Ep. 69 – Wait. You’ve Never Seen Meet Me in St. Louis?

Welcome to our podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen. In this episode we’re talking about Meet Me in St. Louis (1944, Not Rated).


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Here are the links to some of the things we discussed:

Meet Me in St. Louis IMDb page; Who is Drew Struzan?; List of EGOT winnersArrested Development IMDb pageLord of the Flies by William GoldingIt’s A Wonderful Life IMDb pageThe Wizard of Oz IMDb pageA Star is Born (1954) IMDb pageBechdel test pass or fail; Consumer Electronics Show (CES)Cosmic Potato Podcast Network.

Next time, we’ll be talking about One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, so stay tuned!

Rough Transcript of Episode 69 below:

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Hi, this is shame.

And this is Virgin. Yeah, or this is what you’ve never seen a podcast dedicated to discussing well-known movies and TV shows that one of us has never seen.

And so, they were discussing… Wait, you’ve never seen… Meet me in San Luis.

The initial ready.

He had a then bad.

I’m gonna call somebody don’t tell me the lights are shining any place, but there and I… You paid for the rights to a thing that’s on me.

Yes, I did cool, okay, so I actually don’t really have any trigger warnings for this. It was a musical about the St. Louis World’s Fair and then possibly moving and falling in love and all of this stuff. So why don’t you tell me three things you were expecting from this motion picture number one. And in “suffer-able love story to tattoo many songs.

Three good dancing.

Okay, so I would guess I’m gonna ask you whether or not you expected to like it, but I’m guessing you did not expect to like it.

I mean, I gave it one solid star, a full star.

You’re so unfair, I have low hopes.

So what is your one sentence TV Guide summary?

The circus is in town, and for young couple traveling separately to St. Louis. So it’s a lot that in OneSite with the little flourishes in patterns. It made me think of the circus.

I can see that it is like evidently a World’s Fair thing, I’m like… Oh, so close. You were close yes, and there was nothing on that. This is based on just the poster. There’s nothing on that poster except those stupid pain early images of the actors that they always do.

Yeah, and then just these little flourishes, if this didn’t say Judy Garland right underneath it I would not guess that that is God garlands. It’s very stylized, I guess. Is that the word you used?

I said, pain early but… Yeah, it’s more about the painting, and the… In the actual… They didn’t have any “Druce truss back then. So you knew exactly de-resins. I can tell from your face that you don’t know who that is necessarily no, every great movie of my childhood Star Wars Indiana Jones, I think ET many, many others, even past my childhood like hook-Drew strands drew the illustration for the covers the posters for those mass.

I didn’t know that he had this very particular style. And when you see it… So I’m showing a Janette back to the future, to what I have questions about their positioning there.

I mean, to an…

I’m trying to show you the poster. Not necessary. So that is just DeSantis, showing your… So I sold so was episode one poster.

There’s definitely a… There’s definitely a style there. I can see it. The original trilogy posters and the likenesses of these people.

It looks like the people… Yeah, I can tell that’s Morgan Freeman, right?

We’re looking at cash and redemption. Yeah, anyway, another rabbit trail. But yeah, juice resins had not blessed Hollywood yet with His presence.

So would you like to hear what IMDB has to say in… So let’s see how I’m just moving a Meet Me in St. Louis is from 1944. it’s not red, it’s an hour and 53 minutes. It’s a comedy drama family movie, there’s no musical is not listed there. That’s strange, that’s very strange a… There’s a lot of songs though.

The one-on-one and to a songs, that’s true, and it says In the year leading up to the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair the four Smith daughters. Learn lessons of life and love even as they prepare for a reluctant move to New York.

So how did things meet or not meet your expectations?

Well, there wasn’t insurable love story, there were not too many songs, there were kind of two insurable love stories enter in the neighbor and then, rose and the long distance phone call or something about writing screenplays maybe happen later for Hollywood movies, but like, you can only just don’t give me… Don’t give me too much.

Maybe people were smarter. This was the greatest generation, they were making movies for the… So, yeah, maybe they were smarter than me. I’m just like, “Don’t tell me, “Don’t try to show me too many things. It wants.

