped like that.

Yeah, so the next time you watch it Shane voluntarily a one.

Oh, I’m gonna need lid locks and other wine.

One more song, okay, okay, sorry, sorry, sorry. Well, both Abraham which is no singing only dancing dudes in that short yellow skirts and it’s just turn that dude dancing for about two and a half minutes.

Yeah, whenever you see that dude, come out, it’s like, “Okay we’re gonna get down some serious dancing now. Yes, put on your dance and choose literally.

So, I like or just I like it, I liked it as well.

I absolutely love it, I love that dance routine. I think it is like in the way she does or the one with duty and the little or it’s phenomenal are her legs and things that go up to our ears, I think so that I… My all-time faith, she likes the dance moves to…

I feel like those legs are strong enough to maybe correct coconuts. I don’t know, I believe we have… And to see that moving on, we have five more to go love. You didn’t do right by A… So I got… How are there so many songs in this?

It’s a teasing a lot.

Okay, I don’t care, I don’t care.

I like this one, you there.

I don’t like her gigantic with I.He took the fit at all. It looks like she’s wearing Michael Jackson’s gloves except longer. I like the dress.

Yeah, and Rosemary Lenny, can seeing her so off, so I like it.

Okay, what on your person?

Now, this busting can not stand the son in the face.

All of my part, this respect Rose Marie, I can’t even… They’re not met, you right now. Yes, so I… Because of your honesty, what I… That I hate it, it’s the or whatever.

Now we’re about to get to the worst whenever, which is that we just did.

What can you do with a general what I… Well, that’s part of the sentimentality that I actually like about to my God. Like that was your… Yeah, oh my God, this is the worst flip is like, Look, can you do… How to cheer wrong? But you’re gonna take him out and air at all, this business offer Cantonal TV and be like… He was talking about generals in general.

Oh, I see it, this is so, but then in the, the, the bit in a specific general… So he’s just like putting this, do it on West, that’s just not cool, man. I don’t know, I don’t like it, I don’t like it, Jay to…

Oh, she’s getting in. And you’re doing with a general… When he stops being the general…

Oh, my destination, I like it.

Oh my God, this is taking the alias. Not my favorite obviously, but I will sing it dutifully when it comes on.

I like it.

What he’s telling you that you’re lying, he said, “Let I said I can sing it when it comes on, and she said, Please don’t a Jamie, you said you liked it.

Yeah, like I… Okay, we’re down to the final three sons “Oh goodness gracious, the old man when General whatever Lee walks into the big and it’s the big, the old man final thing, right? It’s a, it’s a reduce.

Yeah, so… Well, I like it, I like it as well. It’s probably my favorite song in the whole movie. Well, with a… And again, I’m sorry we’ll follow the old man, wherever he wants to go.

I love that one I came… Love, I always care however, awkward handshake at the end that’s debaters that I can’t even watch it. It’s so embarrassed for the gusto. Probably missed it. Whether you have to be a TA. So we tried to find a video but on YouTube, but it always shuts off before so they sing the song and he goes up and he does just feel about… You’re the whatever, what does he say? And I’ve never seen anything more wonder my wonderful my whole life, thank you. And then he walks down and he starts shaking hands.

It’s just one guy write towards the end before he gets to being in Danny and the guy sticks out his hand, and the general just completely DICOM just straight up disk like his hands just out and I was like, “Oh my gosh, I feel so bad to go.

You’re gonna have to re-watch it just for that.

It was just a one.

We can go right to that moment ’cause I, I do on a… See, that example I over my eyes a just a bad… He that go, okay, anyway, but yes, I like it. And I’m, career time, yeah.

Okay, next is… Gee, I wish I was back in the Army, to… Which was back in the area, like that. Yeah, I kind of I like that, I think as well.

So you say you sound just like that when you did that.

Can we hear it again?

Oh, you’re like hear me sing the song in it.

Jen, I wish I was back in the A… Now, it sounds so much like the movie, it’s as if I just turned it on and I was in a tower, I was watching it, yes, I did a… Like a…

I mean, I am what I am.

