Ep. 68 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas (1977, Not Rated).


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Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

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Next time, we’ll be talking about Meet Me in St. Louis, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 68 below:

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Hi, this is shame.

And this is Virginia and this is weight. You’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And today we’re discussing when you’ve never seen Amit otters Jug Band Christmas today, we have probably the sexiest guest we’ve ever had. My brother Paddy Scanlan. Patty how are you?

I’m doing great, thank you so much for having me. I’m a long time listener and it’s so on or first time long time that’s it, that’s a radio thing.

First time caller, long-time fan. Anyway, that’s a good way to start. Let’s go away to start her off.

So really, the only thing that I have as a trigger warning is we were listening to that first song, and all of a sudden I realized they were seeking a song making fun of their fat. Grandma hotter, that’s me.

It is like they can use their… Her swimsuit as a pirate salesman that or it didn’t get… Well, you got chained to that, it also doubles as a baby while diaper.

Exactly, I have a question for both of you. I will take our guest, first, since he is our guess had what three things did you expect from this terrible movie?

I expected the movie to set a light-hearted tone and I earn but to go ahead and I thought that the movie would teach me a lesson about gratitude and I also thought that it would make me laugh in appropriate places.

Well, so, Virginia, he… Three things you expect it.

I expected a jug band comprised the waters cars right there, in the title that year.

It’s very conservative, so humans like when we watched the last map, it, what was the first of a movie, the one we watched for the show last time I also thought there would be no humans so I was hedging my bets that maybe this time it would be no humans and then I thought one of the Muppets, will end up dressed as Santa Claus.

That would have been better, it would have.

So Patrick, I mean, Patty, did you expect to like this movie or not in a that you’re a… Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m looking for your rating out of five. Go ahead, I read coming into… It was a five. I thought I was going to be delighted, I thought I can be wrapped up in Christmas magic.

I’m so sorry, so sorry for you.

I saw it at my buddy’s house. I watch it with my buddy Bob a… Yeah, yeah, he was kinda in and out. I was committed, obviously. And they go all of Christmas so there’s Christmas tree, the dock, the Christmas sweater on, it’s very Christmas and wrapped up in the whole thing, right?

Wow, I’m so sorry for everyone involved.

Virginia yes.

What is your rating out of five stars?

Well, based on the title, it involves both Christmas and mods. So I expected to like it, I gave it four stars to a just…

Okay, moving right along, past.

It doesn’t mean because I’m a fan Virginia. I know that you usually go into these middle-of-the-road.

I sorta the…

I do, I don’t wanna go in with any preconceived notions or judgment unless in a case like this, I had expectations ’cause it’s a flipping Muppet movie, so I… We didn’t have to edit that out.

Well, you are ’cause you had to do… That’s right, yeah. So Patty what was is currently your one-sentence IMDB summary of this movie really discover the man from clover grows as He rescues an otter, with a jug and a dream to bring it joyful blowing to a hard two hearts everywhere. This core crimes to…

I’ve practiced that I thought I could get through it. Yeah, you told me you wrote something amazing that you is very proud of just real briefly though, the man from Clover Grove is an inside Scanlan. Family reference. So that’s just for us. yell the all.

So I had no idea. This was a month at movie before Shane sent the screenshot. I really think it was this down-home from Clover grow. Like ask Jug-Band. Oh that’s funny, okay, so you hadn’t seen… Yeah, ’cause sorry, that’s before your first impression should be the poster, the image of whatever the show is, right?

Wow, I while we did you have to…

I already… No, I didn’t. Okay, so Virginia likes to accuse me of lots of crimes when we do these. So Virginia go ahead and read us your one sentence IMDB summary.

Amit otters Jug Band must save the day when the musical guest for a local Christmas pageant mysteriously disappear is Miss Piggy to blame.

I always, it’s better than what we actually watch when she… State history, yeah.

Okay, would you like to tell us that? I am DB description. Well, I’m super glad you asked me ’cause sure, I would emanates. jug bench-isms 1977. same year as starboard a TV movie not rated 48 minutes or 52 minutes depending on… And my son, yeah, Amazon Prime. That it was 52 minutes. This is a comedy drama and then family, whatever that’s supposed to be, a poor otter family risks everything for the chance to win the cash prize of a talent contest for Christmas Chris. And they think they can just throw the word Christmas in there and we’re supposed to think it’s a Christmas movie.