Yeah, I’m good. And there wasn’t really dancing was not really a thing in this movie.

Yeah, the only time there was really dancing, was in that party scene where it ended up the two girls came down the stairs, they were doing Dancing in the parlor right and then they started seeing skipped to my low I… It is a tenet.

So what’s your rating after watching this movie, and even zero stars that stupid song, the boy next door, it’s all it took. I think that happened there that are at a line already. never recovered.

That’s terrible to… And here’s the thing, what’s with the bad recording of vocals in this movie where you hear a thousand Voices, but you can’t really understand what anyone’s saying. There was a terrible recording.

I don’t know, that’s a good question. Yeah, but you did recognize. There’s actually a couple of songs that I wanna talk about. You seem to recognize cling, cling, playing with the trolley.

Oh my goodness, yes, I have that. What we can talk about, that we get to pop culture references, okay. And the reason that I wanted to do this around Christmas time is because this was the first ever appearance of… Have Yourself A Merry Little like this was the first time that song was ever so… Oh really, yes.

Okay, Langley with the Jolly then the better.

So did you notice who the director was?

No, the director was Vincent Minnelli.

Okay, this is where he and Judy Garland, met eventually married and had a daughter named Lian and Eli.

I see I should have known Liam and Elli I am pretty sure.

And he got in her and my grandma Oscar Tony let’s see this liminal. I have an ego, yes, she says only 18 exceptional people have accomplished the ego including Adrian will be “oberea Irina barbarian Liane, James Earl Jones and the late Mike nickels.

That’s a women true.

And I had a whole lot of town on.

I mean, no one’s no one for year you sir, you are Blast being the good name of both Audrey Hepburn and read a Moreno, two of my favorites thank you.

I wonder if fees are all the jobs.

One for his depiction of orator.

I’m just saying you wouldn’t think Darth Vader had a… How did you got…

I think that’s how finance is like. Oh, we again we’re going off on a rabbit. But Mission Valley is so funny in Arrested Development.

Oh right, she plays the uh, the other, the other, the other, Leslie.

Alright, oh my God, she’s so she’s so funny and she’s physical was in her 70s at the time, he then had a… She’s an older woman of the time and she was those in lots of physical physical things.

So you know how you like to see how long it will take in a movie before we get to the title. They actually say Meet me in St. Louis.

Well, I guess here’s the song.

It is one, a very beginning of the song where they’re playing the credit for.

Oh, it’s in the credits.

Like when they play the opening credits there’s a chorus. Singing met me and say what the course that I couldn’t understand. Yeah, okay, he set… So how long, like the opening credit, he didn’t look at the time.

No, because it was literally the first thing.

Okay, sorry, I’m sorry.

Can we talk about the perfect clothes, in a period movie, like this?

Only if we can also talk about Judy garlands bangs.

I think they’re kind of at a wood something so no one ever gets dirty. Inevitably, when you’re doing a movie that’s of a different period in the past, it’s going to be a dirty your time.

Yes, get turn-of-the-century Victorian age old west, the medieval Berry it’s a filthy, filthy time, and yet everyone has perfect clothes, there’s no running water.

Yeah, but how realistic do you want your period movies to be? Because if you go to Colonial Williamsburg you’re not gonna see the level of awful-ness that it was, you’re not gonna see horse manure in the streets, they’re probably gonna have some form of running water, in some of the buildings, they’re probably gonna have indoor toilets. I understand what you’re saying, I’m just saying in a portrayal of entertainment, what’s the level of dirt-ness that you would want for this movie?

In Pioneer, land, you can’t remember if it’s Pioneer land or Main Street USA in Disney Land.

It is a world there is a no coupled cobblestone streets, and there’s a line of brown down the middle, and that is supposed to symbolize the fact that these were dirty, streets.

It wasn’t a clean play. If at all.

Are you making that up? No, I’m not making it up. I was just trying to… Just trying to look for a picture of this. Do you mean because they drive their horse and care drives and they drive them down the same path or they purposely put a line of Brown just to be like they’ve purposely made it brown, they purposely made a discolored because they’re like, Yeah, do we want trash in the streets? Of course not, there’s a trash can, every 30 feet or something like that, right, which isn’t… He decided how many steps that would take him to finish a hot dog.