So that’s why you felt that way in a well, a at that scene of the movie, a love. You just took me there, I love that phone.

Well, you’re welcome to Jamie.

All you have to do is pick the age the way the since in his soul spin. Okay, I love that too. Tame let it… And finally, the final white Christmas, big finale say to… Well, the song went a little bit like this, so as a insinuates that… Oh, what and the… Yeah, that’s on it and I liked it. Okay, okay, I… We watched the final two episodes a sense I did, except for their little Tris behind the Christmas tree. Instead of having a grown-up conversation about why they fail to communicate with each other. She’s just like, “Here’s why horse that you’re back on.

I love you too, in a weird…

Hey, did you notice how he chants, the horse into the tree? Yeah, I did not know. Is that a… We need to walk to the last… Like three.

Yeah, yeah, you like that it… It’s the treat.

It’s a little way… Okay, and can I be an Shannon video when you’re watching because I know he’s gonna laugh and that’s gonna make us laugh with, he left.

Yes, we will make that happen. I can’t see where out there we are, yes.

Oh, okay, I had a Les.

A final way is A… What was your Vogue love, that I love it, except for their little tries on a track. Yeah, got it, okay.

I like that song just sometimes it seems depending on my mood, it seems to drag out of it.

Yes, we get it. We don’t have to hear it so much of the song.

Right, right, right, yeah, I like it. I like Christmas thank you.

I like it if you omit the kids doing the in between like the ballet anything and say, “Oh what the one I go… Yeah, that’s great, what you by the way, the little girl that comes up doing the valley on her shoes, like in the middle, is she the same one? That’s in Wizard of OS ’cause isn’t there the ones when they do the… That was 39 to go, I was that you’d been in her 30s or whatever. Well, I think the same thing about Jamie, but I didn’t wanna say it because I didn’t wanna sound met a child. But in 3 open that a eco… I have a question, if I are…

I had a… Although, Emory was a ballet dancer so I was in Crothers.

I do a lot in a… But it just was a little much for me.

Okay, so we’re through with the songs. So now, for and through general concoction general discussion, do you have anything you’d like to start off with the background in this movie where horrible were on and a it is the… Did they ever go outside and just shoot outside? Everything’s in these 3000 square foot rooms that have really had a ceilings and then they paint bad… Clouds and stuff everywhere and the trees in the back.

She set terrible to…

I had a particular question with Jenny about this when we were gonna do this last week, and it didn’t work. What did you think, when all of the bombs started going off in the wall was gonna fall, how did you… That man that was one erotic the one in Lowell, you know, I remember what you’re talking about, I’m not sure what you’re… He was so shocked by the Germans waiting until the song was over… To begin their bombing that he didn’t really pay attention to the wall falling on Bing Crosby. Danny Kaye saves him and that’s how the whole movie gets kicked out.

It’s weird to have a little show in the middle of a war with a piano with a piano on the field.

Yeah, but I think they’re saying, just that one wall happened to fall there’s a bunch of other crap, around, but it was just that one wall that done. So to be impressed by it, is that to say to a sarcastic… But yeah, we are being sarcastic in a test.

I was also a very awful seeing…

Oh yeah, we should get that bell to ring when you’re…

What was I? Oh, you can’t really…

I start at the very… It’s very okay, okay, I’ll try to make it better. Better to… Or has something like this is like a… A there you go, okay, so even though this movie is called “White Christmas, yeah, this wasn’t the first time the song white Christmas was used in a movie with it, it so I, it was in the aforementioned Holiday Inn, which was filmed in 1942.

I use that song. But although I think most places edit out the black phase number now, I think there’s still some places where they do show. I just don’t, it’s so uncomfortable, just don’t watch it. So why I tried to watch “Holiday Inn” on prime because they had it on this last holiday season like last Christmas, and I honestly, I didn’t, I just knew being Crosby. What is in it? And I was like, “Oh white Christmas is amazing, so I’ll just watch it.