He contest could have occurred at any time during the year they mentioned the Christmas branch and Christmas Eve and that was it, there was no other Christmas can never decorated the Christmas branch either that tree, they did, that’s BS, so we didn’t… So Patty, can you tell us how this movie matter, did not meet your expectations for my first exportation of a light-hearted tone.

Yeah, tell “Entente more issues of poverty.

It’s a… But then did it set a light-hearted tone, that sort of struck me and sort of the era of the late ’70s and Jimmy Carter and something wrong with America, I felt the way of all those things didn’t teach me a lesson about gratitude.

Oh, okay, they lost the talent contest, but they gained a stronger connection with each other, through music, so that we… And it did make me laugh in some inappropriate places, I wasn’t positive, if it was just my sound, wasn’t synced up correctly, but in a couple of plants it seemed like the sound of doors shutting happened before the door shut and I really enjoyed that.

I enjoyed the shots of them walking as if someone had broken their legs, and then they’re like, they marry and added those other efforts all the way down the frozen river. Didn’t the attended?

So Virginia at you didn’t like this movie tell us he was a daughter job “banach right in humans. A check or my page dressed up like Santa, Claus uncheck.

It did not happen. As I previously said, this was not a Christmas movie this was even less of a Christmas movie then It’s A Wonderful Life, which I never should have said Because I “Yantai a minute here. Dog got it, it’s a Christmas movie right, right, any very Christmas movie house when the Christmas “champara a very Christmas-people, beautiful building and loan a back or pedestrian here.

I was over… And in my little pocket that All I intend for you right? Your copper will never get me.

I think you slipped into Humphrey, but I… Yeah, I was second and technique. Lay it on a page. James Cagney.

It’s a many… And Lacy that’s just cortisol at… So I didn’t expect it to be so damn depressing, like even the to the nasal the theme song was like downtrodden and slow and sad and I’m like, “This is supposed to be a Muppet will be… Yeah, so I, I, I, I, I bumped it down to two stars.

Yeah, I, I did not like anything about this movie.

So Patrick, or Patty what? What is your star rating now of this picture?

So I donated it to or from a phone and the reason I did is because I sort of shifted pretty quickly and I was like, “Okay hey, this isn’t the movie that I wanted it, it didn’t have the Mirth that I expected it to, but I really did fall into the visuals. There are some great puppeteer. When he’s rowing the boat, it really looks like he’s growing about the series were amazing, the birds were really cool when the birds flew that car that the bad guy Chuck Grove was unbelievable, the snakes were great bad guys, yeah, and they sort of just leaned into the artistry of the “puteri and that really interested me.

Yeah, I’m not as sophisticated as yell or tee I just didn’t like it.

Well, you’re a Christmas junkie. Let’s just be clear about that. Okay, let’s be clear on something that these songs suck.

Oh, I, I disagree by 30 per cent?

Three or four of these songs we heard multiple times throughout the movie fulling two of the songs we heard combined because motor thought, “Oh I tell him so great when we sing them together. Please stop just no and okay, we could have thrown in an O Holy Night at any point that would have fit in just fine.

Am I right or wrong thoughts on that? I got, I think you’re right. Can we get a Caroline scene? Would that come out?

You could have given that to us and that would have been a nice balance to the so depressing appellation reality that Robert just hit over the head with, and I get it. We just don’t see images of poverty that often in Christmas movies, especially when there are puppets, involved or cartoons in “Boont you don’t see that sort of real abject poverty. So, that was born… Wonder why?

Yeah, that was jarring. And we see that kind of poverty. You don’t wanna go out and buy the new Xbox or the new Play Station.

It does not help capitalism so much it does that.

Yeah, didn’t just… The sets kind of reminded me of those sad little towns along the Ohio river.

Yeah, there’s just these weird little towns. Just clinging for life and even the paint seems to be clinging for dear life on the sides of everyone’s house and just everything is just run down and horrible.

But just like it did in this move.

But I don’t know, music-wise, like okay, I get that. It’s not Christmas music but there was lots of bluegrass music in this.

I mean, when we finally got to an actual Jug Band and we’re playing bluegrass music.

Yeah, it was a pretty good… So those two songs were pretty good, except we heard the brother songs like 14 times it really 14 times like three times.

That was a little too much, but when the river meets the sea that was… I was an okay one, I guess where the river meets the sea was also recorded by John Denver on the Muppet Christmas album.