That’s why you don’t go 30 feet without finding a trace in to put your, your hologram or an…

Oh, that’s interesting, I never would have thought of that.

Okay, well, this isn’t a good example, I guess, but there is a discolor a different color, almost like a…

I see what you’re saying, there’s a line down the middle.


So anyway, bottoms of dresses can be dirty. Why can’t we just make them just color a little bit?

Yeah, do I wanna look at filthy people for two hours, not so much.

Well, they didn’t hardly go outside so how are they gonna get dirt on the hem of their skirt?

I’m just as any questions, they go from just going from outside the insight. Even if you’re on a pave, little path from our house to the carriage there’s gonna be dire everywhere. How is he not dirt everywhere?

I don’t know, I have no answers for you.

Okay, well let’s move on. Well, you, trying to tell you one other thing.

Speaking of water, and they’re being no running water, in this time I wrote, I wrote down very early, I wrote down instead of watching the rest of this, could I just get water-boarded for three seconds and would it be cheating if I had a handful of Xanax first… Yeah, a handful of antic, is gonna probably render you unconscious and then you have to try to survive, water boarding and I don’t think that would end well for you.

Yeah, I don’t… Okay, I take it back, okay.

I don’t wanna be a wider part.

I was actually, while you were talking about that I was looking at, when did St. Louis get running water, and it was about what was just a couple of weeks before the World’s Fair? So it was in 1904, that’s pretty cool.

So they had enough time to maybe take a bath, for the World’s Fair.

We wash their clothes, a little.

Alright, look, I’m gonna retract everything. I just sort… So yeah, Judy garlands bangs, I mean she might as well just have a miniature Paint Roller across her for a… They, it was disturbing to look at bang should not do that, that’s all.

You had a question about the pronunciation of saying Louis, because in the song, it says, “Meet me in St. Louis but I… So at least a Texan, and I guess mid-Westerners say, is St. Louis. And so they did address that at one point. Do you remember?

Yes, there was an uneducated man who points out right that it’s saying Luis.

Yeah, that’s the youngest girl in the ice truck man, talk about, ’cause he’s humming the song she says No, it’s pronounced St. Louis not St. Louie and he’s like… Well, I forget exactly what he said, but I think it was something like… Well, we’re the people who’ve been here a long time, I just call it St. Louie whatever. I don’t remember exactly what his response was, I just remember they talked about it.

So speaking of the ice cart and the guy and the little girl, the little girls riding along in the ice truck for a minute. Down, so they’re going down a tree-line street and they use something called rear projection filming where they’re not really right around.

They recorded that previously, and then projected I as a pretty green screen basically.

Yeah, you… Now, we would see GI in the street behind them, for example, in some cases, sometimes it depends what the director wants. Sometimes you want maybe a film now, or sort of look, and you’re doing that on purpose, making it look kind of that artificial is sort of thing. It’s a style choice. But what I thought was really cool was they went to the trouble of showing shadows on the tree shadows from the tree on the car and the characters. So as they go by this tree line street, they actually make a… So they somehow rigged up something. So like a tree passes by…

I didn’t notice that that’s a good point, I thought that was really, really well done for 1940, whatever. And how so, can we talk about What in the hell was up with Halloween like, “Oh is that when they were burning down the carriages yes, so they were going around throwing flower in people’s faces, I think. I believe that’s called an taking go on and starting fires in the street with where are they getting the firewood because it looks like chairs and tables. Are they taking these out of their Parents’ home? Where are the parents, “why is this happening?

It’s like a ‘lord of the fly a situation.

I read that, but it was a long time. I go.

Is there a movie? I haven’t seen a movie the children take over, and it’s just absolute chaos, and it’s like a healthcare they turn this beautiful land and do things get bad. spoilers.

Yeah, I remember it being bad. I just don’t remember specifics, and speaking. So it was the two youngest girls who were participating in Halloween Agnes and 2D and they are just freaking obsessed with violence and death. Like one of the youngest girl, I think, had a graveyard of dolls, Rory.