So I started watching it and it’s like, it’s just not white Christmas, then it gets to that sheet and I’m like, “Alright now I’m checked out like we…

I feel I was just not…

I was on a one.

So in the song G, I wish I was back in the Army, I was a one marketing.

There’s a line that says I see a tag.

I wish it was back in the arm, the shows, we got civilians could and see how we would yell her deep heat.

Yeah, I see just Jolson. Hope and be all for free. But this song originally didn’t say Jolson, hope in “Binet said Crosby hope and Jolson, but because being Crosby was in the movie it would have been considered breaking the fourth wall for him to see his own nose.

So, I can tether on to accommodate the movie.

Well, maybe it can’t be in a world where being Crosby also exists and Bing Crosby’s character also exists in this world in a world with the the or fall thing. Did at Vera Ellen break that like a lot, she liked at the camera a lot.

Yeah, right at the camera, yeah, in a, I don’t know.

So speaking of that, I was leading into a different point is that while being Crosby was primarily active with the US Lathrop and all of that, okay, there were a lot of entertainers who served in the military during World War II. The one we’re most well-acquainted with, of course, is B-R-“Golden Girls” fame.

Well, she was in a work of other steps, but the Dorothy from Gold and girls. A more… Yes, in a remote yes, but also Jimmy Stewart Henry Fonda Clark Gable Rod Serling, on the Twilight Zone, and Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek.

Oh yeah, a gene “Robey was in the Navy, right?

I believe so, yeah, where I got a lot of the idea, the ranks and everything, come from his days in the the Navy.

I may be A… The only other thing that I have is some fun facts about this movie. So if you all have other things I’d like to bring up or discuss it or at…

I can hear Jamie is okay, a a bit of information. Did you catch when the girls were in the dressing room, and this was the late were… Are they already the sisters?

Yes, right, well they were in there before and after. So, which part are you talking about?

Okay, so before, whenever the guy that owned the club came in and said, “Hey a Bob Wills on fill Davis are here to see catch your act right, that was before, right. Okay, so the brother, your brother, sent him a letter? And so, Betty’s questioning Judy.

Okay, did you find first of a question I raised and how he would even know about the letter?

Yeah, because they never a poem, right?

So anyway, go on with your question, cause.

So Shane were you listening to that conversation, at all? Did you pick anything up you thought was odd?

They were talking about how many had been living somewhere else for three months? Is this code for something?

A set?

Yeah, but they said he’d been out of the country for three months, because Alaska didn’t become a state until 59. I know I did not catch that.

I, at a… We also, in many members, so my guys, a Muslim like, Okay, Betty time when Mandy is doing her thing. Well, not many.

What’s the name, it that when she’s doing her thing, you can see Betty up on the staircase, and in the very next theme, she is down there doing the little creepy tambourine faces.

Yeah, that about a TA. How did you get from that? See, it is an… Yeah, so as as a Edmonton magic, yeah.

Are you one of those people that when you see, when you see candles in the scene you’re like, “Okay I’m watching these candles because sometimes candles got “Troup and down different lengths.

Well, when I’ve seen a movie as many times as I’ve seen ‘white Christmas’ as drastic Park, I’m always looking for other things that I watch everything by right, exactly everything for what I’m supposed to watching. Yes, so a Jane have any items you wanted to discuss? Let me pull out my notes.

Well, are we talking about how the movie would have been different?

That’s a later, okay. Didn’t know I don’t have anything you have or anything in e.

I think bottom dancing is a waste of time.

Okay, that is a port that is a potent… It’s not true, they can be sports that are a waste of time.

Okay, but that one takes a lot of athleticism, what… Well, you know what I do, you at a here, Allen as ballroom dancing or a professional, how would you classify her?

Would I glass Evie, I don’t… You’re a a Allen.

She’s asked him.

Yeah, yeah, I don’t I eat your hopes, you’re upset.

I’m upset with what you’re gonna say about Vera.

We’re on a person basis, one. I mean someone can be very well skilled at something which she is, but I can still think that it’s a waste of time.