Yeah, so two years later, in 1979, they sort of looked at the depression, I guess that was this movie that we just watched, and they decided… Okay, let’s add, let’s do another one with John Denver, and we’re gonna do this more like a Christmas movie with actual traditional Christmas music in it, and they use that song when the river meets to see… So it was sort of like, “Hey this is what maybe this should have been

I see, and of course it’s always fun to watch stars interact with the US, it’s… That’s true.

I was the main Christian Carl recently.

Yes, I have a question for you. Would you rather watch any Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel for this movie again?

Any Christmas movie in the Hallmark Channel, I’m a sucker for those Home or Gene movies.

Yeah, I have a friend who is a firefighter and he deals with a lot of crazy stuff, he’s a fire better in Cleveland and so, to pour some humanity back into him, he just watches the homework channel all December I January as half a human again.

Well, that’s interesting, that’s rough. It’s rough out here in Cleveland, you guys in Texas, you don’t know about this.

So can we talk about the technical achievements in this picture?

Sure, so right out of the gate, we have Kermit riding a bike, this is the first time we see this. Kermit rides a bike in the first method movie.

That’s not till 79, though, right or so a… So a night it was released in 79, but they worked out the technical aspects of it and yeah the otters rowing the boat this was the first time they figured out how to have characters moving around remotely. There was this really cool device that kinda look like this oversized mitten that you put on your hand is called the wall though, and you’re able to, instead of actually putting your hand up inside a puppet and moving it around, you could do that remotely.

So they built that robot, they built with batteries and all the right kind of armature and stuff, so you could be somewhere else on this not in the water and remotely moving the mouths. And I was wondering if someone was under the water, doing the peer tiring and stuff, right, because that would have been super difficult, because the boat is also not as underwater but also moving at the same time.

So yeah, they worked out a lot of the technical problems that they would have faced in the Muppet movie? Before the up and moving.

Whenever I watch these things, I can’t watch what’s really happening on the screen I’m looking for the artifice I’m looking for anything else and it’s so good, it’s so well done and it’s so difficult to find that.

Yeah, what you do get is the trying to make an octopus walk on the ground like that weird way that… So the feet meet the ground, when you’re doing marionettes.

Anyway, fabulous job.

I have a question for you all, yes.

So as I’m sure everyone knows by now I grew up in the great state of Texas, I have lived here all of my life.

Yeah, do people in the North really do that eye sliding thing or is that just otter specific?

It’s pretty dangerous to do that, but I’ve… Patrick, have you slid Have you slid down the side of the hill onto an icicle? Not on purpose but at State Road park not far from an… And I grew up there is a great sledding hill and at the bottom of that letting Hill was a pond, and if you picked up too much speed you would go on to the POD.

Yeah, but I… We verified… Or sorry, what was that, no? Yeah, you weren’t trying to go on the pond, but sometimes you ended up on the pot.

Yeah, if it’s particularly icy, too, ’cause there’s different kinds of snow, if it’s like fresh. No, you’re not going hardly anywhere.

No, but yeah I remember bailing I remember bailing before that little pond because you didn’t… He didn’t wanna crash to the ice. I mean, while that whole thing was probably four feet deep, and it’s very deepest you probably would have been okay.

Do you think the movie was trying to tell us something more about gratitude? Because I’m trying to play their scenario out. And if they lost everything like including the house and they’re both for their visit is delivered in dry let’s say they lost their boat with the E-We’re still otters and they just swim around and be otters.

And why do you need a row? But that’s a good point. Why do they need a robot?

Well, you don’t wanna get the laundry was right, I guess you could just strap it to your back and not go under water, plug up the hole in the wash in the mines. And the wash tub and then just push the clean clothes and the wash tub.

The both of the really contemplated that whole… Well, I guess how long was he gonna contemplate drilling the hole in the wash tub and how long was she going to contemplate hacking? The tool kit is so annoying. It’s like it went on for 20 minutes or he will I do it well, no I do it well, I don’t know, it’s a hard decision to make. Maybe I should make it some time in the next 45 minutes.

I, I don’t know, I think we also both had the same thought that they had. There was just the wisp of the gift of the Magi. Yeah, in that it’s just a lot that I totally, completely… Yeah, okay, I have another question.

Okay, do all terse fully clothed in their suspenders! And everything.

That’s correct, that’s true. A lot of to do that.

Yeah, interesting.

Just bears all bears or comedians. This is in the world, in the world of The Muppets, and they wear hats they were at and tell you the check was not a comedian he was like a drummer and a mean guy check was the leader of the gang.

I eat and he was not funny intentionally, you know he was funny, the way Andrew Dice Clay is funny, he was real mean and bullied the people around, it was that funny.