Yeah, she was a real creep and she said, when they moved to New York, she’s gonna have to dig up all of her dolls. From the graveyard in her backyard and take them with her.

It’s just, it was kind of disturbing to see I’m sure that’s like a normal phase that kids are obsessed with that or whatever, but I don’t know, it just was weird.

So I wanna talk about the social etiquette for the white upper class in the 20th century, or I thought about putting this under how would it be different with today’s technology? But there’s really not technology so much involved with this, because I’m thinking like Who can call on the house? I could, the neighbor just come over, right? And so the social conventions of the that right or they were talking about Rose being an old maid because she was like 20, she had just graduated high school, so she was 18, and they were talking about her being an old maid because she hadn’t got married yet, were… Or two people have to be formally introduced to each other before they can carry on a conversation or dance with each other, you couldn’t just go up to a random person at a dance and be like, “Hey would you like to dance? That would be… That would be easier seen.

And speaking of dances, how about those dance cards, you hear now like, “Oh my dance cards full sort of as a joke, so but there used to be a literal dance. All car.

Yes, I, I… And is it split up by like is it per song or is it fraction? ’cause sometimes it’s like a third of the Dan so that’s a…

It’s a Wonderful Life, is a third of the dance. Yeah, was it only thing violent did that? I think nice girls do one date, per person, and to someone… Why does anyone need to keep track of who you’re dancing with?

Because if I come up to you and I say, “Oh man I have the first and, and you look at your card and say, Oh I’m sorry, I already told so-and-so yes. Well, how about the second one? No, already told so-and-so, so it’s like you wanna… All of the most popular girls would have their dads cards fill the first because everybody wants to dance with them.

I see, and speaking of nice girls nice girls don’t kiss boys until they’re engaged.

Thank you very much in a Enright that the…

I write that down on the back of my dance card.

Okay, good, I’m sure there are people I know there are people today that still do their first kiss, is on their wedding day, and I’m just like, “That can’t be me, it can be me.

Well, I, I do think that might be like a religious cult or a situation at this one.

So Judy Garland was 40 for 11, she was tiny.

So, is so small that I had to look it up, I’m like… And in some cases they call them apple boxes, they have you stand on if you’re shorter, if you’re like Tom Cruise, right?

What I… And in the toilet to he has to stand in an apple box. But yeah, she was tiny, no wonder she had a hard time transitioning. It’s hard to transition from child actor, to adult actor anyway, right, but it got be even a harder when you are when you still look like a little girl.

Yeah, yeah, of course, even if she was seven feet tall, people are still gonna look at her and go, and that’s a lie. You’re the most famous little girl in movies ever since. Truly Temple maybe right was surely simple before… After Judy Garland, I don’t refer, I think she was in the third.

I think when I was looking at stuff to talk about for this movie I think I saw that the costume designer, and the makeup people and all of that group of people that worked on that stuff. I don’t know their names, the group of people who would work on hair, makeup, costume, the crew, as part of the crew. But anyway, they purposely tried to make her appear more adult to distance herself ’cause this is only five years after Wizard of as… Yeah, so she’s still like you’re saying very much had that little girl image attached to her so for this movie and she had a love interest and they wanted to make that believable they also wanted to make her appear more sophisticated and older. Maybe that’s why her clothes were clean, all the time, for the record, surly temple. Most of those movies that you associate her the little girl was between 1935 and 1938, but in 1938, he was only 10 years old, so she’s still younger than Judy Garland.

Yeah, she’s younger than Jet Garland, but was like her time was already past essentially when Judy Garland was the rising star, a star is born if you will.

She wasn’t in one of the versions she was, oh my goodness, Judy Garland was in the 1954 version of “A Star is Born”

19, 50-44.Yeah, so are you ready to move on to the back to test?

I, I think in, in past it did pass. Yeah, I mean, they, they did talk about boys, a lot because Rose was interested in Warren, and Esther was interested in John who lived next door. But just for example, just in the lead up to have yourself a merry little Christmas. Ester is talking to D about everything, he’ll be okay. Moving to New York. It’ll be fine. You’ll make friends there and she’s like… No, I want… So, that seen there by itself passes, so yeah, there were other conversations that I did, but that was the one that came to mind. So are there any pop culture references you now understand?