Oh my God, a… Now did you notice with Vera Ellen Danny might be going over this later but we talked about it a about how she never… Her neck is always covered every outfit she has her neck is covered. What there’s been some using that went around at the time that she had some sort of eating disorder. Because the elastic in your neck is one of the first wrinkly neck. And so she wanted to hide it, but one of her friends came out against that and was like… No, I’ve seen her neck many times, it’s a beautiful neck it’s just like her signature. Look how some people wear red hats, all the time, or that kind of thing.

I see, however, there were in said, people that it was said back in the day, that they thought her cause of death was anorexia, but what… Come out later to dispute that… But she was extremely… I need, she was so time, oh my God, he I… Or not. Okay, so a question, who do you think is time her, or Milly from Seven Brides?

Well, we never really see. Miles lower half. Yes, I guess you do, you say your way?

Oh yeah, wait, no, where when… Well, when you sing the when they’re doing the barn raising, and she’s dancing you see her waste and when she’s getting on to all the brothers she put her hands on her waist and touch each other. No, I’m saying her lower half her legs because no, I do in there, with a…

I’m saying like I think is okay, you never really… On these scenes, you see ERA Ellen’s legs, and I mean they’re like to pick… And so, I’m saying you can tell from the waste down because we know of some people who have super tiny waste and may not may have larger legs. So I’m saying to completely compare the two, I think you would need to see a whole body not okay at a… Well, we’ll call everyone’s tailors, and until then, let’s move on.

Okay, so there are some huge age differences, in this movie. Don’t look over here in it. Okay, I want you to guess how old the women are first Rosemary “cluny and Vera Ellen, when this movie came out, Rosemary cone is a 20 years old.

And how old is very Ellen the…

Oh, that’s very close.

Even though Rosemary Clue plays the older sister, she was 26, and Vereen was 33. No, Yeah, oh, okay.

Guess how old Bing Crosby Rosemary clones love interest. How old was he?

So tell me, I wait.

He was a bit for it.

That’s a… In your five-year age gap. And interestingly, being Crosby was older than the man who played the general… Yeah, I noticed they put that very fake-looking gray spray to… Oh, and this is something that we mentioned earlier, that sisters, the guy’s version wasn’t originally in the story, they were goofing around doing that, and the director thought it was hilarious, so he wrote it in all of the laughing. When they’re filming it is all real. Like they were just really just messing around. That’s funny, it might… I add entice looked very, very comfortable in that scene. That’s all I wanna say about that.

So, I see a very alien were very saying.

And right Concord, not dance in the sisters song Rosemary Clooney actually sings, both their parts a woman named, Trudy Steven see some of… Or Ellen’s parts in some of the other songs, but whatever Vereen is singing it’s either Rosemary Clooney or this lady cut Stevens and you’ll notice Rosemary Clooney songs don’t have a whole lot of dance.

I don’t know if the Oleander the TV camera in the ED Harrison show scene, is a real one. As stated on IMDB, the camera belonged to nbc’s channel for station in New York, some of those cameras were so huge, they were as big as a fiat and like they were role. Did you see the one in the center?

Yeah, there’s a couple of them yeah yeah there were ones who were up on stands, but there was this one that look like a little mini truck.

So, when Bob and Phil initially met Betty and Judy okay, they came out with a gun again, they come out with the story about, Oh, I wrote the letter to the old army, beds, blah, blah, blah, and he says, “Oh I have a recent snapshot and I paused it there because I wanted to see if you knew who Benin, Haines the dog faced boy was the actor.

And do you remember who was… It is to me, maybe I met… Yeah, gotta do. And in non-lady, yes.

Oh, I, I want to to get…

Oh yeah, I’ve no idea. I’m looking at a picture of one of the spanky or whatever from the one little school so… So it’s a… Yeah, and is that hates… Yeah, right, yeah, it’s about the… This is a… Did they draw in those freckles? There’s no way that child really had braces. Like that, and the dog, this is getting way off topic.