Oh, I’m gonna pull people have… Yeah, that’s not funny, but that’s a whole other conversation about Andrew disclaime.

Do you guys still do the back to test?

We do that will be coming up shortly. If reversibly. Done with talking about this movie, we’ll move on to that.

Okay, I have one more thing, though.

Okay, we’re watching, it’s getting towards the end. I wanna know, Patrick, if you noticed this and they’re playing the big finale, song or whatever and then suddenly are subtitles, say C Zoo. So, lo I use the… So, through… So, do you watch with the sub-title of the… Yeah, if we do.

Oh, why is that?

My hearing is not that great. We’re old, we’re all I’m old, so I was watching it with Bob at that moment.

Yeah, and he said that it was not a case and he all that a mouth of work. And it is, that sounds so dirty it, it does, it does and it brings a joyful blowing.

Oh, is that when the guy gets on all fours?

And then the lady day I never mention to a is an educator in Cleveland, and he was program in Appalachian. This guy produced a mouth organ and it’s a really serious thing and it’s a very “alastor and pride in that part of the world.

I think it was a mouth were gonna not… I could do.

We need to write a strongly worded letter to the people back in 1977 or whenever when they did these captions that did not exist. I was just going on and on anyway, moving on, Okay, you have other items to discuss or are we ready to go to the back till test and think I’m a good… Oh, I just wanna say one thing about the actual otters, the way they love, they really look like otters. Yeah, and they looked really cuddly and if it was the better movie, I think there would be an MAT otter in my childhood. A bed. That sounds weird, but I understand what you made.

And what was the part you pointed at gene? The porcupine actually had its spines poking to it to winter coat in the back that was okay, that was cute.

So I have a question for you.

Yes, Virginia yes.

Back to test, I’m guessing we passed.

What is your gut? A Patrick?

Well, I love to my mental beta test and I said that it has, it does pass a ten, all matter actually has a name, Alice, and she talked to Gretchen Fox about her laundry and then Ali talked to Hedy Muskrat. They had that whole long conversation about… Well, I had to make my dress so I can see good in the talent show or whatever, right, so they went on and on for a while. So good job, unlike the other method movie, which did not pass this one passes thumbs up.

Now, I was a little bit dismayed that Gretchen Fox, who was indeed of box was a box show and very hot to go in. You notice that wearing a fur shop, she was, she was wearing a fur Seal made out of fat.

That starts I thought so as well.

Would you all go around wearing a human skin as it… That would be weird. That’s like… Again, kind of stuff.

Not in a public…

Oh, I feel like that’s a dark group to go down.

Yeah, so has your opinion changed since you last saw it? Probably in 1977, when I was three.

Yeah, I don’t think that I got the DPP, the abject poverty, aspect to this, but now when I watch it, struck me when I watch it. Anything Muppets? Now, compared to that when I watch it then it’s just like, Yeah, this is fun and it’s magical and these are friends.

And I didn’t really give too much consideration to how it was made and now I’m just really obsessed with it.

But this thing is there’s a point in my life where I thought, “Oh if you try to pick it apart, you’re gonna ruin the magic of it.

Oh, I… But I think it just reinforces the magic now, I think when you can figure out… Or oftentimes you have to learn later you have to read about how they did certain effects. I think it, it just makes me think a…

Oh my goodness, how what amazing crafts made all of these objects were able to make them come to life.

I don’t think it Romans it to learn how it was made.

I agree, just the little houses are fantastic. There’s so much detail. Yeah, it was striking. And there’s real depth visually as opposed to a cartoon. There is an actual Tim, you feel like you could walk through that town to come to life? So all you need is a good story and I don’t know, a few reads, and colored lights and it’s a Christmas movement.

Yeah, they either just missed the mark there. Has, I agree?

So, I, I, Arcadia.

Yes, I think the answer to this question for both of you, we can just move on the next question would be, are there any pop culture references, you now understand?

Oh, remember Jamie mentioned, my sister, Jamie, who was on last week’s episode with white Christmas, she was saying in “zofia or Madagascar to one of those, is that there is a later named in an outer… But she wasn’t sure if it was a connection to this or not.

That’s got it, it’s gotta be, it’s gotta be… Well, actually the movie Scrooge with Bill Murray, there’s a promo for Robert goes swamp land Christmas or something, and it’s like, a swipe at the John Denver motor.

I see it, I did not notice that one. We watched it.

So how would the movie, be different with today’s technology? You got anything Patty.