Okay, so as to not in the ‘1980s I A Jan hooks and Norton to… Did this. Yeah, I did like this music review super cheesy music review thing called The Sweeney, sisters where they would do here. I’m just gonna show you a picture of them as the scene sisters, my goodness, enormous hair.

Who is this again in a one?

And he… James gene hooks okay, the dresses that look like curtains, right? And so they would do these out. What’s the kind of… Were you mash up a bunch of different songs? One after a number Medley.

Yeah, they would do these metals of all these cheesy songs so at one point, they just jump into the song and they go Ding, ding-ding. With the drawing, I can language Bell and they’re like, the moving their arms back and forth their elbow-ing people, like a modified Scot dance, if you will.

Oh my gosh and… Yeah, I had no idea, I had no idea what any of the songs, where it was, it was just really funny because they were just just such hams! As the Sweeney sisters.

So how would the movie, be different with today’s technology?

Well, you know what, I was thinking about this. We don’t have world fares anymore. It would be so cool to have a world’s fair.

Yeah, we really don’t like the close as we get. And you have to be close to the industry. Is that CS? There’s a big technology conference in Las Vegas every year, so I think it’s a CS. I can’t remember what he stands for, but yeah, it’s like when there’s a new amazing… The Oculus was presented at CES is like, “Here’s the new cool thing the cool technology thing. And of course, these things are, they’re like brand new, and they never quite work. Right, but it’s like where you showcase things like…

I would love to wander around a fair ground thing that just show off your cool, new technology and stuff.

Yeah, I agree, I couldn’t believe how often they mentioned. They made a big deal about Warren calling Rose, long distant.

No, I, he said like… Oh, he’s calling long distance, she’s expecting a long distance phone call he’s calling. They said it like six or seven times and I’m like, “I get it, he’s calling long-distance back then. That was very, very expensive.

So it must be important, that he’s calling maybe he’s going to propose, which means while proposing over the phone. So my grandpa was stations and Lexi, I think it was during the Korean War, he was training there and he proposed to my grandmother over the phone because she was still in Texas.

The Lexi Mississippi yes, and that old time-y phone really made me laugh, ’cause it was a literal horn. When people say Get on the horn that’s why it looks like, “Oh I like saying that because no one knows what that means.

Well, now they do ’cause I just told them, “Well I work I’ll be in a meeting and I’m like… Yeah, let’s get Danielle on the horn. Or the lower… Do you really say that at work? Yeah, I’ll go. Okay, let’s get Daniel in the horn right now ’cause she’s… She works off-site.

Do you have anything else to discuss?

Yes, one more thing, okay, my grand but I swear this is going somewhere I promise.

My grandfather was a gunner on I think a destroyer, and World War II wasn’t great and when he had three daughters and at the time I was born, he had two granddaughters so no grand sons, and he loved manly stuff, fishing and outdoor and baseball and things like this so he really, he was actually disappointed in me because I was as a… Anyway, I was male, but I don’t care about fishing and baseball the way I still very excited when he learned that I was a boy, and my father was on the phone, on the blower you got on the horn in the hospital as you do in 1974 call up your relatives, so you can that.

He came up in my grandma and grandpa, the grand Ballon.

My middle name is Luis so as a… My name is Shane to is, so as a tribute to him, I got his first name, so my dad relays, this to my grandfather over the phone and he hears Him cover up the phone and go to my grandmother grandma. And yeah, they named the kid Saint Louis meet me and share the isolate as it.

So meet me at the bar.

So yeah, when I’m right here in the back of my head in and here a St Louis I’m like, I think of that story, that’s funny.

So, that about wraps it up. You can find us on a bunch of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify were also on the cost Potter at cosmic potato network dot com. You can find a lot of other races there. So check those out and S for us, just go to weight. You’ve never seen dot com to find like social media and contact information.

He was some feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions or movies or TV shows we should watch. That’s our show for today. Next time we’ll be watching One Flew Over The “Cook’s-ness.

Thanks for that. And then I

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