But the dog spot, they just found the dog and just…

I wanted a… Yeah, they had to draw that to do so, like Jamie mentioned, earlier, there’s no official soundtrack. So this was back in the studio days of Hollywood, so the soundtrack rights for the film were controlled by DEA but Rosemary Lenny was under contract to Columbia, which was a competitor so DEA had to record and release an album with the movie cast minus Rosemary, who was signed by Peggy Lee, and Columbia released in album with Rosemary singing eight songs from the film, which means the only way to hear her sing with being is on screen.

That’s weird, it is weird, but that’s why they do not. Or you can find it on. “I heart radio for a… Well, I, “collinear radio.

So stop trying to make that happen.

So two famous relatives here that I wanna talk about as we’ve been talking about Rosemary Clooney and I’m sure some of our audience has been like, “cluny if she related to George “cluny why yeah, she is… She is his aunt Mattis.

The and he didn’t get his looks from her by the way, not to be.

I’m charitable.

And then being Crosby’s grand broader Denise Crosby no way.

And how did I not know this? I don’t know, I forgot it, you told me I played Natasha Yar, in season one of Star Trek. The next generation that is led, it’s one of my favorite television shows in case you didn’t know that, is it? I didn’t know that either in a in… So I’m looking at it at to do that. So I’m looking at a picture of Denise cross me now, I’m looking at her eyes going.

Hey, they are, I’m not being but blah, blah, boom, yeah, yeah, does my impression has been Crosby?

Oh Wow, hey. Maybe I move on to…

I think that’s all a… Just know that… Yeah, I think that’s all the fun facts that I have Denise, I information. Not that I can think of. So good back with their name.

Oh yeah, frames, true. She was in a lot of things, he gave me a lot, she… She was what? I really help Elias, she was a really pleasant… She’s a district, she was a sister of so old “crochetin yeah, she basically played that, character for a thousand years, right?

Yeah, different movies. Okay, good, yes, yeah. And she was the case the whole thing.

See if it wasn’t for her, there wouldn’t even be a movie.

The test on this character, eaves dropping and then relaying the wrong information.

Oh right, I go to…

Oh, moving on to the beta test. Now, if people are not familiar with the beta test that means the movie has to have two named female characters. We talk to each other about something other than a man. Three criteria, which is gonna be difficult for a movie from 1954. I think even with sisters sisters.

So, I like a wrote down for instances that are at a past we… So Ma, batty and Judy talk about cancelling the contract and being paid half salary now being Crosby interrupts the for a second. But she’s like… I’ll be right with you. Interoperability yeah.

Well, if the girls are leaving and we should leave like… No, I’ll get back here.

Yeah, then Betty and Judy talk in the bedroom about getting something to eat before going to bed, an MA and Susan talk about the laundry and… And buddy, talk about the telegram.

I can’t believe there’s been all this talking with all these stupid songs, all the…

IT is an occasional conversation I guess the wonderful… So, and sometimes even that the ladies talk to each other.

Yeah, here at Y four times, yeah.

So, I want to lead us off on the next section, which is as has the person who’s seen it before, have their opinion changed?

Yeah, I want you to tell me what you thought this movie was about original… What were you thinking it was about?

Well, let me say that our mother loved old movies and often put on white Christmas, but since I was so young, I had no interest in even watching it and I here to… And I have to know it, it’s I have to admit to shame.

Yes, I was like, “Oh my God, see songs are horrible. Why am I gonna watch this movie? Wow, okay, so I think I was in denial. Kind of like you are right now.

So up until I would say about a year a good last person, it I finally sat down to watch the movie, and got the real gift of where I eat.

Let’s back up, what did you think it was about the…

I didn’t really know a…

I do like I have no clue about Star Trek or Star Wars because I have no interest in watching them just because I’m not as if a person… Okay, so I just thought this was… I just didn’t know what it was about, ’cause I didn’t pay enough attention. I would kind of like you, I would hear it in the background and like I, I, I, I, I, I, I watched, I, I, I that she’s doing air quote this is great radio.

Watch the movie when I really did it.