I just think it would be a cartoon, if it happened today, and it wouldn’t even be this. They wouldn’t make a pop a movie like this because it’s so risky, to make something a public movie, that’s not a known quantity.

So I think it’s almost like the Muppet movie? Or nothing, right? Yeah, you gotta go all in.

I don’t know, is it a later Apalachee, plate right at Apologia if you live there, okay, it’s Apple “latha if you’re not right.

So I don’t know how predominant Jug Band still are in Palau. I feel like if it was made today, it would probably be like you were saying, a bluegrass band or a country band and it probably wouldn’t involve otters. Well, maybe it would involve otters, but they would be cuter. Maybe they were cute. But they were also, they looked like they were just like, “They never brushed their fur, which is probably what otters look like, but I wanna mutations.

It’s not an outer version of otters.

Maybe my expectations were too high and I just feel let down. Maybe that’s what this was about.

I think we’ve come to the crux but I don’t think Patrick was as disappointed as I was.

No, I just let the… My brother was talking about, I just let the craftsmanship of washed over me and I tried to lean on, that message of gratitude and it was a, a poor people get that Christmas to… So, it’s a bold statement that day is… Yeah, Patrick, I think I’m gonna call you the Penguin from now on, okay, ’cause you’re incapable.

Oh wow, wow.

That doesn’t make sense. ’cause they flap there, they do, they do, they do flat, I guess they lack, they just don’t fly way to… You’re an liable, I think I’m for you think you can. Well, I’ve just You know what he is is he’s pretty fly for a white guy.

I think we should just have got all of this out I… So let’s not cut it out. And Jenny, I really like the sound you make when someone’s swears and I don’t wanna swear, but I do want to get that sound.

So if you could, it is a rule. Got oh, that’s… So it’s like the old time, the old-time car, and are hard.

If we’re here. bleep this, believe this out, “He that is, I don’t know.

Yeah, please. That Monroe yeah.

Oh, oh, I’m down to a T, I’m a guess.

Do you want me to send you the file, so you can just randomly send it to him and blow as ear drums, out?

I could do that you, I, I either you’re nicer than me. That’s totally out in inimitable. Most mostly this podcast magic is about Jenny and I torturing each other.

Oh, as you will find when we learn what next week’s episode will be about exactly. Well, it sounded like salacious, Crumb it did get a little guy that hangs out next to…

Oh yeah, yeah, I have a…

I would like him a little bit, he do a, I think, a very as beautiful, beautiful locks. Those of us listening, do I have anything else to discuss besides Patrick’s beautiful hair?

I have one more thing.

Okay, so Jim, and Sons, Jim Henson S production company for the Muppets in the ‘1970s was called at one point, Henson Associates, this was primarily, so he could hang a big sign outside. That just said That’s not a real thing, that’s their own thing. Look it up.

Are you messing with me right now? No, it’s a real thing, I… We have two offices next to each other. So then it could be How did you have a whole rope offices where it’s just like a… Oh, that’s exactly what, what it is. No, there’s a great Jim Henson book about his life. It’s just called Jim Henson it’s by Brian J. Jones and there’s lots and lots of awesome, awesome, good good Jim Henson stuff in there, it’s about his entire life. I haven’t made through the… There’s a chapter that details is hold death. It’s a real bummer, it’s so sad, it’s anyway, but there’s good stuff in there. I, it is A… Oh, you mean a Hansen associates?

Sure, yeah, yeah, I have business with how and then he kinda got into reggae music, you know what he called his company then.

Yeah, I don’t get it.

See, I see… And so I, I… Yeah, it’s not the right, that doesn’t make sense, but I said, makes no sense.

Okay, in a tally. Left him, side.

Okay, anything else gentlemen, I gave you my… Anything else, anything else Patty?

No, I’m just so honored to be on the podcast it also on thanks for coming. Payout do this again, definitely eat.

So, that about wraps it up. You can find us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify. We’re also on the cosmic potato Podcast Network at Costner dot com. You can find a lot of other great shows there. So, check those out. And as for us, just go to weight. You’ve never seen dot com to find link social media and contact information.

We should probably note that we had to say goodbye to Patrick a little earlier, which is why this audio may sound a little bit different than the entire rest of the show.

That’s a very good point, A I, I love my brother.

Meet some feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or TV shows we should watch that’s our show for today. Next time will be watching “Meet me in.

He secretly the area, it’s gonna be… So of course there’s a Santa… Thanks for listening.

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