And so finally I said, “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna have to carry this tradition down to my kids, so I probably need to sit down and actually watch and understand the movie, so when they ask me questions, I’ll know how to answer it and even some of the stuff I still have questions about on most of the stuff, I understand. So that is where that all stemmed from… So they like to give me a hard time about it.

That’s mean isn’t it? Jim did she give you a different story? What did she really think it was about?

No, she didn’t give me a different story, but the how this all came about, was I think it was last Christmas, and we were watching it and she was like, “Well why did 70 such and such? And I’m like, “How do you see this move?

I would see in it.

So you didn’t understand very bad thing is that I…

I was like, “this is like the whole gist of what the movie’s about, and she’s like, “Oh I was like, “Have you ever like it they say Well, as a out, not mimic facial expressions place that can be a little hurtful.

That’s not a… Yes, I’m a side that was me in… That is very guy.

So Jay has a acuminata. The only person I like is you okay it, too, so Jamie is here. I like you, though, a, I make quite sorry Jamie. Has your opinion changed?

I don’t know, I feel like I’ve grown to my song choice as far as dislike, I think, has changed over the years, but as far as the general store, I love the movie, don’t get me wrong, but every time I watch it, I’m like Just… If they Benson this different, the exact or they were just on the course, said that or done this. And why are they eating, where the thing about liver worse what’s the point of that? My own before you watch it, the more nitpicky you are, so I love it, my thing hasn’t changed. I still love the movie, I’ll watch it forever, but I just started noticing more things.

So same year there. Any pop culture references, you know understands, no, I’ve probably heard you three sisters… Maybe singing the Sister Song. I’m just gonna guess that that’s happened. No, we can see it for me on a “you on each right. I was studious it is I… That were never on A… But not B-I-is to… He donated a alone, because Jay likes to sing both parts.

What that EA… So Jay seemed to be especially… And to answer to this question, so I’d like for her to go first.

How would the movie, be different with today’s technology?

Okay, I do have six bullet points.

I was a…

Okay, so the music just any time the music comes on, it would have been done on a different platform, I guess you could say they’re putting one I’m guessing I haven’t really seen it but a vinyl record. Maybe not even that, ’cause I was done so long ago, but if we would have done it today, you could have done like a speaker connected to your Apple iPhone, and be playing Pandora or “I Heart radio, an announcement of Wallace and Davis. Probably, I’m in… I still would have been put in the papers ’cause there are some people to people out there that Renner but more than likely it would have been posted on so, so media they saw in when the general gets the letter saying basically that they don’t need him via snail mail, that’s not really a thing unless you’re getting bills that way.

So I you don’t think that government would send official correspondent still through the male, I don’t know that they would send it through an email or facts. Well, X day on that then, but I’m really asking… So that’s true, I think it like that, but any other male like… He had a whole plethora

Well, let me there in the letter itself. sounded more like a friend to friend, you know?

So that’s a true… I know, I feel letter head, so it could have been an email, but either way the letters that he got better or any other letter may have been, it via text, email, or Facebook, message.

Also noting the girls had a picture of their brother went in the wallet, which nobody really does. I’m not saying nobody very few people do because you just pull up your Facebook or your phone and show all of your pictures of your dog or your kids to people.

Would you post a lot of pictures if you were called freckles changed the Danes or what? All of your profile pictures, just be like dogs.

But would she have a picture of him that he could just pull up on her phone and to be like, Oh, here you true, true, the train tickets when they get on the train that does probably would have been on an as you know, the American area jellies are yeah, and then my favorite okay, okay.

Even in Emory laugh hysterically. When they’re having to try to keep the general away from the TV ’cause of your kids.

We should point out, I guess, when Danny pay has to do all of his life. Oh, I think it’s just a compression fracture with a… What the general if you really, if this was in today’s time if you really wanted to do it could a bar it number one.

So he could have had… ’cause we have this a cable, and I have it, the Dish anywhere app. He asked, he’s walking him around, he couldn’t put on data go to on headphones and still listened as they’re walking around that it would be harder to keep the secret because that clip would be all over you to like it would be going viral on Facebook and Twitter, you would have found out some way the general wouldn’t that commonly man, wouldn’t be on social media.

I won Facebook, but what he could have done is because back in the day, you saw, and even back when we were younger, there was no bra or you mined there’s no one way to right where… So if he just had cable he could have paused it or Bardi and then he could have just gone back in an O’clock and watched it and then been like, “Oh my gosh. This is what they’re planning.

So I, the land of keeping him away would not have worked.

I agree, Okay, I met again. They would have texted they could have tied all of the others they could have texted all the other soldiers and just told them the plan instead of announcing it because… Or you could have found him on Facebook because they… Yeah, like a face for their platoon or something. Yeah, whatever they’re called, the unit, yes. Well, so, it Lumia and would probably have a Facebook page so you could look on there and see who the owner was so they would already know that the general is gonna be there, but they would also know that they don’t have a lot of people so they would have just cancelled, on that, they would’ve in one right you can to check the weather channel to find out if there’s no snow because then a lot of people aren’t gonna be there, right, so true, I take the metro or the unit. What’s that fast train are? You would take that instead of an actual train or a flight.

Yeah, didn’t we talk about why wouldn’t they have flown?

They mentioned it though ’cause he said about the tickets because you would have to set up all night on a plane, but he could have slept on a train, but then they have to sit up in the train because they gave their rooms to the girls to the women, if they would have purchased. Okay, because you cannot just transfer ticket. So when the girls got on Why are you all laughing when the girls trying to follow us?

I’m trying to follow you.

When the girls got on the train, they would have been asked for ID.

Oh, we like the…

How has… How are they gonna provide that it thus they never would have gotten on the train, the this movie would have never been created. Then I’m trying to help you out.

You trying to make or by this movie hasn’t happened… Yeah, so okay, so then the times at the cab… And it is at about to bring that up, what a to and from the location that could have just over it like, “Oh yeah, yeah, that’s true.

Well, the end of Al to take Betty and give her a long lecture about how IMA her evolve reacting you just over it and been done with it.

See, I was thinking about the cab just randomly showing up at the window behind a club is just regular business when they’re trying to escape from the landlord that’s holding them up, they’re just like… Maybe that… And then the taxi is drives right up like that would never happen ever, right? Yeah, that’s another thing. Well and then you could have just been mode. The guy 00 bucks and over there and I’m doing Uber. The taxi that… So I, I think we’re about done, yes, we’re now about as long as the movie was.

Well, criteria a little braided, your star rating at all, shame have replaced you.

Yeah, you know what, you have it down to 1 point and I just did in…

Okay, so that about wraps it up you can find us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes stature and Spotify and we’re also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at cosmic potato dot com, and you can find a lot of other great shows there, so be sure to check that out, as first just go to weight. You’ve never seen dot com to find link social media and contact information, some feedback. Let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch that or show for today, next time, we’ll be watching and it otters Jug-Band. Christmas. Thanks for listening, you.

And it is a day in a way, now, would it? I’m like… She came back.

I do like a Christmas white cosmas. The using…

Oh, where is my notes? But we’re supposed to be quiet right you have no… Jesus are in Joseph. You have notes, you don’t have a most.

They’re in my noggin.

Should we put an order lecture “SAGO than you then Jane like age order ’cause I’m the youngest that’s fine, on the second youngest actually, Mary is the youngest son, I’m the one-fifth youngest.

A form of dance, it’s an actual card form.

What I know about that, about you’re gonna have to meet with them to me that What in God’s name is A… You picking each other, What is this?

Oh my gosh, this is what happens when we have family on podcast.

I seem to be kind of anxious for this question earlier.

Okay, Right-o, yeah, yeah, this is gonna be fun. Okay, okay, I’ll take you say I have to have these notes, I can’t go without the note. dimeri okay, so a that… Let me… But me, ask the question market out my notes. She’s marking out my notes.

Good, nice dishonorable modulation a, a modulation A.

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